Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here'sToxic Al! The Working Man's Pal Welcomes The Brooklyn Dodger - Al Sharpton to Chicago: Pin Those Yarmulkes Back!

From Wikpedia:

In 1991 - a little after Police Torture in Chicago became a cottage industry for the Leftist Combine. Rev. Al Sharpton, who Mark Brown of the New Chicago Sun Times gushes 'will be a tonic' to our City, showed the world just how he rolls:

A visiting rabbinical student from Australia by the name of Yankel Rosenbaum, 29, was killed during the rioting by a mob shouting "Kill the Jew." [39] Sharpton has been seen by some commentators as inflaming tensions with remarks such as "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house" [40] [1] and referring to Jews as "diamond merchants." [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

Welcome Al, we have no where near the number of Jews here in Chicago that New York has been blessed by God with: who fund most, if not all of the Racial Harmony, Job Opportunity, Career Path and Cultural initiatives enjoyed by blacks in the Tri-State community, but there are plenty of 'close knit white ethnics' to sully and sue! Just adjust the cultural icons!

The Chicago Sun Times is your Dog, Rev.! Get it On! We got allegations aplenty! There might be some elbowing at the Leftie Lawsuit All You can Eat Buffet - Loevy, Flint, Locke, Jesse, and all the other sincere friends of Working Man, but an experienced trencherman like yourself -with Mark Brown and like minded waiters sic-ing and fetch-ing - you'll soon be lapping up Tax Payer Dollars like those in the front of the line.

Chicago's a Great Eatin' Town! Shovel in that Cabbage!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hugo and Get these Premiums for Sun Scribing to the Daily Worker . . Chicago Sun Times

The Workers Pal The New Chicago Sun Times- never a disappointment since Madame Commisar Reed's July 15th Manifesto!


All Hailed By the Peoples Free Press last week!


From the Manifesto on we have been treated to showers of homages to Lefty Lawyers (The Loevy- Flint - Locke Combine) who sue the HELL out of taxpayers and toss vitriol into the mug of Each and Every Chicago Police Officer.

Today, the Editorial Politburo kicks Cook County States Attorney Dick Devine for keeping Professionals - lawyers - out of a union. Every Worker must Fight This Devine Monarch! Good Grief!

Now, how about The Sun Times supporting SEIU's efforts to get Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Oprah, Sumner Redstone, and other 'non-orgainized' workers to develop Plutocrats Local # 1 of the International Violent Oppressors of the Workers Union. These people have rights! 'Oh, That Dick Devine Makes The Combine so Angry!'


But a Voice of Reason and Common Sense sneaked one in under the Radar!

Thought Criminal Shout Out to Common Sense Afflicted Neil Steinberg - the Man always makes sense to people who actually work for a living. Today he gives Progressive America's Favorite Commie Dictator a kick while reporting on the Democratic pillow fight between Hilary 'Chesty' Clinton and Barack 'Phat Barry' Obama over whether or not to ice out pin-heads. Neil Steinberg offers this common sense

'if only we'd treat these tin pot despots with the respect they crave, why then maybe they'd be our friends. My gut tells me that kind of sincerity only works in the movies.

It's bad enough we have the United Nations as a gilded frame for whichever lunatic dictator can make his way to the podium. We don't want to make the White House into "American Idol" for our enemies.' Good On You, Neil!


Or Maybe Neil will need to handle the NEW SUN SCRIBERS ACCOUNT - New subscriptions get TWO(2) Hugo Action Figures! Like the recent subscriber - SUNSCRIBER - gent below!


Hi Ms Reed,

I read your article "Time to Move These Pages Forward -- with a Return to Our Past" and took great encouragement from it.

I don't think it's particularly provocative or earth-shaking to give a byline to yet another person with "libertarian/conservative views" -- as you've done with Steve Huntley -- but I'm willing to give you and the Sun-Times the benefit of the doubt as far as your intentions are concerned.

For that reason I will subscribe to your paper (the first paper I've ever subscribed to in my life) and I will recommend that others do likewise.

What I find particularly heartening is your realization that Chicago deserves a paper that reflects the "ethnic and social diversity of our city". But most importantly, and I hope you take this to heart, we deserve a paper that reflects our values -- the values of working people who believe in equality and a positive role for government.

