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Cook County Forest Preserves - Our Greatest Natural Asset for Education, Pleasure and Recreation

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To acquire … and hold lands … containing one or more natural forests or lands connecting such forests or parts thereof, for the purpose of protecting and preserving the flora, fauna and scenic beauties within such district, and to restore, restock, protect, and preserve the natural forests and said lands together with their flora and fauna, as nearly as may be, in their natural state and condition, for the purpose of the education, pleasure, and recreation of the public.  Cook County Commissioners 1905

1904 had been a tough year for Chicagoans, especially south siders -  Chicago lost the Summer Olympics to St. Louis and the Streetcar and Stockyard Strikes. put many people in financial, physical and even mortal jeopardy - scabs opened fire from rail cars used by the packers to safely transport them to and from the yards and killed several strikers.

Orchestra Hall was completed largely through the subscriptions of the Swift, Armour.  Schwarzschild & Sulzberger packinghouse barons. Very few stockyard workers attended the symphony, I would hazard a guess.

What did working people do and where did they go for relaxation?  What was available to them?  Saloons.  Church.  Union Halls.

The Great Conservationist was in the White House. President Teddy had designated vast tracks of land for the edification, enjoyment and education of the American people.

It seems that in 1905, a few like-minded public servants did the same.

Some brilliant people staked out  68,000 acres of field, wood and water around and within the City of Chicago and gave us the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

This soul tonic of a resource is one of the wonders of living where we do - one wonders if a contemporary public official has the heart and brains to match the vision of the 1905 County Commissioners.

Following the lead of Dr. John Rauch's  Public Parks, City of Chicago (Chicago, 1869), the great sanitarian who fought Yellow Fever and cholera here and beyond Chicago,  some clear headed people put the Forest Preserve into being just after the 1904 strikes and the loss of Olympics.

The 1905 document calling for the creation of a Forest Preserve District was weakly written and it was not until 1911 that the dream came to life.

From that time, the common man, as well as the swell, had his own 'green retreats.' Dan Ryan Woods, Maple Lake, Willow Slough, Joe Louis Golf Course, Brookfield Zoo, Arie Crown Botanic Gardens, Busse Woods, Desplaines River Trail and Camp Dan Beard became places where the grey canyon of La Salle Street, or the red dust of Hegewisch might be forgotten for  a couple of restorative hours.
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  • Chicago kids could take nature hikes, toboggan, sled, swim, play football, softball and jog.
  • Old Timers could take their Kerry Blue, or mixed mutt breed out for a chase of a tennis ball.
  • Lovers could neck.
  • Families could barbecue, picnic, camp and relax.
  • Children at the Nature Stations like Little Red Schoolhouse could learn about the flora and fauna of Cook County
  • Teens learned to 'drink responsibly
For one hundred and eleven years, the working stiff and the well-heeled have been afforded a pastoral paradise.
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Quality people put this into being.  Let's pray that quality people will preserve the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

All photos of Dan Ryan Woods

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The United Nations is King Herod The Great - The Senator Dick Durbin of His Day

Related imageImage result for dick durbin planned parenthood champion Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the US Senate Majority Whip, received the International Family Planning Award from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood of Illinois and the United Nations Foundation (UNF).

 "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more."[ Jeremiah from The Gospel of St. Matthew

By geographic region, abortion policies were most
restrictive in Oceania, followed by Africa and Latin
America and the Caribbean. Only 6 per cent of
Governments in Oceania and Africa and only 12 per
cent in Latin America and the Caribbean allowed
abortion upon request. Eighteen countries in Africa,
12 in Asia, 8 in Latin America and the Caribbean and
8 in Oceania allowed abortion only to save a
woman’s life. Europe and Northern America, in
contrast, had the most liberal abortion policies in
2013. Both Governments in Northern America and
73 per cent of Governments in Europe allowed
abortion on request.  United Nations -Abortion Policies and Reproductive Health

Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  Herod the Great was an oily Progressive thinking opportunist who switched allegiances at the drop of some blood, but was very civilized and sophisticated.   He was a Jew who who took a  Nishtkefelecht attitude towards matters of religion and conscience, like an Irish Catholic Democrat who is praised by Planned Parenthood. Think of Senator Dick Durbin and you understand King Herod.  Totally, sophisticated.

Civilized and sophisticated people, United Nations explains, approve of abortion - a woman's reproductive health.

Unsophisticated people take the lessons of Matthew's Gospel to heart:
When [the Magi] had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. Get up, he said, take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him. So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night, and left for Egypt, where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: "Out of Egypt I called my son."[7] When Herod realised that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old or under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi. Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled: "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more."
Wait a minute!  Even HBO's Game of Thrones, must see TV for any sophisticate, offered an homage to St. Matthew - the late King Robert's bastards must all be slaughtered so that  creepy little King Joffrey can rule - just like Herod and not unlike the former Pro-Life Senior Senator from Illinois.

Abortion is a murder of convenience.

Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents - slaughtered by Herod the Great in order to scientifically eliminate any and all possibilities of having a claimant to his Roman throne.

The United Nations, which has been  owned and operated by Marxist sophisticates ever since the Korean War Cease Fire, is the most sophisticated body of thugs on earth.  With pie-charts, graphs, globalist politicians and a dunghill of rhetorical polemics, the United Nations has done more to isolate people of faith ( Israel), slaughter people of Faith ( Uganda, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon) and innocents globe round than any psychopathic dictator or James Bond Villain could dream up.

I see the United Nations as a global Planned Parenthood.  I see their biggest supporters ( Senator Dick Durbin and so many others) doing King Herod the Great on a daily basis.

This is a day that commemorates the slaughter of children under the age of two by that globalist sophisticate and civilized Progressive King Herod of Judea.

This is a day for some unsophisticated examination of the deeds of some all too human monsters - individual and collective.

