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John McCain: School Choice v. Redistribution of Wealth Scam of School Funding Inequities

' I got it. I insist!' - words that warm the hearts of people everywhere following a great meal, an evening of music where the tickets are $ 75 a pop, or the price of an item in the checkout line when you find that you are on the shorts and a nice person waiting behind you springs for the difference. People are generous to a fault - for the most part.

People also tend to pay their own way in life - for the most part. If we can not afford something, we tend to save for it. However, Progressives tend to believe that taking money away from people who work and save and give that money to other people through Progressive initiatives is justice. Not really.

The people who live in wealthy suburbs worked and saved to live there and send their kids to schools there.

Some people live in a cycle of poverty and spiritless entitlement that is created by Progressive Programs that suck the soul out of people.

Some people get very, very wealthy by perpetuating this cycle of poverty and misery.

Allowing someone else to pay for something is a learned grace, for most us. It is part of the social gradus that our baby steps treat us to becoming full human beings. Often it is much more difficult to act graceful in allowing another to pay for something. Our pride often gets in the way.

There is no such grace, expected, or learned, in what passes for the Progressive entitlement industry. Government, to the Progressive, must generate as much capital to be wasted through bureaucracy and sinecure through 'social programs' as possible.

The Public Education Industry, which combines Teachers Unions, lawyers, lobbyists, academics, community activists, tin-horn politicians, school service industries ( food, busing, supplies, storage, security & etc.) and the monstrously obese school management system devours taxes like a celebrity off of Jenny Craig.

Rev./Senator James Meeks plans to bus 'thousands' of truant Chicago Public School children to wealthy north suburban Winneta and Northfield, IL in order to enroll students from Chicago and possibly the south suburbs to highlight what People for the American Way and other Progressive deep thinkers perceive to be a social justice issue - inequity in school funding. Meeks 'wants the world to compare New Trier's average 27.1 ACT score and 95 percent graduation rate with 70 percent graduating from college with a bachelor's degree with his Chicago district: a high school dropout rate averaging 63 percent and only six of 100 of those who go on to college graduating with a bachelor's degree.

"I am sure there are a lot of factors, but the main difference is funding," Meeks said. "New Trier received $17,000 per student, and a high school in my district received $10,000 per student. I believe that the state has an obligation in property-poor schools to make up the gap."

From this effort, Meeks said he hopes to team up with the North Shore communities to find solutions to the inequality problem in education.

"I think they would have want to help out us figure this out. Because I think people who live in Winnetka and Evanston, I think they would understand this issue. We want to team up and take a stand, to write letters, to call on the government, to fix the problems," Meeks said.",wi-meeks-073108-s1.article

According to People for the American WayHowever, Illinois only pays about 36 percent of all school expenses, far below the national average of 50 percent. The state relies heavily on local property taxes, and on average, local property taxpayers fund about 53 percent of school expenses. The remaining 10 percent or so comes from federal aid.

In 1990, seventy of Illinois’ school districts sued the state, challenging the constitutionality of the school funding formula. The plaintiffs argued that the average tax base in the wealthiest 10 percent of elementary schools was more than 13 times the average of that in the 10 percent of the poorest schools. Such disparities severely impacted a school’s educational quality including teacher quality and academics.9 The case was heard by the state supreme court, which—while acknowledging that the present school funding scheme was unwise—felt that the issue should be handled by the state legislature and not the courts.10

Meeks two biggest contributors to his political life are layers and lobbyist followed closely by Public Sector Unions ( Teachers & SEIU). Taxes mean income to these folks.

New Trier: Taxpayers spend $17,000 per student to launch kids toward great achievements

CPS - Spends $10,000 + per student to do very little for them.

Now here's the payoff - for the difference between the two, which is much, much less than either by the way - Catholic schools spend a little less than $ 7,000 per student to do even better for much less:

Compared with their public-school counterparts, more than twice as many minority Catholic-school graduates from urban areas finish college: 27 percent of the Catholic-school graduates finish college, while only 11 percent of minority public-school graduates receive their degrees. And while 62 percent of minority students at urban public high schools graduate, 88 percent of students from the same background complete high school when enrolled in Catholic schools, according to the study.

The opportunity to attend Catholic schools could play an important role in overcoming poverty among urban minorities, Neal said. "In today's labor market, young adults who finish high school -- even if they do not finish college -- earn at least 15 percent more than high school dropouts. Those who finish college earn even more." Higher college completion rates suggest that urban Catholic-school students actually learn more than similar public-school students who complete the same amount of formal schooling, Neal said. "Urban minorities receive significant benefits from Catholic schooling because their public-school alternatives are substantially worse than those of whites or other minorities who live in non-urban areas."

White students also benefit from attending Catholic schools, but the difference in completion rates between white Catholic-school students and those of their public-school counterparts are less dramatic. While 87 percent of white students in urban areas graduate when enrolled in Catholic schools, 75 percent of the white public-school students receive their diplomas. Among white Catholic-school graduates, 42 percent of those who enter college receive a degree, while 31 percent of the white public-school graduates who enter college finish their studies.

Scholars at the University have studied Catholic schools for many years. The late James Coleman, Professor in Sociology, identified strong school communities as one reason for higher achievement in Catholic schools. Anthony Bryk, Professor in Education and the College, has found that a strong core curriculum gives Catholic schools an advantage.

Neal's study is among the first to look at college completion as a measure of the

Lord Have Mercy!!! The University of Chicago said that?

School Choice and School Vouchers are the only way to fix public schools - tax dollars just feed its gluttonous appetite for more.

Let's save 'I 'll get this one!' for our friends and family and let's have government do the right the thing. Cut the Bull$hit! Back School Choice!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McCain: Chicago's John Kass Warns of Obama's Hopium Distribution

The best Chicago writer since Finley Peter Dunne introduced Mister Dooley to Americans, John Kass, warns of the spreading Hopium Addiction -MSM 40 Watt news readers and surfer-dude slackers are not the only victims, Republicans have long been Hope-heads, but they tend to suffer silently - enabled by friends and common country clubs. is really slinging the stuff, it seems.

"I never thought it could happen to me," says a shaggy blond-haired surfer dude in the ad, a guy who should have carried a bong.

"I've been living with it for a while now," says a young woman, talking as if she'd contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

That's how they discuss hopium. Like a disease. But they have nothing to be guilty about. It's not some disease that cranky old Republicans can't get because they stopped having sex.

It's hopium.

Click my post title for more Kass on Hopium!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Francis Boyle, University of Illinois Law: What Being A Gold Plated Jerk is All About

A circle does not get any better than the full 360 degrees ( I originally had 350 degrees -blind, cranky old jerk, Hickey! Yes, It does take one to know one and I stand in awe of Francis!) and Francis Boyle, Law Professor of University of Illinois completes the empirical proof necessary to fully explain the nature of being a jerk*

Francis Boyle is trolling for work as Iran's mouthpiece in seeking damages against America, Great Britain and, of course, Israel. Francis hates St. Paddy's Day pub crawls and once sought to outlaw them in Urbana.

07/29/2008 05:52 PM ID: 72353
US Law Professor Reportedly Offers to Represent Iran in Lawsuit Against the United States Over Sanctions
Iran: According to local broadcaster Press TV law professor Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois has suggested Iran sue the US in the International Court of Justice over sanctions stemming from the country's nuclear program.

The United States has threatened further sanctions unless Iran suspends it's nuclear enrichment. Boyle, an international law expert, has even offered to represent Iran, saying that the action would discourage further sanctions or military attacks.

"...Iran should sue these states immediately, convene an emergency hearing by the World Court, and ask the court to indicate provisional measures of protection on behalf of Iran against the United States, Israel and the EU-3," said Boyle.


As my Irish cousins would say, Chupa me, pendejo!" Y Que Pendejo!!! Oy! Chupa me, pendejo!" Talk Laugh! That lad's a right bollix enough!

When it seemed that academic jerks like Billy 'The Rich Insulated Domestic Terrorist' Ayers and Ward Churchill raised the bar on jerks, Francis Boyle trots out to the international competitive pits and sails over the parallel goal!

The University of Illinois is a tax-payer funded university with a Board of Trustees that hired not only Ayers ( U of I Chicago) but Francis the Persian Mouthpiece!

Chief Illiniwek took up much of their time.