Time after time in the city of Chicago, we've voted overwhelming for people who reflect these values. It's about time we got a newspaper that reflected them as well.


Leo Klein
Chicago, IL

Independent Illinois Grassroots: IllinoisDemNet.com

These Hugo Action - Political Action! - Figures - will keep deep thinkers busy for hours - mapping out the ultimate mobilization of cadres of workers and afflicted until a class free society emerges! Diversity through Unanimity! One World; One Thought!

Neil - keep writing! Even if they want to try to make you Winston Smith.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's Real Grassroots Look Like? Come Out and Play For Maeve August 4th 2007 - Do for Our Neighbors

Hundreds of neighbors and friends will gather at Beverly Park at 103rd & Artesian on Saturday, August 4th, 2007 to celebrate the love of family and the genuine concern for children, especially those afflicted with a life threatening disease.

Denise and Matt McNicholas

The handsome couple in blue T-shirts above are Maeve's Mom and Dad and inspired this Grassroots effort - some people who toss around the word Grassroots seem to confuse shooting their mouths off and suing people with actually doing something for someone in need - other than themselves.

This is real Grassroots. Neighbors do not wait for someone else to care of their neighbors. They get off their Lazy-boys and open their hearts, as well as their wallets: they cook, hang posters, sell raffle tickets, hump chairs and tables ( unless a member of the clergy - ever see one of those beauts set up chairs? You'd have an easier time thumbing a ride off of Saints Cyril and Methodius to Peotone, than getting a stiff collar to help) stir the clergy to show up for the event - they do like the cake!- , and get themselves and the kids and the neighbors into gear.

Maeve McNicholas died of a brain tumor a couple of years ago and her family worked their grief into a wonderful tribute for their Angel in Heaven. There is now a magnificent children's Park named for Maeve within Beverly Park that was funded through Grassroots efforts. Our community buried Maeve's little pal, Liam Bonner three years old, yesterday. Liam was afflicted with brain tumors as well. Your efforts and your donation will help more chldren so afflicted.

Note to the Sun Times: Let's try and get things right - this is what real working people do. They get involved and do not wait for some Emmet Kelly imitators to artificially mug for the cameras and the press. If there is a problem, some one is suffering, or in need, don't wait get active. If you want to live with good neighbors, act like a good neighbor.

How can I help?

Your gift to The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation will help us in our efforts to:
Increase public awareness about the severity and prevalence of childhood brain tumors
Aid in early detection of childhood brain tumors by increasing awareness of symptoms
Help to find the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through the support of medical research
Help support families with children living with brain tumors

Please make donations payable to the:

Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation

Donations may be made at or sent to:

Beverly Bank & Trust Company
c/o The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation
10258 South Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60643

phone: 773-239-2265
or contact us atmailto:mdmcnicholas@wowway.com

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dan McGrath -the best in Prose -takes on Bonds - the best on Dope

If Dan McGrath wrote it, you can take it to the bank.

A genuine example of working class values, attitudes and common sense can be found in The Chicago Tribune Sports Department under the direction of Dan McGrath.

Dan McGrath, in my opinion, is the absolute best crafter of prose. Though Sports is Dan's beat, his heart directs a pen that follows a masterful path to the truth. He never engages in willful thinking like a Jay Mariotti, an Eric Zorn, a Mary Mitchell, or a Cathleen Falsani. Dan McGrath puts his own desires for what might be aside and gives the facts as they are presented to us.
Like a working man, with a limited income, a mortgage, tuition payments, medical, insurance, Taxes, and desires, Dan McGrath puts what is necessary before what he might like. No agenda, only a task before him, Dan McGrath gets the work done.

Dan's White Sox Championship reports were examples of good writing. Today Dan eclipses that brilliant series with a consideration of the personally loathsome Barry Bonds and his place in the Hall of Fame and in the Baseball Record Book. I think the guy has been doping up for years, like so many others, but is protected by image and dollar conscious leaders of National Baseball - it's their shame: Barry Bonds like any self-absorbed person will do whatever he is allowed to do -ala Michael Vick.