Friday, December 23, 2016

How Un-Evolved of Me! Loping the Mule is Not Love for Evolved

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The Sin of Onan - past time of both genders and a few more.

You ladies all of merry England
Who have been to kiss the Duchess's hand,
Pray, did you not lately observe in the show
A noble Italian called Signor Dildo? ...
A rabble of pricks who were welcomed before,
Now finding the porter denied them the door,
Maliciously waited his coming below
And inhumanly fell on Signor Dildo ... Sir John Wilmot 17th Century Libertine

I have been told that I need to work on my filters.   Especially when I speak to people beyond the pale of my blue collar Catholic parish, where marriages largely remain intact, kids grow up and become useful citizens and weirdos are generally seen for what they happen to be.

Gay people are married and live happily together. Some with adopted children who are happy that someone houses, feeds, provides and most of all loves them.  That is a good thing.  Fact of the matter is those folks choose not to live in my neck-of-the-Dan Ryan Woods.  This appears to be hetero-marriage world.  I am sure that are gay couples here in the 19th Ward, I know more than few gay singles, here and about who work at the County Building, City Hall and at the Criminal Courts, who grew up in Tommy More, Little Flower, St. Dennis and Ethelreda parishes with us who chose not to marry at this time.  They are great people who would be as welcome as they are without spouses, because they are great people.

That said, and I said it many times,   Marriage is meant for a man and a woman. Way back in 2011, Illinois passed the Civil Unions Ordinance which did not confer on couples the terms 'spouses,'husbands, and 'wives.'  That was handled by Gov. Pat Quinn, the Paul Simon Insitute Polls and our elected officials on November 20, 2013.  Evolution sure has sped up some!

The legislation has yet to change the simple fact that the Yin and Yang of gender remains at play and no matter how much two gals, or two guys love one another the laws of biology discovered by Fr. Gregor Mendel, O.S.A. remain in play:

1) The Law of Segregation: Each inherited trait is defined by a gene pair. Parental genes are randomly separated to the sex cells so that sex cells contain only one gene of the pair. Offspring therefore inherit one genetic allele from each parent when sex cells unite in fertilization.
2) The Law of Independent Assortment: Genes for different traits are sorted separately from one another so that the inheritance of one trait is not dependent on the inheritance of another.
3) The Law of Dominance: An organism with alternate forms of a gene will express the form that is dominant.
The genetic experiments Mendel did with pea plants took him eight years (1856-1863) and he published his results in 1865. During this time, Mendel grew over 10,000 pea plants, keeping track of progeny number and type. Mendel's work and his Laws of Inheritance were not appreciated in his time. It wasn't until 1900, after the rediscovery of his Laws, that his experimental results were understood.
We are people;not peas!  Got it.

When gender became as unnecessary to the political culture world, it became of paramount necessity to the litigious high priests of moral legislation and jurisprudence.  Lawyers lawsuit the shit out of average un-evolved people of Faith and not the other way around.

When gay marriage was argued all the way from Springfield to the United States Supreme Court, people of sense and faith worried about the marriage between a man and his rooster, girl and her pet pony, an ardent swain and his melon, brothers seeking more than a Bromance, sapphic sisters setting up camp, Mormon poly-same sex partners and a Frog and her robot.

All objections were immediately peck sniffed and eyes rolled like Buddy Bomar was tossing them, by the evolved libertine libertarians who study morality on HBO.  Mark Ruffalo is cool with it; worship it.  It gets better.  

In France,  a woman named Lilly wants to marry her robot.  Robot passion suppression is not new - sex toys appear in every culture. For the Ladies, The Dildo, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) appears, appears mind you, to have been evolved from the smoothly carved wooden, how shall I say, tool of nautical origin.

 One theory is that it originally referred to the phallus-shaped peg used to lock an oar in position on a dory (small boat). It would be inserted into a hole on the side of the boat, and is very similar in shape to the modern toy. It is possible that the sex toy takes its name from this sailing tool, which also lends its name to the town of Dildo and the nearby Dildo Island in Newfoundland, Canada.

For the Gents, the Sailor's Wife, the Mighty Mitt, the Fleshlight, or the Fifi developed in prison for the more  staunch anti-sodomy cell dwellers. The Fifi, which refers to an artificial vagina usually made by rolling a trash bag or condom inside of a towel, and using some sort of lubrication such as hand lotion.One expert said the current sex robots have a long way to go before they are appealing. Picture: Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

The Robot's fiance and would-be spouse, Lilly the Frog, has science, behind her desires, of course:

University of London Computing Professor Adrian David Cheok said he believes robots will not only become common, but preferable for many people.
“It’s going to be so much easier, so much more convenient to have sex with a robot. You can have exactly what kind of sex you want. That’s going to be the future. That we will have more sex with robots and the next stage is love … we’re already seeing it.”
“Actual sex with humans may be like going to a concert. When you’re at home you can listen to Beethoven’s ninth symphony, it’s good enough and once or twice a year you’ll want to go the Royal Albert Hall and hear it in a concert hall.
That may be the way sex with humans is going to be. It’s going to be much more easier, much more convenient to have sex with a robot, and maybe much better because that’s how you want it.”
Now, Professor Adrian David Cheok is no  ordinary jagoff.  He's a scientist, no doubt a devout onanaist as well.

All of these evolved means of onanism come down to self love - Onanism. We were sex educated ( segregated from the ladies of course)  by Father Gerrity in the mysteries of self mastery and the lists of love-making outside of the sacrament of Matrimony.   Self-love ( pocket pool, boxing the Jesuit, beatin' the bishop, loping the old mule, greasing the flagpole, chuckin' the custard ) was a thoroughly vain pursuit and the Sin of Onan.  

And sin we did!