Several years ago a nice little book( Workforce Management’s editor, John Hollon) explained exactly why jerks rule and universities and corporations have warts go away quicker than jerks:

1) The jerk has specialized skills: This is by far the most recurring theme to rationalize keeping jerks in your company. This theory suggests the knowledge, skills and abilities held by the jerk can’t be replaced in the marketplace. You’ll rarely hear this rationalization about accounting, HR or marketing professionals (since these skills transfer easily across industries), but you’ll hear it constantly when it comes to technical competencies in areas like engineering, product development and programming. Additionally, the more specialized and niche-oriented your line of business, the more you’ll hear this reason for keeping a jerk around.

2) The jerk is a knowledge hoarder: Also known as the "hostage taker" among my circle of HR friends. In this scenario, the company is unwilling to move on a jerk because he has managed to become the only person working on a specific project or product within a given area for the past 12 to 36 months. As a result of this hostage situation, the managers evaluating the situation are not only unwilling to move the jerk out, but they are also unwilling to start cross-training others in the area for fear of upsetting the jerk in question.

3) The jerk owns our most important customers: A specialized form of the knowledge hoarder, this "customer hoarder" has been allowed over time to carve out a position as the sole individual responsible for talking to your customers, often the most important ones. Most commonly seen in sales and support functions, the managers at your company will often avoid confrontation with this flavor of jerk so they can make it through the next month or quarter.

4) The jerk has friends in high places: Nothing stops managers from removing a jerk from your company quicker than this assumption or rumor. Often part of the informal grapevine, yet rarely verified, this scenario assumes that the jerk used to work for or with a ranking officer at your company. The reality is these relationships are usually loose at best, and if the ranking officer understood the impact of the jerk-like behavior, he or she would green-light a termination quickly.

5) HR won’t let me fire the jerk: Yes, I said it. You may be part of the problem. This is the reason you don’t hear much about (because it is about you, HR people), but you can rest assured the blame is being laid at your feet—probably right now. Get out of the way! Approve the termination request and don’t ask for the paper trail. If you have to have a paper trail, have a professional-conduct policy with teeth, and insist on moving the jerk to a final warning the first time he acts like a jerk, and terminate him the second time it happens—even for the little stuff related to jerk behavior.

6) The jerk is much better at confrontation than I am: Confrontation is never easy. This is especially true with someone like a jerk, who actually thrives on confrontation. As you work though the other reasons to keep a jerk around that I’ve included on this list, keep in mind that confrontation is also an issue in the manager’s mind. What can you do? Simple: Partner with the manager to work though the other issues, and when the manager arrives at the conclusion that now is the time to move the jerk out of the company, be a partner. Make it easy, reinforce the decision, be part of the termination conference—whatever it takes to move forward.

Here’s why you have to go through this exercise, as painful as it may be. A seat at the table requires HR people to engage in the age-old debate about results and their associated costs. Before you mobilize against a jerk, make sure you know which item from the list above is the stated business reason for keeping him or her around.

It's not enough to simply identify the jerk and cite The No Asshole Rule, no matter how true the premise is. You’ll have to be a business partner and find a way to help address the concern, real or imagined, that has been stopping the jerk’s removal. Skip this step, and you risk the boomerang effect that ends up with you being hurt professionally because you weren’t prepared.

So put on your helmet and get in the game. But be prepared for contact early and often.

Yep, jerks often tend to make folly a self-directed enterprise that collects collateral damage - wives, kids, friends, colleagues and such - but Francis has gone positively universal! I'll disappoint my family and friends with the best of them, but I do shrink from betraying my country. I am a rank amateur.

Francis! You stand alone, Son! Enjoy the view!


John McCain: Meeks Shall Inherit the Earth - Education as a Redistribution of Wealth Scam

Rev. Senator Meeks of Illinois plans to bus thousands of truant CPS students* to Winnetka's New Trier School District and enroll them in the affluent northern suburb.

Given the cost of gassing up the buses need to take his expected 'thousands of children,' Rev./Senator Meeks is going on the hip in a huge way to bring focus on what he believes to be a two-tiered funding inequity in how education dollars are spent.**

New Trier spends $ 17,000 per student and CPS spends $ 10,000 per student, according to a piece in Salon.

Meeks said he expects several thousand Chicago students to travel in a caravan of buses to New Trier Township High School in the leafy, North Shore suburb of Winnetka, where they will attempt to enroll.

State statistics indicate that the New Trier district spends around $17,000 annually on each of its students compared to the roughly $10,000 a year spent for each student in Chicago public schools.

"We, as a civilized people, can't do it this way," Meeks said. "We're doing irreparable harm to hundreds of thousands of kids."

A civilized solution, Rev./Senator Meeks, is school choice. You oppose School Choice.

School Choice would give your constituents and all Illinois families the choice of where to send their children.

It will save you thousands of needed dollars wasted gassing buses, feeding the children, providing chaperons, security to protect the children up there in Winnetka.

Keep it real, Rev./Senator! Get behind School Choice. End this social justice issue.

John McCain is all about School Choice.

Rev./Senator Meeks will not get behind School Choice. He and Senator Obama are behind a redistribution of wealth strategy for education - noted in the Salon article. The Annenberg Challenge's Billy Ayers is the true craftsman of this 'education reform' dodge. Senator Obama, Rev. Senator Meeks Senate colleague, was the first Chairman of the Chicago Challenge. Redistribution of wealth is at the core of this scam and itr has nothing to do with the safety of children or reforming education.

Overhauling how public schools are funded in Illinois has been hotly debated for years — but to little avail. Critics want the state to move away from a system where money for local schools derives largely from local property taxes, saying the status quo results in vastly better funding of schools in property-rich neighborhoods.

That is socialism, Rev./Senator, not social justice. Keeping it Real.

* Rev./Senator Meeks is calling on CPS students to skip school and go on his field trip.

** Who is springing for the trump to take the kids to Winnetka? Will they be ticketed as truant?

Monday, July 28, 2008

John McCain: Irony 101 - Public School Legislator Seeks a Choice for Students: Rev. Meeks v.Reality

Reverend,Illinois Legislator and firebrand activist James Meeks is barking up the wrong tree.

One of the most strident defenders of public schools, that sinkhole for tax dollars, Meeks announced taking his flock of unhappy souls on a field trip to New Trier School District:

State Sen. James Meeks is urging parents to keep their children out of Chicago Public Schools the first day of class and instead board buses to the New Trier school district.

The plan is an attempt to bring attention to the "ever growing school funding inequalities between rich, white and poor, minority school districts in the state," said Meeks, pastor of Salem Baptist Church, on Sunday.

Well Rev/Senator, the answer to your problem -unless you like tossing alot of dough to fill up the tanks of the school buses for the trip up to the North suburbs, where none of your constituents pay taxes, own homes or live in the school District - is School Choice.

However, Rev/Senator Meeks is a dyed in the wool Public School advocate and lusty voiced howl in the wilderness decrying any and every atom in universe perceived as an affront.

School Choice would bring real competition to public education forcing public schools to raise standards of behavior and performance in staff and expectations for students.

Instead, Meeks and others will cry havoc and let slip the dogs of victim hood - that remains at the core of public school funding.

Obama is for public school funding, as is the DNC.

John McCain is for school choice.“We must continue our efforts to set standards and hold schools accountable for their performance,” the likely GOP presidential nominee says in a 90-second video . “Our schools can and should compete to be the most innovative, flexible, and student-centered, not safe havens for the uninspired and unaccountable.”

“Let them compete for the most effective and character-building teachers, hire them, and reward them,” he adds in the statement. The text accompanying the video doesn’t include any specific proposals of what Sen. McCain would do as president to achieve those goals. On the stump and in debates, the candidate hasn’t said anything to explain how he would transform... &, &, & - Reality check Rev/Senator!

If Rev./Senator Meeks wants justice in American education, it is time that he dropped the public school cash cows and embraced School Choice.

Of course, he just might really like long bus rides.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

John McCain: School Choice Fights Nonsense About 'More Money for Failing Public Schools

As sure as the dog days of summer, announce sweaty arm pits and double-session football for high school kids, a Private Study harbingers a cry for tossing more tax dollars to the Public School Sinkhole. Illinois ranks 43rd in America for lousy graduation rates with a reported 37% of black male students graduating. The Schott Foundation's John Jackson report that 'In the city that year, only 37 percent of the 102,185 black male students graduated, compared with 62 percent of their white male counterparts, a 24 percent gap, according to the report released at a news conference at the UNITY '08 Convention for Journalists of Color at McCormick Place.'

Overall the State of Illinois flounders like an alewife on Rainbow Beach. Them alewives are getting fewer and fewer.

