Thursday, January 30, 2014

Old Commies Live a Long Time - For Longevity, Go Red!

  Nah.  You'd have been fine Pete. Catholics, Jews, genuine labor leaders, working stiffs of every race and color  . . .not so lucky. 

Pete Seeger the privileged WASP New York kid who pretended to come from Appalachia died this week at age 94. Wasn't That a Time?

It is amazing that old Reds and vigorous fellow travellers, now called Progressives,  manage to cheat the Grim Reaper. Chicago has always been a labor town, but the Reds never succeeded in making Chicago their own, until the last forty years or so. Labor kicked out the Reds under John L. Lewis and subsequent labor leaders, until Democrats discovered that Reds help increase the voting rolls - hat tip to Jane Byrne.

Lookee H'yar!  With possible exceptions of the youthful demise of  Saul Alinsky (63 yrs,)and Roger Baldwin (70), Red and Pinkish Lefties tend to reap at least eight score years.

Famous Dead Reds and Past Pinks
Leon Despres (dec,) -99
Pete Seeger(dec,) - 94
Studs Terkel (dec.)- 95
Dawn Clark Netsch(dec.) -86
Frank Marshall Davis (dec.)-82
Clarence Darrow (dec.)- 80

Living the Over Throw of Capitalism
Dr. Quentin Young - 91 and still plotting

When the Reds say "Long Live . . .whatever!"  they really mean it.

Must be eating all those beets.

Governor Pat Quinn Uses Pope Francis to Grab Kids at Birth and Raise Minimum Wage?

“But when Herod was dead, behold an angel of the Lord appears in a dream to Joseph in Egypt, saying, Arise and take the young child and his mother, and go into the land of Israel: for they are dead that sought the young child’s life” (Matthew 2:19-20).

Mary and Joe beat it to Egypt, because Planned Parenthood of Roman Occupied Judea allowed Herod to kill babies.  Things are pretty bad in Illinois, many Mary and Joe couples have already beat it to Wisconsin and Indiana. Our home grown Herod is the Guv, in Planned Parenthood/SEIU and IPI occupied Illinois.  I wish him a very long, happy, healthy and quiet life out of office.

Gov. Pat Quinn is a gifted ninny.  He is gifted by those who stick Holy Writ, or Papal Remarks under his schnozola and read the words to him.

Yesterday's State of the State stem-winder was completely Quinn-worthy.

Illinois is back!  Repeating exactly what Quinn mouthed last year.  Quinn has succeeded only in getting business to leave Illinois quicker than a pewful of folks stuck behind a wildly flatulent worshiper. Quinn has re-defined marriage as he commanded to do by Personal PAC.  Other than that?
  • Illinois public schools continue to stink on ice.
  • College grads can't find work in Illinois
  • Nanny State laws pour forth every News Years Day
  • Bridges crumble
  • Potholes proliferate
  • Grain prices drop
  • The Coal industry shrinks
  • The governor belittles the religious
  • The continuing erasing of the Illinois Middle Class
Now, the political hack who fights heroically for the right of women to avoid the scared consequences of conception via abortion, takes Pope Francis I's comments completely out of context, in order to make sure that Mikey D's fry stuffers have boosted short-term spending power Moreso, Governor Goof wants to mandate child care the minute a child is born.  Imagine, the State of Illinois ( SEIU) raising and caring for every baby born from Lena Winslow to Cairo. 

The ever disappearing wages of tradesmen, cops, teachers, fire fighters, truckers, small business owners, sales people and practicing artists will be used to pay Keith Kelleher's SEIU care-givers and doctors who not somehow qualify for that great job at Pontiac, or Galesburg prisons. Pope Francis and Isaiah were invoked by Governor Cliffs Notes - no doubt at the suggestion of Illinois  Pete Seeger of Medicine - Old Doc Quentin Young, physician to CPUSA and gubernatorial guru.

Quinn, who is Catholic, quoted scripture and popular new Pope Francis in setting his priorities. But the speech only occasionally drew measured applause, though Democratic lawmakers clapped when he called for increasing the minimum wage. Republicans remained silent through most of the 40-minute speech, short compared to some of the governor’s earlier efforts.
Quinn first proposed hiking the state minimum wage during his address a year ago, but the effort didn’t gain much traction. He’s hoping for an election-year boost this time around as President Barack Obama and Democrats across the country also push the issue in the mid-term elections.

The Republicans are too gutless to speak the truth to this Botched Cesarean Caesar.  They act like old bags arguing over bingo markers at the Peotone Legion and are much  too busy to get elected. Every election.