McGrath cuts through the nonsense and prejudice and need to appeal to popular sentiment that afflicts so many writers and presents a sound working man's reflection on any issue. Dan McGrath is fair, balanced and genuine. When asked if he could vote for the obviously 'juiced' and insulated Bonds for admission to the Hall of Fame, McGrath told San Francisco Chronicle's Tom Fitsgerald:

Yea or nay?
Voting members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America were asked whether they would vote for Barry Bonds for the Hall of Fame if they had to decide today.
Yes -- Bob Nightengale, USA Today Sports Weekly; Phil Rogers, Chicago Tribune; Mike Klis, Denver Post; John Henderson, Tampa Tribune; Doug Krikorian, Long Beach Press-Telegram; Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun; Tracy Ringolsby, Rocky Mountain News; Dan McGrath, Chicago Tribune.
No -- Hal Bodley, USA Today; Dave van Dyck, Chicago Tribune; Ken Rosenthal, FoxSports.com; Hal McCoy, Dayton Daily News; Larry Stone, Seattle Times; Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times; Bob Klapisch, ESPN.com.
E-mail Tom FitzGerald at tfitzgerald@sfchronicle.com.

Today in Tribune Sports Dan McGrath clearly and magnificently tells why. That example of writing is working class! That writing reflects working values. That is what working people expect to read for their $.50 or $.75; certainly Not shilling for wealthy people with an agenda that goes counter to the values of working people of all races.

The Chicago Tribune editorial board, like the pygmies at Chicago Sun Times, bait their hooks with cookie-cutter agendas crafted by some very powerful enemies of the working man - Maybe Sam Zell's direction of the Trib will be an opportunity to knock the HS out their hearts.

A Great beginning would be the appointment of Daniel B. McGrath as managing editor.

Here's why:

Friday, July 27, 2007

Jon Loevy Loves The SunTimes and The Reader

That's My Dog, Sun Times, let me have your paw! It's exhausting suing the Chicago Police Department 24/7 but The Working man's Pal - the NEW Chicago Sun Times and the New Chicago Reader ( purchased by Creative Loafing, Inc. in June 2007) carries Andy's - sorry -Jon Loevy's coal.



With the Working Man's Pal kicking down doors to kick down Chicago Police Officers and public confidence in all public institutions, no wonder the poor guy gets fatigued - carrying 40% of millions of taxpayers dollars to his bank is sleepy-tiresome. It's not all lunches with editorial boards, press conferences, interviews, and ledger balancing, Gertrude! Andy- sorry - Jon's got a line of supplicant victims forming at his loft suites - suites - suits - abuse suits -Brooks Brothers Suits- 'Damn It! Call The Sun Times! We got coal to heave!'

If only the rest of us -who go to work, pay our bills, treat our neighbors with respect, care for our kids, honor the law, and foot Jon Loevy's lifestyle - could learn to work together, the way G. Flint Taylor, Gangbanging murderers, Locke Bowman, The Bluhm Center, The Peoples Law Office, MacArthur Center for Justice, The Chicago Reader, Medill School of Journalism, Dick Simpson's UIC - boilerplate factory; Mr. & Mrs. Bernadine Dohrn-Ayers, and The Working Man's Pal steer the agenda, we'd all get to be on WTTW and NPR. What a Wonderful - but Exclusive - World that must be! Gee.

Again - That's Andy Dick - American Thespian - doing a stand-in for Jon Loevy; there are some swell snaps of the Lawsuit Leonidas in the links above.

Police Violence or Drunk Fat Guy ? The Sun Times Will Tell You What It Is! That's how They Roll - For The Working Man!

Ace Photag - Zippy D. Pinhead - of the working Man's Pal - the New Chicago Sun Times caught what The Working Man's Pal demands is a chilling scene of Police Violence! Four business executives ( above center) were treated to sacasym, dramatic irony, litotes, aporia, metanoia, pleonasm, slight regard, and dubious verbal applications of the interrogative seven years ago. And You People, taxpaying dummies, thought nightsticks were only used for parades???
The level of abuse was so shocking that all four business executives, topped off by quarts of festive Ketel One, were knocked prone by police intimidation and requests to - 'take it somewhere else.' Said the husky businessmen - 'They treated us like fat-drunken slobs; that's mean, Man.'
The MacArthur Center for Justice League of the Blum Trust Fund Syndicate for Peoples Redistribution of Middle Class Income are taking the Bulls by the Horns and Mobilizing for Justice. The Loevy Flint-Locke Combine smells dollars and The Chicago Sun Times makes cents.
The New Chicago Sun Times will print anything that remotely smacks of abuse, racism, or rhetorical flourishes that sadden or chip-away at self-esteem.
Lawsuits are in the works.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

COPS MAKE COPY! Working Man's Pal Gives to Those That Get! If Lawyers Don't Get Burge There is No Justice! SUN TIMES SAYS SO!

