Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well,"Hey," Back at You, Mr. President

Got this e-mail at lunch time today
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 11:34:58 -0400 [11:34:58 AM EDT]

From: Barack Obama

To: Patrick hickey @ $>


Subject: Hey

Hey,Patrick --

I need your help today.
Tonight is the May fundraising deadline, and it matters.

Please donate $3 or more before midnight:

Thank you,


Dear Mr. President,

How could I have forgotten the deadline?  Well, I'll be dipped and rolled, , butter my ass and call me a biscuit, grab my knackers and call me Barney, thrill my inseam and call me Chris, dog my cats and bone bling my ride!'

Mr. President, like I told Debbie Wasserman Schultz only yesterday, Mr. President "buinneach ort !" Roughly translated from the Irish -"when it snows in the Phillipines, when Cromwell gets out of hell, C'est à rire, not chance, Bub, slim and none is what you get, Nizzle, Please! When abortion get's ditched, maybe. Naw, probabaly not then either.  No Dice,Clay. Please take your foot out of the door.  Thank you, Mr. President.

Most sincerely,

Pat ( AKA - Hickey $hit for brains, Hey, You or other hailing variants.

BTW - nobody ever good news'd me with " Patrick."   Hickey, $hit for brains, Hey, you! all more than acceptable.

A Real Reporter, Natasha Korecki, Talks to Tony Rezko - America's Man in the Iron Mask

The Chicago Sun Times is blessed with great reporters.  It's editorial board seems stuck on the "daffy" button and with the exceptions of Steve Huntley and Mark Brown Sun Times columnists seem to have all of the gravitas and substance of an MTV documentary.

Chicago and the nation would never know about Allison Davis, President Obama's former boss and bullet-proof slum property owner who is 'this-close' to Valerie Jarrett, Sneedless to say without Tim Novak and  Chris Fusco - two pit-bullishly independent investigative reporters.  They also unearthed most of the dodgier aspects of Koschman Saga, as well as the career of Daley scion snouts in the public troughs.  Mark Konkol and his Southtown Star colleague Steve Metsch are solid voices for real people in Chicago's neighborhoods.

Natasha Korecki has always impressed me as a singularly and refreshingly honest and tough reporter.  Ms. Korecki's accounts of the Blag trial were essential documents.  One of the shadowy victims of retiring Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's Star Chamber is Tony Rezko.  The man was everywhere and with anyone who could both move and shake.

( looks just like the Old Petrillo!)

Rezko's role in President Obama's ascent to the national teleprompter remains a '" Mere distraction! "Nothing to see here, Folks!  Move it along!  Who cares about a 15' property bargain?  Really. Pay np attention to man in the iron mask!" Tony went away , when the crowd in Grant Park were shedding tears of pure joy that Our Post Racial and Post Political Politician snagged the Post in the West Wing.

Tony Rezko  is the Obama Justice Department's Utility Insider - trotted out when need and then sent to the showers.  Rezko padded wallets and campaign accounts and sits in a concrete and re-bar cubicle on the Federal dimes. Fellow Obama Distraction Bill Ayers bombed Federal buildings and has an Illinois Pension.Make sense?  We might not get to the root and marrow of the Obama Myth until long after the Mormon straps his mutt on the roof of Marine One for a chopper ride.

However, Natasha Korecki scooped and interview with America's Man in the Iron Mask - Tony Rezko -

In a wide-ranging telephone interview from prison with the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday, Rezko refused to talk about his former friend who went on to be elected president. 
Natasha Korecki immediately tells the reader that Rezko will not chat, utter, rat-out, or insinuate anything about his Chicago Real Estate disciple and political bundler.  Blago?  You bet. Why not.

Rezko was convicted of Blago Bog-trotting.  Candidate Obama and President Obama never got moist undies due to Mr. Rezko and Natasha Korecki perfumes her narrative and interview with the bog itself.

His ( Tony Rezko's) trial took place in the Spring of 2008, in the midst of a heated presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Obama. In one debate, Clinton chastised Obama for having ties to Rezko, who had poured money into the campaign fund of Obama earlier in his career.
Rezko was behind bars when authorities arrested Blagojevich in December of 2008 and charged him with attempting to sell Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat, citing recorded conversations.
“I think it was very unsmart of him to have conversations when he did about Obama’s replacement,” Rezko said. “But he is not the evil person who is been portrayed over the last few years. I think he did good things for the state of Illinois.”
“I blame nobody but myself, no. I have no ill feeling toward him [Blagojevich]. Or anybody else. Even Stuart Levine. He did what he had to do.” Rezko was referring to the key witness who testified against him.

With whom do Tony have 'issues' and the odd 'ill-feeling?'  Thanks to a real reporter, Natasha Korecki, this mythopoeic regime occupying the White House may have more such inquiry from citizens.  Forward!

 Thanks Ms. Korecki!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gay Marriage Illinois is on the Way.

Fully Evolved Judge -" This is Illinois, woman!  I make the law . . .with a great deal of help. You had a choice! Now, take that Thing of yours to your Church and see what it will do for you."