Governor Pat Quinn is pandering to the have-nots and will nots of Illinois - pure and simple. That is all he's got and he will use Bible or the out-of-context Papal pronouncements to get the NPR nodders in the pews of upper-middle-class Unitarian Catholic Churches of suburban Illinois to join his Crusade.  Upon what brie doth this Caesar feed?  Planned Parenthood's and morsels from the Hyde Park mafia, that's what brie.

Pope Francis I said this the very week he was elevated to the Papacy - -“Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court or kill you."  

Parse that, Guv. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Father American Gay Marriage, Larry Brinkin of San Francisco.

(Photo: Rick Gerharter)
The Father of American Gay Marriage and his spouse: Larry Brinkin, right, walked into court Tuesday accompanied by his husband, Wood Massi. 

Lost in all of the data, polls and political will to outlaw marriage is the fact that a man is meant to marry a woman and possibly have children.  The modern will to change that fact is not evolution. Molusks are not yet

The news reported the indictment and guilty plea of the Father of American Gay Marraige, Larry Brickin of San Franciso on charges of child pornography possession. The following a rather mild report of deeply disturbing public figure, who will be celbrated next month by the city of San Francisco.

Gay rights pioneer Larry Brinkin is expected to serve six months in jail after pleading guilty this week to felony possession of child pornography.
Brinkin, 67, who was a longtime staffer at San Francisco's Human Rights Commission, quietly entered his plea Tuesday, January 21 before San Francisco Superior Court Judge Brendan Conroy.
At his sentencing March 5, Brinkin is expected to be ordered to serve five years of probation, which would begin with six months in jail and be followed by six months of home detention with a monitoring bracelet. Brinkin must also register as a sex offender for life. Prosecutors had charged Brinkin with two counts of distributing child pornography and four counts of possession of child pornography. The remaining charges were dismissed Tuesday.
San Francisco police initially arrested Brinkin on child pornography-related charges in June 2012. He quickly posted bail and was released from custody on those charges. Following further investigation by police at the request of the district attorney's office, he surrendered to police in September 2012 and bailed out of custody shortly thereafter.
Assistant District Attorney Leslie Cogan has said that there were "numerous items of photographs as well as videos" involved in the case, and that Brinkin's activity had gone back to October 2011.
Brinkin, who was a compliance officer for the Human Rights Commission for more than two decades before he retired in 2010, declined to comment before his court appearance Tuesday. His husband, Wood Massi, accompanied him, as he has for numerous hearings since 2012.
After the hearing, Randy Knox, Brinkin's attorney, said that Brinkin is "genuinely remorseful" and has a "much greater understanding of the damage that child pornography inflicts."
"Larry is a wonderful, kind, sensitive human being who made a terrible mistake," Knox added.
According to the affidavit accompanying a search warrant in the case, in May 2012, San Francisco police viewed information that had been sent to them by a Los Angeles Police Department detective. That detective had received tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that had come from an America Online representative.
Court records showed that police seized two locked red plastic toolboxes containing videos, two laptops and a desktop computer, three thumb drives, and other items from Brinkin's Waller Street home.
Among other items, attached to one email police found an image that showed "an approximately 2-3 year old child ... Underneath the child is an adult male, using his right hand to hold the child and his left hand to insert his erect penis into the anus of the child," the document says.
In the email, the user, who authorities indicated was Brinkin, wrote, "damn, what a sight seeing huge dick in tiny hole, tearing it open. That [n-word] must be in coon heaven stuffin it in the tiny white hole!"
Asked if he had any comment to the LGBT community on Brinkin's behalf, Knox, who declined to allow reporters to speak to Brinkin, said, "I'm not really qualified to speak on Larry's behalf to the LGBT community." However, he said Brinkin has spoken to "people who have been friends and supporters in the past to explain personally how this happened."
Among highlights of his HRC career, Brinkin was a manager for the city's equal benefits ordinance, the first of its kind in the country. The ordinance requires city contractors to provide the same benefits to their employees with spouses and their employees with domestic partners.
Brinkin also managed the commission's multi-year investigation of Badlands, a popular Castro neighborhood bar that in 2004 faced allegations of racial discrimination. Owner Les Natali has steadfastly denied the discrimination charges and the case was eventually settled through mediation.
Reached by phone Tuesday, HRC Executive Director Theresa Sparks said, "Overall, I have no comment, obviously, professionally, but personally I think it's just a very, very sad commentary, a very sad situation. I'm heartbroken it happened."
Sparks said she doesn't believe his plea will affect his pension, but "I'm not an expert on that. I have no idea."
Knox said that Brinkin should continue to receive his pension from the city, since "this is not a moral turpitude crime," and it's "not something that happened when he was working for the city."
As part of Brinkin's probation, officials would be able to monitor his computer use, and he'd be ordered to participate in outpatient sexual offender therapy, among other conditions.
The same people who demand the murder of babies in the womb, or out of the womb for that matter, justify the euthanizing of the elderly, or ill, encourage universal promiscuity and state funded contraception believe that non-Euclidian sex is a marriage and a human right.  I disagree.

