Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Asses and the Pig - Illinois Re-Fabled

Thus oft the industrious poor endures reproach
From rogues in lace, and sharpers in a coach;
But soon to Tyburn sees the villains led
While he still earns in peace his daily bread
. Thomas Bewick
BUT never in Illinois 2019 - thus oft and always!
Illinois' first statewide capital plan in 10 years will include spending on everything from an expansion of high-speed broadband internet to sewage system development. The bulk of the money -- $33.2 billion -- will be spent on transportation projects. An additional $4.3 billion will be spent on state facilities, $3.5 billion on education projects and $1.2 billion on environmental projects.
To pay for it all, the Democratic-controlled Legislature approved the expansion of gambling around the state, including new casinos in Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Williamson County and a yet-to-be-decided site in a Cook County suburb south of Chicago. Supporters say the state's share of gambling revenue will be $2 billion in one-time licensing fees and an additional $400 million a year when all the casinos are up and running.
"We're responsibly expanding gaming at the request of cities that want to make sure that they have the resources to pay for police and firefighter pensions, and to fund vital services," Pritzker said. Daily Herald

Illinois is a kleptocracy.  Aesop, and other dead white males. warned of the looming moment when Venezuela will make Illinois look like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.   Illinois has reversed the morals taught by Aesop, Phaedrus, Croxal and Beckwith, as well as the diversity demanded Munika-Jakata fables of the Buddhist traditions.   In Illinois, Pigs prosper and working stiffs prove ourselves Asses.

An Ass is an equine working quadruped - bears burdens and is rewarded with carrots, sugar cubes and is pensioned off.  A Pig eats, rolls in filth, defecates, procreates, eats more and is slaughtered for his bacon & etc.

Aesop wrote of The Ass ( us) and The Pig (0ur Elected and Protected Elites) as a cautionary tale for men and women.

A Pig ate everything that came within his sight and snout, not unlike our Governor and most elected legislators, mayors and trusted public servants.

The Ass returned from his labors and refused to eat goodies left behind by the demised porker, believing that devouring everything was somehow bad.

In WOKE Illinois, we know that the opposite is the fact.

Facts are what are used by public school educators to support any conclusion determined to be satisfactory, like gender neutrality, pension jackpots, weed is not dangerous, gambling is good, gas should be unaffordable, the poor will have more company,  State controlled apprenticeships and severe punishments for nonconforming citizens of unprotected races, genders and colors.

Facts fatten Pigs and have nothing to do with what was at one time referred to as Truth, but is now dismissed from Free Port to Cairo.

Pigs prosper and Asses vote them into power.

Pigs never die in Illinois.  Babies do in Illinois at State funded Abortion Mills ( aka Planned Parenthood).

They'll never pay taxes, or drive petroleum fueled vehicles.

Drive a car?

I filled up this morning at Thornton's on Western Avenue; next week, in Hammond.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Adieu, sophistique de l'Illinois - I'm A By-Gawd Hoosier Chawbacon!!!!!

Come August, I will again reside in the great State of Indiana.  From 1988-1999, I spent many happy years in the Hoosier State.

Now, I am only too happy to bid farewell to Illinois.

I loved Illinois.  From Freeport to Cairo and from Momence to Quincy the plain people of Illinois lived up to our homeliest and most beautiful of American Presidents - for whom our auto licence plates pay homage, if not the antics of our homegrown and imported elected officials.

I no longer choose to reside and pay taxes in a State that is dedicated to Infanticide, Weed and the economic Genocide of the Middle Class.

I am no where near sophisticated enough to do so.

I am no Kelly Cassidy, let alone a Heather Steans ( even if I willed to either one avail myself of a gender ambiguous water closet).  Them gals are Sophisticates!

No, I am an urban rustic at heart, a helot, a Hoosier, if you will.

A Sophisticate has no qualms about equating health care to the slaughter of innocents and a sophisticate can watch the Rev. Michael Pfleger dictate doctrine to Chicago Cardinal Cupich with homiletics gleaned from the editorial page of The Sun Times without pisser lui-même, ses chaussettes et ses birkenstocks.  Hell, I can't!!!!!  That race-baiting Cracker in the Collar kills me!!!!!

A Sophisticate understands that Blue Collar values are always wrapped in a Rainbow Flag ( 100%, 24-7 and Siempre!) and I just don't see that.  Euclid works fine.  I believe that treating everyone respectfully and kindly is the thing to do, but that two gents will never require an obstetrician's talents even with Bill Nye the Science Guy bulling away for them at Monsanto Chemical.  Rainbow Flags are terrific, by the way and so are Pride Parades - taking a florist, a baker or anyone to court to score points and punish people is not so prideful.