Chicago Public Schools are a train wreck. Senator Obama, while a young activist, was the first Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that turned CPS into a Balkan State of Local School Councils, Two-tiered leadership ( Arne Duncan CEO & Rufus Williams President), a Rube Goldberg Chicago Teachers Union dedicated to looting the rank and file, a catalogue of CPS homicides with weekly updates and a strategy of poisoning the well for funding opportunities to Catholic Schools that continue to do the job for tax-payers, parents and most of all students.

School Choice is Bad JuJu to Public Schools and the Machinery of Failure that leeches off of the tax-payers.

Until Competition - real competition with Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, Dutch Reformed, Independent, Home School families and demographically important Catholic School through Real School Choice - Public Schools will continue to flop on the beach and baked to a very smelly but golden brown.

Get this nonsense from Schott Foundation and Arne the Shout Out Spender!

Using 2005-06 figures, the report said Illinois' and Chicago's graduation rate for black male students was below the national average of 47 percent. Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and four other states had among the largest differences in graduation rates for black and white male students.

Jackson said the report signifies the need not only for increased leadership on all levels but on philanthropic communities to help fund programs he and others believe would improve graduation rates. Officials said there should be more funding for early childhood programs, increased teacher and educational funding and more single-sex schools, among other possibilities. ( Emphasis my own)

North Dakota, Arizona and New Jersey, which have more equitable funding for black and white students, have higher than average black male graduation rates, Jackson said.

"These males represent the future fathers and husbands in a community where 70 percent of children are born out of wedlock. They also represent the future teachers, pastors, professors and even presidents," Jackson said.

Let me do that again!

report signifies the need not only for increased leadership on all levels but on philanthropic communities to help fund programs he and others believe would improve graduation rates. Officials said there should be more funding for early childhood programs, increased teacher and educational funding and more single-sex schools, among other possibilities. ( Emphasis my own)

This is the strategic well-poisoning of the competitive ( Catholic et al. schools). Not only are tax-dollars wasted on principals having a nooner with the help, mega-mad lunches by School Leaders, boxes of unopened textbooks, computers, software, and supplies, landscaping scams, as well as not teaching kids, Public Schools are pushing more private foundations to 're-think giving priorities' and cut-out private school support in favor 'systemic' approaches to reform - read waste more money.

John McCain is for School Choice. The Full Monty! States make education dollars available to the taxpayers and allow them to choose the schools that are doing the job of educating American kids. Too simple by half-'We must fight for the ability of all students to have access to any school of demonstrated excellence. We must place parents and children at the center of the education process, empowering parents by greatly expanding the ability of parents to choose among schools for their children.' (McCain: "Bold Solutions for Economic Prosperity" Feb 3, 2008)

Obama stands as strongly for the continued failure of American Education as he does for Abortion. (Protecting a Women's Right to Choose: Obama will make safeguarding women's rights under Roe v. Wade a priority. He opposes any constitutional amendment to overturn that decision.
He has said so repeatedly.)

Senator Obama can no more disown Failure in Education than he can a woman's choice to kill her unborn child - though it makes him shudder.His campaign quickly issued a statement that said, "Senator Obama has always been a critic of vouchers," and Mr. Obama echoed that sentiment yesterday, saying that while he supports charter schools, he opposes private school vouchers.

"We need to focus on fixing and improving our public schools; not throwing our hands up and walking away from them," he said.

Senator Obama says that Surge in Iraq did not work, but went to Baghdad without Kevlar. He also says that School Choice is surrender.

The Choice is real clear.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

John McCain: WAPO's Dialogue on Civility with John McCain

The Washington Post sees fit to lecture John McCain on civility - click post title.

I see fit to draw open this carcass of hypocrisy with scalpel of dialogic imagination with a desultory use of elegant epistle* and rough hewn pith.**

WAPO - Lord Chesterfield

McCain- Al Sweringen from Deadwood.

Washington Post Editors (WAPO) to John McCain

DEAR BOY: Mr. McCain's disagreement with Mr. Obama is as heartfelt as it is important. We, too, have concerns about the dangerous implications of Mr. Obama's insistence on withdrawing combat troops from Iraq within 16 months regardless of conditions there. We, too, fault Mr. Obama's unwillingness to acknowledge his mistake in predicting that the surge would fail. But Mr. McCain needn't impute motives to make his points. It's one thing to say Mr. Obama is wrong. It's another to accuse him of putting political self-interest over country. This is not the "politics of civility" that Mr. McCain was promising as recently as last month.

"What a welcome change it would be were presidential candidates in our time to treat each other and the people they seek to lead with respect and courtesy as they discussed the great issues of the day," Mr. McCain wrote in a letter to Mr. Obama proposing weekly town hall meetings. With these latest comments, Mr. McCain falls short of the standards he set out.

McCain: Change ain't lookin' for friends. Change calls the tune we dance to.

WAPO: Having in my last pointed out what sort of company you should keep, I will now give you some rules for your conduct in it; rules which my own experience and observation enable me to lay down, and communicate to you, with some degree of confidence. I have often given you hints of this kind before, but then it has been by snatches; I will now be more regular and methodical. I shall say nothing with regard to your bodily carriage and address, but leave them to the care of your dancing-master, and to your own attention to the best models; remember, however, that they are of consequence.

McCain: You want a donkey's attention, you bring a f%^king pole down between his ears.

WAPO: Talk often, but never long: in that case, if you do not please, at least you are sure not to tire your hearers. Pay your own reckoning, but do not treat the whole company; this being one of the very few cases in which people do not care to be treated, everyone being fully convinced that he has wherewithal to pay.

Tell stories very seldom, and absolutely never but where they are very apt and very short. Omit every circumstance that is not material, and beware of digressions. To have frequent recourse to narrative betrays great want of imagination.

Never hold anybody by the button or the hand, in order to be heard out; for, if people are not willing to hear you, you had much better hold your tongue than them.

Most long talkers single out some one unfortunate man in company (commonly him whom they observe to be the most silent, or their next neighbor) to whisper, or at least in a half voice, to convey a continuity of words to. This is excessively ill-bred, and in some degree a fraud; conversation-stock being a joint and common property. But, on the other hand, if one of these unmerciful talkers lays hold of you, hear him with patience (and at least seeming attention), if he is worth obliging; for nothing will oblige him more than a patient hearing, as nothing would hurt him more than either to leave him in the midst of his discourse, or to discover your impatience under your affliction.

McCain: Here's my counter-offer to your counter-offer: go f%^k yourself.

WAPO: Take, rather than give, the tone of the company you are in. If you have parts, you will show them, more or less, upon every subject; and if you have not, you had better talk sillily upon a subject of other people’s than of your own choosing.

John McCain: He must think I'm a f$%#ing dog, forgives the blow first friendly scratch at the ear.

WAPO: Avoid as much as you can, in mixed companies, argumentative, polemical conversations; which, though they should not, yet certainly do, indispose for a time the contending parties toward each other; and, if the controversy grows warm and noisy, endeavor to put an end to it by some genteel levity or joke. I quieted such a conversation-hubbub once, by representing to them that, though I was persuaded none there present would repeat, out of company, what passed in it, yet I could not answer for the discretion of the passengers in the street, who must necessarily hear all that was said.

McCain: Another fuckin' invite. F#$%@in' Hearst must take me for an optimist

WAPO: Above all things, and upon all occasions, avoid speaking of yourself, if it be possible. Such is the natural pride and vanity of our hearts, that it perpetually breaks out, even in people of the best parts, in all the various modes and figures of the egotism.

Some, abruptly, speak advantageously of themselves, without either pretense or provocation. They are impudent. Others proceed more artfully, as they imagine; and forge accusations against themselves, complain of calumnies which they never heard, in order to justify themselves, by exhibiting a catalogue of their many virtues. They acknowledge it may, indeed, seem odd that they should talk in that manner of themselves; it is what they do not like, and what they never would have done; no; no tortures should ever have forced it from them, if they had, not been thus unjustly and monstrously accused. But, in these cases; justice is surely due to one’s self, as well as to others; and when our character is attacked, we may say in our own justification, what otherwise we never would have said. This thin veil of Modesty drawn before Vanity, is much too transparent to conceal it, even from very moderate discernment.

McCain: So including last night, that's three f%^king damage incidents that didn't kill you. Pain or damage don't end the world, or despair, or f%^kin' beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man -- and give some back.

