Monday, September 20, 2010

Everyone Hates Chris. . .but not Necessarily O'Donnell.

Bill Maher hates Christine O'Donnell -advantage O'Donnell. Rosie O'Donnell hates Christine O'Donnell - advantage O'Donnell . . .not the fat one, but the cute Breeder.

CosMO Dowd hates O'Donnell - advantage O'Donnell

This anti-abortion, anti-masturbation, anti-premarital-sex, anti-stem-cells, anti-gay-marriage, dubious-about-evolution Christian conservative has rocked politics by snatching the Delaware Republican nomination for the Senate away from the seemingly sure-thing moderate Mike Castle.

CosMO Dowd is for Abortion, Masturbation, Premarital Sex, Stem Cell Destruction, Darwinian Something, or other.

All of the Dedicated and habitual Onanists - the folks with hair growing in their palms -Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, David Brooks,the DNC, Media Matters, Daily KOs. Wee Eugene Dionne,CosMO Dowd and Hollywood - are threatened by the restraining hand of Ms. O'Donnell. The Sexual Home game is at stake it appears. Too much dependence on hand-held recreational devices may be the root motive of these sex absorbed Rhesus Monkeys.

I prefer the social proprieties and pageantry of the Away Game, as do most patriots.

Karl Rove Hates Chistine O'Donnell - advantage O'Donnell. I think Old Karl might be a tad too busy . . .too much time and other things on this hands.

GOP, Democrat, Hollywood Goofs, Paul Krugman, Joan Walsh, MSNBC, all hate the woman who won the Delaware GOP primary and will run on November 2nd with the imprimatur of the Tea Party. However. the cute woman labeled as a flake by people like pussified loudmouth Bill Maher and weepy Joan Walsh of Salon are advantage points to helots.

We pay the taxes that others demand be redistributed to carefully selected victims and causes.

We don't necessarily hate Christine O'Donnell.

The elitists charge that it took O'Donnell twelve years to pay her student loans as Joe Biden might say "BFD!" O'Donnell paid the loans.

Now they charge that she dabbled in witchcraft - again "BDF!"

James Brolin married one.

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