Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stapesless Politicians Killed Policing - Chicago is Thug Comfort Zone

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"But down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid." Raymond Chandler
"The three smallest bones in your body are all found inside your ear, and you would be completely deaf without them.  Known formally as the malleus, incus and stapes (and informally as the hammer, anvil and stirrup, after their approximate shapes), Natural News

Our problems are First World Problems - "My God! Tom Skilling said we can expect up to ten inches of Snow!  Trump is President!  There's Fake News!  The Cop Thinks I Ran that Red Light - I Know It was Green!"

It is my belief that the only people who should be allowed a beef are First Responders, the only people dedicated to making America remain First World.

I watched a cop get a dressing down from a motorist on Western Ave. at about 110th Street, around 11 A.M., yesterday.   I was walking home from Mr. Swifty Dry Cleaners and could hear the woman who looked and sounded like that smug 'sixty-something' in the AARP commercials. The officer was African American and about thirty years of age and wrote the violation with appreciative good humor.  The woman argued that she had 'not run through the red light' at 109th Street just past County Fair FoodsImage result for Big Plans - snooty AARP commercial "Big Plans!"

I nodded to the officer in full appreciation for his 'troubles.'

The officer was not chasing a thug, or wondering whether or not he should draw his service weapon and go home at the end of the shift; he was taking lip from a well-heeled harpy with that goofy bumpy sticker that only really nasty-tempered and intolerant people seem to slap on the rump of their roadsters - COEXIST
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I went on my way. I don't have any bumper stickers.  I wear my heart on mu sleeve - it is more than just a handkerchief, you know.

I wondered if this harridan had a Blue Ribbon and Blue Light on here porch.  That would really seal the deal.

The cop would go to his next urban adventure.  Ms. AARP would tell everyone at her Book Club about her battle with fascism.  Maybe she gave Ja'mal Green a jingle about a get together.

The cop might be taking rounds on Vincennces at 103rd,  Percy Julian has had more than few stray lead peltings these past few years.

Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone,  I have been writing those three words since here on Google since 2006.

ChiRaq, Beruit on the Lake, Kosavo on Kostner, it is all the same; not because of Police Officers, or systemic racism, or a Code of Silence, or Commander Burge, but because of mayors and politicians from Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, Gene Sawyer and Richie Daley right up to and including Rahm Emanuel.

Each mayor wanted crime to go away and homicides to disappear, but doing so allowed the Marxists Lawyers and the well-funded university Centers for Law, Journalism, Truth, Wrongful Justice and Revolution kick up public relations, headlines, editorial series, class-action lawsuits, hefty Lefty contributions, controlled narratives and mythologies, while mayors went to ground under Massive Instant Payout Settlements, Blue Ribbon Panels, Task Forces, Musling Officer Testimony, Judge  Shopping, Conversations about Race, Community Policing, Floral traffic medians and access to the fifth floor for Sneed, Marin, Brown, Steinberg, Goudy and Shaw.

The Marxists co-opted philanthropy and the Politicians co-opted Media Faces, all the while allowing police officers and policing to twist in the wind, dry up and blow away.

The Marxists of the People Law Office, Loevy & Loevy, et. al. are going to ambulance chase, agitate, smear and whine.

Government should be something less than boneless, in the face of such assaults. It is not.

Richard M. Daley was shameful.  Rahm is disgraceful.  They have lacked tiniest element of bone mass.  The three smallest bones of the human body are found in the ear - the stapes, being the smallest of the hammer, anvil and stirrup.

Rather than allow themselves to be grouped with police officers involved in the sworn duties as patrolmen and detectives, Daley and Emanuel have crushed individuals and policing itself under the brass wheels of City Hall bus.

The officer taking abuse from Ms. COEXIST near Mr. Swifty's yesterday feels the wheels.

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