WAPO: Others go more modestly and more slyly still (as they think) to work; but in my mind still more ridiculously. They confess themselves (not without some degree of shame and confusion) into all the Cardinal Virtues, by first degrading them into weaknesses and then owning their misfortune in being made up of those weaknesses. They cannot see people suffer without sympathizing with, and endeavoring to help them. They cannot see people want, without relieving them, though truly their own circumstances cannot very well afford it. They cannot help speaking truth, though they know all the imprudence of it. In short, they know that, with all these weaknesses, they are not fit to live in the world, much less to thrive in it. But they are now too old to change, and must rub on as well as they can. This sounds too ridiculous and outre, almost, for the stage; and yet, take my word for it, you will frequently meet with it upon the common stage of the world. And here I will observe, by the bye, that you will often meet with characters in nature so extravagant, that a discreet dramatist would not venture to set them upon the stage in their true and high coloring.

McCain: Tell me who you want in the election.

WAPO: This principle of vanity and pride is so strong in human nature that it descends even to the lowest objects; and one often sees people angling for praise, where, admitting all they say to be true (which, by the way, it seldom is), no just praise is to be caught. One man affirms that he has rode post an hundred miles in six hours; probably it is a lie: but supposing it to be true, what then? Why he is a very good post-boy, that is all. Another asserts, and probably not without oaths, that he has drunk six or eight bottles of wine at a sitting; out of charity, I will believe him a liar; for, if I do not, I must think him a beast.

Such, and a thousand more, are the follies and extravagances, which vanity draws people into, and which always defeat their own purpose; and as Waller says, upon another subject,—

“Make the wretch the most despised,
Where most he wishes to be prized.”

McCain: Gabriel's trumpet will produce you from the ass of a pig.

WAPO: The only sure way of avoiding these evils, is never to speak of yourself at all. But when, historically, you are obliged to mention yourself, take care not to drop one single word that can directly or indirectly be construed as fishing for applause. Be your character what it will, it will be known; and nobody will take it upon your own word. Never imagine that anything you can say yourself will varnish your defects, or add lustre to your perfections! but, on the contrary, it may, and nine times in ten, will, make the former more glaring and the latter obscure. If you are silent upon your own subject, neither envy, indignation, nor ridicule, will obstruct or allay the applause which you may really deserve; but if you publish your own panegyric upon any occasion, or in any shape whatsoever, and however artfully dressed or disguised, they will all conspire against you, and you will be disappointed of the very end you aim at.

McCain: Lie the f#$k back, and listen. I need your truthful reply - lie, I will know it... and death will be no respite.

WAPO: Take care never to seem dark and mysterious; which is not only a very unamiable character, but a very suspicious one too; if you seem mysterious with others, they will be really so with you, and you will know nothing. The height of abilities is to have volto sciolto and pensieri stretti; that is, a frank, open, and ingenuous exterior, with a prudent interior; to be upon your own guard, and yet, by a seeming natural openness, to put people off theirs. Depend upon it nine in ten of every company you are in will avail themselves of every indiscreet and unguarded expression of yours, if they can turn it to their own advantage. A prudent reserve is therefore as necessary as a seeming openness is prudent. Always look people in the face when you speak to them: the not doing it is thought to imply conscious guilt; besides that you lose the advantage of serving by their countenances what impression your discourse makes upon them. In order to know people’s real sentiments, I trust much more to my eyes than to my ears: for they can say whatever they have a mind I should hear; but they can seldom help looking, what they have no intention that I should know.

McCain: Anyway, tonight's speeches are f%^king canceled. Nurse your f%^king wounds.

WAPO: Neither retail nor receive scandal willingly; defamation of others may for the present gratify the malignity of the pride of our hearts; cool reflection will draw very disadvantageous conclusions from such a disposition; and in the case of scandal, as in that of robbery, the receiver is always thought, as bad as the thief.

McCain: I do not mean here.

WAPO: Mimicry, which is the common and favorite amusement of little low minds, is in the utmost contempt with great ones. It is the lowest and most illiberal of all buffoonery. Pray, neither practice it yourself, nor applaud it in others. Besides that the person mimicked is insulted; and, as I have often observed to you before, an insult is never forgiven.

McCain: For outright stupidity, the whole f%^king trial goes shoulder to shoulder with that c#$@sucker Custer's thinking when he went over that ridge.

WAPO: I need not (I believe) advise you to adapt your conversation to the people you are conversing with: for I suppose you would not, without this caution, have talked upon the same subject, and in the same manner, to a minister of state, a bishop, a philosopher, a captain, and a woman. A man of the world must, like the chameleon, be able to take every different hue; which is by no means a criminal or abject, but a necessary complaisance; for it relates only to manners and not to morals.

McCain: You can't cut the throat of every c#$%sucker whose character it would improve.

WAPO: One word only as to swearing, and that, I hope and believe, is more than is necessary. You may sometimes hear some people in good company interlard their discourse with oaths, by way of embellishment, as they think, but you must observe, too, that those who do so are never those who contribute, in any degree, to give that company the denomination of good company. They are always subalterns, or people of low education; for that practice, besides that it has no one temptation to plead, is as silly and as illiberal as it is wicked.

McCain: Say you're a pain in my balls that can't desist from inquiry till told to shut his f%^king mouth and act on the task he was asked to f%^king do!

WAPO: Loud laughter is the mirth of the mob, who are only pleased with silly things; for true wit or good sense never excited a laugh since the creation of the world. A man of parts and fashion is therefore only seen to smile; but never heard to laugh.

McCain: Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.

WAPO: But to conclude this long letter; all the above-mentioned rules, however carefully you may observe them, will lose half their effect, if unaccompanied by the Graces. Whatever you say, if you say it with a supercilious, cynical face, or an embarrassed countenance, or a silly, disconcerted grin, will be ill received. If, into the bargain, YOU MUTTER IT, OR UTTER IT INDISTINCTLY AND UNGRACEFULLY, it will be still worse received. If your air and address are vulgar, awkward, and gauche, you may be esteemed indeed, if you have great intrinsic merit; but you will never, please; and without pleasing you will rise but heavily. Venus, among the ancients, was synonymous with the Graces, who were always supposed to accompany her; and Horace tells us that even Youth and Mercury, the god of Arts and Eloquence, would not do without her:

Parum comis sine to Juventas Mercuriusque.

They are not inexorable Ladies, and may be had if properly, and diligently pursued. Adieu.

McCain:Would you close your flap, that I don't forego my boiled eggs?


John McCain: Barack Obama - Toastmaster General of the United States

Without doubt, Senator Barack Obama delivers a nice speech - lots of them. With individuals or even a few persons - not so hot. In front of masses of people, he is Ciceronian. Answering an individual's question he is Porky Pig.

John McCain, face-to-face, on the phone ( I have had the honor of both such exchanges with Senator McCain)or before hundreds of Americans in a townhall meeting, or a grocery aisle, or with a hostile media shill, sounds the same.

Obama is elegant and mannered. McCain is direct and at-ease.

When John McCain won the New Hampshire Primary, the morons at MSNBC interrupted his speech with hoots and cat calls.

When Obama dodged the need to explain his twenty years in the pews of Crazy Uncle Jeremiah with a few paragraphs in Philadelphia, MSNC's Chris Matthews thighs went all a tingle.

Not much said about the Phildelphia Dodge these days.

A President serves. George Washington was a career soldier, plantation owner, member of the Continental Congress, Commander of the Continental Army and a solid organizer. Abraham Lincoln was a cagey lawyer for Illinois Central Railroads, Whig politician, militia captain, abolitionist Republican Congressman, defeated Senate candidate and duelist ( with James Shields). Teddy Roosevelt was a rancher, naturalist, author, Medal of Honor recipient, regimental commander, Police Commissioner, Civil Service Commissioner, Governor and Vice President. John McCain was a naval aviator, POW, Silver Star % etc. recipient, Squadron Commander, Congressman, Senator, Presidential Candidate ( 2000), author, architect of the Surge in Iraq & etc.

Barack Obama - community activist, appointed William Ayers as Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, appointed to Board of Woods Fund, Illinois State Senator ( 1997-2004), U.S. Senator ( 2004-Present)DNC Keynote Speaker, and autobiographer.

Obama reads a great speech.* McCain delivers service, like the Presidents before him.

* Click my post title for Toastmasters.

Friday, July 25, 2008

John McCain:' Is Paris Burning? Hold the Phone! . . . Nope, Just Cooking Boudin!' Obama's Stumble Will Be Paris.

The Paris awaiting the arrival of Barack Obama is the new Paris. The electorate that said NON! to fine looking Socialist Trim Segolene Royal and Ouis! to Nick Sarkozy, a guy who sounds like he grew up in Chicago's Hegewisch Neighborhood - probably has Mooji cousins there working in the last of the steel mills.

Nick said, 'Obama is my Buddy!'