Preempting any legislative debate, much less a plebiscite ( that's where everyone votes on a Referendum like the vote that was aborted in California by a gay activists judge) is what Illinois can expect. Civil Unions between same-sex couples just will not do and it is well past its due date for Terry Cosgrove - the Abortion Field Marshall in Illinois whose adjunct agenda is command of the definition of family.  Gay marriage is a political adjunct of abortion.

Today, the Chicago Tribune, a solid mouthpiece for Personal PAC and Field Marshall Cosgrove announced that with the judge shopping* completed the path is paved for Gay Marriage Illinois.

The gay and lesbian civil rights movement in Illinois has long worked on forging a legislative path to marriage equality, buoyed last year by the passage of a law allowing same-sex civil unions.
But with uncertainty about a gay marriage bill moving through Springfield any time soon — the House bill introduced this year was pulled midway through the session — advocates are opening up a new path.
The gay rights group Lambda Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois each plan to file a lawsuit Wednesday against the clerk of Cook County, claiming that not issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples violates the equal protection and due process clauses of the Illinois Constitution.

The ACLU - the American Civil Liabilities Union - and Lambda and any other Gay Marriage have already cleared the path for Homosexual Marriage in Illinois. Terry Cosgrove's  Personal PAC & gay plutocrats Fred Eychaner and Henry Van Amerigen funded and paved the judicial tollway.  The Illinois Supreme Court received Mary Anne Theis on its bench last March, after smearing anti-abortion candidate Aurelia Pucinski.

Like Red Cameras and Omnipresent Parking Meters Gay Marriage will take place -because it is that important.  The courts and judges will tell us what marriage is all about. Like the Red-light Cameras and Universal Parking Meters, we will all learn what Gay Marriage really means. You will be told.

And like Red-light cameras and parking meters, you and I and Illinois voted to make Gay Marriage Happen and its subsequent deletion of family from the Illinois etymology. Family is now couple, or partner among the "evolved."  The Evolved have convinced many of us that a child is a commodity.

Catholics do not believe that a man and woman sanctified in marriage have children. The possessive came into play with Margaret Sanger and her Infanticide Clown Posse - Planned Parenthood.  Catholics believe that they are gifted with the responsibility of the basic element in human ecology - the family.

Planned Parenthood and its adjunct agenda the Gay Marriage activists see the children as possessions. They want, or do not want the helpless chubby commodities, depending upon market forces. Children are chips. Human life is shifting narrative.

Catholics recognize and fully appreciate evolution and economics and the power of human failure in history:

But man finds his true identity only in his social milieu, where the family plays a fundamental role. The family's influence may have been excessive, at some periods of history and in some places, when it was exercised to the detriment of the fundamental rights of the individual. The long standing social frameworks, often too rigid and badly organized, existing in developing countries, are, nevertheless, still necessary for a time, yet progressively relaxing their excessive hold on the population. . . .
Catholics also recognize the essential truth:
But the natural family, monogamous and stable, such as the divine plan conceived it and as Christianity sanctified it, must remain the place where the various generations come together and help one another to grow wiser and to harmonize personal rights with the other requirements of social life (GS, nn. 50 51).
(Populorum Progressio, n. 36)

I do not have kids.  I am blessed with three children.  My late wife bore them in childbirth . . .God, did she ever.  Mary died.  Therefore, these children grew up and learned from a very flawed, profane and sinful man.  They grew in Faith and Love because of the extended family ( Gay and straight) which more than supplemented the weaknesses of the patriarch of this very basic unit in human ecology.

Illinois will have a much more powerful legal weapon in support of Abortion with Gay Marriage - the former is an adjunct of the later. A foetus is thing to them. A child is a thing to them.  Judges will be told what is the family and judges will determine what to do with those of us who believe otherwise.

Gay Marriage, like Red-light Cameras and Parking Meters, was made possible by my vote for Mayor Richard M. Daley and Gov. Pat Quinn.  For that I am truly sorry.  I learned, because I remembered what I was taught at first by my mother and father, then by my extended family, then by Church.

If we can accept the lie that human life can be reduced to economic logarithms and nuanced blather.

Gay Marriage will happen in Illinois thanks to very effective judge shopping.
Terry Cosgrove Personal PAC, the Abortion Industry, the ACLU and the Medill Tribune and Gay Illinois will win this battle on the family in Illinois and Federal court.  No vote necessary.  The war will be much longer.

* Judge-shopping refers to a practice of filing several lawsuits that asserts the same claim. Judge shopping is usually done in a court or a district with multiple judges. It is done with the hope of having one of the lawsuits assigned to a favorable judge. It is also done with intent to nonsuit or voluntarily dismiss the others.
A court faced with judge-shopping has the authority to act to preserve the integrity and control of its docket. Moreover, it is particularly important for a district utilizing a random selection process to jealously guard the integrity of the system from potential abuse which attempts to circumvent the process.[Vaqueria Tres Monjitas, Inc. v. Rivera-Cubano, 341 F. Supp. 2d 69 (D.P.R. 2004)]. Currently, judge-shopping is a practice that has been universally condemne,0,7824171.story,0,2923444.premiumvideo

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thanks Again, Dad!

