Wednesday, September 30, 2009

South Side's Billy Dec - Billy Hill - Kickin' It Mad for Olympics - Just Not in Copenhagen

Hat Tip to Steve Rhodes' Beachwood Reporter for an insight to the unsightly and unctuous Billy Dec whose south side counter part oozes down Western Ave. -Meet Billy Hill -again
Peabody nominated former Children's TV Cast Member ( Chuck Bill's Adventure Theatre - Voice of Herman the German Moose) , Dis-barred Illinois Attorney, Harvard Il.Business School.Llp, Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee Director of Way Too Human Relations, Slept with Elke Somer in 1978 when she appeared in Please Don't Eat the Daisies at the Martiniquel owns top Chicago Beverly/Morgan Park & Mt. Greenwood venues ,D.B.Mc Spitsteeth; Suds & Underwear Pub and Laundrymat, & won US Coin Operator of the Year! Check him out on the Yellow Pages, The Sign Over Fox's Pub & his blog

Twitter Titter from Billy Hill Y'all! Props to my man president obama… knew he would bow down to the Boss… as a city, we are all making history…we are just all not gonna make money. I hope you are as proud and excited as I am!

As for St. Christina Gym , it is absolutely beautiful… so much history, the architecture is outstanding, the people are great,… well, I wish I had a video to spill it all… and btw, I keep doing these because of requests on twitter… if think I look like a big nerd as much as I do… I apologize… don’t watch. It's like when Dude. And as promised, will continue to keep you in the loop or in back o' the yards step by step on way to Copenhagen on twitter (click here to follow me). That's my light switch. o snaaaaaappppp!!!!!!! Day-em!

Most important, please take a minute today to tell all your friends, coworkers, contacts, family,… to share these celebrity messages from me and all the olympc supporters at Father Perez Knights of Columbus Council and the Magic where breakfast starts early and stays late - like tommy fitzgibbons -(shout out TF!) what's with the babe at Kean she's all pippy longstocking and never gives me the time of night - i mean day - Old habits are hard to break and new britches are tough to crack !Yeowww! billy you is baaad! with all so virally the rest of the world will know how great our country is an that we stoked the cabbage and how ready we are to welcome guests from around the globe (and the 4.4billion watching us sick groove on tv) as the sick nastiests host of the greatest sport, cultural, and friendship strengthening event ever! Bourbon Street Rocks Y'all!! (who knows, maybe they will get to one of the members judging us and it could all turn in our favor!) or not. Kickin' it at the evergreen plaza all this week!

CPD 6th Respond to Fight on 87th Street - Last Night Rev. Jesse Jackson & WTTW Make Police Goats for Fenger Murder

The great officers of the 6th Police District* responded to a fight that I witnessed on the way to Leo this morning. At roughly 7:50 A.M. east bound traffic on 87th Street stalled near Loomis as a fight between about twelve young men took place in a lot on the south side of the street.

Before I could pull over and call 911, Blue lights flashed westbound toward the fight. I saw at least six CPD SUVs and cars race to the scene.

When I arrived at Leo, administrators told me that at least that number sped west on 79th Street -obviously destined for the brawl.

Last night I witnessed Race-baiting Professional Rev. Jesse Jackson serve up more nonsense to the ever supple-spined Phil Ponce on Chicago Tonight. In essence, the arch-race-baiter and Cop Hater, Jesse Jackson, parsed the Fenger murder into a 'Lack of adequate Police' nonsense. Jackson even blamed Burge for the Fenger beat down - click my post title for the WTTW Jesse Fest. Ponce could not be anymore amoeba-like in his Bill Moyers cupped chin-gee-whiz Jesse affection.

WTTW - where Winnetka Talks to Wilmette - adds more elbow room for gang-banging thugs in Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone. The namby-pamby Cheese Cube Gulpers who skew the news and parade on rhetorical stick-up artists like Pops Jackson to toss gasoline on Race and Law Enforcement are real the 2X4 swingers and do more for thug-violence than a GD operated free guns program.

BTW - The Men of Leo High School exceeded their quota in blood donations to Life Source in the Leo Blood Drive only yesterday. Chicago can use his kind of blood
letting. The imbeciles in the News Media help the other all too familiar blood flow

* I had drafted merely a shout-out to WTTW and Pops Jackson for their Cop Bash on WTTW last night, but irony and God's magic eye helped re-draft this note.

Well done Lions!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Olympic Gutterball Shooting Down The Lane?

I could care more about Chicago's 2016 Olympic Dreams if I could, in any way, shape, or form work myself up to a lusty 'I could care less!' Or, as we say on the south side - I just don't . . . Shive a Git!

Sorry, it's a temperment thing. This is not new or limited to President Obama's decision to go 'all in.' - click my post title.

Not since Hands Across America shilled a generation to sell more bottles of Coke to end poverty and misery forever have I been less enthused.

Charlie Olson and me were the only two adult males in America to ignore the pleadings of their young wives ( we were told with no uncertain fury and moral indignation) and join the Many Millions of Anabelle and Lillians and their sweaty palms that joined Route 45 in Kankakee County with Our Diverse and Ever So Wonderfully Human World!

Charlie and I swilled iced Augsberger beers and watched our Brides link-up with the world! Our cynicism no doubt queered the deal and thus poverty and hunger remain a part of the Human Comedy. Coca Cola's doing fine but We Are the World Songsmith Michael Jackson is not feeling all that well from what I gather.
Any hoo! Chicago's Olypmian Dreams rank right up there with Hands Across America .

The President and Mrs. President; the Mayor and Mrs. Mayor; The Governor and the Guv Consort; Oprah and Mrs. Oprah and the whole White House Mob are winging it to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympic Ideal Payoff! Pat Ryan will be able to bribe Rockne off of the Stadium in South Bend, if he rakes in this one!

However, I got a feeling about Rio.

Rio would have crossed the palms of the IOC -who make the Chicago City Council seem like Poor Clares -months ago.

I got a feeling that come Friday - The First Bowler and Lobbyist-in- Chief will be bowling a gutterball on this one.

Next to the IOC, Chicago Machine Democrats are Campfire Girls.

Win, lose, or draw - hey nice job - I couldn't be more excited.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy Warns of Lee Harvey Health Care and Sirhan 'The Teabag' Sirhan' Taking Out Another Kennedy!

Like so many Dynastic Families Rep. Patrick 'Ruprecht' Kennedy of Rhode Island says what's on his mind - and exactly how many angels Totally do prance upon the head of a pin? Undisturbed by deep thought, reflection or any sense of history and only 24 hours after offering America his Skank Stealth Health Legislation, the oxygen deprived Kennedy bloodline recipient warns America that later-day Lee Harvey Healthcares and Sirhan 'The Teabag' Sirhans might . . .might mind you . . .be targeting members of his family.

“My family’s seen it up close too much with assassinations and violence in political life. It’s a terrible thing when people think that in order to get their point across they have to go to the edge of violent rhetoric and attack people personally,” Kennedy told the nurses, union officials and AARP members finishing their breakfasts at the invitation-only event in the Providence Marriott hotel. “It’s fine for people to debate the issue and attack the issue, but when they go and stoop to the level of the vitriolic rhetoric that we’ve seen this debate turn up, it’s very, I think, dangerous to the fabric of our country.”

We can all recall the hysteria in America in 1963, when all Americans worried about where their next meal was coming from and whether or not a man should go to the moon and leave carbon footprints up there, how Lee Harvey Oswald was paid by the American Pharmaceutical Lobby to pump pills into JFK.

Yep, and Teabagger Sirhan Sirhan in the employ of Hartford Life Mutual stalked and shot RFK.

The Parallels are stunning. Why only a few weeks ago Nancy Pelosi warned that Blue Hairs inflamed by the UpJohn Corporation wanted to go on a Harvey Milk Run all over America! Horrors!

This is serious! Seriously. Stick to the Skank Cover-Up Legislation, Dimwit.

That Kennedy boy was left in the marinade waaaaayyy too long.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kennedy Skank Stealth Health

The Old Lion must be emitting a throaty growl from beyond the borne from whence no traveller returns! Teddy would have loved this Lover Legislation to emerge from America's Healthy and Robust Examination of Congress with Its Britches Around Its Ankles - Health Reform!

Young Congressman Patrick Kennedy totally loves a Skanks (N.B. Gender Neutral) Right to Choose Stealth - Legislation,“This is totally going to be up to the individual,” Kennedy told when specifically asked if these EHRs would include any STDs or abortions in a person's medical history.


If you Clap on a Dose - your records disappear!

If you Abort - So Do the Records!

If Lydia's got Clamidia - We Get Ridda Ya!

You Sin; You Win!

The law specifically says that this “means an electronic record of health-related information on an individual that -- (A) includes patient demographic and clinical health information, such as medical history and problems lists; and (B) has the capacity -- (i) to provide clinical decision support; (ii) to support physician order entry; (iii) to capture and query information relevant to health care quality; and (iv) to exchange electronic health information with, and integrate such information from other sources.”