Time to worry, Junior. Nick Sarkozy represents change in France. The kind of change that has French troops fighting along side of American soldiers in Afghanistan; the kind of change that respects American values over the sentiments of chain-smoking Sartres, Camus and Simone de Beauvoir Caporal Communism.

The Boudin is on the barbeque!

These Frogs won't be singing Internacionale

They'll be throating out -

Nous sommes des dégourdis,
Nous sommes des lascars
Des types pas ordinaires.
Nous avons souvent notre cafard,
Nous sommes des légionnaires.

Au Tonkin, la Légion immortelle
À Tuyen-Quang illustra notre drapeau,
Héros de Camerone et frères modèles
Dormez en paix dans vos tombeaux.

Nos anciens ont su mourir.
Pour la gloire de la Légion.
Nous saurons bien tous périr
Suivant la tradition.

Heads Up, Senator!

Here's the skinny on French Election 2007.,_2007

I'm calling Paris to be the place where the Obama Zeppelin hits the Power Tower!

John McCain: Steve Huntley on the High Costs of Free Speech

Steve Huntley, the Last Man Standing, at the Chicago Sun Times Opinion and Thought Gallery offers an insight to the basic problem with American reform initiatives - weasels find wiggle room. Is cash donated to political campaigns 'free speech' or private property? I tend to hold with the later point of view. It seems to me that if a candidate can make a compelling case to an individual as well as group-think entity, what's wrong with that individual giving as much as he or she wishes?

Critics argue that the media like campaign finance regulations -- and some of the biggest newspapers editorialize in favor of "reform" -- because they restrict private speech while the press remains unfettered in its expression of political views and news.

That would seem to be the case now. One study found that since June, Obama figured prominently in 78 percent of news stories and McCain in only 51 percent. Another analysis found the big TV networks devoted more than twice as much coverage to the presumptive Democratic nominee as to the Republican contender.

I don't know whether any of this is changing McCain's views on campaign finance "reform," but it should. Money remains the handmaiden of political discourse. He has been at a severe disadvantage in fund-raising in comparison with Obama's success, especially with small donations. If McCain had access to big contributions from the wealthy -- yes, Republicans include many successful, rich entrepreneurs and executives -- he might have been able to turn to them for a major infusion of cash to finance an ad blitz to counter the media blitz for Obama.

The uneven press coverage hasn't been lost on the public. A poll by Rasmussen Reports found 49 percent of voters think reporters will try to help Obama. That's up from 44 percent only a month ago.

With our profession not held in the highest regard by the public, editors, reporters and broadcasters should pay attention to those numbers. Not that poll numbers should drive news coverage. But a fully covered election requires balance. And it calls for a critical look at both candidates. The news media might recall the recriminations that erupted over their perceived failure in 2002-03 to take a critical look at the Bush administration's case for invading Iraq.

Click my post title for Steve Huntley's great thought piece.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

John McCain: Obama Wants to tear down 'Fortress Europa?'

Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.

That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another.

The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim

Fortress Europa? Jericho? The walls in your mercenary little heart, Mary Kate? Robert Frost? * Ronald Reagan did walls. Who's writing your material Joe Biden?

Ethereal! Thigh Tingling , if you happen to be Chris Matthews! The Bubbles in Olbermann's Bathtub!

What the hell did the young fella say anyway.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain who knows the trail had the great good sense to stop by Columbus Ohio for some empty calories solid campaigning and close the gap in the votes there;thus,Correspondents say Mr McCain is hoping that by touring small towns in the US and focusing on domestic issues, he will score points with voters who care little about foreign policy.

Ohio will be one of the most closely fought battlegrounds in the presidential election this November.

A poll of Ohio voters published by Rasmussen on Tuesday suggested Mr McCain had a 10-point lead in the state, although a poll from PPP published the day before gave Mr Obama an eight-point lead.

Kid Hope has the weenies gushing - got this news from the funnies at Huffington Post

Get some sleep Senator Obama. You have tons of work when you get home.

Fortress Europa! They kill me!


John McCain: Watch This Story - Tim Novak on Obama, Rezko, Doc Ray and Pi$$ed Away Investments

A couple of burglars get caught and Nixon resigns. A county payroll Urologists ( Wee-wee Doc) wets his beak and sings to the Feds. Keep an eye out for this and other stories by the only pitbull among the Progressive purse-puppies at Progressive Sun Times - the paper so deep in Obama's tank that many crossocheilus oblongi are required to clean up for the Obama Campaign. Not it seems, Tim Novak

Chicago Sun Times has a pitbull - Tim Novak. Here is one of his investigative stories that will prove to have legs like Cyd Charisse in 1954!

While on the county payroll, a top urologist at Cook County Hospital solicited nearly $1 million from drug companies over the last decade for his private foundation.

Dr. Paul S. Ray's pitch was that the money would go toward medical research and education.

Dr. Paul S. Ray has been granted immunity from prosecution to testify against Tony Rezko in a still-pending criminal case.

But most of the money hasn't gone to health care at all. Instead, Ray invested it -- mostly in Tony Rezko.

Rezko is the convicted influence-peddler who had been a prodigious fund-raiser for politicians including Sen. Barack Obama, Gov. Blagojevich and the late Cook County Board President John Stroger, the ultimate boss of the county hospitals.

Ray had long worked with Stroger's godson, Orlando Jones, a top administrator at Cook County Hospital who became Stroger's chief of staff. Jones eventually left county government for a job with Rezko. Last September, after he had been questioned by the FBI, Jones committed suicide.

Ray set up the Paul S. Ray Urology Education and Research Foundation 16 years ago. It began investing with Rezko's companies in 2002, according to reports Ray filed with the Internal Revenue Service. The foundation invested $500,000 with Rezko Concessions, which operated Panda Express and Papa John's Pizza restaurants. It also put $100,000 into a proposed housing development Rezko unsuccessfully sought to build on a 62-acre site along the Chicago River in the South Loop.

Ray, 63, of Chicago, also invested his own money with Rezko, spending millions to buy real estate and Papa John's Pizza restaurants from Rezko.

Ray's Rezko deals didn't turn out well:

Click my post title to link on to Tim Novak
The Doctor is singing!

Let the parsing begin!

John McCain: GE & NBC Get Their Beak's Wet by Obama Campaign

The politics of change and serious folding money.

The Obama Campaign bundled $5M in cash to pay for ads that will run during the NBC Olympic Coverage 2008.

Here in Chicago we call that 'making a drop.' Quid Pro(the Stuff That WE Do For You!) Quo.

This from Not Your Sweetie

Obama Makes $5 Million Buy
In the first significant network-TV buy of any presidential candidate in at least 16 years, the Obama campaign has taken a $5 million package of Olympics spots that includes network TV as well as cable

And isn’t it symbolic:

The Obama campaign will join major advertisers including McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch.

Well, I always thought GE and Bo had a deal as of last year when Obama dissed Fox. Now they get paid for their enthusiastic surrogacy. There’s one more humorous note:

Bob Dole’s 1996 buy
The last network TV spot bought by a presidential contender was apparently a single multi-minute ad run by Republican Sen. Bob Dole in 1996.

Oh, that went well!

That's why Keith 'Bathtub Bubble Biter Boy' and Chris 'Tingle Thighs' Matthews get all Tiger Beat for Kid Hope. Kid Hope and Jesse Jackson ( Chicago's King of Beers) will share time in the sponsor's box, mayhaps? Watch your goodies, Senator!

McCain gets face time next to the Velveeta Cheese displays. Well, I love nice grilled Velveeta Cheese & red onion Sammy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John McCain: Obama's Cork-Screw Express - (Off Mike?) 'Oh, Hell No, I Love Mike!'

From Jordan - not the NBA icon, cigar aficionado, and Undies magnate - The Arab Country near Israel:

From the Washington Post Click my post title for more:

OBAMA: Well, let me — let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain government — administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.

. . .

With that, we'd be happy to start taking questions.



OBAMA: And identify if you want to pose a question either to Senator Hagel or Senator Reed?


OBAMA: Right.

QUESTION: There are reports that (OFF-MIKE)

OBAMA: How many questions (inaudible)



OBAMA: OK. That's a bunch.

OBAMA: So let me tick these off.


I added some more of my own - why not they are just as soul-searchingly honest and straight foward as Obama's Cork-Screw Express!

Question: (OFF-MIKE)

OBAMA: Lights.

Question: ( OFF-Mike)

OBAMA: Clearly there were Post Toasties and orange juice.