Patrick E. Hickey

U.S. Marine Corps

Chicago, IL
Sons and Daughter

" It was rugged." - Personal narrative of WWII by PFC Patrick E, Hickey, USMCR (dec.)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time Machine Set for 2013 A.D. : The Rev. Al Sharpton Jury Completes Deliberation


Twelve Menschen* and most true Not getting enough Irony in Your Diet?  Try This!

NYC court testimony links Wyclef Jean and Rev. Al Sharpton to drug money

Posted: May 27, 2012 7:39 AM CDTUpdated: May 27, 2012 7:39 AM CDT
Source: New York Post
NEW YORK -- Wyclef Jean and the Rev. Al Sharpton benefited from money given to them by a suspected drug lord, according to court testimony in New York City.

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, a hip-hop mogul on trial in Brooklyn federal court for drug trafficking, money laundering and witness tampering, told an IRS agent about his interaction with the celebrities, according to testimony in Rosemond's trial.

"He said that he had given Wyclef Jean $60,000 in cash drug proceeds, as a loan," agent Marc Van Driessche testified.

Jean, a musician, self-proclaimed philanthropist and an ex-candidate for the Haitian presidency, did not know the money was tainted, Rosemond told the agent.

Rosemond said he gave money to Sharpton's National Action Network as a "donation or a contribution," according to Van Driessche.

Prosecutors asked the agent if Rosemond engaged in money laundering with Sharpton.

"I don't know if he denied it or said that he did. He just said that he gave him $10,000," Van Driessche said.

Sharpton said he did not remember the donation. Jean's representative did not return a call for comment.

                              A heart-healthy Choice and Jury Selection!

n. pl. mensch·es or mensch·en (mnshn) Informal

A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose: "He radiates the kind of fundamental decency that has a name in Yiddish; he's a mensch" (James Atlas).

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Leo High School's Magnificent 7 - 7th Illinois Track Title!

With the blessing of Francis Cardinal George on May 11th and Leo High School's All-Weather Indoor Track, the Lions roared at Charleston's Eastern Illinois University 2012 IHSA Class 1-A meet and takes home it seventh (7th) State Track Championship Trophy. Well done President Dan McGrath, Coaches Ed Adams, Pete Doyle and Marcus Pass and the Leo Lion Track Champions!

Facta Non Verba!


CHARLESTON, Ill. — Leo senior Keith Harris Jr. was somber.
He and sophomore Theodore Hopkins didn't finish where they had hoped Saturday in the 200-meter dash at the Class 1A boys track and field state finals, and Harris thought Leo's chances at a second consecutive team championship were finished.
Minutes later, Eureka helped lift Leo's spirits and its state title count.
Eureka finished fifth, ahead of Newton, in the 1,600 relay, the final race at O'Brien Stadium. That left Newton one point short of Leo's 35 in the team race. The Lions won by one point for the second straight season. Monticello (31) was third.
Leo's only event title came in the 400 relay, when Harris and Hopkins teamed with Corey Pryor and Marlon Britton to win in 42.76 seconds. Britton was second in the 110 hurdles to help the Lions to their seventh team title.
"We knew we had to score high in the relay to get a chance to win state, so that's what we did," said Harris, who finished fourth in the 100 and seventh in the 200. Chicago Tribune Sports

Leo 35, Newton 34, Monticello 31, St. Joseph-Ogden 30, Villa Grove 28, Casey-Westfield 28, Kewanee 27, Manlius Bureau Valley 26, Chester 24, Johnston City 22, Mooseheart 22
Long jump -- Dontae Pryor, Kewanee, 23-3.75; Pole vault -- Mitch Mammoser, Newton, 15-11; High jump -- Kyle Landon, Chester, 6-10; Shot put -- Adam Weidner, Manlius Bureau Valley, 57-10.75; Triple jump -- Heath Byom, Knoxville, 43-10.75; Discus -- Ryan Pearce, Villa Grove, 166-11; 3,200 relay -- Monticello, 8:01.08; 400 relay -- Leo, 42.76; 3,200 -- Steve Schroeder, Monticello, 9:39.10; 110 hurdles -- Colin Carver, Casey-Westfield, 14.65; 100 -- Dontae Pryor, Kewanee, 10.61; 800 -- Eric Leonard, Niantic Sangamon Valley, 1:54.61; 800 relay -- Tuscola, 1:28.79; 400 -- Dan Farmer, Johnston City, 49.25; 300 hurdles -- Colin Carver, Casey-Westfield, 38.71; 1,600 -- Grant Nykaza, Beecher, 4:18.34; 200 -- Dan Farmer, Johnston City, 22.37; 1,600 relay -- Aurora Christian, 3:24.15

Brass 'Bone -For True

Trombone Shorty - All the Squares Go Home!

Again, "course, didn't nobody know what Porgy was."

OSF- or as they say in the Vatican -Veteris schola sordida et FOEDUS

Of Course there is always, Duelo Trombones

Not, your cup of tea?     Well, work on it, Son! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catholics Forward - The Big Shoulders Fund 25 Years of Success and Opportunity for Poor Kids

The Big Shoulders Fund supports Cardinal George's Lions at Leo High School!