The Kennedy's wonder about that Vatican Dropped Call?

Our Lobbyist -in - Chief! Our Oprahlicious Olympian Copenhagen Chicagoans Expect a Strike!

In what ethics-in-government advocates described as a particularly far-reaching move, Mr. Obama barred officials of his administration from lobbying their former colleagues "for as long as I am president." He barred former lobbyists from working for agencies they had lobbied within the past two years and required them to recuse themselves from issues they had handled during that time.
New York Times - January 22, 2009

Chicago earned its name and reputation as The Windy City -not from the blasts that blow reed-thin pencil neck geeks like autumnal leaves down the canyons of LaSalle Street -due to the Boosterism of the Bellowing Big Mouths and Lapel Grabbers like Ogden Armour and in-the-vest Mayor Carter Harrison trumpeting the Columbian Exposition.

Chicago is All Olympics all the time and boosters like Club owner Billy Dec is Kickin' It with every 40 Watt Personality from both coasts. Oprah Olympic Only!

After much - Well No $hit Sherlock -opinion pieces in our local rags and on the Idiot Box Chicago's Homegrown Barker will fly to Copenhagen to Lobby for Olympics in Chicago!

You can expect no less.

"President Obama will join First Lady Michelle Obama, who will be leading the United States delegation to Copenhagen. Mrs. Obama will arrive in Copenhagen on Wednesday, September 30, along with Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama and head of the White House Office on Olympic, Paralympic and Youth Sport.

"President Obama will depart Washington on the evening of Thursday, October 1 and arrive in Copenhagen on the morning of October 2 local time, just prior to Chicago’s presentation to the voting members of the IOC. He will arrive back in Washington on Friday afternoon.

"President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will both make presentations to the IOC during Friday’s session. They will discuss why Chicago is best to host the 2016 Summer Games, and how the United States is eager to bring the world together to celebrate the ideals of the Olympic movement.

"While in Denmark, the President and First Lady will meet with Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness, the Prince Consort. President Obama will also meet with Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up Kerry!

Last Wednesday ( Sept. 23rd) County Kerry again won the All Ireland Sam Maguire Football Cup.

Here in Chicago, All Ireland veterans like Dan Brennan of Kerry watched the triumph with his daughters at Gaelic Park, Kerrymen working in all the trades parked Jack Desmond's Pub on Ridgeland or the Goal Post on 95th Street to witness what was believed to be the best Kerry Team in decades defeat Rebel Cork.

Tens of thousands spilled onto the streets of Tralee and Killarney to welcome home the conquering heroes on Monday with thousands more in Glenbeigh for captain Darran O'Sullivan's return on Tuesday night. All of them were there for one reason only: To tell this extraordinary group of players how much they mean to their county.

The Ó Sés, the O'Sullivans, the Walshs, the Gooch, the Star, Aidan O'Mahony, Diarmuid Murphy, Seamus Scanlon, Killian Young, Tommy Griffin, Bryan Sheehan, the returning heroes of Mike Mac, Paul Galvin and Tadhgie and a host of other names of this, and recent years, carry the fire as the sportsmen of a new century for the Kingdom. Their journey with Sam through the county continued in Glenbeigh on Tuesday night, with Listowel confirmed for Friday night at the time of going to press. FOR so long now this close-knit group of Kerry footballers have been questioned. They have given their answers on many occasions: all culminating with Sam Maguire crossing the county bounds again.

They are tremendous. Kerry selector Ger O'Keeffe knows what it was like to be part of the 'Golden Years' team of 1975-1986. It was he who said that this generation are "the best we have ever had." Coming from someone from the era of the 'Golden Years' that is some accolade. And who would argue with him? Kerry's recent history was kickstarted in 1997 as Páidí Ó Sé and Maurice Fitzgerald reclaimed Sam after an 11-year absence. Twelve years on and five more All-Ireland titles have been annexed. This current side have just contested their sixth All-Ireland final in a row, winning four, and have just become the best team in Ireland for the fifth time this decade.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ed Vrdolyak First to Kick In for Kordas! Get Your Kick In Counted on Sunday, Sept. 27 at Bourbon Street

What: Kick in 4 Kordas

When: 2 to 7 p.m. Sunday

Where: 115 Bourbon Street, 3359 W. 115th St., Merrionette Park.

Cost: $30

Information: Tom Kordas (773) 330-8224 or

I love the south side of Chicago. The very best in human instincts towers above the nonsense, agendas, snobbery, self-interests, disinterested morality and ethics and societal narcissism. I am sure many other communities boast fine human qualities and, empirically speaking, I have experienced similar qualities in other towns and states. However, the close-knit ethnic ( read Catholic), tribal, fiercely loyal southside of Chicago nurtures the very impulses that sparked Chicago's 'do-gooder' imitations - Settlement Houses/Community Organizing/Social Services & etc.

Jane Addams took and imitated the work of the Daughters of Charity's work with the poor and homeless more than she did from the Malthusian Settlement Houses of England.
She also took more from Ward-healer bosses, like Ald. Johnny Power than from radical Progressives.

At this morning's Salon at Kean Gas on 111th & Talman I talked with Tommy Kordas who lost his sister-in-law, Sue to cancer just weeks ago. His brother Pat is a Chicago Fireman and the single-Dad of three lovely girls and a teenage boy. I know the drill. I have been twelve years a widower and my kids are still home with me.

When a south side neighborhood loses a beautiful person to disease or disaster, the tribes band together and kick-in to help the bereaved. My family and friends overwhelmed me with their love and showers of support. When Mary died of brain cancer, the Kordas/McPolin Family swarmed in to help.

Sunday, every family and friend within driving, walking and in some very touching cases carrying distance of Bourbon Street will thicken traffic and bedevil the laws of physics to get into that venue in support of the Kordas Family.

While gulping dark roast with the intellects and Worthies of Kean Salon, Tom Kordas spoke of the first guy in line at Sue Kordas's wake - former Alderman Edward Vrdolyak. Public people tend to make a great show of arrival at wakes and generally have coat-holders pop-in early to set the buzz. Mr. Vrdolyak's early arrival is indicative of a genuine courtesy that too often evades elected and appointed personalities. On the south side, kids are taught that it is better to be a 'person than a personality' and kids learn by the example set by gentlemen like Ed Vrdolyak. Tommy Kordas told me, "Eddie V. and his son stood in the parking lot until all the family had gotten in and waited to offer his condolences, but later I got a call."

You see Ed Vrdolyak is not a WTTW Type and though a political antagonist of many of the Irish pols in my neighborhood is nevertheless one of us. You see, Joyces and Sheahans also take the trip to Hegewisch for such sad matters as well. After all politics is blood sport -life is and doing good at the most radical of levels is what is important.

The call sent Tom Kordas to 35th Street near Sox Park and to a sports memorabilia store to pick 'autographed photos and jerseys.' Gayle Sayers hand picked many of the items. These items are worth thousands of dollars and will be available as part of the silent auction and raffle prizes. Tom said he went with a check to purchase the items with seed money, but was told 'It is all taken care of.'

Ed Vrdolyak lives over in Hegewisch, which requires that a St. Cajetan resident get on the Ryan at 111th, drive north to I-94 take the Bishop Ford to 130th East to Burnham Ave. along the South Shore to & etc. In short, while Ed Vrdolyak and his family live on the south side, to be sure, they live a hell of long way from the Irish Riviera of Morgan Park/Beverly.

The Croatians, Serbs, Mexicans, Poles, Lithuanians and African Americans of the east-south side have the same culture of support as the Mick-thick Morgan Park/Beverly/Mount Greenwood and Evergreen Park folks.

They are not very Progressive politically - they are wonderful.

Get over to Bourbon Street tomorrow, drop a minimum of Thirty Bucks - eat and drink comes with your kick-in -but otherwise enrich yourself through association with the best people on earth.

Click my post title for Rob Rakow's touching Daily Southtown ( Southtown Star) feature on the Sue Kordas Benefit.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Once Lincoln Is Ridden Out on Rail, Let's Hire Stan Ikenberry as U of I President!

That's Stan chillin' with a little pocket-pool -digging for change while he awaits another Clout Proper Pay Day!

As long as the hypocrisy that is Progressive Illinois Politics never runs out of steam a self serving clown like Stan Ikenberry will find a pile of dough! This lastest parlor drama, starring the wistful carpetbagger from Camelot - Newly Appointed U of I Clean Guy Chris " I'm Runnin'" Kennedy; Governor Pat Quinn; The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board; Billy Ayers and his odious Old Lady; and the star of our Let's run Lincoln Out of Illinois on a Rail, because He Split 'Em - Clout Meiester and Eltist Cheese-Eater Stan Ikenberry - is the Absolute Limit, Sally! The Mutt's Nuts! The Snakes Hips! A Must See!

This clown Ikenberry ( onlimitly a few weeks ago) went before his old pal Abner 'Clean Plate" Mikva and railed against Clout. Clean House and Slop Some Stan all over the Stains! This same Seer Sucker Slim Stan took in all the Moolah from ComEd back in the day ,when Stan was Lord of the Campi of U of I -Circle and Beyond!