'Boys, This is Just The Ticket - Once the Chicago Cops are Completely Done in this City, It's ours for the picking! Boris, I like Reed's Editorial today! Send that Twist a Box Malamars. It fits in with Jon Loevy's employee and activist Andy Thayer's kick at the Cops in the You Think Column! We'll just use that in the print edition - YOU THINK - so pests and cop -lovers can't link it up.
Remember Comrades, All of our Readers are Stupid - Keep that in mind - and the dough will flow! If the courts can't convict! We'll get him in the court of Public Outrage! Here's the lede on the Pik! We need to push the mensa members on the City Council into believing - they get confused, sometimes boys, and think that gaslight runs on fireflies. Thank Vlad that the G started printing paper money or they'd be bow-legged. Flint-Locke will take care of simps that play-ball . Now, Run This Bull!'

CPD Bulls ( trained in Vietnam by War Criminal Burge) Chase Ace Legal Eagle Locke Bowman after City Council Flare-up on Police Abuse - Lawyer Walks on Waters of Lake Michigan to Make Good His Escape!
'Boys - remember - we can say - and we will say anything about Burge or any other Cop, See? Burge used Plutonium as well as electrodes on poor male black victims. We don't need to have the evidence - 'he dumped the plutonium along with his electric generator in Lake Michigan, as well as the USS Forrestal that Burge bought off the Shah of Iran and sank it in the Cal-Sag near Burnham Harbor when we got on to him. Yeah, that sounds about right. Say anything - Print anything! They'll lap it up, Boys! Now! Back to helping the Working Man!'
Hickey Note: Andy Thayer (featured above) is an employee of Jon Loevy- one of the Lawsuit Lotto on Cops and Taxpayers Addicted Gold Diggers of 2007: From Loevy and Loevy Firm Bios:

Andy Thayer, a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, has been a grassroots activist for more than 25 years. He is a co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network (which was formerly known as the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network http://www.gayliberation.net/) which has been a leader in spreading an anti-war, anti-racist message in the gay community. He spoke at the April 20, 2002 and the September 24, 2005 National Anti-War Marches on Washington and helped organize a 15,000-strong protest march on Lake Shore Drive at the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He is also one of Loevy & Loevy's paralegals/office managers.
Today's Chicago Sun Times print edition features Andy's letter that fully agrees with it's editorial sentiment. Nice how things work out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Working Man's Pal: Working For the Flint/Locke Combine! 'Get The Gold, Mistah Bowwwwmannnnn, but Get an "F " from the Jury!

Law Professor Kingsfield Abuses Locke Bowman??? This is an Outrage! We Got to Get this Right for Tomorrow' s Edition! Gives the Kid an F?????? Must be Burge's Uncle! Hello?????

From the crumpled missive sent to Editor: transcript account of secret recording:

'Mista Bowmannnn, you are familiar - are you not - with the American Work Ethththth - IC? You EAAAAAARRRRNNNN your Money - You do NOT have SOMEONE else DO it FOR YOU?You are FAM-iliar - are you NOT - with the passage from Holy Writ :'As you REAP so shall you SUE? No? - Here's an EFF! - Mr. Bowman - tell your Trust Fund - that you will lose AGAIN to any Jury!
Tell your friend, Flint, to check his briefs! They are soiled. Dismissed.'