However, self control and human will tempered by moral adjustments and canon law, prevented generations of hearts wanting what the heart wants from shivering our timbers 24/7.  That and exhaustion, I suppose. We  managed to fall in love, marry and procreate and then do that providing and loving for the bairns.

On the secular side of things, Planned Parenthood demands more wiggles and giggles and more penetrating productions. A gal has to make a buck.

Grabbing the gecko was not an act of love, but an imitation of sex.

Evolution is a hoot in this Anthony Weiner World of Ours!  Just maybe not all that . . .gratifying.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Allow me to speak on Siebert's Pub and then St. Raphael's Catholic Church - Greeting a New Wave of Catholics With the Grandeur of West Side and South Side Icons

If you’re looking for a family friendly place with a unique menu, full bar and 12 draft beers then... 
Siebert's Pub is the place for you!

This is why I left you in Crete, that you might amend what was defective, and appoint presbyters in every town as I directed you (Titus 1:5).

Last weekend, Terry Sullivan and I spent some long planned quality time with two of the most impost important people in my life - Kate and Charlie Olson. Both of these people got me through the toughest times in my life and made the happiest ones beyond special.

Charlie and I taught at Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee, IL.  Kate was senior the year I began there and was one year junior to my wife Mary Cleary Hickey.

In 1988, Mary and I went to La Lumiere School in Laporte, Indiana and shortly after Charlie and Kate moved up to Lake County, Illinois where Kate worked as an engineer for Baxter and later Abbott Labs and Charlie taught and coached at Grayslake North.

When Mary was diagnosed with brain cancer, Charlie and Kate would drive to our home in Griffith, Indiana and often take the three kids with them.  They were with us all through that horrible time.

They helped me recover from loss and regain my balance - sort of.  They are delightful friends.

Though last weeks Arctic Chill and blizzardy road conditions turned Lake County into a scene from Dr. Zhivago we soldiered out to Salem, Wisconsin just over the State Line and had a great dinner at Sieberts Pub, which seems to have shanghaied a four star chef from somewhere, because the sea food and other dishes made more happy Packer Fans, than the Bears did the next day. Related imageCharlie and I both had the grilled Ahi Tuna steak, lightly seasoned with a side of homemade wasabi mayo. Most places do to tuna steaks, what TGI Friday's and Chili's do food in general. Image result for TGI Fridays Chillies Image result for Chili's restaurant food
You eat it with all gusto and passion of David Mamet strapped to chair and subjected to 48 hours of Bill Moyers on PBS loop tapes -"We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie." In the absence of a fine pie, go to Siebert's*.

Siebert's prepares ( Medium rare tuna – Cooking temperature 132°F (56°C) – Cooking time 30 minutes) the fish and presents it with care.

Kate and Terry had pasta and pulled pork, but I am so self-absorbed that I only can comment on what I had for dinner.

Siebert's is and old timey road house on Antioch Road above the Chain of Lakes.  The staff are very welcoming to south of the border FIPS. Never once, did I feel the need to comment on the Packer wear, nor the fried cheese curds getting vacuumed up at the bar, by all and sundry.

We were stated and satisfied.

The next morning We went to 11A.M Mass at St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church, before the trip home and my daughters Christmas gathering in Oak Lawn.

St. Raphael the Archangel is a work of genius.  This original place of worship was a typical post-WWII era, cookie-cutter modern American barn-like ecumenical design - externally Image result for american catholic church designs 1950'sindistinguishable from the the 11th Day Unitarian Temple of Coexistence, or an interior not unlike a rock concert venue.Image result for american catholic church interior designs 1950's

Some people think that Catholic Churches are empty, only because of the scandals, or that the liturgies are too traditionally Catholic.

Nonsense, the Catholic Church has had scandals ever since Acts of the Apostles.  The Catholic Churches in the Catholic Church that are unashamedly Catholic - not Episcopalian/Methodist Lite, or Unitarian Book Club variety - are packed on Sundays.  If it looks Catholic, it more than likely is that.  Try and get a seat at St. John Cantius, or St. Odilo's three minutes before the Gospel and then try and reserve parking in front of City Hall.

We took Little Grassy Road east to Route 45 and then north for about a mile and there on our left ascended a blast from the past.

St. Raphael the Archangel was the dream of the late Francis Cardinal George, a Chicagoan steeped in our towns faith and history.In 2006, knowing the ever increasing population of Lake County, Cardinal George ordered Father John Jamnicky to assess the need for and begin the planning for the construction of a traditional Catholic Church.  On April 30th, 2007 Father Jamnicky became the first pastor of St. Raphael the Archangel. It was a barn - literally.
"An old barn, on the Alfred and Florence Pedersen farm in Antioch, converted into the temporary St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church.
Liturgical artifacts and furnishings salvaged from various shuttered Chicago Catholic churches and recycled in the temporary church."
Unlike too many houses of worship, it did not stay a Catholic barn.

The beauty of the immigrant built churches of Chicago reflected the authenticity and power of the devout who labored and penny'd - up the pew money to build St. Adalbert's, St. Patrick's and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica in Chicago.  The parish cut out a fine Mission:

St. Raphael the Archangel is a young parish, only 6 years old, of approximately 600 families. We are currently holding Mass in a remodeled barn, which we believe to be the most beautiful temporary church you will ever see, while our permanent church is being built in Old Mill Creek.
We are a traditional Roman Catholic Church that teaches the Gospel and the Bible with clarity and enthusiasm. We are loyal to the Magisterium – the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church. It is important to us that we live our beliefs, that we are witnesses of the compassionate love of Jesus for all people, that we share his message with others so that they may grow in spiritual life and find salvation. It is our goal to affirm and advance the Catholic faith.

St. Raphael the Archangel took the best of Old Catholic Chicago - the facade of St. John of God and the interior of St. Peter Canisius - matched the 'welcome home' mission sparked by Cardinal George.