Question (OFF-MIKE)

OBAMA: It is fairly easy to see a spectrum produced by white light when it passes through a prism, the bevelled edge of a mirror or a tapered pane of glass, or through drops of rain to form a rainbow. When samples which are composed purely of one single chemical element, e.g. hydrogen, are caused to emit light, they may emit light at several characteristic frequencies. The frequency profile produced is characteristic of that element. (GREAT GALES OF LAUGHTER FROM MEDIA)Instead of there being a wide band filled with colours from violet to red, there will be isolated bands of single colours separated by darkness. Such a display is called a line spectrum. Some lines go beyond the visible frequencies and can only be detected by special photographic film or other such devices. Scientists hypothesized that an atom could radiate light the way the string on a fine violin radiates sound – not only with a fundamental frequency (in which the entire string moves the same way at once) but with several higher harmonics (formed when the string divides itself into halves and other divisions that vibrate in coordination with each other as when one half of the string is going one way as the other half of the string is going the opposite way). For a long time nobody could find a mathematical way to relate the frequencies of the line spectrum of any element.

Question: (OFF-MIKE)
OBAMA: That's clear . . . tell Chris Matthews this for me, Andrea; Meralgia parenthetica causes tingling, numbness or other sensations on the upper thigh. It is a type of paresthesia caused by nerve damage to one of the nerves coming from the spine to the thigh region. Most commonly it arises from nerve compression or nerve entrapment, such as exertion of the thigh, pelvis, or hip area. In such cases, it usually gradually resolves over time, with appropriate rest, taking between a few weeks to months to cure. ( INAUDIBLE - BUT IF SO HOW TO BEST REPORT ITS INAUDIBLITY?)

Question: ( OFF-MIKE)

OBAMA: Look,I am not an agent for American Express - I am an agent for Change; however to answer your question there is a kiosk near the tarmac.

Question: ( OFF-MIKE)

OBAMA: Uh, now you know that is hateful . . .How did . . . Ryan Lizza? Look,Now, Mr. Ayres [Ayers] is a 60 plus year old individual who lives in my neighborhood, who did something that I deplore 40 years ago when I was six or seven years old. By the time I met him, he was a professor of education at the University of Illinois.

We served on a board together that had Republicans, bankers, lawyers, focused on education, who worked for Mayor Daley. Mayor Daley, the same Mayor Daley probably who when he was a state attorney prosecuted Mr. Ayres’s wife for those activities, I (INAUDIBLE) the point is that to somehow suggest that in any way I endorse his deplorable acts 40 years ago, because I serve on a board with him.

Now stop doing these hateful things to my wife!

Question: ( OFF-MIKE)

Obama: Waffles . . .Now, can I just eat my Waffles?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John McCain: Ignore the New York Times

In this campaign, there are honest differences over Iraq, and we should discuss them with the thoroughness they deserve. Unlike Senator McCain, I would make it absolutely clear that we seek no presence in Iraq similar to our permanent bases in South Korea, and would redeploy our troops out of Iraq and focus on the broader security challenges that we face. But for far too long, those responsible for the greatest strategic blunder in the recent history of American foreign policy have ignored useful debate in favor of making false charges about flip-flops and surrender.

It’s not going to work this time. It’s time to end this war.
Senator Barack Obama New York Times Op-Ed piece July 14, 2008.

There's fair and then there's the New York Times. The New York Times refused to print Senator John McCain's polar opposite Op-Ed piece to balance the charges of 'same-old-same-old' Bush Failed policies and the audaciously hopeful fiat to Joint Chiefs of Staff, "As president, I would pursue a new strategy, and begin by providing at least two additional combat brigades to support our effort in Afghanistan. We need more troops, more helicopters, better intelligence-gathering and more nonmilitary assistance to accomplish the mission there. I would not hold our military, our resources and our foreign policy hostage to a misguided desire to maintain permanent bases in Iraq."

As a Democrat voting for John McCain, I trust McCain's judgment and character. I have no idea what Senator Obama's judgment and character might be other than that of a very elegant politician who has no problem consigning political liabilities to oblivion once they become too public. Obama is a great speech reader and set piece prop - he looks and sound good even when he ain't.

John McCain walks the walk and too often trips over the talk. Most people I know have that very problem. Sometimes there is a tendency among very public people to pretend that they can divine the depths of another's heart by the choice of words. Parsing has become sucker-punching in today's timid thought climate, only less vital to what passes ( er, parses) for debate is the volume at which one manages to scream questions.

The New York Times goes one further - they will not print words that they do not particularly like. They seem to be taking their cues from the Cable TV medium - say what Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, or Bill Maher deem appropriate or stand up for ridicule. The New York Times is nothing if not terribly sensitive to criticism from the political Left - delicate and fragile.

I hope that John McCain parts company with these delicate flowers. The Opinion Hothouse that Obama's handlers own is unforgiving - ask Ryan Lizza!

Give the New York Times a nod and then move on - a polite, perfunctory heads -up regular guy salute and keep walking.

Let them assume that you are only interested in talking to your right wing friends - whoever the hell they are! Allow bloated mopes like Olbermann to soil his britches in straining to make a point about the cartoon of your character that Obama's handlers strain to make. You have the voters. It is deeds and not rhetoric that people will support in the voting booth.

Thank the New York Times for their endorsement of you in the Primaries, Senator McCain and then ignore them. They are too delicate for the bare-knuckled world of deeds and not words.

Click my post title for the full text of McCain's rejected NYT piece from Chicago Daily Observer

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cook County Jail -Mike Quigley Feeding Fitzy MacArthur Leftovers?

The Uriah Heep of Cook County Politics, Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley gamely pumps his stumpy legs ever upward. Like Mark Twain's Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,* Cook County can count on Quigley to climb under any door jamb, if the height of the transom above the doors of power are inaccessible, to height and ethics challenge Mike, with the help of mighty clever friends in the think-tanks at University of Chicago to charge his gizzards with buck shot to see how low he can go. Whew, that prosing got me all winded.

Sheriff Tom Dart and The Cook County Jail took a 98 page study ( prepared, indexed, rolled and greased with warmed up left-overs from the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, University of Chicago MacArthur Center for Justice, Chicago Magazine, and the usual assortment of lawsuit addicted lefty lawyers and, it seems Commissioner Quigley) from Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the shorts this past week.

A few years back, The Chicago Tribune and the usual suspects listed above took a long sprint at Sheriff Michael Sheehan with a series of 'heart-tugging tales' from prisoners and diappointed Correctional Employees and had their efforts tossed by a jury in about twenty minutes.

The Tribune's 'investigative' efforts were laughed out of court by the jury and the lawyer most linked to the case against Sheehan was a nano-second away from charges of impropriety for tipping prison gangs about finding just the right time to riot and cry foul.

The Tribune, with Progressive aplomb tossed the saga into the memory hole.

Now, it sure seems to me that Mike 'I can not get a vote from anyone 300 yards west of Lake Michigan' Quigley has tossed the old MacArthur Center for Justice 'facts' on the front burner and re-heated the leftovers for Fitzy!

When the story broke - and it will break down as it did the last time -this week, my Quigley radar went on DefCon Six. Never disappointed in the wee man's energy and ambition, I was treated to Quigley popping up like the Whacka-Weasel that he is in the Tribune Editorial - Harrumphing that Cook County Jail is a dangerous and unhealthy place leading with the warmed up leftovers spooned to Fitzy:

• A federal judge has monitored the jail for a quarter-century, the result of a lawsuit aimed at overcrowding.

• In 2002 the Tribune reported that, since 1998, lawyers for the county sheriff's office had recommended settling at least 35 lawsuits that accused deputies of brutality; the lawyers cited convincing evidence that the beatings had occurred. In declining to endorse then-Sheriff Michael Sheahan for re-election in 2002, this page said: "Sheahan has to spend less time defending thuggery in his office and more time getting rid of it."

• In 2004, a special county grand jury lambasted county government's handling of a 1999 mass beating in which an elite squad of jail officers assaulted dozens of inmates.

And now this Justice report, delivered by U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald, along with a federal threat of legal action if inmates' constitutional rights aren't protected.

You don't have to wear your heart on your sleeve to see what Cook County's failed oversight has wrought: If the denial of basic dignity to prisoners for some reason doesn't bother you, the cost of damage payments to settle legal claims from inmates should.

If you live in Cook County, consider: County Board President Todd Stroger has surrendered control of the abusive and neglectful juvenile detention center. And now a supposedly independent board is taking control of the financially moribund county health system. Even the county's golf courses are performing better now that a private outfit manages them.