Chicago has the largest Catholic school system in America, led by Francis Cardinal George and Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, O.P..  Catholic schools in Chicago save billions of tax-dollars for Illinois tax-payers.  Catholic schools cost money - cash money, hard dollars, the long-Green difference. The Big Shoulders Fund* is that long ( 25 Years and going strong) difference. The average Catholic grammar school tuition runs in the neighborhood of  $ 5,000 and a  high school cost sits between  $ 7,500 and $ 8,000 per student.

Catholic students receive a solid grounding in college prep course, but also a foundation in values absent in public education.  

Catholic schools focus on the values of faith, hope, love, and community. We talk openly about values and spend time each day giving children an opportunity to learn, share, and understand the consequences of good and bad behaviors. We believe in Jesus Christ and we have a feeling of grace that comes from our beliefs.
Can the school your child attends teach the sort of lessons that will help your child become a good and compassionate person? Is there a clear expectation that all children will be treated with respect by teachers and other students?
How a school handles these issues indicates whether the school is capable of reinforcing the values that you and other parents teach at home. Ultimately, we want your child to grow up to be a good and compassionate person, and we will do everything we can to help you raise your child in the right way. 

The Chicago media would have you believe that Chicago is and always has been a Secular City.  It is not and never has been.  Chicago is was and should be always a City of Faith - founded by French Catholics ( Monsieur Du Sable was a child of Rome).  The Chicago Tribune is and has been an anti-Catholic news organ.  Its editorial board and most of its columnists never give the Catholic Church and Catholics themselves short shrift.  Short shrift is a Catholic term by the way. It is an Anglo Saxon derivation of Latin Scribere(L) -scrifen (OE) -schriven -meaning to possess what has been written, or prescribed for forgiveness.

Back in the day and, yes, even today, Confession, or Penance, was the means by which one could be forgiven by the Church Universal - back in Communion.  My personal door to the Confessional swings like a saloon door on pay day.  I get shriven and then forgiven.  " See you soon, Hickey! Try to make it past the Holy Water font on the way out."

Too many comfortable Catholics are ashamed to be comfortable and Catholic, these days, because the only news about Catholics in the newspapers, especially Know Nothing Joe Medill's Tribune, is a Ha-Ha piece by the always smarmy Eric Zorn - today, ( Abort-Hissy Fit! Abort Hissy Fit!) it happens to be about a kid getting disciplined for a Tebow-moment during a Catholic high school graduation somewhere in this vast Republic of ours - or a Neo Theo Personal Jesus Was a Community Organizer and Abortion Friendly Nun by the loony Manya Brachear, not to be out-done by Bruce Dold, the disk-jockey-cum-editor of course, who regularly churns out chides to Cardinals and Catholics to abandon their Faith and evolve like Dick Durbin and Pat Quinn.

Catholics live under the radar in this media-propped Secular City. They live in neighborhoods defined by Catholic Parishes - St. Tommy More, St. Sabina's, Our Lady of Tepeyac & St. Columbanus. Catholics are civil servants, teachers, nurses, cops, firemen, skilled tradesmen, business leaders and tax-payers.  They pay twice - tuition that keeps taxes down and ever soaring taxes to pay for public education.

Catholics fund the tuition of Muslims, Jews, Protestants and even the children of atheists and agnostics who want their children educated. Catholics have always done that and will continue to do so until the day that laws promoted by the Tribune make that impossible.  That day is looming very quickly.  Catholics can still vote.

Tonight Catholics and people who understand that Chicago would still be a smoking pile of 1871 embers were it not for Catholics celebrate 25 years of really Big Shoulders

The Big Shoulders Fund will host a 25th Anniversary Dinner on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at the Chicago Hilton and Towers.The evening will honor all of the Big Shoulders' Champions with special recognition of the Founders. Dinner committee in formation.

      Founders of Big Shoulders Fund      Mr. James W. Compton
Sr. Mary Brian Costello, R.S.M.
Mr. Lester Crown
Mr. Ronald GidwitzMr. William McIntosh
Mr. Andrew J. McKenna Sr., founding Vice Chairman
Mr. James J. O’Connor, founding Chairman
Mr. Edmund A. Stephan (deceased)
Mr. Barry F. Sullivan
Mr. Arthur R. Velasquez

 Celebrate 25 Years of Carrying Children's Dreams
Celebrate your Faith.  Celebrate your history, not as Joe Medill, Eric Zorn, Bruce Dold and Manya Brachear would have you believe, but as it is, was and should be.

Esse quam Videre, Catholics.  Viva Cristo Rey!  Catholics Forward . . .while you can move.

*Mission StatementThe mission of the Big Shoulders Fund is to provide support to the Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago.
Big Shoulders Fund is unique in that administrative expenses are supported by an endowment and other income which ensures all funds currently raised go toward programs that benefit the Big Shoulders Fund schools and the students they serve through scholarships, special education programs, instructional equipment, much-needed school facility improvements, faculty support, and operating grants.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Coming American Cristiada - Brought to You by Obama 2012

20th Century Government Mandates against Religion:
Father Miguel Pro, SJ. executed by the Mexican secularist government in 1927 -Viva Cristo Rey! Rey!” 