This is the goof who has yet to pick up the Buck about hiring the Barney Google of Domestic Terror - Bookless Billy Ayers!

Get this!

The university board is expected to name a temporary successor to President B. Joseph White within weeks. Ikenberry, the university's 14th president and a professor at the Urbana-Champaign campus, appears to be at the top of the list.

"If I were asked to serve and thought I could help, I would help. I haven't been offered anything. I haven't accepted anything," Ikenberry said.
Board Chairman Christopher Kennedy declined to say whether he was one of the two trustees who spoke with Ikenberry. But he acknowledged there are some obvious places to find a short-term leader to guide the school through its recent admissions scandal.

"I think looking at former presidents of the university is one place. Another is senior leadership at the university, and a third would be recently retired university presidents," Kennedy said.

Ikenberry oversaw the university's three campuses from 1979 to 1995, leading one of the largest building booms in its history. He was the U. of I.'s youngest president when he stepped into the role at 44.

Stan, come clean! You hired Billy as Pay-back to Billy Daddy -Old Tom Ayers - for shifting United Way and all the other coffers your way . . .Right? You, Stan Money Laundered a Domestic Terrorist - Didn't you Stan? Fess up! You did -didn't you?

Billy Ayers was hired on your watch, Stan, Clout Matters.

Let's have a Moratorium of the Illinois BullShit - $hall we?

Just Saying Stan - just asking - again. Hey it's not like I tried to blow up a barracks or a police station - but, then, maybe I too would be a Distinguished Professor of Sinecure Illinois.
Read This -

Guinness at 250! Tom Jones Shares a Pint of Plain with the Planet!

Guinness*, when I was a stripling, was swallowed by the Turkey Birds - F.B.I. -Foreign Born Irish - Two Boaters, Salt Water Irish - in my neighborhood. That meant the saloons where Kerrymen, Corkwegians, Sons of Mayo, Galway Culchies and Tipperarymen took the black bottled stuff with the harp on the label to wash down the shooters of Paddy and John Powers Irish Whiskey.

On 79th Street those saloons usually meant Hanley's House of Happiness or the Mayfair West. On 63rd Street it might be at TJ Daly's Blarney Stone, The Gaslight, Mary Coffey's California Tap, Mike Doorhy's, the Hibernian Hall ( JFK Post) or Lyons' Pub. Guinness came only in bottles back in the 1950's, '60's and it was only in the 1970's draft Guinness hit the Chicago pavements -coming and going.

My Dad and all my uncles drank Drewey's, Hamms, Schlitz and Atlas Prager beers to go with their 'bumps' of Calverts, Sunnybrook, Canadian Club, and Seagram's 7 whiskies at places like Louis Kotecki's, Funks, the Mirror Lounge, B & H's, Shannon's, Mel Collins' Sea-Breeze, Castos, Billy Ellis's Wooden House on 79th & Ashland. They and their neighbors were Americans - veterans of WW II, union men, Peoples Gas officers, Chicago cops and foremen, Park District coppers, Catholic League teachers and coaches and City workers. Though Irish American they did not drink with their cousins from off the boat.

"Guinness? That crap would gag a maggot. Tastes like Australian butter." were the general opinions of the first generation Americans of Irish descent who avoided the Ceili's at Cannon Hall and the 'buckets of blood' where the Salt Water Harps tossed one another through windows, doors and at times into the arms of St. Peter.

I had my first taste of Guinness in the basement of Grandpa Hickey's basement when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I was offered the black beer by one of the Kerry musicians who played traditional jigs, reels, horn-pipes and polkas with my grandfather.

I thought the stuff was great. I did not get another swallow of the stuff until I tended bar on the Irish Strip -63rd Street between Pulaski and Damen in the 1970's.

In words of the Chicago Renaissance Man and Discerning Pintman Mike Houlihan - "I got me a touch of the Irish Arthritis - I get stiff in a different joint every night!"

It is wonderful.

Ireland celebrated the 250 years of Guinness and had no less a pintsman than Welsh genius Tom Jones lift the black glass! Croi follain agus gob fliuch!

Ta Breiss Agus Fiuntas In Guinnesss! Slainte!

*MY GOODNESS, my Guinness, what a party. As birthdays go, yesterday’s celebration of 250 years of Ireland’s most famous export was brash and bold, as big and global as the brand itself.

You sense Arthur Guinness, the man whose ambition started it all in 1759, would have approved. The pint of plain got the expected rousing toast from thousands of VIPs who gathered in the St James’s Gate brewery in Dublin last night to mark the day.

Click my post title for the Full Pint!

Hugo Smells at the UN "Él Que Olido Esto Trató Ello" Jefe

The Venezuelan Fat Boy is a head-scratcher boys and girls! This goof gets oxygen challenged American celebrities all 'Tingle Thighed' but us Helots don't get the boy's charms. Oliver Stone,Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Michael Moore, Susan Saranwrap, and Rosie O'Donnell are only a few of the Hollywood Extra Hugo Habitues and then the academic pipe-smokers and Salonistas naturally cling to dictators who ooze existential revolution. Everyone else - the folks who actually have meaningful lives and jobs that require attention and dedication - just seem to miss the appeal of Scent Hugo.

A couple of years ago, Hugo tried the Sulphur gambit in an attempt to punk GW Bush.

The other day, the Beardless Castro Endomorph cut one in praise of President Obama at the U.N. The Third World Fun House and Free Parking Exchange.

"It doesn't smell of sulfur. It's gone. It smells of something else. It smells of hope and you have hope in your heart," Chavez said during a rambling, 57-minute address where he mentioned close friend and former Cuban President Fidel Castro more than Obama or Bush."What would it be like in Latin America today if the Americans had not imposed their model with firepower and blood," he asked, referring to free-market polices implemented around the region. Later, he declared that "imperialism must end!"

Chavez also urged Obama to "come over to the socialist side. Come join the Axis of Evil over here." He was only half joking.

That can only signal more Hollywood Celebrities engaged in biting the bubbles in their bathtubs. Be like Hugo! Smell the Hope!

Que Revolto, Jefe!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks Dad! Gaddafi Duck the Harpo Marxist Goes JoyBuzzer Nuts on U.N. ( all in a day's work there) and on Our Poor President.

Goofballs can be murderous thugs. Bill Ayers who tried to kill soldiers and judges back in the day is a serious goofball - the Barney Google of Domestic Terror. Phil Specter? Oh, yeah! Now, that is some 1st Communicant. Here's the pick of the nose! That bottom photo shows the Libyan Yamhead alighting from his Air Camel with his Chick Hit Squad. Oh, yeah, this guy is one Carbon Footprint worth a plaster cast.

President Obama is a gentleman - wet-behind the ears and a bit arrogant beyond his pay-grade, but a gentleman.

I felt genuinely very sorry for the President yesterday after the Lockerbie Contractor and Trump Tenthouse Guest Moammar Gaddafi included our President in his . . .remarks - "our son" and "our Obama," and saying, "The election of Obama is the beginning of change." . . . "We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president," Gaddafi said during a rambling, 95-minute speech during which he read from notes, exhausted at least one of his interpreters, threw the U.N. schedule into disarray, and put much of his audience to sleep.

That was like having Mackenzie Phillips name you Father of the Year.

Mama's and Papa's Don't let your Babies Grow Up to be . . .Gordon Brown. Don't Let 'em Pick Sitars and Bribe the Old Duck/Let 'Em Be Perverts and Anchors and Such!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Kankakee Man Who Sent Fords to Vietnam in 1954 - Romy Hammes

Click my post title for more on the great Romy Hammes at Jerry

Thirty (30) 1950 and 1951 vintage Fords (two door hard top) and five Ford trucks went from Kankakee/South Bend to Haiphong, because of Romy and Dorothy Hammes. They were two American Catholics with a great deal of money and resources to do good works. Hammes vowed to the Blessed Virgin to share his worldly goods with those in need to tune of 25% of all that he made in this life. There were many other hands, besides the good priest in charge of Catholic Relief Services who reached out to the Hammes family, who were launching ot theirs as well: Anti-Catholic elites, cynical opportunists and Intelligence operatives. The Hammes family wanted to help suffering people and many other powerful and influential people wanted to make the most out of a good deed.

In 1954, after the fall of Dien Bien Phu and the French capitulation in Indochina, Father Joseph Hartnett a priest from Philadelphia reached out to Kankakee Ford Dealer Romy Hammes to help the thousands of Catholic Vietnamese refugees flooding south. At the time, America had refused to sign the Geneva Accords which created two Vietnams - North of the 17th Parallel Communist and South of the 17th A puppet regime headed by the Roman Catholic Diem.

The CIA and the Roman Catholic Church mounted Operation Virgin Mary, which goaded Catholics north of the 17th Parallel to head south. A million North Vietnamese refugees flooded the port of Haiphong. There was no adequate transportation and so Catholic Relief Services headed by Father Joseph Harnett, who had directed the post WWII refugee efforst in Trieste until 1952 reached out to American Catholics like Romy Hammes.