Governor Pat Quinn will trumpet his fight to change marriage in his sorry State of Illinois blab, as the most important use of pen in our State's history

I more than disagree.  I shudder.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicago Needs A Neighbor as Mayor - ATU 308 President Bob Kelly Makes Sense

Laura Washington, God love her, suggests that Chicago needs a hometown De Blasio.  If De Blasio translates to ' a powerful enema,'  I agree. Chicago's blocked colon is the result of, not the lack of Progressives.

However, De Blasio name probably come from the Italian of Biazz in Tuscony, or the Italian Swiss town of the same name.  De Blasio is avariant of the name Biasi.  There was a famous Italian manufacturer of explosives by the name of Mario Biazzi (1897-1974), which would factor nicely with the former Sandinista Boy Scout, a married a former lesbian and is now Mayor of the Big Apple.

I did not know that there were former lesbians.  I thought they were like members of Irish Republican Army, or the U.S. Marines - Once In, Never out. Lord have mercy.

Bill De Blasio and Rahm Emanuel are cuts from the same cloth. However, once a Progressive gets a taste for corporate boodle, he can not get his snout out of the trough.  Bill De Blasio is only just wetting his beak.  Rahm has had a moolah bath for decades in golden tubs filled by Goldman Sachs, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood and the Non-Euclidian Plutocracy.

When corporate suits play at Progressive and the political rubber meets the road there is always a blow-out.  Real estate and real politics are a fixture not unlike sticking a starving rat and rabid raccoon in a burlap bag. One will win the fang and claw fest but you end up with a useless and bloody bag.

A recent study of Santa Cruz, CA offers this insight, " Since most cities are usually controlled by real estate developers and their buddies, Santa Cruz is a good test case for comparing theories of urban power. Atypical cases are helpful in eliminating theories from consideration if they cannot explain the unexpected events." Not true.  Most cities are controlled by coalitions of interests outside of the city limits.  The suits don't live in the city.

Now, don't get all nasty on the real estate developer.  Their 'buddies' are banks, lawyers, Friends of the Parks, Universities, political weasels and the media.   They have tony zip codes.

Toni Preckwinkle, President of the Cook County Board and recent Single Mom, is poised to challenge Rahm Emanuel for Mayor.  Toni has a tony zip code.

Most Chicagoans do not.  Chicagoans need a mayor who is also a neighbor and not just some cork-screw in Armani who stashed the old lady's wedding dress in the family rental, while in greener pastures.

If Chicago want to break the cycle of dynastic Kleptarchy and Progressive blow-out government ( which have nationally, state-wide, county level and at City Hall), Chicago needs to get a neighbor in the brawl.  I'd pick ATU Local 308 President Robert Kelly.

  • Kelly is no friend of the grifting interests that begat Emanuel, Claypool, Preckwinkle & Quinn
  • Kelly is a middle class wage earner who earned his Carhartt gear
  • Kelly is a geuine labor leader, unlike the Marxist myna bird - Karen Lewis
  • Kelly is a Chicago tax paying homeowner with eleven children
  • Kelly is leader of a broad and diverse labor local of skilled professionals
  • Kelly has managed one of the only Pension funds in Illinois that is going to benefit its membership
  • Kelly is already in the political cross-hairs
  • Kelly is already a media target - how can one not trust person whom Eric Zorn, Rich Miller, Carol Marin and Michael Sneed just don't like.
Chicago could use an enema with firehouse on full strength.  Chicago is not New York, never was and never should be. Every stupid idea Chicago City Council ever nanny stated on its people came from New York. Vote in Chicagoans.

The difference between Rahm (Bloomberg) and Toni ( De Blasio) is the difference between cancer and strychnine.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tales of the South Side: I Really Do Not Know How to Respond to This

There I was, in my cubicle at Leo, waiting for the One o'clock meeting with the boys from J Walter Thompson. I twas going to be a good meeting. I like good meeting and really dislike when meetings go bad. I'm a Catholic school Development guy, I should know that things get dicey.

Dicier than a souse chef on bennies and ignored at Charlie Trotter's wake and a thiry year mortgage on three flat in the gold Coast.

The clock would not move. It stood still like the dame I asked to the Little Flower Homecoming Dance in 1968, when I was home from the seminary for weekend and didn't really go to Little Flower High School yet , because I was still in the seminary up in Holland Michigan.  Well, that skirt just looked at me like a clock standing still.  Then she moved real fast.  She was what we used to call a fast girl.  I can't run a lick,

So there I was loading data into the Excel Spreadsheets, when I decided to check my e-mails. The clock had moved.