His spirit rises above the prairies of Lindenhurts with the Bell Towers and Stained Glass windows of St. Raphael the Archangel.
Related image

Image result for st raphael the archangel lindenhurst,il
The place was packed.  There were many young families, especially Mexican and Filipino, as well as former Chicagoans.  A south side priest Father Michael McGovern is pastor of St. Raphael the Archangel.  Father grew up in  Christ the King parish. His homily reflected the many signs demanded of God by weaklings like me and the daily signs that blow by my notice.  An angel told Mary and Joseph to expect the unexpected. They did not blink.  I get whacked between the eyes with two by four and I ask when lunch is served.

St. Raphael the Archangel is a sign that Cardinal George is very much with us, renewing Christ's Church by pointing to the signs of our faith in history. Pretty good weekend trip north of Madison Avenue.

Food for the soul can come with wasabi mayo or a parish that dedicates itself to renewal without erasing tradition, beauty and history.

* Siberts Pub: 8403 Antioch Rd, Salem, WI 53168
Phone: (262) 843-4621:  Aaron & Kim Edmonds owners

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lower Police Standards - The Three Pander-Bears & Rahm's Racist Insult to Chicagoans

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"Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday opened the door to allowing candidates with minor drug and criminal offenses to become Chicago Police officers to attract minorities at a time of high crime and deep distrust." Chicago Sun Times City Hall Cheerleader  Fran Spielman

Gee, Chicago minorities are just too involved in weed and youthful shenanigans to become cops?  Parents in Englewood, Chatham, Brainerd and Auburn Gresham allow their boys and girls to fire up some Loud, even though it might mean saying bye, bye to gainful employment at a later age?

Wow, Chicago minorities in Garfield Ridge, Pilsen Little Village and South Chicago can not escape the lure of Latin Kings, Maniac Latin Disciples Latin Counts, Vice Lords, Stones, All People Nation, Spanish Cobras, Latin Dragons, Latin Eagles, Imperial Gangsters, Simon City Royals, Harrison Gents, Almighty Ambrose and the Surenos, weed, theft and battery?  Que Lastima!

The Mayor who is drowning in homicides and his City Council of Progressive Independent Rubber-stamps are clawing at the old Pander-Bears Playbook as a life preserver. A white pander-Bear, a Latino Pander Bear and a Black Pander Bear set up Rahm's end-run around sense, safety and the sanctity of life.  Ed Burke, George Cardenas and Roderick Sawyer came up with another gimme-shelter dodge for Rahm the Racoon-Eyed Mayor.

Ever since Mayor Coon-Eyes Emanuel hushed up the video on the shooting of Laquan McDonald and tossed his family $3 M buckeens to hush-up about City Hall mischief, the  Big Bill Thompson of Highland Park has been universally ridiculed, shunned by the Clintons and Obama's White House, detested by citizens of Chicago - minorities and the few remaining majorities left in the city's tax-base, but propped up, worshipped and all but felated by the Chicago press and WTTW.  Rahm has had to skulk his way through the revolving door at Trump Towers and now the Sun Times is engaged in more post-Laquan mythopoeia with this howler from the always supine Lynn Sweet:
Lynn Sweet
@lynnsweet | email
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WASHINGTON — Since the election, President-elect Donald Trump has lavished attention on one family, besides his own, meeting with all three Emanuel brothers: first Ari, then Rahm, and on Wednesday, with eldest brother Zeke.
This leaves the strong impression that Trump, if not exactly courting the famous and accomplished brothers, is going out of his way to seek input from the Chicago-born Democrats.!
Love that Fake News!

Lynn, tell them about Rahm's three pointer in that game against the pre-schoolers at the Latin School!  Oh, that never happened?  So, what! So long as you are doing fake news, pour it on!

Hey, how about Mitt Romney's chances at Secretary of State?  Oh, that's right.  That was cruel of me.
Since the election, President-elect Donald Trump has lavished attention on one family, besides his own, meeting with all three Emanuel brothers: eldest brother Zeke (left), Rahm, and Ari. | Donald Trump photo by Getty Images; Zeke Emanuel, file photo; Rahm Emanuel, Sun-Times file photo; and Ari Emanuel, Getty Images
Many disinterested Chicago voters and WTTW watchers will nod with conviction and agree with Lynn Sweet that "Boy Them Emanuel Scamps are Just the Nuts!  Ain't they?  And Such Talented Boys!"

Rahm and the Chicago City Council with the 50 ( sorry, 49, as of yesterday, I guess) AlderStampers will totally destroy what is left of Chicago and recruit future Chicago Police Officers right off of CLEARPATH - put together by former Superintendent McCarthy to identify the City's gang hot-spots.  Not every gang-banger has committed a murder, yet; but, they smoked some loud and now can pass the piss tests, thanks to Brother Ed Burke, Father Emanuel!

Set up a CPD recruiting station at Foster Park. The only people allowed in there are gang-bangers.

I hate to give these creeps a good idea.

I worked with African American, Mexican, Latino, Canaryville Irish kids for twenty one years.  They could pass a piss test. They do not sport a Jacket threaded with larcenies.  Their parents sent them to Catholic schools to stay away from gangs.  The same can be said for the families that chose Charter Schools.  The very same can be said of the vast majority of minority kids who attend CPS.  CPS students are forced into Claypool's concentration camps and told to like it at Harper, Robeson and Hubbard, while the elites grift out spots for future activists at Whitney Young and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Lower standards and telling "minorities" that they just can not make the cut is racist, insulting and self-serving.

Lower the standards and insult the very mission of Law Enforcement.

