JeanneIves has spent 5 years as a state legislator standing up to Mike Madigan.
And she stood up to Gov. Rauner when he has betrayed our conservative values.
Jeanne Ives Will Return Your Home to YouIves will institute a 1% hard cap on property taxes as a percentage of home value. This will return your home value to you that has been stolen by the highest property taxes in the nation.
Jeanne Ives Will Return Your Money to YouIves will rescind the 32% income tax increase passed by Chicago Democrats and surrender Republicans.
Ives will repeal the new, open-ended entitlement Rauner created by signing public funding of abortion on demand.
Jeanne Ives Will Return The Rule Of Law To YouIves will repeal Illinois’ sanctuary state status and allow local and state law enforcement to cooperate with federal law enforcement