'The ignorant serve cruel masters.' The Clouds Aristophanes

"We support the right of women in this country to have access to birth control through their insurance policies, and anybody who stands in the way is going to have to deal with us and our friends," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., flanked by four colleagues. Boxer said she had spoken to Obama adviser David Axelrod, who assured her that the administration would not weaken its position. USA Today 2/9/2012

Anti-clericalism is a historical movement that opposes religious institutional power and influence in public and political life. In its more extreme manifestations, anti-clericalism has led to violent attacks against the clergy, vandalism against religious sites, and the seizure of church property.
Often directed against the Catholic Church and clergy, anti-clericalism goes beyond mere secularism or the French tradition of laïcité, which advocates both the absence of religious interference in government affairs and government interference in religious affairs. The goal of anti-clericalism is often that religion should become a strictly private activity . . .During the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s, and in the context of atrocities on both sides, many of the Republican forces were violently anti-clerical anarchists and Communists. The numerous assaults against Catholic institutions, clergy, and supporters during this period have been been termed Spain's Red Terror. These included the sacking and burning of monasteries and churches and killing 283 nuns and more than 6,000 priests, including 13 bishops, 4184 diocesan priests, 2365 members of male religious orders. Among these were 259 Claretians, 226 Franciscans, 204 Piarists, 176 Brothers of Mary, 165 Christian Brothers, 155 Augustinians, 132 Dominicans, and 114 Jesuits. There are accounts of the Catholic faithful being forced to swallow rosary beads, thrown down mine shafts, and priests being forced to dig their own graves before being buried alive. The Catholic Church has canonized several martyrs of the Spanish Civil War and has beatified hundreds more. New World Encyclopedia

My students said this more often than not - "No Way!"  They also protested  " You're Crazy!"  Most often they exclaimed " Are You Serious?!"

These came in response to questions with regard to Master At Arms Claggert's homosexual overtures to the handsome sailor Billy Budd, Herman Melville's novel of same name.  As the innocent and beautiful young man shouted so innocently to his shipmates " Farewell Rights of Man!" the irony of discovery is a real push -me- pull -you in the noggin. No Way!!!!!!!!!


I taught wonderfully diverse, but always solidly important novels, plays, essays and histories to my students: Not only did they read Catcher in the Rye, but also Catch 22; The Sun Also Rises and the U.S.A trilogy; The Scarlet Letter and Genesis.

My students were great critics and often favored John Dos Passos over Ernest Hemingway - " Why is Hemingway so huge and no one reads Dos Passos?" 

Well, discipuli, that statement is no longer true. You read Dos Passos.

Interestingly, Dos Passos and Hemingway were friends until the Spanish Civil War 1937.  The two writers were very much alike - both born in Illinois, WWI veterans and part of the post-war Parisian crowd of Modern Culture Vultures.  They both shared leftist political views, until the Spanish Civil War.  A man by the name of Jose Robles, who had taught Spanish and literature in America and translated the works of Dos Passos, Hemingway and Sinclair Lewis into Spanish and share the same socialist/leftist political ideals, was placed against a wall and shot by the Republican ( Communists) authorities for not being 'left enough.'

Hemingway was not too bothered by the murder of his friend Jose Robles, but he was really upset that John Dos Passos equated the murder of his friend to the slaughter and persecution of Catholics by the soviet led Republicans.  Hemigway cut Dos Passos dead and like any MSNBC shill taking coin today engaged in charcter assasination of his old friend. Dos Passos wrote honestly.  Hemingway was a gargantuan bullshitter worthy of his Nobel Prize.  Dos Passos died in 1970.  Hemigway painted his ceilling with his brains in 1961.

Progessives are secularists.  Religion is okay as long as it does not make itself public.  The American Progressives want this Democratic Republic to become "One Nation" without the prepsitional phrase "Under God."  America is getting there.

Our popular culture paints the Spanish Civil War as a romantic, gallant fight against fascism.  It was monstrous, brutal and heartless fight against fascism.  Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper and John Garfield all played Spanish Civil War Veterans from the Republican side - they never said Red in the Old Black and Whites.

Every one hates fascists, especially neo-fascists.  A fascist is merely a very successful socialist.

No America public educated high school students know anything about the massacre of the Escorial Augustinian seminary students or the Cristiada that swept Mexico from 1926 -1929 ten years before the Communists took control of the Spanish Republic.

Facts are troublesome things.  Much more difficult is the task of applying what we have learned to our lives. 
President Obama is at war with Catholic Church and American religious liberty.  No Way!!!!!!  Yes, way.