On Wednesday, the effort picked up steam.
Burke and Cardenas joined Sawyer in sponsoring a resolution calling for City Council hearings to discuss implementing the federal recommendations.
The report suggests that police departments across the nation should disregard minor criminal offenses of candidates from “underrepresented communities,” revise the controversial psychological exam and lower the bar for written and physical exams.  ( So keep high standards for White Boys and Girls?)   
“Certain barriers — including background investigations that treat all arrests and criminal convictions alike regardless of type of offense or how recent the occurrence, or even screen out those voluntarily admitting to drug use alone [without any conviction] — can prevent the agency from hiring the diverse officers it needs to connect with and serve the entire community,” the report says.
Likewise, psychological tests and credit checks put up “discriminatory employment barriers to women and racial minority applicants,” the report states.
Burke made a similar argument Wednesday.
“Simply put, there are many occasions when a minor incident that occurred many years ago should not be enough to rule out a candidate for consideration,” Burke, a former Chicago Police officer and ex-Police Committee chairman, said in a news release.
“We are not so much asking the department to lower [its] hiring standards as we are asking them to apply a greater standard of fairness." (Emphases my own) 

Horseshit, Eddie! How long was he a cop?  Toolong on City Council for sure.  In fact, every Council Member should ponder the story I link here.  Disgusted by the politicians elected to fill seats in their town,  every member of Bunker Hill, Indiana's Police Department resigned.

It is time for these pandering political clowns to be tossed out of business.  I include our Chicago Media.

And Trump is dangerous?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Objectify Chicks? No Way, Hombres; I'm Here to Praise Camille Paglia

Every year, feminists provide more and more evidence for the old charge that women can neither think nor write.”  Camille Paglia in Art, and American Culture: Essays (New York: Vintage, 1992)

"On Tuesday, 18 October 2016, pop star Madonna raised some eyebrows by offering to perform oral sex on voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton." Snopes

Camille Paglia is one of the finest minds in America.  She is without peer as a literary critic and scholar, an honest and clear voice for women, among a screaming murder of feminist crows and a good hearted person.Mistaken identity? Camille, 69, hailed Madonna a 'true feminist' in a 1990s op-ed, and she maintains that she was one of the singer's 'first defenders'

I read with interest her recent riposte to Madonna's post-Trump election whine that 'no women helped her.'  You see, Madonna beefed recently, again, to the gang at Billboard's Women in Music event:
Accusations: Madonna called out writer Camille Paglia in her speech at the Billboard Women in Music event, claiming the writer said she 'set women back' by objectifying herself

Madonna made waves at the Billboard Women in Music event with her powerful speech about sexism, ageism, and misogyny, but feminist Camille Paglia is hitting back at the iconic singer for her claims that she was rebuffed when looking for female support at the start of her career.
During her speech on Friday, the 58-year-old recalled wishing for a female peer at the start of career and specifically called out Camille, claiming that the famous writer said she 'set women back' by objectifying herself sexually

I know of Madonna, but I do not know jack about Madonna.  To me she was one of the babes tapped by misogynists to play baseball during WWII, when all the guys went to war in that Tom Hanks movie, that my daughters played over and over and over.

She the gaped toothed blond.

Musically, I am told she is a genius.  Could be, but I am more of an Ella Fitzgerald, Keeley Smith, Lani Hall, Sarah Vaughan and Linda Ronstadt guy,  with a nod to the Babe from the Pretenders - Chrissy Hinds, now and then.  Madonna and most her acolytes are either background noise, or irritants.

Now, to the issue.  Camille Paglia went to bat for Madonna as far back as 1990 and called her a 'true feminist.'  What the hell that means, I am at a loss.  It seems that Madonna is a true feminist in her whining.

The problem stems from objectifying women, I guess.  I do that all time, " Hey, she's pretty!  Lovely Legs!  Gorgeous woman!" and by holding chairs, doors, burdens and regard for the carbon footprints that are in no way, shape, or manner anything like me, my Dad, my son, my uncles, cousins, pals and purchasers of boxers everywhere - owners of Adams Apples Universal.

I dig chicks.

I really dig smart chicks; especially ones with legs up H'yar and capable of tossing a glance that could cut a steel beam in half.

Camille Paglia is my kind of a woman in everything, but the fact she would be about as romantically interested in me, as I would be with Mike Barnicle. Camille, alas, is a daughter of Sappho.  That's cool.

Madonna does not do much for me.  I'd hold the door for her, however.

Oh, yeah!   Louis Prima was married to Keeley Smith.  Lucky guy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

David Wallace-Wells is Not Happy! Trump Has America and Ain't Giving it Back!

Thus says the LORD:
Woe to the city, rebellious and polluted,
to the tyrannical city!
She hears no voice,
accepts no correction;
In the LORD she has not trusted,
to her God she has not drawn near. ZEP 3:1-2, 9-13 
The city was always an asylum. On television on Election Night, the world (sic) they used was bubble. But what a bubble.
New Yorkers woke up on November 8 in what seems now like a fairy-tale fog, convinced, as ever, that the future belonged to us. By midnight, the world looked very different, the country very far away (and the future, too). Eighty percent of us had voted against the man who won, and 80 percent, it seemed, were already hatching plans to leave — for Canada or Berlin or anywhere else we imagined we could live safely among the like-minded. That was when the text messages began coming in from old friends in Wisconsin and Texas and North Carolina and Missouri. They were watching the same returns we were, in the same apocalyptic panic, and all making desperate plans to come to New York. For them, the city was still the same fairy tale. David Wallace-Wells in New York  (emphasis and parenthetical my own)

Boy, are people unhappy that Trump won. I believe that David Wallace-Wells, the author of the passage above and editor of New York magazine, as well as contributing writer to The Nation, Salon, Slate, Atlantic and every other tony, high-brow, damn-your-eyes soapbox of the elite in this country, was so upset that he screwed up the second sentence ( world, for word), as well as got the date wrong for the Dawn of The Donald.