' Cutpurse - get me Editorial! It's Sensational! Once again, The Working Man's Pal, gives it good and hard to the working stiffs - hard news, hard opinion, hard feelings, hard cheese! Toxic Beach! Gotta be the Cops! Poetry Slam Raided by the Heat- Editor Says Cops 'Polite' The Dame's gotta be on the take! Soldier Field Political - Named for a Soldier - Warmonger - Bush loving Burge ! He's Guilty - We've said so! Years ago! Let the Courts do the catchup! PEE PEE Story's Off the Charts! THE Kids Loved It ! Hey Call the Cuffe Alumni Office! When that School open 2000? But there's more! We need to change it up!
This is Outrageous it's so Boffo! Here's this fresh-faced kid Locke Bowman - G-Flint's Comrade! Mayflower Kid! What's he doin' on Page Two Bits? Close to METRO? The Club?' And on into last goodnight New Chicago Sun Times told this burg - Burge? - what's important! This is every bit as Front Page as the Kiddy Pee Punishment!

The Titmouses in City Council are in-line with Master Locke Bowman - Problem is Old Professor Kingsfield's reminds most people that Locke and his work ethic screwed the pooch two summers ago - a jury, on the case of the fabricated Cook County Jail Prisoner Abuse Lottery Ticket, that the FlintLocke Combine worked overtime to GET Sheriff Mike Sheahan, crumbled and tossed these Ambulance Chasers' case in less than twenty minutes!

Celebrated cigar store Indian and newly unemployed nitwit Ward Churchill has helped these gold-digging beauties with the kids and their efforts to do Locke's homework over at U of C's Mandel Hall on Thursday Nights - it's been in John Conroy's golden tablets in Chicago Reader! Again, The FlintLocke Combine tosses out the very same ( Churchillian) evidence to our City Council mensa members that has been ignored by every court thus far. Don't our Readers Understand????

Remember this great moment in Progressive Ambulance Chasing?

Byline: Kara Spak Daily Herald Staff Writer Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan is claiming that calls between Cook County jail inmates and a civil rights lawyer presented a "pattern of questionable conduct" that merits an investigation into the attorney's behavior. The calls in question were placed from a prison unit housing some of the jail's most dangerous inmates to Jean Maclean Snyder, an attorney with the University...

Now, Today in the Republican ( Republi -HOW???) Chicago Tribune, Locke Bowman wants Paddy Fitz the Fed to do the heavy lifting! At least Fitz is out of law school -"The U.S. attorney needs to be encouraged to pursue prosecution" for perjury, said Bowman, who asserted that urging by the council would carry weight.
I believe the Tribune might want to back away from the glow of the FlintLocke Combine given their GPA in Court - Naw, they're too Locked -in to the University Think Tanks.
This from the Monied Tanks:

MacArthur Justice Center. Its mission to provide free legal representation on criminal justice issues that affect the indigent often gets its cases local and national media attention. Founded in 1985, the clinic is funded by the J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation.
Locke Bowman, Lecturer and Director of the MacArthur Justice Clinic, and his colleague Jean Maclean Snyder, a Lecturer in the MacArthur Justice Center, supervise 16 law students who assist them in preparing cases. Bowman is a noted expert on defendants who face the death penalty, and Snyder is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the country on super-max prisons, including the Tamms Correctional Center in downstate Illinois.

“Our objective is to provide students the opportunity to apply classroom principles in the actual setting of litigation,” Bowman said. “We want them to understand that their education gives them power to achieve real goals for the betterment of individuals and society.”
Summaries of the MacArthur Justice Center’s recent cases are evidence of Bowman’s and Snyder’s commitment to making a difference in the criminal justice system: a suit related to mental health treatment at Tamms on behalf of four prisoners who protested of excessively harsh conditions; a petition filed with Randolph Stone of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic that called for a special prosecutor to investigate criminal violations during interrogations by City of Chicago Police Department Area 2 detectives; a successful judgment on behalf of a Chicago Reader reporter who was denied access to Cook County Jail after she wrote a story on the Cook County Sheriffs’ strip search policy; a suit against gun manufacturers that alleges they endanger the health and welfare of Chicago citizens; a suit on behalf of four Cook County Jail prisoners who alleged that a dozen guards beat them so severely that they had to be hospitalized; a successful petition to use DNA test results to prove a convicted man innocent of rape; and a suit against the Chicago Police Department to exonerate a man convicted of rape, who would have been proven innocent had evidence not been withheld for several years.
“Everything we’ve done in eight years we’ve done better because students are involved as working partners in the process of litigating our cases,” Bowman said
Any Dukey for Kids, Locke? Naw. Partners? Partners, How? 'Do the work for me.'