There were nine, from Leo High School Alumni and twenty six ED ads that I deleted - not the Alumni, the Droopy Johnson ads.  I was all set to return messages about how I would get to them, like Mike '69 in Downers Grove who still had not received the thank you from me for the dough he sent in in December.  Missed that one.  And the other eight.  I missed them like a fat man misses Thanksgiving dinner at the cousins.

I was in the middle of my response to Mike '69 when another E-mail popped up.

Dear Hickey, I suppose you'll call this a confession when you hear it... Well, I don't like the word confession, I just want to set you right about something you couldn't see because it was smack up against your nose. You think you're such a hot potato as a claims manager; such a wolf on a phony claim... Maybe y'are. But let's take a look at that Dietrichson claim... accident and double indemnity. You were pretty good in there for awhile Hickey... you said it wasn't an accident, check. You said it wasn't suicide, check. You said it was murder... check.
Fred MacMurray

I went colder than that twist I asked out from Kenilworth - who went all haughty at Beni Hana's in the hibachi room when my big toe popped through my calf-length socks after I kicked off my wing-tip brogans.  I went cold.

 Something just was not right.

Fred MacMurray had three sons as I recall and like me was a widow man.  He lived in Kankakee,as did I.  MacMurray was a musician and I play guitar and 5-string banjo (C tuning).  Fred had been a nutty professor and I am in education yet.

My boss, Dan McGrath, hollered that we had a meeting.  I sat rigid at my desk.  Fred MacMurray.

He was not happy.  Fred MacMurray, not Dan McGrath. Dan is getting used to how I am.  Fred MacMurray obviously is not, or does not.   Man, it's cold. Colder than Fred MacMurray.

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Wistful Few Moments With Marge - The First Girl in My Parish to Read The Female Eunuch

Men are the enemy in much the same way that some crazed boy in uniform was the enemy of another like him in most respects except the uniform. One possible tactic is to try to get the uniforms off.
― Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch

In October of 1970, I was a freshman at Loyola University ( Lewis Towers) in Chicago.  I had had a great summer due to a great paying job as a second year janitor ( $ 2.75 per + T and 1/2 for OT)  and the brief but spicy company of Marge. That month a book came out that rocked our world - Germain Greer's The Female Eunuch/  Feminism.  You can't beat it.  You can nod to it, grant that it is there, see it for what it should be and what it is most certainly not and live your life.

Though not a woman, I can deeply appreciate the feelings of being objectified, patronized and fitted into clothing and undergarments that might be alluring, not never comfortable. I was forced to wear a turtle-neck sweater once, because the girl who purchased it for me thought I'd look like one of The Monkees - just a pathetic male adolescent wearing something he hated.

The girl's name was Marge.  She lived at 77th & Wolcott in Little Flower Parish. Her Dad was a lockesmith with shop between Hermitage and Wood streets.

Marge was a girl who blossomed early and adopted the dress and attitude of the greaser chicks who latched onto the 69th Street Loafers north of the tracks from us.  The Loafers were mostly Italian kids and we were largely Micks.  We got along, unless we were complete assholes.  The Loafer guys wore cabrettas, rat-stabbers ( Stacy Adams shoes) and greased their back like Elvis.  The greaser girls wore tight black slacks jeans, or skirts, tighter sweaters and their hair all cotton-candied up and large and supported by Alberto Culver hairspray.

We Micks tended to sport more of a Joe College Karol's Red Hanger look and buzz-cuts.  The girls wore attire straight out of Trouble With Angels Haley Mills/Mary Tyler Moore modest allure. The Greasers called us Doopers, or Wood Street.

We Doopers imagined Greaser girls to be a little bit slutty - they'd put out a little bit anyway. Not so.Some of our Meghan Mickleberry Haley Mills babes were positively Russ Meyers in attitude and deportment, while Shirley and Flo, though bedecked in Faster Pussy Cat, Kill,Kill,  fashion and accessories were as virginal as St. Agnes.  Never assume.

I flirted with my afore mentioned Marge, the locksmith's daughter, because I assumed that I might have my wicked way . . .within reason . . .with her.  She looked the part and by the 6th Commandment filled the part.
I was stunned!  You asked for it Bub and you got it.  Marge accompanied yours truly on several trips to Rainbow Beach and we smooched - à la manière de la sale français - up a storm.

Marge was positively black Irish gorgeous and built like a muscle car at Santa Fe Speedway.  Every impulse to explore the horizon of human copulation was aroused, only to be quieted by ethics and Catholic moral instruction.  As  St. Thomas Aquinas once said, " You knock-her up and you marry her."

I was bullied by better angels, while Errol Flynn whispered in my ear . . .not forgetting Marge was the whole package. She was nice.  I was and remain . . . complicated.