Hey, I am no one to point fingers at the odd typo, or slight misrepresentation, but I am only a 'blogger' and a working stiff. I live in Chicago's Morgan Park, kind of like Queens in New York City. I voted before November 8th, and I was surprised by the election results as Mr. Wallace-Wells, but for different reasons.

Wallace-Wells weeps of waking November 8th in the firm belief that Hillary would continue the defense of abortion, offensive art, illegal aliens, religious suppression in all things, Marxist economics, globalism, endless wars and the American oligarchy.  The Dream denied.  Dang.

That said, Mr. Wallace-Wells writes a pretty nice little rant filled with good-old anti-Irish race cards and KKK memes for those of us voted off-the island of Manhattan by Wallace-Wells and calling the magically once far-flung personalities on the island of Manhattan to flock to the Resistance!

Before Eric Garner and before the ground-zero mosque, before Rudy Giuliani called Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary “sick stuff” and before Trump called for the execution of the Central Park Five; before Abner Louima and before stop-and-frisk and before the Crown Heights riots; before Stonewall began with a police raid; before redlining; before the 1927 Klan riot, when Fred Trump was arrested wearing white; before 38 were killed by a 1920 bomb detonated by anarchists outside J. P. Morgan; before 120 died, mostly free black men, mostly at the hands of Irish New Yorkers raging through the city, resisting enlistment in Lincoln’s war to free their brothers; before all that, when Peter Minuit of New Amsterdam legend established the city as a sanctuary for mercenary commerce on a seaboard being settled, in every other colony, by religious ideologues, it was not by war or raid or smallpox but merely by submitting an exploitatively low bid. Those 24 dollars were consecrated into acquisitive legend almost immediately — a fabulous deal, a terrific deal, and also, sort of, a con. It set a template New Yorkers would emulate for centuries, as the city’s big-tent open-mindedness covered something darker: violence of certain groups against others, neighbors exploiting neighbors for the prize of living among one another and maybe even conquering the world. This makes for a very particular kind of tolerance. We tolerate living around bad guys doing bad things, in part because we can always tell them to fuck off. And often do.
Millions of dreamer-hustlers came anyway — from 1892 to 1954, 12 million through Ellis Island alone. Elsewhere in the country, new arrivals had set up shop and claimed primacy where they landed. Here, newer waves just kept coming, swamping the claims of those who came before, wave after wave, Irish and Germans followed by Russian Jews and Armenians and Poles and Czechs and Slovaks and Greeks, tidal waves leveling into ethnic palimpsests of communities so enormous and elaborate they might have been called whole civilizations just 500 years before (Kleindeutschland, the Five Points, Central Park’s black Seneca Village). When the country closed its borders in the spirit of “racial hygiene,” the immigrants were followed by American freaks, fleeing suburbs and parents and finding refuge here.
Native-born New Yorkers can seem precocious marvels to newcomers, but they rarely hold the city’s gaze for very long — ask Andy Warhol (from Pittsburgh) or Madonna (Detroit), Zora Neale Hurston (from Notasulga, Alabama) or Langston Hughes (Joplin, Missouri), Truman Capote (New Orleans) or Dorothy Parker (Long Branch, New Jersey), or even Andrew Carnegie (Scotland) and J. P. Morgan himself (Hartford, Connecticut). Nobody knows any Dutch, which meant nobody has really come first, when you think about it, which means nobody really owns the city, even the obscenely rich who talk like they do. The city is so much a hot spring of immigrants and migrants and arrivistes, self-inventors and refuge-­seekers and self-mythologizers, that no one can ever feel quite comfortable or secure, no matter how royally statused. The churn is eternal and the envy general, like antibodies to complacency. No one is immune to insecurity, not the sons of tycoons or the daughters of mayors or the offspring of artists and musicians raised as downtown royalty on lower Fifth Avenue. Not even the golden-haired boy born into a real-estate fortune in the glorious sun of the white man’s mid-century boom who built a gold-plated empire for himself out of the resentment he felt staring out across the East River at Manhattan from Queens. And who wanted, even more than to conquer the Manhattan skyline, to watch his own tabloid fantasy become “real” in the pages of the New York Post. BEST SEX I’VE EVER HAD is surely, even now, the greatest day of the president-elect’s entire life.

Yep, elites ain't happy.

In a few days, after someone reads this piece to Bruce Dold, I expect that Mary Schmich and Eric Zorn will do a series of similar chit-chatty exchanges about how stupid, ugly, racist, homophobic, non-Dreamers living in Portage Park, Mount Greenwood, Peotone and Crescent City worked that Russian fake news on all of the Hamilton Attendees, Pastor Pfleger Partisans, and Oak Park Rangers making Trump supreme, though losing the popular vote. Damn Alexander Hamiliton, the real one not  Lin-Manuel Miranda, who should be on the Ten Spot rather than that Federalist, and his Electoral College!!!!  

It hurts.

Hey, It gets better.

Journalists will be breaking each others necks to see who will write the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich of this millennium, and activists can sit again at the feet of Bill Ayers and learn about timers and detonators.  It's all good.

Anyway,  David Wallace-Wells invites other Cities, noting that New York is not Guam, but the Philippines:
And we also know that we are not in fact alone — that New York is not an island but an archipelago. Our mayor has resister-cousins in Chicago and Los Angeles and Providence, San Francisco and Seattle and Minneapolis — and those are just a few of the cities mobilizing themselves as immigrant sanctuaries. We know that the number of Democratic counties has shrunk over the last decade or two, as entrepreneurs and other hustlers flooded into cities, and we know that the counties that went blue in this election account for nearly two-thirds of the American economy. We also know that Peter Thiel was basically the only Trumper in Silicon Valley. If you have to live in a bubble, really, you could do worse.