Howls of Giggles, Locke! Bang up job you did on that one - 20 minutes to toss! No wonder Old Man Kingsfield is after you and Flint - It's Chilling!'
And Now -Back to the Working Man's Pal

'CutPurse!!!!?????? Where's my call to editing???? Get that Twist on the Phone! Reed?? Cooke - Here's the lede - got a crayon? Law Prof Linked Lickings Learned Likely in Laos by Louse Copper! Locked Up! Free FlintLocke! - Got Kiddo? Go to rewrite -- The Workers Demand It!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sun Times Mary Mitchell: Ever Angry One Note Samba

The New Chicago Sun Times: Making the Great Divide more palatable for its readers - the angry and self-satisfied - but cetainly not the people working everyday.

Chicago Sun Times columnist and WTTW commentator Mary Mitchell 'can't help but' think, feel and opine that every white person within shouting distance gets up each morning with a new way to inflict harm, scorn, and violence on black people. It makes her angry when a black woman does not see it the same way as contrary Mary.

Mary Mitchell worked on CST's Don Hayner's 'Great Divide' series. Ever since Don Hayner's The Great Divide' Series in 1993, Mary Mitchell has been the ever angry voice of Sun Times' on Race.
The premise of Hayner's piece continued the social engineering practices developed by the crowd at University of Chicago in the 1930's and '40s that became the boilerplate modi of Chicago Activism - Fair Housing, Red-lining, & etc.: white ethnics are evil racists - end of story.
They ( white ethnics [I'm a they]- read Catholic in this case) are clannish, close-knit, fierce, tribal, corrupt, vicious, bigoted and YET they make great neighbors. Wild head scratcher that last!
Today, Mary Mitchell objects to the views of a black woman who chooses to live with the clannish ( nine years by her word), witnessed the recent horrible events at Durkin Park and objected to the ever angry, quite contrary Mary's column that returned its rapt readers ( the lads pictured above) to those thrilling days of yesteryear - 'imaginary boundaries' - The Great Divide. What we think - (white or black working people) , according to the NEW Chicago Sun Times, is not really important, nor much of a deal to the boutique thinkers ( Cliffs Notes Intellects) who choose to live in very transient, upper-middleclass, university educated, single, few kiddies but take the oversized pooch to the cafe Neighborhoods: demographically - these neighborhoods are almost Exclusively white). These loud citizens admire Hugo, Che, and enjoy black people at events. They are rewarded with media friendly mainstreets features.

Well, to the clannish and the close-knit out here on the south side where race relations happens around the clock, according to the old socialist boiler-plate - 'racial boundaries are marked by imaginary north/south streets:' That 's what Mary Mitchell insists upon No Doubt she she snaps to Mrs. Wiley. Halsted is the racial boundary 1950's ; Ashland is the Boundary 1960's ; Western is the Boundary 1970's ; Kedzie '80's; Pulaski 90's; Cicero Present - The Mississippi River Coming Soon!
Keep Hate Alive! It sells papers. There is not a boundary. Little black kids play with white kids unafraid ( right ouside my kitchen window - the endless 108th Street sewer baseball league) of us 'white devils' in Morgan Park. No chilling atmosphere. No Jim Crow. No Bulwhipping. No 'Strange Fruit up in the Trees. In fact, Doc and the other black gents pop in to Keegan's Pub for some pints of Smithwicks or Guinness ( black is beautiful!) usually sharing a bag of Harold's with Nualla from Derry and stay until the opera music by that blind Italian singer runs out everyone but the maudlin.
The only time that the 'close-knit, clannish' code stuff surfaces is in Chicago newsprint and later aped by the lazy TV Media.

The Durkin Park beat-down, like the horrific near murder of tiny Ryan Rusch in Beverly Park, is fodder for people who love seeing race-baiting and scab picking sell papers. Race relations is a parlor game for faux intellects in transient upper-class - read Yuppie - neighborhoods: Starbucks chat Caffinated Revolution! We Mobilize! - Right After some sick mojito's at Nacional 21. I am surprised that John Conroy has not found a link between the Ryan Rusch beat-down and Jon Burge. The Chicago Reader gets good play in the Working Man's Pal!
Back to the Durkin Park spin:
Here's today's angry Mary Mitchell's venting against an eye-witness - a black woman who seems to like her neighbors:

If the facts go against the agenda, print the agenda!
From WTTW ( one of Mary Mitchell's Anger Gigs):http://www.wttw.com/main.taf?p=1,7,1,1,30
'Nevertheless, she worked tirelessly hard, and in 1991 after earning her degree, the Sun-Times hired her as its education reporter. Two years later, her editors paired her with Hayner to write a successful series on race, called "The Great Divide." '

That series really helped bring folks together - I suppose. Keeping the 'imaginary barriers' manned and weaponed sells more papers.