Obama 2012 is the start of the American Cristiada - make no mistake. John Dos Passos began his U.S.A. trilogy with most chapters dedicated to the Revolution in Mexico.  An American Wobbly ( IWW) printer goes to fight the working man's fight in the Mexico of Zapata and Pancho Villa.  Fainy Mac ends up very disillusioned by the results of his labors:
The Mexican Constitution of 1917 limited the power of the Catholic Church. The constitution required the closing of all elementary schools operated by the Catholic Church. The document also led to the government confiscation of all church owned building and properties. Monastic orders were also outlawed and church services could not be conducted outside of a church. All church activities were to be overseen by the government. Law was also established to take away the voting rights of clergymen. In 1926, the Calles Law was signed making it illegal for clergy to wear their vestments in public. Following the passing of this act, Catholic priests and citizens, with approval from Pope Pius XI, engaged in acts of peaceful protest: boycotting movies and not using public transportation. Some Mexican states are only permitted by law to have a certain number of clergymen living in them. In these states it is not uncommon for the clergy to be pulled out of their homes and burned or shot before a firing squad. The rebellions became more violent. A number of priests holed themselves up in the church, Our Lady of Guadalupe. There is currently a standoff between the priests and the federal soldiers.

The January HHS Contraception Mandate followed the May Hilda Solis's NLRB stripping the Catholic identity from Chicago's St. Xavier University and other schools.  Obama will decide what is religious and what is not, what is acceptable to him and what is not. Obama is a later-day composite Yanqui Obergon/Calles*!

Obama 2012 is the blue print for the American Cristiada.  It is to be seen how many American Catholics will become Cristeros.

Facts are troubling things.

* Many leaders and members of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico were highly critical of the 1917 constitution. They especially criticized Article 3, which forbade religious instruction in schools, and Article 130, which adopted an extreme form of separation of church and state, including a series of restrictions on priests and ministers of all religions to hold public office, canvass on behalf of political parties or candidates, or to inherit from persons other than close blood relatives, etc.).[27]

Although Obregón was suspicious of the Catholic Church, he was far less anti-clerical than his successor, Plutarco Elías Calles, whose policies would lead to the Cristero War (1926–29). For example, he sent Pope Pius XI congratulations upon his election in 1922, and in a private message to the pope, emphasized the "complementarity" of the aims of the Catholic Church and the Mexican Revolution.[27]

In spite of Obregón's moderate approach, his presidency saw the beginnings of clashes between Catholics and supporters of the Mexican Revolution. Some bishops campaigned actively against land distribution and against the organization of workers into secular unions. Catholic Action movements were founded in Mexico in the wake of Pius XI's 1922 encyclical Ubi arcano, and supporters of the Young Mexican Catholic Action soon found themselves in violent conflict with CROM members.[28] The most serious diplomatic incident occurred in 1923, when Ernesto Eugenio Filippi, the Apostolic Nuncio to Mexico, conducted an open-air religious service in spite of the fact that it was illegal to hold a religious service outside of a church. The government invoked Article 33 of the constitution and expelled Filippi from Mexico.[29],_Blessed_Miguel_Pro.html

Catholic Church Forward!

Obama wants The Rock to evolve.  No wonder he has kept his academic records embargoed.  I dare say his Earth Science ( Rocks for Jocks and Heads of Blocks 101) grade might have been a Gentleman's D.  The Roman Catholic Church, even here in evolved America, was instituted by Christ to give us Grace.  Protestant Churches condemned contraception until 1930.

The Historic Christian Teaching
Few realize that up until 1930, all Protestant denominations agreed with the Catholic Church’s teaching condemning contraception as sinful. At its 1930 Lambeth Conference, the Anglican church, swayed by growing social pressure, announced that contraception would be allowed in some circumstances. Soon the Anglican church completely caved in, allowing contraception across the board. Since then, all other Protestant denominations have followed suit. Today, the Catholic Church alone proclaims the historic Christian position on contraception.
Evidence that contraception is in conflict with God’s laws comes from a variety of sources that will be examined in this tract. ( emphasis my own)

The Foundation built upon Rock should not cave-in, regardless of politicians, vast piles of cash and a secularist will to control history, personal liberty and thought itself.  Therefore, in response to the hubris of the Obama White House in its mandates to determine and define what is a religious institution, The Rock rolls.
The 12 lawsuits filed jointly Monday accuse the U.S. Departments of Labor, Treasury and Health and Human Services and their respective secretaries — Hilda Solis, Timothy Geithner and Kathleen Sebelius — of violating the Catholic Church's religious liberty by defining what qualifies as a religious institution and excluding schools, hospitals and charities from that definition.
"This lawsuit is about an unprecedented attack by the federal government on one of America's most cherished freedoms: the freedom to practice one's religion without government interference," said Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki, a trained lawyer and former auxiliary bishop in Chicago.
In February, the Obama administration offered a compromise that required insurance companies to cover the cost of any care, not religious employers. But many of the plaintiffs in the suits filed Monday argue that accommodation doesn't help because they self-insure. The government is still finalizing a regulation for self-insured groups.
Chicago's Cardinal Francis George indicated that the archdiocese's absence from Monday's lawsuits didn't signal satisfaction with that accommodation or less concern about the issue. In previous remarks, he has said the government's efforts amount to a "theft of identity."
"The Archdiocese of Chicago is obviously deeply concerned about preserving the Catholic identity of Catholic educational, health care and social service organizations," George said in a statement. "The Archdiocese therefore entirely supports the actions of the Catholic dioceses and organizations that have brought suit against the Department of Health and Human Services for violating the heretofore constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom of Catholic institutions."