Kerr-Plop, Rahm is already cutting deals and pencil necked geeks of the Valley are paying court to the Grand Fuhrer of Wallace Wells' thought piece. Owwww.

I noticed that David Wallace Wells never mentions Queens.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Good Is Snow-Blower Repair Man Mike Greene? My 1994 MTD runs like 2016 BMW

Yard Machines 28" Two-Stage Snow Thrower

I love the south side culture of " I got a guy."

Needs are fulfilled by word of mouth and respect for the word from a neighbor.

If I were asked by you about stopping seepage in the basement, I bring into my man cave and thrust my finger to east wall and "Behold! Water from the Rock!"  Hell, I am not handy.

Ask me about literature, jazz, history, great places to eat, methods of shirking households obligations ( no problem so big, that I can not run away and hide from it), or treating ladies with fair deference in all matters, I'm your guy.

  • Want your furnace looked at?  Call Karen A Mcquillan, (708) 422-0090 and she'll get her old man, Jim, on it Air-Check Heating & Colling.

Now, as to leaking basements, I have had my basement sealed three times inside and out. The CSX line runs twenty feet from my front window and the crib shakes like Oprah on a waterbed.  Can't help you. Nothing worked, but the shop vac and Fabrese.

How -some-ever, friends and neighbors, if your snowblower is on the fritz, needs a tune-up or repair, GO AND Call Mike Greene immediately if not sooner.  I called Mike in September and Mike and his daughter picked up my giant sized MTD 1994 purchase, which had beaten back lake effect snow in Griffith Indiana and cleared sidewalks, alleys and driveways here in Morgan Park since 1999.  

I serviced the machine.  Changed oil, repaired the auger and the drive-lines, drained the gas and managed the wheels, but I had not had the whole machine serviced since 1997.

Mike Greene returned (delivered) the snowblower three days later with a modest charge that included straightening the blades, replacement of drive lines, tightening the auger, complete tune up and oil and sparks.  Modest charge.  I keep it on my icebox and look at it when I'm blue.

I just got back from Mass at Sacred Heart and fired up the MTD for the first time. Last week, it was too wet to plow.

The MTD fired up and purred like a kitten (which I also need to replace since Sophie shed her mortal husk).   The plowing was exquisite and I hated to put the thing to rest.

I know that I will have plenty more opportunities today to get behind the plow, but for now,  a huge thank you to Mike Greene, a Proud Member of Operating Engineers Local 150 and a great neighbor.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stapesless Politicians Killed Policing - Chicago is Thug Comfort Zone

Image result for Chicago Cop taking abuse

"But down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid." Raymond Chandler
"The three smallest bones in your body are all found inside your ear, and you would be completely deaf without them.  Known formally as the malleus, incus and stapes (and informally as the hammer, anvil and stirrup, after their approximate shapes), Natural News

Our problems are First World Problems - "My God! Tom Skilling said we can expect up to ten inches of Snow!  Trump is President!  There's Fake News!  The Cop Thinks I Ran that Red Light - I Know It was Green!"

It is my belief that the only people who should be allowed a beef are First Responders, the only people dedicated to making America remain First World.

I watched a cop get a dressing down from a motorist on Western Ave. at about 110th Street, around 11 A.M., yesterday.   I was walking home from Mr. Swifty Dry Cleaners and could hear the woman who looked and sounded like that smug 'sixty-something' in the AARP commercials. The officer was African American and about thirty years of age and wrote the violation with appreciative good humor.  The woman argued that she had 'not run through the red light' at 109th Street just past County Fair FoodsImage result for Big Plans - snooty AARP commercial "Big Plans!"

I nodded to the officer in full appreciation for his 'troubles.'

The officer was not chasing a thug, or wondering whether or not he should draw his service weapon and go home at the end of the shift; he was taking lip from a well-heeled harpy with that goofy bumpy sticker that only really nasty-tempered and intolerant people seem to slap on the rump of their roadsters - COEXIST
Image result for coexist bumper sticker

I went on my way. I don't have any bumper stickers.  I wear my heart on mu sleeve - it is more than just a handkerchief, you know.

I wondered if this harridan had a Blue Ribbon and Blue Light on here porch.  That would really seal the deal.

The cop would go to his next urban adventure.  Ms. AARP would tell everyone at her Book Club about her battle with fascism.  Maybe she gave Ja'mal Green a jingle about a get together.

The cop might be taking rounds on Vincennces at 103rd,  Percy Julian has had more than few stray lead peltings these past few years.

Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone,  I have been writing those three words since here on Google since 2006.

ChiRaq, Beruit on the Lake, Kosavo on Kostner, it is all the same; not because of Police Officers, or systemic racism, or a Code of Silence, or Commander Burge, but because of mayors and politicians from Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, Gene Sawyer and Richie Daley right up to and including Rahm Emanuel.

Each mayor wanted crime to go away and homicides to disappear, but doing so allowed the Marxists Lawyers and the well-funded university Centers for Law, Journalism, Truth, Wrongful Justice and Revolution kick up public relations, headlines, editorial series, class-action lawsuits, hefty Lefty contributions, controlled narratives and mythologies, while mayors went to ground under Massive Instant Payout Settlements, Blue Ribbon Panels, Task Forces, Musling Officer Testimony, Judge  Shopping, Conversations about Race, Community Policing, Floral traffic medians and access to the fifth floor for Sneed, Marin, Brown, Steinberg, Goudy and Shaw.

The Marxists co-opted philanthropy and the Politicians co-opted Media Faces, all the while allowing police officers and policing to twist in the wind, dry up and blow away.

The Marxists of the People Law Office, Loevy & Loevy, et. al. are going to ambulance chase, agitate, smear and whine.

Government should be something less than boneless, in the face of such assaults. It is not.

