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Bruce Dold Tribune Fake News Pillories Woman for A Month - Here Is How to Handle Offensive People

When Black Friday comes
I'm gonna dig myself a hole
Gonna lay down in it 'til
    I satisfy my soul -   SteelyDan

 . . . decades before Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in the early 1600s“dudgeon” was being used to mean a feeling of anger or resentment. OED

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Woman berates Michaels workers in Chicago in rant caught on video
BREAKING NEWS Novemeber 29, 2016
Woman berates Michaels workers in Chicago in rant caught on video
Jessie Grady walked into a Michaels store last week in Chicago to buy a Santa hat for her young daughter. She ended up witnessing — and filming — another customer's "unprovoked attack" in which the woman unloaded on black Michaels employees, claiming she was being discriminated against and declaring...
Bruce Dold's Chicago Tribune December 9, 2016

One woman is menacing Chicago.  She is not an Alpha Female, ripped, tattooed androgynous Marvel Comics paragon with bad wiring.  She is small and seems rather timid, until our $15 an hour barristas, or checkout person makes the mistake of punching that invisible button which causes unfiltered, mean-spirited words and tones to gush from her modest frame.

Citizen Journalists have made life hell for a person who has caused only a checkout person to be showered with GoFundMe largesse.  The woman, whom I will not name, because other citizen journalists with hyper- elevated levels of High Dudgeon* and room temperature I.Q.s have cyber-bullied the young woman enough. There are much worse and more dangerous people out there, racist or not. Many are repeat offenders.Image result for high dudgeon man High Dudgeon works for NPR types and other comfortable afflictors and they never get enough.

Enough is not a feast!  Bruce Dold gorges away High Dudgeon and he is  editor of a great daily metropolitan newspaper.

The Chicago Tribune's website has taken down stories of rapists, killers, gunmen, grifters and frauds with exacting efficiency in the name of journalism, once the news has passed a few days.  Like the Laquan McDonald shooting at the time it happened, or when Rev. Jesse Jackson threatened to cut the nuts off of President Obama.

Not so the Michael's Menace Maid. 

DNAinfo, The Daily Mail, IGBTNation, Root, Heavy, Facebook and The Chicago Tribune of Bruce Dold  introduced the Menace on November 29th as a Trump Supporter.

A few weeks before an admitted Trump Supporter was beaten and car-jacked on the West Side,  High Dudgeon began to boil in need of a proper response to the heartbreak of Trump and all that it means to Bruce Dold and others.

Black Friday arrived and allowed pent of High Dudgeon to flow like river!

It is weeks since the poor woman went viral on the cashier, but the Chicago Tribune of Bruce Dold maintains the pillory so it stays fresh in the vapid minds of people who need a good jolt of artificial outrage and High Dundgeon.

In the normal world, populated by people of all races, creeds and colors who are far too busy taking care of life, a person's public bad manners gets confronted in a manner that sets things right.

Years ago, 1993 I believe, my wife and I drove up from Kankakee to have dinner at the original Maple Tree Inn owned and managed by the late Charlie Orr.  Maple Tree Inn was one of the very first Cajun restaurants in Chicago and home to the great jazz stylings of the King Fleming Trio.
Image result for charlie orr maple tree
Charlie hired great wait staff.  He hired a young Irish immigrant girl and on her first day, serviced a table full of Chicago Reader foodies.  The Reader has always been a hipster, in-crowd source for all knowledge.  This table of Yuppies, as the era-tagged them, were loud and needy.  The Irish girl served them with speed and cheerful efficiency.  Mary and I were seated a few feet from their table. One smarmy creep ate like he was going to the chair, talking at the top of his voice and his maw full of catfish, and beefed about how 'inauthentic' his blackened catfish tasted.  He began to abuse the waitress, to the delight of all an sundry in this happy circle of jerks.
Image result for blackened catfish
The girl asked if she could get him something else.  "What? and wait another twenty minutes?  Are all of you this stupid?  Who is cooking in there? He is no Cajun."

The girl burst into tears.

The table laughed, like the Chicago Tribune editorial board must have, when Ald. O'Reilly demanded that Bully Trump signs get taken down.

Charlie Orr burst onto the scene.  He had been meeting with King Fleming in the Cavern-like basement bar and Kevin the Chef from Louisiana had sent word of the table of shit-heels.

" Charlie had a great Walrus like mustache and smiled like the Beatific Vision itself.  He greeted Mary and me warmly and asked us to stick around for the jazz and a few Steinlagers. He excused himself and warmed the offending table with his Ward Bond of a grin.

" Hello, I am the owner.  Did you like the food?"


" My chef served on an Oil Rig as cook and worked under Paul Prudhomme for six years.  I buy fish at Fulton market every morning.  This little girl started this evening and you made her cry.  Now, ( very pregnant pause) Leave what is on your plates and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PLACE!"

The Maple Tree Inn was packed and roared with applause and shouts of 'Here! Here!'

The pack of shit heels skulked out.

Today, people record, lawyer up and team up with the News Media - detested by normal people everywhere.

Citizen journalists are becoming as big a set of creeps as Real Journalists, Editors and other merchants of High Dudgeon.

If you are really offended say something and be willing to take a punch in the chops.  Chances are you will not need to accept a blow, because abusive people are generally cowards, or damaged people. You can say something on the spot - Or you can use your phone camera , record and skulk away like a shit-heel.

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