The Rock rolls forward.  Obama is incapable of compromise, much less tolerance. because he is owned by Planned Parenthood, Abortion and the Dowager Class insistent upon a perpetuation of the Original Hate Crime -Abortion.  Gay Marriage is an adjunct of abortion, because acceptance of abortion is the fist in God's Face.  After that cave-in, anything is acceptable.

President Obama has been fully consistent with regard to Abortion. Planned Parenthood made him an Illinois State Senator, a United States Senator and Planned Parenthood's First and God willing the last Abortion President.

We shall see.,0,7274599.story

Monday, May 21, 2012

CPD is the Silk!

Well, What do you know? There ! Right there in Green Is By God Waldo!
I went to hear the Chicago Jazz Caravan featuring vocalist Miss Terry Sullivan perform at 12 West Elm in heart of the Gold Coast yesterday. Miss Sullivan and a trio of jazz geniuses ( Tommy Muellner- piano, Jim Cox - bassist and Art Davis Trumpet and Flugelhorn) gave a brilliant afternoon of jazz and standards from the American Songbook to a score or more hearty souls from 3PM - 5: 30 PM.

This show went off despite fears that the NATO Summit might sweep the streets with mobs of protesters and Anarchist nut-jobs.. Not so.

I believe that I have mentioned that I live on the south side, Morgan Park. I eschewed the Dan Ryan for the trip north taking Western Ogden and then a right turn on Chicago Avenue to State Street.  It was the  Cat's Nuts -  less than 45 minute and I hit every green light like I had been an Obama Bundle-er.

The Chicago Police and the good sense citizens of Chicago made this all possible.  CPD were present and visible.

On the Gold Coast itself the employed youth of America packed cafes, beer gardens and the streets with disposable income earned from their toils this past week.

At Viagra Triangle itself my contemporaries including former Mayor Richard M. Daley sunned themselves outside of Gibson's Steak House, while Nannies and Moms with strollers bought ice cream at the kiosk.

Unseen all day, for me anyway, were the storied throngs Andy Thayer's Street Party.  I parked, enjoyed great jazz, occupied  a bar stool next to Dominic, who was hacked from the Illinois Human Rights Commission by Blago.  We chatted about political bottom-feeders. It was the berries.

Further to the south my neighbors and hundreds of other members of the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department heroes tended to the protesting throngs.  While Miss Terry Sullivan sang "Day-in; Day Out" to the fiery tempo set by  Jim Cox's Bass and fingers, the time of the Andy Thayer Party Permit expired and Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who stood with his officers all day and all night, ordered the crowds to disperse, thanks for coming, don't forget the handy trash bins for Green America, head home, good night, take it on the heel and toe, it was swell!

Some guests need to be shown the door and instructed in the operation of its best use.

The Black Bloc Anarchist met the Blue Bloc Centurions.

With a minimum of bumps and scrapes the intemperate and the angry were encouraged to leave.

One Chicago Police Officer was stabbed and more than a few injured.

Chicago Police Department showed the world how to handle idiots, with temperance, restraint and the odd nudge.

I listened to full account on WBBM AM. as I drove home from a great afternoon of jazz.  I hit every green light going south, until 59th & Western Ave..  Is this  a great City or what?

God Bless the Officers, Firefighters, Traffic Control Pros, Streets and Sanitation Workers who kept Chicago and its visitors safe and cleaned up the tons of mess that Green Friendly Andy Thayer's Street Party left scattered.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doing NATO? Avail Yourself of Public Transportation

The wholesome exchange unreported by WGN: 
CPD Public Servant (CPS)- "Quo Vadis, Young Traveller?"

Later Day Childe of God( LDG) -" @#$% You! It's The Peoples Street!"

CPS - "Why no, Son, this is State Street. How Far you goin?"

LDG- "@#$%ing Tool of Pig Establishment! We are Goin to Revolution!"

CPS - "(avuncular chuckle) "My dear lad that is a fur piece as they say! Oh, deer! Deer, deer, deer, well. . .Hop on and God Speed!"

Do avail yourself of public transportation

or the time honored and free-spirted Hitchin'of a Ride!

I hope the ACLU, National Lawyers Guild and Peoples Law Office avail themselves of such conveyances.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

His Eminence Francis Cardinal George's Leo High School Visit May 11th 2012

 Cardinal George and Father Daniel Flens arrived at Leo HS at 9:30 AM met by a jowly employee of the archdiocese and Mr. Jeremy Clark of the Sophomore Class
 After a visit to the Chapel of Leo High School His Eminence met the Leo dignitaries (L-R)Tamara Holder Leo Board, Alum Ben Nowakowski, Leo Board President Bob Sheehy and legendary Alumnus and legendary teacher/coach Bill Hessian
Cardinal George immediately thanked Jack Schaller Leo '43 for his gracious welcome and fabulous lunch at Schaller's Pump on March 1st.
 The Cardinal had the rapt attention of every Leo Man with his remarks and blessing
 The Cardinal was made a Leo Alumnus and Letterman
Tamara Holder showed His Eminence the past Principals and Leo Students of the Month

I will post more photos from this glorious day in Leo History:

The Cardinals talk to the student Body
The Alumni Presentations by President Emeritus Rich Furlong and the induction of Francis Cardinal George by Leo President Dan McGrath and Bob Sheehy to the Leo Lettermen ( traditionally known as Monogram Society) Club.