I determined that discretion was the better part of satisfaction and that bookish me was destined for Loyola University in few months time and the burdens of parenting were complimentary to four years of the Jesuits. I did what any male 17 year old goof equipped with a robust and operational set of nuts could do - I avoided Marge.  You know.  Disappear in plain sight.  Never call.  Never acknowledge.  Guy stuff. Birth control on the cheap.

I dreamed of Marge and went on my way.  So did Marge.

Years later, I ran into Marge at a party near DePaul University. Marge had moved up to the north side and was taking classes while working at  Earl Pionke's Earl of Old Town.  Marge still looked great, but had adopted the more exotic looks of a flamenco dancer and not a Hot Rod Mama.  This suited the radical cool guys and faux Hippies who lived in the hipper quarters of Chicago, or frequented its environs.  I still dressed and groomed like Dooper -close-cropped hair, crew neck sweaters and penny loafers. Dweeb chic.  Marge remarked that I had not changed and that was not a compliment.

The verbal punch out was taken it in cowardly good humor, because I had acted the cad.  No, Marge said it was not my Catholic school boy creepiness about love and passion but my insular and puritanical cowardice.  I was not liberated.  Marge said that she was liberated.  She had been given The Female Eunuch, by one of her older sisters and that book became her bible.

 Marge explained that men hated women and treated them horribly and women went along with it pretending that love and family really meant something.  Woman was better. Kids raise themselves. Mother is Man Word.  Sex is liberating only if one is liberated.


I still wanted to see if maybe Marge . . . not a chance.  Marge was dating a guy from Canada named Guy - Geeeeeee -no kidding.  I mean she was shacking up with Guy, while she further evolved.

We parted ways. Decades of life vanished like ice cubes in a dog's mouth.

At one of the Little Flower summer reunions out at a south Cook County Forrest Preserve, I asked one of my balding compeers if he had any word about Marge. " Yeah!!!!!!!!  You tried to crack her britches; didn't you?"

Actually no . . .up to and including that possibility to be sure, but no.

The former football star and Mayor of Palos Hills said, " Marge.  She was all over the place. Married a bunch.  Screwed everyone and anyone.  Nutty.  Billy Fleming called her Million Man Marge."

Well, what happened to her?

" She's a feminist. Writes a blog or something."

Imagine that.

Labor Videte -The Attack on Bob Kelly ATU 308 Will Happen to All Skilled Trades


                         Labor Advovates Videte - Labor Leaders, be watchful.

Again, the Chicago Tribune lines up with the political power class and makes war on a genuine labor leader who has confronted the insular Claypool's CTA whenever Claypool attempted to afflict people who actually work for a living. The Tribune and the Sun Times Editorial Boards are protecting 'pay-to-play' grifters like Emanuel and Claypool, perhaps to maintain friendly access at the CTA and City Hall or perhaps to benefit from the venture capitalism rooted in Progressive deal making. The hypocrisy behind the 'death by a thousand cuts' ordered and organized by Claypool and his protected cronies and the willing participation in the public and personal attacks on Mr. Robert Kelly of ATU Local 308 is worthy of Saul Alinsky. If the skilled trades unions think that they will not also become targets of these pompous asses, they should give close attention to the stories.  All of skilled trades unions will get the same treatment, as that meted out to Robert Kelly.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board continues its punitive war on Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308's President Robert Kelly.  This is another exercise in the Saul Alinsky tactic perfected here in Chicago by David Axelrod known as the death by a thousand cuts. It is a Progressive thing.  It works.

Forrest Claypool, Rahm Emanuel's appointee to the CTA, is off limits to the bovine media who graze only with the approval of the Progressive Elites. The bovine media ( editorial boards, some columnists, activists lawyers, foundations controlled by Progressives, academics and their patrons) work in concert with a limited number of voices all rooted in the ideals, goals and tactics of the Hyde Park Mafia.  The Democratic Party, once called the Machine has not existed since Harold Washington won the 5th Floor. Forrest Claypool has flourished in these times.

Forrest Claypool, like every Progressive political animal I could name, is not a people person.  He is a some people person - people who can protect him, enrich him, do favors for him and advance him.  People who can not do for him need to stay put. stay quiet, or stay dead.

Robert Kelly is skilled tradesman who earned his advancement by dint of study and careful attention to the job at hand.  So competent is Mr. Kelly, that his fellow workers asked Kelly to represent them and lead them.   Kelly is life-long member of a skilled trades union and skilled tradesman.  Unlike other public sector unions, the skilled trades are led by one of their own - someone who went through the apprenticeship and certified each step up the pay scales with studies and practices paid for our of his own pocket.  The monster public sector unions, especially SEIU, are led by degree-waving social science majors from big universities.