As county commissioner Michael Quigley argues, "What we do least we do best. Our Chicago Botanic Garden and Brookfield Zoo thrive because the county doesn't meddle."

Sheriff Tom Dart is in his second year of responsibility for the jail. He says the feds ignored the reforms he's instituted. Dart deserves a chance to finish what he's started.

If Dart doesn't succeed, Cook County should relinquish control of its jail too. Several states with populations smaller than Cook County's have prison systems run by independent boards of corrections.

But throwing more tax money at Cook County is a proven recipe for yesterday's failure at tomorrow's higher price.

It's time to fix jail management for good—or strip Cook County government of one more crucial job it has bungled for too many years.

There is not crack in government that Quigley will not use as bolt hole, or window of opportunity! The Uriah Heep of Cook County is nothing if not energetic. If one can not get elected, became a Progressive and allow litigation and 40 Watt Editorial Board Members do your heavy lifting.

Note to Patrick Fitzgerald:

Cook County Jail overflows with violently dangerous people who were put there at the request of the people of Cook County.

Mike Quigley has been working for ten years to be President of Cook County Board - sad in itself that.

Mike Quigley has massaged many of Chicago's lazier and dumber columnists at the Trib and Sun Times. If you plan to run for public office in Illinois, close on the the heels of this less than ground breaking slam at Sheriff Dart and the people who attempt to manage the thug thick Cook County Jail, Mike Quigley will be in the front of the line to stick one in your kidneys, it sure seems to me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

MSNBC - Give Your Clown Olbermann a Raise and an Extended Contract!

Keith Olbermann insults all Americans, serves the insulated elite, stands in for the Corporate Peacock, informs no one, and shills for the people Senator Obama chooses to front.

Hat Tip to TraderJohn:

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Olbermann calls Bud Day a "clown"

I'd like to think that Olbermann says these things because he just an attention whore unfortunately the imbecile actually believes it.

Vile MSNBC Obamabot Keith Olbermann has outdone even himself with his "Worst Person in the World" segment tonight. He gave that award to America's most decorated living veteran, Bud Day, calling him a "clown" because he said recently he was not prepared to bow the knee to the "Muslims," referring to Muslim terrorists who seek to destroy America. Olbermann went nuts on Day, calling him a racist and religious hater. Of course, Olbermann never mentioned that Day is America's most decorated living veteran, and did not show one ounce of deference for a man who has given so much for his country,

Every American should demand that MSNBC/NBC force Olbermann to apologize for speaking of this great man in such a disrespectful fashion. Every single night, Olbermann shows America who the "clown" is -- and it is not Bud Day.

posted by traderrob at 4:56 AM

While I honor the sentiments, I most strongly disagree.

MSNBC is a propaganda wing of some strange corporate interests that wish to undermine American values and stuff ballot boxes. Keith Olbermann is America's #1 Juice Bag!

Olbermann is a fatuous jerk and an eponym. Olbermann may be substituted for more scatologically or socially offensive nouns and adjectives. E.G.

'Hey, Olbermann! Take the nozzle out of the tank! Aw, Hell that Olbermann can't hear you - he's down the block already.'

'My Olberman husband left the three kids in the car and smoked crack with his gambling buddies!'

'Don't be such an Olbermann! Lift the lid!'

'Hey, Olbermann! Are you biting the bubbles in the bathtub again?'

Olbermann's smear and twisted parsing of Col. Bud Day's use of the word Muslim will do more to move more voters away from Senator Barack Obama's Campaign for George Soros than all of the friends and relatives that the firts term Illinois Senator has launched under his bus combined.

Click my post title for a study of Col. Bud Day. Olbermann has insulted Catholics, Jews, Women, Working Men and Women of all races, and the intelligence of most Americans who have avoided chemical dependencies.

MSNBC - The Tool Shed - home to Thigh Tingling Obama Adolescent Chris Matthews, Lawyer Abrams' Son Dan who has a neat sinecure with NBC, Rachel Maddow, the Loudest Honors Student in the A.P. Class, and that swell catalogue of in-the-tank Newsweek inkslingers - is doing a great service to Senator John McCain's Campaign! Keep up the great work!

John McCain: "How Many Progressive Grassroots Community Activists in a National Police Force?"

"All of them."

Yes, Sir Senator! George (Soros) sent you! He's paying.

Obama: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Keith Olbermann has dibs on Interrogations!

Friday, July 18, 2008

John McCain: Obama Calls for 'Civilian National Security Force' - Gestapo or KGB Are Delightful Models, Senator

Now here is a change you can believe in from Senator Obama's speech on July 2nd that according to HOt Air's Ed Morrisey has been 'Air-Brushed by thigh tingled MSNBC and the in-the-tank media. Oafish Olbermann might like being a Commissar with one of those maxi-length XXX - leather coats to stuff in his wardrobe of Oil Can Harry suits. Milky Chris Matthews could be snitch in charge. Rachel Maddow the Gertrude Stein of the Soros Salon Set!

What in the hell was Obama talking about? It seems the media could care less.

Of more worry, is the paid staff of milquetoasts on the McCain Campaign. These cheese-eaters have allowed John McCain to make nice with the absolute worst people in broadcasting. Get some stones, or as Jess Jackson might opine some 'Nuts!'

This cut of red meat should have been tossed on the Weber two weeks ago! Great work Brother Morrisey! Obama calling for a National Police Force?

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

The Austrian Paper-Hanger took a group of Community Activists, Grassroots Lads one and all and formed the Gestats Polizei and that Agent for Change had a dandy level of success.

What's Obama calling for a National Police?

Pin Obama down on this one. Parse it up, Senator! What the hell is Obama talking about? A KGB-like force? Or is this just rhetoric from Kid Hope?

The McCain Campaign is as limp as Obama's Resume. You clowns better get some focus, or you'll hand over the store to the worst people in America and they are not sending in 'contributions of five and ten dollars.' This is huge money from PACS and laundered through the internet.

The McCain Campaign staffers have allowed John McCain to be kicked around by the Goebbels Wanna Bees ( Olbermann et al) like he was Andy Gump the Boneless Wonder.

Senator McCain - go after these bums. Quit reacting. You say you would rather lose an election than lose a War; well, the war is at home, too.

Would these be the shock troops of the ACLU?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jackson & Kramer ARE 'The Defiant Ones!'

Given America's honest, sober and forthright Great Conversation . . . well monologue anyway . . .About Race Relations, this might be a golden opportunity to re-enact the script of Stanley Kramer's ground-breaking 1958 movie classic - The Defiant Ones.

Handcuff the glib Rev. Jesse Jackson to . . . oh let's say . . .hmmmmm . . .so many race-potty mouths to choose from in my racial demographic . . . Michael Richards - TV's Kramer.

From 2006, when Richards ( Kramer) went on a racist rant himself and was consigned to the Hollywood Gulag:

HOLLYWOOD - Rev. Jesse Jackson has lashed out at actor Michael Richards after he went on a racial tirade last week--insisting the comedian is "dangerous to himself and others."

Richards is reaching out to civil rights leaders to repair damage after launching into a racist rant in Los Angeles when he was heckled by two African-Americans at a comedy club.

Jackson has slammed the former Seinfeld star, saying, "He's embarrassed. He got caught on tape. That's a big part of his anxiety now."

Jackson said Richards is ill and in desperate need of professional help, adding, "Clearly he needs some race sensibility training, and some psychiatric help.

"His anger is volatile and dangerous to himself and others. I hope he gets the help he needs.

True then, as now, Rev!

Place the "N"-Word Bad Boys on a cross country Odyssey with a film crew as they chase open freight cars across this great country of ours and count the number of times that they each use racial pejoratives until they fully come to a realization of their shared natures as jackasses. Jesse as Sidney Poitier and Kramer as Tony Curtis . . .chain, chain,chaiiiinnnnn . . . Chain of Foooools! Good Soundtrack.

Oh, Do Let The Journey and the Healing Begin!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mary Mitchell Mt. Greenwood is not an Enclave - You Most Certainly Are a Dandy!

Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood is getting kicked around by the Sun Times pretty good because Mary Mitchell needs to pick at non-existent racists scabs. There are racists and there are racists. The Sun Times needs to be outrageous to sell a couple of papers. It has been a journalistic joke for some time. Writers likTim Novak and Steve Huntley seem alone in talent and integrity. Most seem to go-along to get along, like Frank Main focus on bashing cops. Some are laughably idiotic like Cathleen Falsani. The absolute worst is Mary Mitchell the race baiting, monotone, bitter columnist who believes that whites all own bullwhips and plantations. If Mary Mitchell were white, she would make David Duke seem like Gandhi.