Hammes, who had made vow to share 25% of everything made with Our Lady made good on that vow.

This was a time when Communism threatened all of Asia and post-McCarthy American elites were trying to regroup and pluck hegemony from the hands of the Catholic clique in America’s foreign policy and intelligence communities. The torch of leadership had passed from Wild Bill Donovan to Allen Dulles at the CIA.

Aboard an American naval AKA ( Attack Cargo Transport) vessel USS Montague in Haiphong Harbor was a handsome and all-too-humanly complex doctor from St. Louis. Ashore in Saigon was career spy. Also, in close contact with this spy were competing aid and relief agencies that cloaked people of wildly dissimilar motives and agendas.

Here is a succinct redaction of those points of view at center of this series of events:

There also was the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the American Friends of Vietnam (AFV), two organizations described by James Fisher as made up of "leftist entrepreneurs bent on expanding their markets abroad in the immediate post-McCarthy era." Imbued with a "messianic liberalism," the two groups had interlocking memberships, and were made up in many instances of former socialists who had shed their anti-fascist orientation and now turned anti-communist. Harold Oram, for example, was head of the American Friends of Vietnam, an organization that boasted John F. Kennedy and Mike Mansfield, two notable Catholic democrats. Yet Oram did publicity work for Planned Parenthood and hired Peter White, grandson of the renowned New York architect, Stanford White, to work on the Diem account. Peter White and his wife, both Catholics, had a large family and were part of the Catholic intellectual revival of the post war years. Their friends included the writers Sally and Robert Fitzgerald, and Edward Rice, founding editor of Jubilee, a Catholic monthly of high church graphics and literary and theological brightness.

I wish to tell the story of the Romy and Dorothy Hammes gift to the people of Vietnam in 1954. This story will bring together the conflicts that seem to have shaped American Foreign Policy in Vietnam and ultimately in American intellectual, political and religious life.

I see this story to be a point of focus for a discussion on the betrayal of American Catholicism and advent of America’s ‘disinterested’ religious soul.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tamara Holder and Pat Hickey Think Congressman Jackson is Having a Job Done on Him. It Don't Seem Right.

Congressman Jesse Jackson appears to be the only genuine victim of the Blagojevich Corruption Roller-coaster. Congressman Jesse L. Jackson who was named in the Criminal Complaint and subsequent indictment of Blago by the Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has now been piled on out of the blue with an additional set charges.

One accusation at a time Fitzy; One person at a time, one allegation at a time, Fitzy." My attorney pal. Tamara Holder said to me "It looks like they veered off the yellow brick road. Just an opinion, but this was about BLAGO. How did the arrows all of a sudden turn to JR?!?!"

Well, Tamara, from my front porch way down here in the 19th Ward, there appears to be some wiggle enough room for Paddy Fitz to drive a semi-trailer towing a Wide Load slab house. Seems like everyone Blago touched is now subject to a probe by the G.

This marriage of true minds brought together two polar opposites - me and Tamara Holder.

Two of God’s Creatures – Ms. Tamara Holder an athletic 'twenty something and change' beauty and attorney, activist, and legal affairs spokesperson for Fox News and CNN and me, a runty, old south side school teacher, who sits on the porch with a quart of Green River ( at minimum) jawing about politics and ‘those damned kids’ with my 19th Ward helot neighbors – polar opposites have come to the same conclusion that Congressman Jackson seems being fitted to wear a jacket that he just might not deserve.

Together we hope to raise some questions for our neighbors - Tamara's around Lincoln Park and my own around 108th & Rockwell -consider -

1. Why is Congressman Jackson being targeted with such vigor, while Blago goes on the Media Circuit, hawks an unreadable book and plays to his upcoming jury pool? And while Obama, Axelrod and Emanuel get to be tight-lipped too. "The Presidential Protection!"

2. Why are Feds Changing the Game? Are they dropping the Senate Shenanigans for Congressional mailings? Who benefits by Fitzy nailing Congressman Jackson's pelt to the shed?

3. Who's driving this railroad? Which Justice Department?

How's that?

4. As Ms. Holder mentioned to me -"How about we ask about how much money this is costing? Remember the Jesse Jackson investigation has been 5 months long with the Ethics Committee! TWO investigations, Fitzy's and Congresses. I wonder how much money Jackson used to allegedly have a staffer send a mass email to constituents regarding his desire for the Senate seat? All the while, the other leaders are flitting around in private jets and 1st class, reading his financials instead of the health care bill."

Fair questions in deed.

Full disclosure - I met Congressman Jackson on two occasions - back in 1993, Jesse Jackson, Junior was on the School Board for LeMans Academy in Rolling Prairie, Indiana along with Bulls Boss John Paxson. He impressed me as a well-read and very nice guy. Twelve or so years later, I met Congressman Jackson and his two adorable kids at Rainbow Cone, Ice Cream on Western Ave. and he did not seem bothered in the least that I had referred to him as Kid Staples - following his dramatic weight loss. I think his Old Man is a Race cottage industry stick-up artist, but, then again, my Dad is a gifted tradesman.

Watch Chicago Daily Observer for future thoughts on the Jackson issue from Beauty and the Beast.

Click my post title for Attorney Tamara Holder's sharp take on this issue

Monday, September 21, 2009

Romy Hammes - 1900-1981: Illinois Business Genius, Philanthropist and Good Guy -The Man from Kankakee

I taught a good many Hammes kids while at Bishop McNamara from 1975 until 1987 and the Hammes legend was very familiar to me.

However, I tripped over a story about Romy Hammes that really put the hook through my gills -it has every thing! well, aside from the Communist onslaught moving south in Vietnam no violence - yet - and no sex - though I am quite postive that procreation and adultery took place circa 1956.

Refugees, Persecution, Vietnam in the 1950's, 1950-51 Fords and Trucks, International Law, Catholic Charities, Notre Dame University, South Bend, and . . . more to come.

Romy Hammes

If there was ever one person from Kankakee, Illinois, who had it all and did it all it was a businessman with a seemingly inexhaustible Midas touch.

In September 1946, Kankakeeans who knew Romy Hammes were not surprised to discover he had received nation-wide recognition in a seven page article, "U.S. Success Story 1938-1946," that appeared in Life magazine. (This was Hammes' second appearance in Life, the first had been in a 1938 story on the automobile industry.) In 1974 the photographer that had taken the pictures of Hammes for Life, Bernard Hoffman, published a biography about "The amazing, meteoric like rise of a grass-roots American from small-town Ford salesman to international businessman" and titled it "The Man from Kankakee: The Story of Romy Hammes, Twentieth-Century Pioneer."

Born in 1900 to Anton N. and Mary Hammes, Romy Hammes grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
At the age of seven, Romy began helping out at his father's shoe store.At sixteen, having completed courses in bookkeeping, shorthand and typing at the University of Wisconsin Business School, he went to work for the local Ford dealer, Harry Dahl.

By 1926, Hammes had married Dorothy Hofweber and had won a nationwide Ford sales contest by selling 107 Model T's . He was then offered a dealership management position by the Ford Company.Given the choice of Atoma, Iowa, or Kankakee, Illinois, Hammes chose Kankakee in partnership with Dahl.
Hammes soon opened dealerships in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; DeKalb, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana, and Chicago.He also became a distributor for Ford-Ferguson tractors in fifty-two counties.

At the time Hoffman had contacted Hammes for the 1946 Life article, he learned Hammes, besides being a very successful Ford distributor owned an investment trust company, was a director of Kankakee's City National Bank; had opened Marycrest Business College.He also was dealing in real estate and building homes.When Hoffman returned in 1961 to take some pictures for Life's twenty-fifth anniversary issue, he found Hammes and his wife Dorothy, because of their generous philanthropic and charitable activities, had received the highest homage the Catholic Church can give to laymen.Anarticle in the January 1951 Kankakee Journal told the story:

"The honor of Knight of St. Gregory, conferred last week upon Romy Hammes of Kankakee by Pope Pius XII, is greater than many laymen appreciate.Not more than 100 men in the entire world may be accorded this knighthood, established in 1821 by Pope Gregory XVI. . . . "Mrs.Romy Hammes has been accorded the medal, "Pro Esslesia et Pontiface," in recognition of her services to the Roman Catholic church.The awardswere announced by the most Rev. Martin D. McNamara, bishop of Joliet diocese. . . ."

By 1970 The Hammes family had spent over 2 million dollars "in worldwide church and school construction."

Hammes expressed his credo in a 1970 Kankakee Sunday Journal interview:

"'About 20 years ago I decided to take the Blessed Virgin in as a partner,' said Romy, 'I decided to give her 25 percent of whatever I earned.After all, where do you get your good health and good fortune but from the Lord, and you must do something in return.'"Hammes's philanthropic and business projects embraced countries around the world as well several cities in the United States.They ranged from erecting a high school, church and bank building in Las Vegas and a resort hotel in Honolulu, to contributing to the establishment "of schools, orphanages, hospitals, living quarters and missions from Hong Kong to Africa."

