Tuesday, September 04, 2018

12 Hopefuls - One Mayor;Uglier Than Homemade Soup This election

Rahm Emanuel realized that the Jason Van Dyke Trial, assorted Expressway shut-downs, more revelations about the McDonald  Shooting Video shell game coming to light in the next two weeks and the cold fact of the matter that voting Chicagoans can't stand the sight of him, brought him to the conclusion that the Chicago News Media and Bahzillions of dollars are not enough to see him returned to the 5th Floor for a third term.

Rahm is out.

Twelve people want to be mayor.

Less than a handful of them are qualified, but that matters not in Chicago. 

The only thing that matters in Chicago, Cook County of Illinois is the question, " How long can the string-pullers and money pavers endure some Yutz in any office?"

The answer to that question bespeaks the long tenures of

Toni Preckwinkle

Dick Durbin

Pat Quinn

Bruce Rauner
Lisa Madigan

David Orr

Mike Quigley

Jan Schakowsky

Danny Davis

Bobby Rush

Dorothy Brown

These marginal people of marginal talents are the current pantheon of political lions.  I would not ask most of them to cut my lawn and my lawn is disgraceful.

Now, Chicago sits on the cusp of another opportunity to wade through media muck and take seat on that celestial shoreline with a qualified human being in charge of an important political office.

  • Paul Vallas  is a man of great talent and nice sensibilities who spent the last thirty years fixing other peoples problems in Pennsylvania, new jersey and Louisiana.

  • Garry McCarthy was Rahm Emanuel's 'out of town talent for police matters until he wasn't.  Is he a good cop?  Some cops say he was good boss.  Others, just a political hack.  I see that he a genuine talent for remaining relevant and is a smart and cagey interviewer.
  • Lori Lightfoot is . . . a darling of the media and should expect and demand their vassalage.
  • Dorothy Brown is a whisper from an indictment.
  • Willie Wilson is a self-made millionaire with the oratorical and rhetorical kills of Slip Mahoney.
The latest entry into the lists is Jeremiah Joyce, Jr.  I know Jerry and admire him. Mr. Joyce is smart without being a grafter; thoughtful without being a pest and caring without being Phil Ponce. Joyce should be mayor and would do a damn fine job as mayor.  However, like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the only man who should have been President since Harry S. Truman, Jeremiah Joyce will be treated to Trump-like bile and vituperations from Chicago's Neil Steinberg, Laura Washington, Mark Brown, Ron "'68" Grossman, Eric Zorn, Mary Schmich and the always laughable Rex Hupke.
People will buy what they are selling.

If voters want change, they can vote for a competent Chicagoan.

The remaining months before the mayoral election will be uglier than home made soup.