The Working Man's Pal - the NEW Chicago Sun Times seems to want more angry people - white and black - ignoring Mrs. Wiley and listening to the ever Angrier Mary - Let's Rumble!

No thanks. Clannish people like CFD Lt.Denny Cahill ( page 3 CSTs BTW) are too busy busting into burning houses in Englewood to breathe life back into a baby. Black tradesmen like Lonny Newman ( Leo High School 2004) are too busy knocking down 45 hours a week as a Local 597 Pipefitter and taking care of their family members back over in Roseland.

Tell them about what concerns working class people. Naw, continue to pick at scabs - if hurts heal, then you have nothing to talk about - Mary Mitchell will continue to pick fights with CST columnist Neil Steinberg for no reason and also the thousands of people like Mrs. Wiley of the Scottsdale neighborhood, because the truth does not fit the goofy agenda of NEW Chicago Sun Times.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sun Times Raises the Lid on Standards! The Working Man's Paper Puts Poignant Pissoir Pontification Page One!

Activists, criminals and lawsuit lawyers can't 'help but feel' that Police Abuse has been uncovered in this morning's shocking and theatrically photographed saga of a 'potty break' denied; and the ugly centerpiece CPS coverup and the familar specter of Police Abuse - Progressive forces are mobilizing as we -SORRY! - take a break for a second - there - Beverly Bean Haitian Blue! We only rent it. Where was I? Oh, Yeah!
The Working Man's Pal - The Chicago Sun Times features the 12 year old victims ( color photos portray the young schoolmen festooned in medals and honors ribbons) of Class Warfare!
Class and Punishment! Class Warfare! Class Struggle! Class Headlines! Class Clash Cash!
When will Mayor Daley, Jon Burge and former White Sox Shortstop Harry Chappas finally be brought to book over these horrific atrocities? Ward Churchill died for your sins Man! Oh, Ward's still with us -apologies.

The latest Public School crisis averted thanks to the timely and tenacious tip-off of The Working Man's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times!
Class and Punishment - Crime and Punishment - Torture and Punishment - Wait! Oh, That's the Same thing. Yes, Like Police Abuse and Post Toasties! See a Pattern Here? John Conroy does.
Positively PO'd Progressive Voices Praised the July 15th Manifesto:
The Chicago Reader, a free press that suggests but does not require the donning of a knit Patagonia cap while reading, offers a comradely Salud! Vinceremos! All Hail The Working Class!
and a color photo of La Pasionaria Reed! Cheryl Reed? Any relation to Jack Reed?
The Working Man, photographed above in Full color after a full day's work of boutique hopping, cafe cantering and totally sick Clubbing in Lincoln Square, was moved to tears of pain and anguish over this Front Page Tale of Potty Denied! 'It's Chilling Man! These cops are so wrong Man that Now school teachers are into Torture.' Like the two little guys featured in this powerful CST's Front Page Story - He could not wait! He mobilized a'Plenty!
The Absolute Collective Force behind Chicago Sun Times editorial management, pictured above in stunningly dualistic black and white, vow - 'How Long, Chicago? This will not Stand! We Mobilize! We Bring Suit! We Cash In!'
Little Big Litigation Man, Jon Loevy could not be reached for comment - because I don't talk to him. Never met the little guy. Don't care to . . .he'd probably trip upon the carpet, break a nail and say some cops beat him senseless - can't improve on God's handiwork/seems pretty senseless from the get-go.
I can't wait until tomorrow! Chicago Sun Times - a paper to laugh at !