In 1955, Hammes bought the Singer manufacturing company property in South Bend and Chicago. He planned a shopping center on the South Bend property and donated the 10-story Singer office building in Chicago to Chicago's First Church of the Nazarene.

On a local level Hammes built Marycrest Shopping Center and St. Teresa's school and church in the Marycrest subdivision of Kankakee; donated an outdoor statue of the Blessed Virgin to St. Joseph's Church in Bradley and opened branches of Peoples Bank of Marycrest in Bradley and Bourbonnais.

Romy Hammes died in December 1981 at the age of 81.

Friday, September 18, 2009

ACORN 8 Balls! - Meet the Acorn Advisory Board!

Meet Your Acorn All stars!

. John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress
• Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Board Member, RFK Foundation, former MD Lt. Governor
• Andrew Stern, International President, Service Employees International Union
• Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman, Cityview
• John Banks, Vice President of Government Relations Con Ed
• Eric Eve, Senior VP of Global Consumer Group, Community Relations, Citigroup
• Harvey Hirschfeld, President, Lawcash
• Dave Beckwith, Executive Director, Needmor Fund

John Podesta is the Bubba Clinton Vet who was tasked with the waterfall of pardons by Bubba and keeping a lid on the UFOs - I imagine we will learn more about the Spacemen in Rosewell than the synergy between SEIU/ACORN and the DNC.

Kathleen Kennedy -Townsend, The Old Lion's Niece and a Kennedy - touch football, sailing, PT Boat accidents, water hazards, annulments and the poor and down-trodden.

Andy Stern . . not enough space here . . .the man who is killing organized labor and the American Middle Class. Andy will try and muzzle Bertha Lewis before she shoots her mouth off on Fox Sunday.

Henry Cisneros was Bubba's running-with-britches-down mate in the early Clinton White House Housing and Urban Development who paid off one of his skirts, lied to G, did a guilty plea and pardoned by Bubba and John Podesta.

John Banks - Up and Coming New York Government Relations fizer with MTA and Con Ed. Traffic and lights.

Eric Eve another Clintonista who found a home with CITI Group who made out handsomely on bad loans and Federal Bailouts!

Harvey Hirschfeld is Pay-to-Play Player in the Easy Loan Get Fed Money Finance World now with Litigation Lawyers CashLaw!

Dave Beckwith is an AllStar Community Organizer Like Jesus Was! Like Jesus, Dave plays to win Dig it!" Unless the organization wins concrete, measurable benefits for those who participate, it will not last long. The groups that content themselves with holding endless meetings and plod along involving everyone in discussions that never lead to action or to victory are doomed to shrink into nothing. People want to see results. That's why they get involved. There is a theory (isn't there always?) that says that folks join up if two things are true. First, they must see a potential for either benefit or harm to themselves if the group succeeds or fails. Second, they must see that their personal involvement has an impact on the whole effort. This makes sense to me. Winning is critical, but if the group's going to win whether I get involved or not - if my personal involvement is not critical - then I can stay home and watch TV."

Better stick to MSNBC Dave, because everywhere else ACORN and your work with them ain't looking too good.

'Put Her There Pal! Putin There!' - Obama takes a Nerf ball to a Nuke Fight and Vlad is Glad! Poles Ain't Thrilled.

Vladimir Putin extends the hand of Friendship to his best Pal.

Nuance and thigh tingling soaring rhetoric aside, President Obama is Jimmy Carter.
Click my post title for Barack Obama's That 70's Show -starring President Obama as Jimmy Carter!

"Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back," the Polish tabloid Fakt declared on its front page.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski said he was concerned that Obama's new strategy leaves Poland in a dangerous "gray zone" between Western Europe and the old Soviet sphere.

Will it be McKenna/Proft for the top of the Illinois GOP?

The Illinois field in the race for Governor is getting more applicants than American Idol. I'm no Randy Jackson, much less Ellen, but I like what I see.

Dan Proft is the only candidate with any real ideas - especially about education and how to get genuine ( Vouchers!)reform to our public schools -but Dan has fewer nickels in his jeans than your humble correspondent at the end of the pay cycle. Dan Proft welcomed one of the nicest guys in civic and public life into the hooley - Andy McKenna, Jr.

I met Andy McKenna years ago, when he served on a school board of directors. Mr. McKenna is tough, sharp, no-nonsense, good humored and as chatty as Speaker Mike Madigan. Andy McKenna operates on consensus, but does not dither. He will strike boldly.

Dan Proft grabs large issues and Gigantic political opposition by the belt, pulls the fight in close, tosses his forehead into the chest and pounds the short ribs until the bigger foe can no longer breathe - no breathe/no fight.

Yesterday, the sweet-natured but tough gutted Andy McKenna got a taste of Proft from the bell:

"We can nominate a candidate beholden to a small group of affluent political insiders who give money to both parties. They win when Republicans get elected; they win when Democrats get elected. Either way, you lose.

"Or we can nominate a candidate willing to take the fight to the establishment politicians of both parties, those who are concerned only with peddling influence and dividing up other people’s money.

"I am the only candidate willing to make a clean break from our ignominious past; to hold cynical Chicago Democrats and complicit Republicans accountable for what has happened on their watch; and to chart a future focused on expanding opportunity for people who play by the rules in Illinois.

"The McKenna family has donated thousands of dollars to Chicago Democrats, including Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan, Dan Hynes, and Dick Durbin. They have also donated thousands of dollars to Republicans and the Illinois Republican Party.

"They hedge their bets, because they are interested in self-preservation. Mr. McKenna has taken indicted Springfield powerbroker Bill Cellini’s infamous ethos to heart, ‘When we're in, we're in, and when you're in, we're in. We're always in.’

"Who’s the ‘we’? I suggest you ask Andy McKenna. But the ‘we’ sure doesn’t include rank-and-file Republican primary voters.

"We have been down this road so many times as a party. Every time we allow the bipartisan combine to select our candidates, we run into a dead end. We cannot make the same mistake again if we want to not only win elections, but also bring about the system-change reform required to make Illinois economically viable. We cannot hope to un-fix Illinois before we un-fix our own party.

"As State Senator Matt Murphy, the other half of ‘Team Status Quo,’ said just a few weeks ago, ‘People are looking for a new face to take us in a new direction, especially on the Republican side…They want to see somebody who can represent a clean break from the past.’

"Sen. Murphy is right. And that is why Andy McKenna is absolutely the wrong candidate to lead our party and lead this state."


I got a feeling here at ringside that we are going to see Dan Proft hammer away at Andy's short ribs round after round.

Now, here's the deal. If Jim Tyree had Andy's money and access to money, he'd toss his coin away. The dough is the stuff that keeps Ow-ees, cuts bruises and bumps from doing too much damage. Unlike Tomato-Candidates, Andy McKenna can devalue time and go round after round with Dan Proft. More importantly, Andy McKenna has a crowd of talented folks in his corner - he has an organization - troops. Andy McKenna has a Notre Dame sense of the field. Yet again and unlike Charlie Weiss, Dan Proft can read a clock and knows that what moves the arms on the tick-tock is the Dough Ray Me!

This just might be the GOP's year - Gov. Quinn got the backing of the Cook County Democratic Leadership, an endorsement from the Purple People Eaters of SEIU and is in a pillow fight with Dan Hynes. That should be gravy for the GOP and Dan Proft just might be the guy to keep them focused and keep the GOP from blowing their toes off - as is their wont. Dog! Yo! - make sure that Judy is out grabbing a smoke during the bouts, Dan.

This brawl might end up with Andy McKenna getting the big belt for Governor. I expect to see Dan Proft holding up Andy McKenna's arm with one hand and swinging the other one like a saloon door on payday in the role of Lt. Governor. This will be Dempsey v.Tunney *1926 all over.

Dan Proft will propbably come over to my 'Hood and flatten my tires for saying that: I would expect no less from a guy who is in the race to win. Andy, Proft can do the hard hitting.

*In his autobiography, Dempsey conceded that he forgot all about the rule: "It's hard to stop what you're doing, standing over a guy and waiting for him to get up."

Tunney, who floored Dempsey briefly in the ninth round, won the 10-round fight and retained the title he had won from Dempsey the year earlier.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Believe that God Looks like Dennis Haysbert and God Speaks - ' Jimmy Carter's Wrong!

"I think people who are guilty of that kind of personal attack against Obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be African American.

"It's a racist attitude, and my hope is and my expectation is that in the future both Democratic leaders and Republican leaders will take the initiative in condemning that kind of unprecedented attack on the president of the United States," Carter said.

Because I have questioned President Obama, at least once a month or more, am I rock-ribbed hateful klansperson, opinionated person, prejudiced person, sectarian, segregationist, sexist person, white supremacist, xenophobe?