Mary Mitchell writes only about Race ( and badly at that) and usually goes unanswered and unchecked by any editorial good sense. No fact checkers or grammarians at STNG. Mary Mitchell's job is to be outrageous!

Mitchell gets away with any and every load of toxic garbage because nitwits on her editorial board allow Mary Mitchell free range.

Here's some of today's offering:

Although four decades have gone by, the racial intolerance that drove residents in the Irish-Catholic enclave to picket for six months -- in rain, sleet, and snow -- until the blacks students graduated, was still evident on Sunday when they returned to the school to take a photograph. (ephasis my own - For Six Months 34/7?)

"The first thing that struck us was there was a swastika on the bottom of the assembly hall door," said Toni Lewis Anderson.

Now, forty years later, these seven talented, highly educated, and morally compassed adults are bothered by a couple of mopes and graffiti on a grammar school? All Seven? Magnificent! The Seven Ride! Good Lord.

Gross exaggeration at the very least and unsupported by any documentary evidence in support of the 1968 Tsunami of White ethnic hate against little black children. No matter, the Sun Times will print anything, but an apology.

First of all, Mt. Greenwood is not an enclave, nor is it an exclave. It is a neighborhood, but that point is beyond Mitchell. And so is comfort with language.

Trying to give Mt. Greenwood a 'defensive and under siege' tone to suit her purpose, Mitchell misuses words almost as deftly as she dodges the truth ( you know things that might actually have happened).

Mount Greenwood neighborhood borders two three or four suburbs as well as Chicago's Beverly and Morgan Park neighborhoods. It does not sit like a political island surrounded by Evergreen Park.

An enclave, Mary, is a political island within an another's territory.

Like the Kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa.

Ethnic enclaves exist within another dominant ethnic group - thus, a Chinatown or a Jewish Shtetl.

Blacks live in Mt. Greenwood. Not many. Mt. Greenwood is less diverse than Beverly or Morgan Park, where I live, but so what.

Mt. Greenwood is much more diverse than Englewood, Chatham, or Gresham. Mt. Greenwood is much more diverse than Highland Park or Winnetka.

Mary Mitchell and the Sun Times need to apologize to the people of Mt. Greenwood for painting them all with a broad brush.

That will not happen. No big deal. Don't buy the Sun Times, folks in Mt. Greenwood. I have not bought one in years.

People are not buying the Sun Times because its tacit policy of spitting on people does not win over a readership.

Mary Mitchell spits like a champ! She can not write a lick. As long as the Sun Times has Mary Mitchell they have no chance of being taken seriously.

Mary Mitchell is an enclave all to herself.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mary Mitchell's Race Baiting is Played Out

Mary Mitchell pulls another little race-baiting scab in Sunday's Chicago Sun Times to remind whites that they are evil mean nasty haters and to pump up the Maywood reunion of the Mt. Greenwood Seven,

There's a Mt. Greenwood Seven Eleven at 111th and Kedzie on the Northeast Side of the Street, but Mary invents the Mt. Greenwood Seven as new Civil Rights Icons. Seven black children who attended Mt. Greenwood Elementary School from February until June ( I guess) in 1968.

Click my post title for Mitchell's July 13, 2008 scab yank!

In 1968, I was working at Gee Lumber which was at 79th Street & Western Ave. behind Sharko's and Quigley South ( now St. Rita of Cascia High School - which was at 63rd and Claremont - see?) Things do change.. I remember quite a bit from that time, but nothing about Selma in Mt. Greenwood.

Busing, as I recall, began in the 1970's. In 1968, Black kids moved about pretty freely in my neighborhood ( Little Flower) and in Mt. Greenwood - Honor Bright. There was a farm where the Chicago Agricultural School now welcomes hundreds of black kids who take buses from all over Chicago every day. Everything changes and sometimes somethings change for the better.

Not Mary Mitchell. Mary Mitchell equates every whitey's waking of day to Bull Connor giving the dogs a little time off the leashes. Like The Great Castrato, Jesse Jackson, Sr. the race card gets played at every hand, One Note Samba!

Let the Great Conversation on Race Begin!!!!

Pythagorean Theorem? Racist

Ortho Weed B Gone? Racist

The Cast of 'Oklahoma? Racist

Cap'n Crunch? Racist

Dry Wall Tape? Racist

Here's Mary Mitchell's attempted smear of everyone who lives or lived in Mt. Greenwood:

'At one point, 104 Chicago Police officers guarded the students as they went in and out of Mount Greenwood Elementary School.
On Feb. 2, 1968, the Chicago Daily News described the scene outside Mount Greenwood as being "reminiscent of the integration of schools in Little Rock."
"The people went berserk," Wysinger recalls'

Berserk white Mothers with strollers stood in the pouring rain for six months in order to scream racial taunts at black kids - Six Months!! For Real?

Wow - I hate myself! Damn, racist white boy . . . well, racist white geezer! Good God, there's more! I wonder if Billy Holiday had a song about the Mt. Greenwood Seven? Maybe there is a brown Honorary Street Sign! Back to the Saga!

One Hundred and Four Police Officers?? Really? In 1968? You sure? In 1968, the Mt.Greenwood neighborhood was covered by the officers of the Gresham Police District ( The 6th District) which was located at 85th & Green - that was a very expansive piece of Chicago real estate to patrol, but there was very little crime back then in 1968. Ms. Mitchell, A retired Gresham police officer was not so sure about your claim of 104 officers protecting the 'Mt. Greenwood Seven.' It sure seems to this retired Police Officer that there were 'no where near 104 police officers at Gresham in all shifts in 1968.' I'm white and he's white, we could be wrong. Nah. I was in Gresham, as a young scape-grace in 1968 and as an adult helping raise money for Leo High School, before the new station was built. Gresham was the size of a Velveta Cheese Box - it is now a Beauty Culture College.

Mitchell cites the Chicago Daily News whose archives are now deader than black & white Dragnet episodes, but might be on microfiche somewhere. On the Internet, I could not find any similar article from that time in the Chicago Tribune or the Sun Times. There must be some archival link to the "Mt. Greenwood Seven" Saga from thos halcyon days. Out of curiosity, I also talked to at least ten people who lived in Mt. Greenwood in 1968 (I lived in Gresham at that time), who had no memory of the Selma-Lite in Mt. Greenwood, nor the "Mt. Greenwood Seven," but then, of course, all of them are white people. Mary Mitchell has no use for white people - without racist villains Mitchell has nothing.

I wondered if this saga of the Seven might not be a hoax or some sort of Jayson Blair fabrication. Mercy sakes, that could not be. However the story was choke full of pretty inflated rhetoric for a grammar school reunion. But, memory is what it is, I suppose.

Given the tenor of the tale, I wondered, is there a bronze relief of the Mt. Greenwood Seven at Mt. Greenwood Elementary? Perhaps a coin is to be struck.

Nope, just a race-baiting story. White people, in Mary Mitchell's World are nasty, haters. That is not the case at all. Whites in Chicago support Big Shoulders Fund that helps black kids, who are not Catholic, receive a Catholic education. Catholic Charities which has offices and outlets allover black Chicago is supported by white people. There are many, many, many such examples. Matters not, in Mitchell World.

Like the played out Jesse Jackson,Sr. , Mary Mitchell's race baiting activism is really sad and tiresome. Played out.

Here's some of what went on in February 1968 - nothing about the Mt. Greenwood Seven:


Jan.30: Tet begins.
February 1 - Vietnam War: A Viet Cong officer named Nguyễn Vãn Lém is executed by Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, a South Vietnamese National Police Chief. The event is photographed by Eddie Adams. The photo makes headlines around the world, eventually winning the 1969 Pulitzer Prize, and sways U.S. public opinion against the war.

February 6-February 18 - The 1968 Winter Olympics were held in Grenoble, France

February 8 - American civil rights movement: A civil rights protest staged at a white-only bowling alley in Orangeburg, South Carolina is broken-up by highway patrolmen, leading to the deaths of 3 college students.

February 11 - Border clashes take place between Israel and Jordan.

February 13 - Civil rights disturbances occur at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

February 17 - Administrative reform in Romania divides the country into 39 counties.

February 19 - The Florida Education Association (FEA) initiates a mass resignation of teachers to protest state funding of education. This is, in effect, the first statewide teachers' strike in the United States.

February 24 - Vietnam War: The Tet Offensive is halted - South Vietnam recaptures Hué.

February 27 - Ex-The Teenagers singer Frankie Lymon is found dead from a heroin overdose in Harlem.