A Sophisticate can parse the news to browbeat millions of people into voting for a bloated billionaire with most of his dough socked away in Caribbean off-shore tax-havens, while keeping his 'walking-around money' to face the Illinois tax-handlers of the very friendly Susan Mendosa, Comptroller of Illinois for the Fair Tax pruning. My large extended family, who voted lustily for JB Pritzker and all he stands for, will be plucked like feathered Perdue unfortunates and abused at the gas pump, like Fair Oaks Farm animals, until last week.

A Sophisticate from Illinois voted in every louse who voted For and Present on the Kelly Cassidy and Heather Steans ( Governor JB Pritzkers Weed Go-to-Gals in the Illinois House) monstrous Infanticide legislation and only raised an eye-brow when Cullerton and Madigan sneaked in a $1,600 bonus pay raise for their loyal Assembly creeps.  Baal is smiling all over Illinois.

Health Care is a euphemism for murder in Illinois.

My watch is over.

I was a high school teacher and I watched many kids get fouled up on Marijuana and a good number of those very sweet souls died taking the drugs that Weed gatewayed their foolish exits. Booze is bad. Weed is worse. Like I said I am not sophisticated enough to admit otherwise, having witnessed the empirical truth.

Illinois is for sophisticates only.

  • Illinois will have zero Middle Class very shortly
  • Illinois will no longer boast talented artists, writers and public spirited philathropists
  • Illinois will resemble Cairo on the Ohio River,  by 2020 and Caracas, Venezuela by 2025
  • Illinois will be comprised of people of great wealth and those to serve them
  • Illinois will tolerate no conversation - Lynn Sweet, Eric Zorn and SEIU will determine all future conversation
  • Illinois will be a national Abortion Mill, Weed Dispensary and Casino
  • Illinois will be governed by theft

I am a by-God Hoosier Chawbacon, come August!!!!!

Friday, June 07, 2019

Illinois Oblivion Gets a Splash of Holy Water


          All Novelty is Oblivion - From Sir Francis Bacon On Life's Vicissitude

"and those who were not saved by wisdom drank more than was necessary; and each one as he drank forgot all things." Plato - The Republic

The Greeks believed that there were five underground rivers in Hades and one of them was Lethe - Oblivion. This was forgetfulness. The dead were forced to drink waters from Lethe in order to forget the wisdom of Life.  The really stupid drank deeply of this river.

Illinois is Oblivion.

Illinois is the State , where a bloated billionaire, who hides most of his wealth in Caribbean tax shelters in order to fair tax his walking around money, was joyfully elected Governor over a Harley riding poser Republican Governor whose sole role in life was to hold the Governor's seat for the bloated billionaire, where infants are to be served up hot to the knife of abortionists, people already dazed and confused by reality can purchase marijuana cultivated and retailed by the bloated billionaire Governor and his family and celebrate the $.19 per gallon tax to the tank in their Lexi with night of expanded gambling.

This is Illinois - not a wide awake State.

You may have forgotten that Illinois was the home of the Illinois Confederation - Aboriginal tribes of folks ( the Ojibwa, the Pottawatomie, the Sac,  & etc. who welcomed the Black Robe from France and the message of Christ's Gospel that he brought with him and not scalps, cholera, or syphilis as Howard Zinn educated blowhards teach our children these days,

No, Pere Marquette was welcomed and heartily so and in 1645 the Jesuit priest and Illinois Confederation celebrated the Mass - The Eucharist near Starved Rock in present day Utica, Illinois.

Illinois Oblivion, or our Zinn trained educators and the Media have erased our collective memory in order that our elected officials, like the bloated billionaire for whom I cast a vote in order to help erase the memory of Bruce Rauner who would rubber stamp laws ushering in evil, folly and fun, just got splashed in the face with holy water by Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield.

Bishop Paprocki has denied the Eucharist, welcomed by the Illinois Confederation in 1645, to Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan and Illinois Senate Majority Leader John Culerton, because" They have obstinately persisted in promoting the abominable crime and very grave sin of abortion as evidenced by the influence they exerted in their leadership roles and their repeated votes and obdurate public support for abortion rights over an extended period of time.”

Already the media is howling venomous outrage against Bishop Paprocki, but Catholics find comfort that at least one Catholic churchman is sticking his neck out to save lives.

I hope other prelates follow his example and refuse Communion to elected officials who support abortion.

Perhaps, Illinois may wake up altogether.

Bishop James Paprocki may have roused Illinois from its deadly slumbers.  Maybe not.

Chicago's Cardinal Blase Cupich has not been allowed by Rev. Michael Pfleger to stray from Democrat doctrine. Those two clowns drank very deeply from Lethe's waters,