Richard M. Daley was shameful.  Rahm is disgraceful.  They have lacked tiniest element of bone mass.  The three smallest bones of the human body are found in the ear - the stapes, being the smallest of the hammer, anvil and stirrup.

Rather than allow themselves to be grouped with police officers involved in the sworn duties as patrolmen and detectives, Daley and Emanuel have crushed individuals and policing itself under the brass wheels of City Hall bus.

The officer taking abuse from Ms. COEXIST near Mr. Swifty's yesterday feels the wheels.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Bruce Dold Tribune Fake News Pillories Woman for A Month - Here Is How to Handle Offensive People

When Black Friday comes
I'm gonna dig myself a hole
Gonna lay down in it 'til
    I satisfy my soul -   SteelyDan

 . . . decades before Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in the early 1600s“dudgeon” was being used to mean a feeling of anger or resentment. OED

Most read stories this hour
Woman berates Michaels workers in Chicago in rant caught on video
BREAKING NEWS Novemeber 29, 2016
Woman berates Michaels workers in Chicago in rant caught on video
Jessie Grady walked into a Michaels store last week in Chicago to buy a Santa hat for her young daughter. She ended up witnessing — and filming — another customer's "unprovoked attack" in which the woman unloaded on black Michaels employees, claiming she was being discriminated against and declaring...
Bruce Dold's Chicago Tribune December 9, 2016

One woman is menacing Chicago.  She is not an Alpha Female, ripped, tattooed androgynous Marvel Comics paragon with bad wiring.  She is small and seems rather timid, until our $15 an hour barristas, or checkout person makes the mistake of punching that invisible button which causes unfiltered, mean-spirited words and tones to gush from her modest frame.

Citizen Journalists have made life hell for a person who has caused only a checkout person to be showered with GoFundMe largesse.  The woman, whom I will not name, because other citizen journalists with hyper- elevated levels of High Dudgeon* and room temperature I.Q.s have cyber-bullied the young woman enough. There are much worse and more dangerous people out there, racist or not. Many are repeat offenders.Image result for high dudgeon man High Dudgeon works for NPR types and other comfortable afflictors and they never get enough.

Enough is not a feast!  Bruce Dold gorges away High Dudgeon and he is  editor of a great daily metropolitan newspaper.

The Chicago Tribune's website has taken down stories of rapists, killers, gunmen, grifters and frauds with exacting efficiency in the name of journalism, once the news has passed a few days.  Like the Laquan McDonald shooting at the time it happened, or when Rev. Jesse Jackson threatened to cut the nuts off of President Obama.

Not so the Michael's Menace Maid. 

DNAinfo, The Daily Mail, IGBTNation, Root, Heavy, Facebook and The Chicago Tribune of Bruce Dold  introduced the Menace on November 29th as a Trump Supporter.

A few weeks before an admitted Trump Supporter was beaten and car-jacked on the West Side,  High Dudgeon began to boil in need of a proper response to the heartbreak of Trump and all that it means to Bruce Dold and others.

Black Friday arrived and allowed pent of High Dudgeon to flow like river!

It is weeks since the poor woman went viral on the cashier, but the Chicago Tribune of Bruce Dold maintains the pillory so it stays fresh in the vapid minds of people who need a good jolt of artificial outrage and High Dundgeon.

In the normal world, populated by people of all races, creeds and colors who are far too busy taking care of life, a person's public bad manners gets confronted in a manner that sets things right.

Years ago, 1993 I believe, my wife and I drove up from Kankakee to have dinner at the original Maple Tree Inn owned and managed by the late Charlie Orr.  Maple Tree Inn was one of the very first Cajun restaurants in Chicago and home to the great jazz stylings of the King Fleming Trio.
Image result for charlie orr maple tree
Charlie hired great wait staff.  He hired a young Irish immigrant girl and on her first day, serviced a table full of Chicago Reader foodies.  The Reader has always been a hipster, in-crowd source for all knowledge.  This table of Yuppies, as the era-tagged them, were loud and needy.  The Irish girl served them with speed and cheerful efficiency.  Mary and I were seated a few feet from their table. One smarmy creep ate like he was going to the chair, talking at the top of his voice and his maw full of catfish, and beefed about how 'inauthentic' his blackened catfish tasted.  He began to abuse the waitress, to the delight of all an sundry in this happy circle of jerks.
Image result for blackened catfish
The girl asked if she could get him something else.  "What? and wait another twenty minutes?  Are all of you this stupid?  Who is cooking in there? He is no Cajun."

The girl burst into tears.

The table laughed, like the Chicago Tribune editorial board must have, when Ald. O'Reilly demanded that Bully Trump signs get taken down.

Charlie Orr burst onto the scene.  He had been meeting with King Fleming in the Cavern-like basement bar and Kevin the Chef from Louisiana had sent word of the table of shit-heels.

" Charlie had a great Walrus like mustache and smiled like the Beatific Vision itself.  He greeted Mary and me warmly and asked us to stick around for the jazz and a few Steinlagers. He excused himself and warmed the offending table with his Ward Bond of a grin.

" Hello, I am the owner.  Did you like the food?"


" My chef served on an Oil Rig as cook and worked under Paul Prudhomme for six years.  I buy fish at Fulton market every morning.  This little girl started this evening and you made her cry.  Now, ( very pregnant pause) Leave what is on your plates and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PLACE!"

The Maple Tree Inn was packed and roared with applause and shouts of 'Here! Here!'

The pack of shit heels skulked out.

Today, people record, lawyer up and team up with the News Media - detested by normal people everywhere.

Citizen journalists are becoming as big a set of creeps as Real Journalists, Editors and other merchants of High Dudgeon.

If you are really offended say something and be willing to take a punch in the chops.  Chances are you will not need to accept a blow, because abusive people are generally cowards, or damaged people. You can say something on the spot - Or you can use your phone camera , record and skulk away like a shit-heel.