Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rahm Reaches - Wee Mikey Quigley and His Big Dog!

The Race for Chicago Mayor - The National Side Show Referendum on Hope and Change - has hit the Midway.

It appears that Rahm Emanuel is out to clear the boards in order to ease the transition between Mayor Daley's decades of control to Rahma-A-Lama-Dang-Dong's digits on the Game Paddle of Chicago's Political X-Box.

Congressman Jesse Jackson,Jr. already had his meeting with Rahm about the Mayoral Race, share thoughts and feelings about just how best to serve Chicago, and found that his social acquittance was a chip on Rahm's coaster.

In that spirit, Rahm, with war chest of $2M Buckeens, is reaching out and touching anyone who voiced an interest in opposing him -including the Terror of Tiny Town Himself -Rahm's Congressional Place Holder - Mike Quigley.

Quigley ran against a young girl for Cook County Commissioner several years ago* and used the Axelrod/Emanuel playbook ( Smearing for Dummies ) on Ms. Mary Ellen Daly. However, That won't work with Rahm.

Those Emanuel has contacted say they weren't bullied to get out of the race.

"He's a big dog. Big dogs don't need to do that," said U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, who holds Emanuel's former House seat and met with him Wednesday afternoon in Washington.
Jesus, and all this time I thought that Rahm had been a ballerina! Well, Quigley was deathly afraid of a bridal shoppe owner; so, why not quake in his Keds before a ballerina?

Big dog! Nice puppies.

Didn't this used to be a tough town, though?

Now, Quigley believes, the sheriff is coming after him with guns drawn. In the March 19 Democratic primary, Quigley faces Mary Ellen Daly, a 27-year-old bridal shop manager who he calls "a candidate from out of nowhere--with no discernable credentials, but an appealing last name." He's convinced Sheahan is her puppet master.

"Sheriff's mad at me because I'm telling the world he's a sexist, racist, homophobic bad guy," Quigley charges, wolfing down Chinese takeout in the Belmont Avenue office he shares with his mentor, 44th Ward alderman Bernie Hansen, for whom Quigley was once chief of staff. "He's created an atmosphere of excessive force, that might makes right."
the Dependable Chicago Reader You GO, Girl! Smear in the Press and Win! Rahmbo, Knows! Big Dog!

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