Get Off The Street and Direct Your Feet to 12 West Elm for Terry Sullivan and the Chicago Jazz Caravan

During the NATO Summit, occupy yourselves with the American Songbook presented by jazz vocalist Miss Terry Sullivan and the Chicago Jazz Caravan at Chicago's sophisticated venue for great music - 12 West Elm. N,B. limited seating; reservations recommended
at 312/337-3200 or

Miss Sullivan, accompanied by Chicago Jazz greats, the  celebrated trio of  pianist Tom Muellner, Jim Cox on Bass and Art David on Trumpet sings America's greatest art form - jazz standards.

chicago jazz caravan
with vocalist Terry Sullivan

sunday, may 20, 2012
3:00 pm
12 west elm, chicago
admission $15

sunday afternoon :chicago jazz caravan
with vocalist Terry Sullivan 
sunday, may 20, 2012
3:00 pm
12 west elm, chicago
admission $15

 Tom Muellner - Piano
  Jim Cox - Bass
  Art David - Trumpet and Miss Terry Sullivan!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Leo High School Track Sweeps IHSA Field at Chicago Christian

With help of a blessing from Chicago's Archbishop, Francis Cardinal George, last Friday. pluperfect weather, a magnificent host facility and staff provided by Chicago Christian and Leo High Schools in-door all-weather track featuring 1920 sport tech's four story ninety degree angle stairwells and the dedication of Coaches Ed Adams and Pete Doyle, Leo High School is poised to claim its seventh IHSA Track & Field State Championship.

Under a sunny sky, candied by cool breezes, the Leo Lions dominated the action.  I enjoyed the Irish air-conditioning and the full view of the action from my shady vantage under the south-end Dutch Reformed Elms.

Team Scores

Pl  School                            Head Coach            Score     
1   Leo                                                     127
2   Westmont                                                91.50
3   Latin                                                   46
4   Hales Franciscan                                        40.50
5   Seton Academy                                           31

Long Jump

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Mark       
1   Shaquil Lawrence           Seton Academy                     21-03.00
2   Joshua Wright              Leo                               20-09.50

Pole Vault

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Mark       
1   Joseph McDermott           Westmont                          9-06.00
2   Henry Clark                Northridge Prep                   9-06.00

High Jump

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Mark       
1   Daniel Vatch               Immaculate Conception             6-02.00
2   Noah Wolff                 Parker                            5-05.00
2   Forest Moses               Northridge Prep                   5-05.00

Shot Put

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Mark       
1   Sam Akainyah               North Shore Country Day           50-00.00
2   Eric Owens                 Leo                               46-06.50

Triple Jump

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Mark       Run-Up     
1   Noah Wolf                  Parker                            40-05.50
2   Kristofer Pierce           Westmont                          39-09.00

Discus Throw

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Mark       
1   Hakeem Chatman             Leo                               159-03.00
2   David McDermott            Westmont                          139-08.00

4x800-Meter Relay

Pl  School                            Time          
1   Chicago Christian                 8:30.83
2   Westmont                          8:34.47

4x100-Meter Relay

Pl  School                            Time          
1   Leo                               42.91
2   Hales Franciscan                  44.00
3   Timothy Christian                 44.17

3200-Meter Run

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Nate Novota                Westmont                          10:03.39
2   Andrew Nadler              Latin                             10:05.26

110-Meter High Hurdles

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Joe Morrow                 Hales Franciscan                  14.99
2   Marlon Britton             Leo                               15.46

100-Meter Dash

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Keith Harris               Leo                               10.85
2   Theodore Hopkins           Leo                               11.18

800-Meter Run

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Britt Henderson            Latin                             1:58.99
2   Caleb Flack                Parker                            2:01.97

4x200-Meter Relay

Pl  School                            Time          
1   Leo                               1:28.94
2   Hales Franciscan                  1:30.73

400-Meter Dash

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Tim Doll                   Westmont                          49.96
2   Reggie Confer              Seton Academy                     50.97
3   Ethan Lee                  Latin                             51.53

300-Meter Intermediate Hurdles

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Jake Hooker                Timothy Christian                 40.15
2   Mikey Robertson            Westmont                          42.93

1600-Meter Run

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Britt Henderson            Latin                             4:32.64
2   Alex Sweatman              Timothy Christian                 4:36.66

200-Meter Dash

Pl  Competitor            Yr   School                            Time       
1   Keith Harris               Leo                               22.22
2   Theodore Hopkins           Leo                               22.78
3   Joe Morrow                 Hales Franciscan                  22.92

4x400-Meter Relay

Pl  School                            Time          
1   Leo                               3:32.48
2   Seton Academy                     3:36.55