I love Amos and Andy, Hattie McDaniel, Eddie Robinson, as well as the Lads Marsallis, Dennis Haysbert ( whom I believe God must surely resemble), James Earl Jones, Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hayes, Marquis Ball, Big Dave, Ronnell, Mike Holmes, Chris Mad-Dog' Thomas, Lonnie Newman, Akim Hunter, Dr. Eric Wallace, Il. Rep. Mary Flowers, Dr. Lonnie Smith and all of the White Sox of Color.

I am conflicted. I asked a noted south side intellect and he replied, " I think the Sh#nes make way too much of all this racism business." Hmmmm. I am conflicted. I see the intrinsic humor there, but I am made uneasy by its overt irony wrapped in frankness and my subsequent giggles.

So, I decided to ask God.

He was busy, but he left a message on my cell phone - ' It's your dime, Start talking . . .Just kidding. Hey, you missed me, but your call is important to me leave a message at the tone. I got your number in the memory card; so, if you don't hear from me, it's my falt! I didn't feel like calling! Hey, I'm God! Just kidding; wait fo the tone . . .' waiting, waiting, waiting (tone) it was David Allan Coe's "Now I Lay Me Down to Cheat"* (click my post title for God's Channel - Outlaw Country on Sirius Radio)

At the end of the chorus and subsequent buzz, I uttered out my carefully chosen words.

"Almighty Father, President Carter, on two occasions wedged into the Joe Wilson issue by branding critics of the President racists and . . .( Buuuuhp!!)

( Basso Profundo - It is Dennis Haysbert!)You really are a gabby little fellow. Listen here, Hoss! Let me get on this topic, like a Cow on the Cabbage. Son, Lookee here. You mistreat your fellow man and I'm on it. Your comeupance is ordained.

Now, off the record. Jimmy Earl is a Jackass. Now, don't go repeatin' that, or your ass is smote. I gotta go. Hey, know why the Hill-rods love Nascar?

"No, my Savior."

They all like to say "Hey, lookee thar! NAS Car! Yep, Shore is a NAS Car, Custis!" Now, look, dummy, behave and watch your language around of my little ones and re-read Matthew 23 - My Boy (IHS) said it right to that one. Nas Car!!!! Kills me.

Deus Misereatur !
*Now I lay me down to cheat
On the woman I love so
And if I die between these sheets
I pray to God she'll never know

President Obama is Jimmy Carter

In 2004, Democrats delivered a “Chorus Of Boos” during Bush's Bush’s State Of The Union when he called for renewal of the Patriot Act., according to the Washington Times.

In 2005, Dems howled, hissed and shouted "No!" when Bush pushed for Social Security reform in the SOU: "Foreshadowing the contentiousness of the coming debate, Democrats broke decorum and booed twice," according to the National Journal.

At the time, CNN's Bill Schneider remarked, “It was unusual. I had never heard it at least at that level before. The Democrats clearly were booing, heckling, saying no when the president talked about the crisis in Social Security."
The Politico Sept. 10, 2009.

No matter how bad things were going in this country, Bush was respected as the president of the United States.
Race Baiter Mary Mitchell Sept. 17, 2009

Mary Mitchell goes on to praise President Jimmy Carter, the guy who has his book ( Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid),on Osama Bin Laden's Must Read List.*

Of course! White People use every waking moment to bullwhip, bamboozle, cheat, slander, vilify, lynch oppress, and make God's Green Earth a bed of nails for black folks. That is why 100% of the African American kids at Leo High School get an education supported 99.9% by white guys. Hateful. Obvious irony is sarcasm. Sorry. Let's be up-beat about the Old Peanut Farmer Cincinnatus and Presidential Hamas Farm Hand - President Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter tossed his nose in to help President Obama with all of hsi customary planning, foresight and tactical wisdom that sent a doomed rescue team into Iran. The commandos sent in to rescue the hostages in Tehran were doomed from the dust-off. President Obama has now been historically fused to the lamest American President - ever.

Here's the deal. I like President Obama, but believe he is in way over his head, because he jumped to the White House too soon. More so, he is surrounded by the halt, lame and lazy.

Thanks Jimmy! President Obama needed your two cents like he needs another ACORN tape.

When the Race Card gets tossed, you lose.

Gov. Patterson, Roland Burris, William 'The Refrigerator' Jefferson, Maxine Waters - 24/7, Jena Seven, Duke LaCrosse, Bobby Rush, ACORN, MSNBC & Time/Warner & etc. Sad Company these Cartesians.

The sad truth is that President Obama seems to be wandering the same old lonesome road as Jimmy Carter did through the 1970's - appeasement, disarming America, and getting a weekly tune-up from tin-horn dictators and Islamist psychotics. Jimmy had plenty of advice from dilettante power players and so does President Obama.

With less than 300 days Office, President Obama is Jimmy Carter.

As the Old Spiritual tells us,

Nuts, Hot Nuts You Get 'Em From the Peanut Man!**

**Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, anybody here want to buy my nuts?
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, I've got nuts for sale.
One for five, two for ten,
If you buy 'em once, you'll buy 'em again.
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, you buy 'em from the peanut man.

Nuts, hot nuts, anybody here want to buy my nuts?
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, I've got nuts for sale.
You tell me your nuts is mighty fine,
But I bet your nuts isn't hot as mine.
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, you buy 'em from the peanut man.

Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, anybody here want to buy my nuts?
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, I've got nuts for sale.
You tell me that man's nuts is mighty small,
Best to have small nuts than have no nuts at all;
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, you buy 'em from the peanut man.

Spoken: Hot nuts? Peanuts! Nutsies? Nuts!

Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, anybody here want to buy some nuts?
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, I've got nuts for sale.
You see that man all dressed in brown,
He's got the hottest nuts in town.
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, you buy 'em from the peanut man.

Nuts, hot nuts, anybody here want to buy my nuts?
Sellin' nuts, hot nuts, I've got nuts for sale.
When a hog gets hungry, he begins to grunt,
When a man gets hungry, he begins to hunt,
For nuts, hot nuts, you buy 'em from the peanut man.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN, The Faux Hegelian Crooks and Academic Posers and the Political Oafs of Illinois

Since morality is an experiment analogous to the scientific method, Dewey rejects any a priori moral limits on action; moral knowledge can only come in the process of experience. Dewey calls his method “naturalistic empiricism” (EN, 1a), and describes proper experimentalism as providing “a map of the road that has been traveled” (EN, 29). Dewey acknowledges as problematic that the retrospective method of traditional empiricism tends to accept the facts of past experience as given: “British empiricism, with its appeal to what has been in the past is, after all, only a kind of apriorism. For it lays down a fixed rule for future intelligence to follow.”26Instead of a purely retrospective empiricism, Dewey goes to great lengths to outline a dialectical experimentalism as opposed to a one-sided empiricism.27Always concerned

I watched a bit of ACORN free-fall while channel surfing the Cable, during my laundry rituals this morning and amused myself with the always pie-eyed loudmouth, hip-hop Academic Michael Eric Dyson on Morning Joe. Dyson scatted loudly about race and the nuanced "Oh,No You Didn't" race machine-gunning of all manner of topic.

This dope was given an academic posting at the PC Self-Conscious DePaul University, a Sun Times column that was mercifully short-lived and launched himself on to the national scene at Georgetown University and gigs on CNN and the MSNBC Took-Shed ( staffed by more Tools than True Value Hardware.

Dyson went all Mumia on Morning Joe and Mika with 'You gotta understand' litanies that support failed President Jimmy Carter's moronic assertion that any opposition to President Obama is intrinsically racist and reaction against the election of America's first black President. Race is place for the helpful Hegelian Man Dyson.

Dyson and most extreme leftist Academics float on the clouds of Faux Hegelianism.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a 19th Century German Philosopher who developed the system of ideas that 'pump up' the State. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Kaiser Wilhelm, Tojo, Tito, Castro, Hugo Chavez, John Dewey, Roger Baldwin, W.E.B. Dubois, and Michael Eric Dyson are Hegelians, or at least faux Hegelians.
Hegel was the granddaddy of Totalitarian schemers and the polar opposite of liberal thinkers. Thus:

The worship of power is an old religion, and Hegel, to go no farther back, is full of it; but like traditional religion his system qualified its veneration for success by attributing success, in the future at least, to what could really inspire veneration; and such a master in equivocation could have no difficulty in convincing himself that the good must conquer in the end if whatever conquers in the end is the good.
George Santayana, Winds of Doctrine, I

In fact, so powerful was Hegel's system of thought that the entire philosophical foundation of the University of Chicago is Germanic Hegelianism and most rooted in Hegel was the man who screwed up American Public Education John Dewey. Hegel influenced Marx and Marx tried to stop Adam Smith style free market thought through Hegel's The State as Absolute Truth. All a priori truths -ethics morals and religious conviction are excised by John Dewey in his mad rush and crush on 'free inquiry.' Everything is absorbed by Hegel's Absolute -The State.