The Progressive political class and the bovine media changed the meaning of Labor away from the skilled and industrial trades to the massive Political Action Corporations of SEIU, AFSCME which provide cash and T-shirted mobs to political aspirants.

The Skilled Trades ( Carpenters, Engineers, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters, Machinists & etc.) are open targets for smears, ridicule and death by a thousand cuts from the bovine media.  The Skilled Trades are and at the moment remain autonomous.  They control the qualifications for and admission to the apprenticeship programs they run.  Progressives have long wanted all apprenticeship programs controlled by the State of Illinois, where they would intensify the power of people in control -Rahm Emanuel, Toni Preckwinkle and Pat Quinn.

Robert Kelly became the target of bovine media only because he refused to sell-out the membership of Local 308.  Forrest Claypool only plays with people who do for Forrest Claypool.  Kelly will not scratch Claypool's  confortable belly.

The last straw was over Kelly's refusal to play ball with Claypool, Rahm and Pfleger over the ex-con CTA job hop.  Since December, Citizen Mike Pfleger issued a Fatwah on Kelly, led a protest that included Bobby Rush at the Local 308; the Sun Times accused Kelly of snitching a scholarship for his child, even though Kelly has been a life-long dues paying member of Local 308; Sneed smeared Kelly, BGA Andy Shaw, no stranger to pay-to-play himself and Crain's Chicago Business answered Claypools whine that Bob Kelly would not roll-over,

What is happening to Bob Kelly in media and in the flatulent out-cries at CTA and City Hall is a towering hypocrisy and gross injustice.

I hope the leaders of the skilled trades unions of greater Chicago and Illinois are noticing what is happening to one their own, because as sure as Forrest Claypool will resign his post at CTA and land another big salary and government appointment, Progressives are going to end skilled trade union autonomy.

You are next, Fitters, Carpenters, Plumbers, Machinists and Engineers.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tribune Editorial Board Boosts the Progressive Fatwah Against Labor Issued by Imam Pfleger

Man, if you had the juice of the droopy-eyed mope and career grifter of the CTA - Forrest Claypool - you could wake up any morning with a dead Mormon family in bed with you, start the morning off with a big bowl of Jello shots swimming in Maker's Mark, drive to work like Danny Davis, do as little as Governor Quinn for a straight six hours and draw a pay check and change with no less than six zeros behind the arabic numeral of your choice.

However, you are not Forrest Claypool, Sheila Simon, Pat Quinn, Toni Preckwinkle, or Deb Mell;  you needs to work and be accountable.

Robert Kelly is the President of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308.  I have never met Bob Kelly.  I have read about the man in the newspapers and find him to be a genuine man of labor.  I have met Forrest Claypool and read about his. I can't say deeds, jobs in government going back to Mayor Harold Washington.  The guy, in my opinion, is a dope, but the luckiest dope in the world, to paraphrase Babs Streisand   Forrest Claypool is job-hopping grifter.

Bob Kelly has had a job with Chicago Transit Authority in nearly every capacity concering rail cars and has earned the trust of his co-workers who made Kelly their agent and finally union President. They elected Bob Kelly.   I can not remember the last time Forrest Claypool earned the votes of anyone for anything.  He is a career appointee. Wait!  Claypooly narrowly beat Ted Leschowisz for a County Board seat, but had his patrician rump handed to him by Todd Stoger in the county Board President race and most recently Joe Berrios for Cook County Assessor. Todd Stoger???

Well, Rahm got elected Mayor and appointed Forrest Claypool to the presidency of the Chicago Transit Authority, because that post is a Non-Shakman patronage haven.

In the spring of last year, following a series of bumps on the rails caused by Claypool, Rahm, Pfleger and Claypool announced a Progressive feel-good dodge that gave 65 ex-felons jobs cleaning CTA rail cars. That trio of grifters never bothered to chat with Local 308 about this Studs Terkel of an initiative.

When it came time to renew those hand-outs, it was discovered that Kelly and Local 308 wanted to pay these ex-cons a better salary than Clayppol's coffers could stand. Rahm tossed Claypool the Progressive Playbook.

So beginning in late November, Claypool had smooched the proper Progressive fannies and had Citizen Michael Phleger, Robby Rush, Danny Davis and the Later-Day Marats of both city editorial boards geared up to go Full Axelrod on White Boy Kelly!

Citizen Pfleger decided to issue a Fatwah on Robert Kelly in January*.

Today, Bruce Dold and the Tribne Editorial Board joined that Imam Pfeger's fatwah and used a stale Sun Times smear from December impyling that Robert Kelly fixed a scholarship and shook down companies doing business with Claypool's CTA.