Hegelianism is at the core of what we call modern American Progressives ( Emma Goldman, Roger Baldwin & etc.) Progressives seek to ensure that every human thought, activity and inclination be absorbed into the One Absolute -The State ( Government -witness the great 1919 Progressive Victory Prohibition and its children State controlled Vice -Gaming, Smoking, Banking, Industry, Health, Sex, Abortion, Eugenics, Voting, Education, ad infinitum!) Thus,. . .

Perhaps one of the most influential parts of Hegel's Philosophy of Right concerns his analysis of the contradictions of the unfettered capitalist economy. On the one hand, Hegel agreed with Adam Smith that the interlinking of productive activities allowed by the modern market meant that “subjective selfishness” turned into a “contribution towards the satisfaction of the needs of everyone else.” But this did not mean that he accepted Smith's idea that this “general plenty” produced thereby diffused (or “trickled down” ) though the rest of society. From within the type of consciousness generated within civil society, in which individuals are grasped as “bearers of rights” abstracted from the particular concrete relationships to which they belong, Smithean optimism may seem justified. But this simply attests to the one-sidedness of this type of abstract thought, and the need for it to be mediated by the type of consciousness based in the family in which individuals are grasped in terms of the way they belong to the social body. In fact, the unfettered operations of the market produces a class caught in a spiral of poverty. Starting from this analysis, Marx later used it as evidence of the need to abolish the individual proprietorial rights at the heart of Hegel's “civil society” and socialise the means of production. Hegel, however, did not draw this conclusion. His conception of the exchange contract as a form of recognition that played an essential role within the state's capacity to provide the conditions for the existence of rational and free-willing subjects would certainly prevent such a move. Rather, the economy was to be contained within an over-arching institutional framework of the state, and its social effects offset by welfarist state intervention

Hegel defies common sense and the true sense of the human community. Progressives have done more to vanish the Humanities than any 3rd Century Vandal could have dreamed of doing. Why burn a library when you can burn away the Human Voice! " You Lie!" No, I don't!

That is why faux Hegelians like Dyson find such warmth in Hegel's illogical blanket. If it deifies sense -hey it works. The eye is valuable, but it is not intrinsically essential in and of its self. The eye is good for seeing stuff, but take the eye out of the human being and it is useless. A Hegelian like Dyson takes something that might have value and turns it into an absolute. Racism is valuable to racists whether they are leading the Aryan Nation, or commenting loudly on Morning Joe.

Hegelians love ACORN. Hell they founded it. According to Hegel the only things that matters is the complete subjugation of everything needed to help feed its appetite for Power an that Power's ability to feed the State is absolute. Hookers, Pimps and sex-slave traffickers have a place under the Mighty Oak. Until the last two weeks anyway.

Federal Funding to ACORN was dumped. More on the way.

Our two Illinois Senators voted to stand with ACORN. Makes perfect Hegelian sense.

Dick Durbin* is a Hegelian's Dream Candidate - everything and anything fits Durbin handsomely, but common sense. Senator Roland Burris . . .that says it all.

ACORN lost its funding after years of being a haven for 60's radicals and a money laundering operation that benefits elected officials.

When the Faith, Patriotism, Decency and Honesty of American citizens can be tagged as essentially and absolutely racist in all matters, Hegelian thought is afoot.

Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) introduced an amendment to the HUD and Transportation appropriation bill to strip ACORN of all federal funding. A week ago, Johanns wouldn’t have gotten the amendment to the floor. Today, however, after three straight days of’s video exposés of ACORN offices in Washington DC, New York City, and Baltimore offering assistance to pimping, tax evasion, and trafficking in underage Salvadorean girls, Johanns not only got his vote — but he got an impressive bipartisan showing. The Senate passed the Johanns amendment 83-7.

The seven Senators supporting ACORN:

Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Roland Burris (D-IL)
Robert Casey (D-PA)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI),65681

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoeless Joe Wilson! Jesus, Work on it Dude! You Are No Muntazer al-Zaidi, I Can Tell You, Bubba!

House Cougar Nancy Pelosi will offer this Iraqi Kid an all Congressional Expense Paid Trip on one of the swell but aging Congressional Perquisite G5s to com on over and get the Approval of Congress for tossing his brogans at war-criminal President Bush, getting waterboarded, zapped with Jon Burgish ( local Chicago villain of choice for Progressives)electrical thingees, slandered, libeled, called words that ain't in the Bible! Muntazer al-Zaidi is the Total Progressive Package!

Meantime, Shoeless Joe Wilson is getting his. Owwwwwww. Congressmen who can't read a bill let alone explain one have ill-will for me! Chilling.

Shoeless Joe you, #$%^ed Up! He's the President. Now GW Bush was the President too. Muntazer al-Zaidi tossed his Florsheims at President Bush and the House Loved it! He's getting Libyan Hero's Welcome and More Face-time than Kanye West.

Congressman Wilson you should have told AP, Reuters, NSNBC that you were waterboarded by Rahmbo and Comb Over Dave Axelrod after the President's Speech. Be a martyr, if youmust be a be a great one!

Politico Says 'Get to Know Mike Quigley' and That Pain in Your Kidneys is Phantom Pain -Your Wallet's Missing!

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) is a hockey-loving, hard-fightin’ type of guy who has a lot to live up to — or reform — while holding Rod Blagojevich’s and Rahm Emanuel’s old seat.

by Politikos' -Anne Shredder Mills:

What’s the hardest thing to get used to in Washington?

When you come in on a special election, there’s no pause for orientation. It’s kind of like being transferred to a new high school halfway through the year. Besides the steep learning curve and catching up on institutional memory, it’s hard to figure out where the cool kids’ table is, but Barney Franks and Danny Davis let me into the cool caucuses. We goof on the squares and punk Dan Lipinski. Oh, and the pizza. I miss my Chicago deep dish and Ann Sather’s cinnamon rolls. Another thing is the door knobs are all changed. In the County Building, Forrest had them drop them down for me.

You’re a hockey enthusiast. How many fights have you gotten into while playing hockey?

One too many, and I have the stitches to prove it. That Jan Schakowsky thought I was the help.

What was the worst fight?

The one that Mr. Daly - the father of Mary Ellen Daly - which I avoided that was the worst fight I never had - like all ones I fought and never had on the County Board, I guess.

Would you rather check a guy or make a great pass?

Pass. I never accept a check. I learned from Bernie Hanson that cash is King!

And what about this fight at the Blackhawks game a few months ago? What happened there?

I did my part beating back the evil horde from Tiny Town.

You’re one of these “sleeps in his office” types. Why?

I'll sleep anywhere. The County. The Ward. Oh, Congress! Here, you mean. Not when CSPan's panning, It’s a short commute. Now if I could just convince the cleaning crew not to vacuum at 2 p.m.

Has Emanuel given you any advice on his old district?

Before the election, his advice was to never forget who the #$%^ got you to Washington, you half-pint mother#$%^&er: the voters - #$%^ them!. We may have slightly different vocabularies, but at around 5 feet 7 inches, we see eye to knee.

Blago’s book just came out. Have you read it? Do you plan to?

Probably not, I don't know that many words. I prefer history to fiction and cartoons to landscape painting.

There’s an open seat next to each of the following: Reps. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.). Which one do you choose and why?

Oh, so that’s where the cool kids’ table is. I’d actually like to spend more time with [Rep.] John Lewis (D-Ga.); I’ve been reading his book. A few weeks after being sworn in, my first co-sponsored bill — the Civil Rights Oral History Project — was signed into law, and the president invited me to join him and some colleagues in the Oval Office for the bill signing. I got a P-51 model that I built here its cool and one like them Colored Guys Flew in that War. There I was, standing with Congressman Lewis and the president. And I showed them the model and they said it was cool too. Just three weeks before that, I was standing on the floor of the Cook County Board and looking right at Tony Peraica's shoe laces. He busted up my first model of the plane the Colored Guys Flew - Tusk-something. Tony's Republican and Republicans Hate Coloreds and I Love Coloreds. Without hesitation I thought to myself, “Yeah, this is better.” The paint on the tail of this one is so much cooler. The President said so.

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On- The - Level Liberal Lawyer Tamara Holder Beer Tends for Tom Tunney - Tips to Charity

I respect and admire Liberals - folks who believe that real justice issues like housing, health and social services can best be promoted through government. I take a very dim view of Progressives - patch-work Hegelians and phonies.
Liberals I admire and Progressives give me the giggles. The more one giggles the more self-righteous and goofy become the Progressives.

Pat Quinn is a liberal. I like and admire the Governor.

Toni Preckwinkle is a Progressive and Toni believes that Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow is Ian Smith*. Some one told Toni that Saul bellow was a racist and that settle the novelist's hash for him. No Street Name, Saul! Toni is smarter than a Fifth Grader and wants to be our County Board President.

One of my favorite Liberal lawers is Tamara Holder - a true believer. She holds for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and not the daffy world of Roger Baldwin and G. Flint Taylor. That's Tamara Holder with the late King of Pop - who will not attend Friday night's event.

Ms. Holder will be tending bar for St. Thomas More Grammar School Alum an 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney - a Liberal I admire, as well.

Ms. Holder's bar tending tips will go to Hands on Helping. So, all you big tipping swells and Liberally inclined persons of quality drop by the 44th Ward Dinner Party and toss some swag into Tamara Holder's Tip Jar. Remember - Tipping is not a town in China. Always tip your bartender, waiter, waitress, cab driver, maid and red cap.

True fact, I have never - ever - seen a Progressive duke 'the help.'

*Ian Smith lived an exemplary family life and in private was a down-to-earth, modest man. Ian Smith was not corrupt nor was he a megalomaniac. However whilst Ian Smith acted in what he thought were the best interests of then Rhodesia he made some disastrous political decisions as Prime Minister which directly contributed to the trauma that Zimbabwe is suffering from today... The policies of his Rhodesia Front party radicalized black nationalists and directly spawned the violent and fascist rule of Zanu PF.
—David Coltart, member of the Zimbabwe Parliament (House of Assembly and Senate) since 2000

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seth Moyers -Birkenstock of Huffing Let's Me Have It!

I dare you to print this -
Seth Moyers -Birkenstock*

Hickey , if that is really your name,

You are one of so many urban Catholic racist relics. You think that life is like a 1930's movie. Well it's not.

Life is like a real way for active citizens to get real in the dynamic world of social justice.

Sarah Palin hates Kanye West and so do you and you think that Tea Baggers and Birthers are not the same people who make nooses in trees on schoolyards in Louisiana and that Rev. Wright makes you nervous so must destroy him like you would Robert Gabriel Mugabe or Bobby Kennedy.

Well, maybe if you tried reading something other than the TV Guide you'd know that Obama was elected by the hugest mandate in American History by a broad coalition of faith-based initiatives and working people who bowl. Yeah, that's right we bowl. President Obama is now bowling a steadying 302.

The thing with diminished returns is that you need time. You need time to have a beer in the White House Rose Garden with cops and soul stirring black historians. But the only cops that matter to you is Jon Burge and his midnight crew of white Nazis who never really actually had the testicle tingler box but Sasha Abramsky wrote that there might have been one in Vietnam in 1967 and so G. Flint Taylor had one built and brought it into the court-room and wowed every reporter there - but that is lost on you. That's right it's all in Mother Jones (Do Clique my poste Title)!

America will be a better place when people like you appear before the Death Panels that do not exist.

Let's have a civil debate built upon reason you toxic fascist.

This is a facsimile of an actual comment that was deleted by me due to homophobic, anti-Semitic and howlingly funny idiocy.

* Seth Moyers-Birkenstock is writer/activist/Falatalist-Falangista/actor/ and grass roots organizer living in LaJolla, CA and Custer Park, IL.
Moyers-Birknstock played Danny in the 1970's Quinn-Martin (QM) Production of Mom's Gums. He was recently quoted by Senator Al Franken (D.MN) as saying 'This Obama Health Plan . . .Dude!' He is a regular contributer and member to the Pasedena Men and Boys Bell Choir.

Rod and Kanye Blagojevich-West

"Chris is my friend," ... "I am saddened to hear these allegations about his personal life" -Rod Blagojevich

"Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time" -Kanye West

CHICAGO (AP) - The investigation into the death of the former chief fundraiser for ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich intensified on Sunday as medical examiners completed an autopsy and detectives looked into whether drugs found in the trusted aide's vehicle might have factored into his death. Dwight Welch, the mayor of suburban Country Club Hills where Christopher Kelly was found slumped over his vehicle's steering wheel in a lumber yard, said a number of drugs were found in the former fundraiser's black Cadillac Escalade but declined to say which drugs. He did say the investigation was being treated as a possible suicide.

NEW YORK (AP) - Kanye West apologized for an outburst at the MTV Video Music Awards that was directed at country-pop sweetheart Taylor Swift. West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech at Sunday's VMAs and said that Beyonce deserved to win.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

'Shoeless' Joe Took the Dough and Only Buck Weaver Died Game

Two more lawyers have joined the Progressive chorus to Free Shoeless Joe Jackson from the bribes that he took while helping Ed Cicotte of the Chicago White Sox and Arnold Rothstein of the American Gaming Interests fix the 1919 World Series.,0,556801.story

Swell. You guys are a few months late - Studs Terkel is off the air.

The late loud-mouth and Chicago buried treasure Studs Terkel was a huge advocate for the Free Joe Jackson movement. He did so only to sully the name of White Sox Founder and Owner Charles Comiskey and push victim politics. There are victims, but Progressives tend to make perpetrators ( Mumia, Most Gang-bangers, Libya, ACORN and Van Jones) appear the victim by heaping more horse manure into a moral mountain.

Yesterday, I passed the gates of Mount Hope Cemetery, where last week families and investigators were looking into allegations that more African American families had deceased loved ones disrespected by persons tasked with keeping their burial plots. Chicago White Sox Great and the only member of the 1919 Team tainted by the FIX and absolutely innocent of taking bribes from Rothstein, George Daniel 'Buck' Weaver is buried at Mount Hope.

Buck Weaver does not enjoy the 'victimhood' anointed to the eyes, mouth, temples and ears of Shoeless Joe.

Buck Weaver was a stand-up guy and would never rat-out his teammates, let alone help fix a game in anyway. George Weaver took his infamy with stoic heroism. Shoeless Joe has lawyers, crumbs and money.

Shoeless Joe was a dumb-as-dirt phenomenon. He sold his gifts and talents for the coin of the corrupt. However, he wanted his bat and ball back.

Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis ruled. Baseball, from Judge Landis on down to Bud Selig, has denied attempts to clear anyone that the Landis Ruling banished from Baseball. In 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama wrote to Commissioner Selig in attempt to clear Buck Weaver, but that was before he became President of the United States. I'll bet the President could clear Buck. It was damned great of Sen. Obama to try and right a genuine wrong in 2005.

Shoeless Joe took the money and Buck Weaver did not. Joe Jackson got exactly what he wanted and immediately. Only Buck Weaver is Pure. I hope his grave remains as unsullied as his great heart and soul.

In 2004 Tribune Sports Legend Dan McGrath conducted a forum along with Dr. David Fletcher of the Baseball Museum at the Chicago Historical Society to clear Buck Weaver.

Chicago Treasure Studs Terkel, a Shoeless Joe Confederate, did not participate. Buck Weaver did not inspire Folk Songs on Public Radio and Dirt-Poor, Dumb-as-Dirt Shoeless Joe certainly did. You see clearing Buck Weaver would also clear Charles Comiskey -owner of the 1919 White Sox who is the goat in all of this Progressive Clap-trap.

Here was what the late World Class Word Moocher StudsTerkel offered to the New York Times following the Chicago White Sox 2005 Championship - "If there had been real justice after the scandal of 1919, Charlie Comiskey, the Sox owner, would have been the one kicked out of the game. That year, the star pitcher Eddie Ciccote had been promised a $10,000 bonus if he won 30 games; as he neared the mark Comiskey had him benched for the remainder of the season rather than open his wallet.
But there was nothing the players could do. Most weren't very worldly -- Shoeless Joe Jackson couldn't sign his own name -- and they couldn't change teams. They were serfs of the owners. "

Hoist the Red Flag, Studs, you mope. The serfs took bribes, all but Buck Weaver. Baseball as Class Warfare - and this goof is an icon?

Well, now Studs is stealing ideas and stories from Gunga Din while he pours drinks to 'poor damned souls.'

Charlie Comiskey paid his players according to the contracts that they 'in good faith' signed after they agreed to comply. Comiskey has been tarred by the Progressives as a tight-wad. However, Comiskey cared more for the people who came to the games than the sociological implications of Shoeless Joe's poverty and ignorance.

George Daniel 'Buck' Weaver was the only pure Chicago White Sox Player in the 1919 Scandal. Charles Comiskey was a victim too.

Cincinnati Post
October 10,
By: Ross Tenney
Though they are hopeless and heartless, the White Sox
have a hero. He is George Weaver, who plays and fights at third base.
Day after day Weaver has done his work and smiled. In spite of the certain fate that closed about the hopes of the Sox, Weaver smiled and scrapped. One by one his mates gave up. Weaver continued to grin and fought harder. Cicotte and Williams fell and the Sox were two games to the bad. Weaver’s smile never faded. His spirit never waned.
Cicotte tried again and failed. Williams made his second game ttempt butthe Red Juggernaut rolled on. In that sixth inning when Moran’s men sluggedand pounded the Sox into submission, Weaver pulled his cap lower over his eyes and grinned. Two of the Sox hits were lined out by his bat.
The Reds have beaten the spirit out of the Sox all but Weaver. Buck’s spirit is untouched. He was ready to die fighting. Buck is Chicago’s one big hero; long may he fight and smile.

George Daniel ‘Buck’ Weaver “A joyous boy, all heart and
hard-trying. A territorial animal…who guarded the spiked sand around third like his life…”
- Nelson Algren,“The Swede was a Hard Guy” in “The Last Carousel”