This editorial  is a political hack-job done only to smear a genuine labor leader of a skilled trades local. Robert Kelly has stood up to Mayor Rahm and his hapless. job-hopping appointee CTA President Forrest Claypool. The charge against Robert Kelly crawled from under the stove in December hours after Claypool allies ( Bobby Rush and Michael Pfleger) protested at Local 308 over the placement of ex-felons in union jobs without the consultation of Local 308. The Sun Times did that story which Bruce Dold and Editorial Board uses today. Pfleger has issued a Fatwah on Robert Kelly, the media has taken the side Forrest Claypool whose tenure with CTA has been one screw-up after another -called out onl;y by Robert Kelly at each ( potty Breaks, Bombardier wheels, the Forset Park wreck of Old 98, Ventra & etc.). The Tribune editorial board loves Progressives and shugs when progress come to a screaming halt, when a proteceted species of Progressive Cook County pulls the brakes and not the throttle. This is character assasination worthy of Joseph Medill.

I f you really want to know why things are so screwed up, read the papers, watch the news and remember something, anything.

Robert Kelly, President of ATU Local 308 did not get his New Year wish to fire 65 Ex-Offenders from their jobs at CTA. Thankfully CTA moved them to another Union 241 so that they could continue to Work! This Second Chance Apprentice Program for Ex-Offenders has helped hundreds of Brothers and Sisters get a second Chance and sent a message to thousands that a Second Chance is possible, but Robert Kelly in his Arrogance and Power Play threw them UNDER THE BUS on Dec 31st. TO ALL 308 UNION MEMBERS, YOU NEED TO THROW MR. KELLY UNDER THE BUS IN THE NEXT ELECTION!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Colder Than a Mother-in-Law's Kiss - Let's Muddy Waters

"Deep Down In Florida"
Yes, I'm goin' down in Florida,
Where the sun shines damn near every day
Well, well I'm goin' down in Florida,
Where the sun shines damn near every day
Yeah, I'll take my woman out on the beach fellas 'n,
And sit down on the sand and play
Yeah, well I think I'll go down in Gainesville,
Just to see an old friend of mine
Well, I believe I'll cut down in Gainesville,
Oh, just to see an' old buddy of mine
Well, you know if we're not too busy,
I believe that I'm gonna drop over in Uberry sometime
Let's go back to Florida
Let's go back down to Florida,
Where the sun shines
Yeah, I believe I'm gonna leave tomorrow,
Well, I'm gonna be on my way
Yes, I'm gonna have a plenty of time,
Well, I don't wanna make myself late
Well, you know I believe I'll go back down in Gainesville,
And this time I'm goin' to stay
Let's rise, let's rise
Yeah, deep down in Florida,
Well, well that's the place I long to be
Well, oh deep down in Florida,
Well that's the place I long to be
Well, oh let me take my baby out in the backyard in the, backyard people,
And sit down under the old orange tree

U.S. Senator Marque Kirque (D.(urbin), IL) Thinks Sean Connery Makes a Nice Field of Dreams as Jim Garrison in JFK

Senator Marque Kirque had a stroke; Senator Dick Durbin is one.  Together, the Archie and Jughead of Our Federal Patrician House would not have the intellectual breath between them to rotate the blades of carnival pinwheel more than three times.

As I said, Marque Kirque had a debilitating stroke and might be forgiven this -

Story by 89 WLS Reporter Bill Cameron(CHICAGO) The flap continues between Alderman Ed Burke and Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin over the senators’ desire to name the ATF building after Eliott Ness.
Burke claims the legend of Ness is a myth. “Eliot Ness never laid eyes on Al Capone. The case against Al Capone was developed by a federal agent in the Department of the Treasury by the name of Frank Wilson. Now if the federal government is looking for a role model to use for a building name, why not Frank Wilson?”
But Kirk is sticking with Ness. “Did you see the movie “The Untouchables?” I think he did pretty well in that movie. As Sean Connery, I thought he was pretty good. I’m going with the Eliott Ness that was in the movie.”
Trouble is, Connery didn’t play Ness, Kevin Costner did.
© Content Copyright 2014 WLS Radio 890AM and This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

- were not for the fact that Marque Kirque had career in the House of Representatives equal to the above claim.   Pretty easy to mistake a G-Man for a Turkeybird Flatfoot, post stroke I reckon; but a septuagenarian Scottish Actor for Field of Dreams Guy?  J. Edgar Hoover's Nightie, Senator! 

Senator Dick Durbin has not had a stroke but he remains a giant one. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Susie Watts Stood Up to the Purple Gang -Gov. Quinn and the Purple Reds of SEIU

SEIU Homecare Quality in Size XXXXL - a mother caring for a disabled child has a slim chance against these Marxist heavyweights . . ., or does she?

Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Labor could be a game changer.  The Supreme Court over ruled the opinion of US Court of Appeals -7th District ( Judge Richard Posner).   SEIU  did the hat dance.  Then in a political payback to robust SEIU support for Blagogevich and Quinn, mothers caring for seriously diasabled children in their own homes were compelled, bullied and brow beaten into pay SEIU dues which always are used to pay for friendly legislation and gubernatorial cowardice.  SEIU has never been disappointed in these 'investments.'

Quinn(L) allowed Keith Kelleher(R), the wizard of SEIU Illinois, to send purple-shirted goons to pay a visit to the working Moms.  Some Moms had enough of Governor Blow-Hard and the Purple Reds of SEIU.
Susie Watts, a Chicago-area mother who cares for a disabled 27-year-old daughter at home, is glad to have the support but sees no need for a union.
"Nothing could be more meaningful for me than caring for her at home," she said. "But I didn't have any choice about this union. I don't need it, and there is no opting out."
However, Keith Kelleher, president of the SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana, said the union had helped improve the lives of employees as well as those who are cared for at home. "This saves the government billions of dollars over institutions," he said. "We don't want to go back to the old days."
The union contract with the state raised wages for in-home care providers from $7 an hour to $11.65 an hour this year. They also won benefits, including health insurance.
Disability rights advocates hailed the change. "We needed a stable workforce, with good wages and benefits," said Amber Smock, director of advocacy for Access Living in Chicago. "And we did it with the SEIU."

The Supreme Court may very well rule in favor of Keith Kelleher, the corn-fed Andy Stern of Midwest, and the purple people eaters of SEIU.  That would not surprsie me in the least.

However, I feel that Governor Quinn and SEIU violated the Book of Amos* on this one, put a cast iron skilet full of metal filings in the microwave and set the dial on high, with Mrs. Susie Watts.

*Read Isaiah 1-1-17 you fautous blow-hard, Quinn- Quinn picked the shortest Book in the bible, however - "...we know about the bible. and we know about the book in the bible , one of  the shortest books, the book of amos. it's only eight pages long. i commend it to everyone to read. because amos said, and i know Doctor King knew this when he was on this earth, amos said , 'woe to those who affect the poor. woe to those who afflict the poor.' 

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

CTU Pres.Karen Lewis Surrogate Goes "On the Record with Greta" as a Complete Dope

(L-R) Dude with Hat, Kristine Mayle, Karen Lewis, Little bald white guy,Big bald Black guy, and CTU/CORE Commisar Jesse Sharkey -CORE values Marxism

CTU Financial Secretary Kristine Mayle stood in for CTU President Karen Lewis and CTU's Socialist Mastermind Jesse Sharkey in defence of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's recent howlings during CTU's Dr. King Breakfast.  

Kristine Mayle is a young white woman who looks like your niece who took a job as an elementary school teacher, after being disappointed in the corporate world.  Karen Lewis already said what needed to be said to the Sun Times ( The Sun-Times spoke with CTU President Karen Lewis who defended Wright, saying, "The issue is, how do we put those things in context so we can get to the point where we can have a world that’s healed and perfected, where we don’t have war?”

Uh, huh.  A World that is healed and perfected by the context laid out by Crazy Jerry ( Rev. Wright), who was ditched by Obama like fat girl at Homecoming for being crazy.
Jeri Wright at the Regal Theater on East 79th Street in Chicago in 2007 to announce a chapter of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network would open in Chicago. Jeri Wright was to be the president of the Chicago chapter.
Well, Jeremiah Wright is a crazy hustler/hater stuck with bum property in Tinley Park and daughter under Federal indictment for embezzling funds ear-marked to help poor African Americans. However, the Chicago Teachers Union is run by CORE which is run by ISO, which is run by CPUSA and crazy people can always help make change. So, trot out the liitle white girl.

In the video from On The Record with Greta, Kristine Mayle says exactly what Jesse Sharkey told  Karen Lewis to say,  when  reporters asked "Why CTU would invite Crazy Reverand Jerry to deconstruct Dr. Martin Luther King at a breakfast in his name."  Here's poor dopey Kristine Mayle doing her master's bidding.

Here is what we are meant to 'take away' from Kristine ( Sharkey's)'s remarks

  • Dr. King is a committed Communist, whose legacy has been hijacked by racist, war-mongering capitalists and sanitized by running dog rich white racists 
  • Dr. King is not the man America celebrates this coming Monday, but an Uncle Remus even Racist Abe would love to call His Darkie
  • Obama is a Class/Race Traitor who has outlived his useful idiotness
  • Context is whatever CTU deems it to be
  • Jesse Sharkey will continue to live under the radar
  • Karen Lewis can be replaced
The Chicago Teachers need wake up.  Maybe, teaching a gym class or two will help.