It's front page! Read it! Won't take any time. That's the idea.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Most Loyal Americans of Guam - 63 years of Liberation: They Do Not Read The Chicago Sun Times

Above" Liberation Day Parade 2007
Right: Liberation Queen DeAna Arriola

The Japanese landed on Guam in December of 1941. Guam's Governor, Navy Commander McMillan, knew that defense of the American island was futile. Nevertheless, Chamorros of the Insular Guard outfitted in cast-off Navy uniforms and armed with obsolete training rifles met the Japanese landing and offered a spirited defense of the their homes. Here is an account taken from Pacific News Daily celebrating their heroism:

Pacific Daily News:

In less than an hour, McMillan surrendered the island to the Japanese, setting off two years of suffering and sacrifice for the Chamorro people.
The effort to defend the palace was futile, Ramirez said, because forces were insufficiently equipped.
Accounts from members stated that just three machine guns and 95 outdated Springfield rifles -- with the inscriptions: "Fire only in training" -- were given to share among the more than 200 members, PDN files state.
The eventual surrender of the United States came after the deaths of guardsmen Angel L.G. Flores and Vicente C. Chargualaf, along with several other service and guardsmen.
Different stories were told of their deaths, Ramirez said, with at least one which depicts their insubordination.
The two refused to lower the American flag and replace it with the Japanese flag, leading to their beheading, he said.
After the deaths of a handful of Guardsmen and more than 10 U.S. servicemen, McMillan surrendered.

Here's the link:
On this day, 63 years ago, at this very time of day, amphibious tractors (LVTs) were crawling over the reef off of the Asan landing beaches. These alligator-like landing craft carried a crew of three and fifteen Marines ( American teenagers) of the assault batallions. By 9 A.M. July 21st, 1944, most of the these men would be dead or wounded. The People of Guam made their sacrifices an intrinsic element of their culture. Would that more Americans be so blessed. Hafa Adai!
Here's our Local Culture:

The Chicago Papers and media are loaded with stories and features that divide people, race is the best bait, and undermine confidence in our traditions and values. The Friend of the Working Man - The Chicago Sun Times opines that Police officers are racist sociopaths and that government should afford lawsuit motivated lawyers, activists and criminals every opportunity to sue and harass individual officers: their definition of Police Reform.
Only Neil Steinberg has offered an honest assesment in his column of that paper. Much, Much Further to the absurdly radical left, Dick Simpson, who could not make a living without the radical network cocooning his nest at UIC, and media gigs, went on WGN yesterday and calumnized our Justice System, as well as working Police officers.
Distinguished Professor - my broad manly ass! Distinguished - marked by, true enough, an ability to smear and call it artistry. BTW-Wasn't the Distinguished Professor a defender of spray-paint taggers, while he did so little in the City Council? It seems like asking a glutton to discuss dieting strategies, WGN -might be a great sweeps feature - next year; morons.
Only Neil Steinberg and the Chicago Tribune's John Kass are actually defending police officers with the facts. (I have been a frequent critic of John Kass, but have proclaimed him to be one of the most talented writers in Chicago.) These two guys are stand-up people! When the truth does not fit a radical agenda the truth gets locked up. Thank you, gentlemen , for taking off the cuffs on the facts.
We could learn something about honesty and honor from the people of Guam - they do not read the New Chicago Sun Times.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 21st Marks the 63rd Anniversary of Guam's Liberation - Hafa Adai!

Two Part Historical Novel Fuses Guam and Chicago History by Pat Hickey

My novel The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel Guam in Time of War concerns the liberation of Guam in World War II and fuses Chicago and Guam history.The title comes from a place where hundreds of American teenagers died in July 1944 and an antique revolver. The revolver is not that important, but Chorito Cliff was and is to a generation of men and women who are disappearing at too great a rate.Chorito is the name of a cliff overlooking the Asan beaches on Guam. In 1944, the 3rd Marines assaulted Chorito Cliff and Bundeschu Ridge. A Hog Leg is the nickname for an 1860 Colt .45 Revolver.
While working on the Every Heart and Hand: A Leo High School Story, I was struck by how many members of the Leo Class of 1943 served in the Marine Corps and also in the Guam Campaign. Likewise, it struck me that almost nowhere in popular culture has room enough been made for the most loyal Americans - the People of Guam - The Chamorros.
I started doing some homework and the result is a historical novel in two parts. Part One covers the time of April 1944 to August 10, 1944 and introduces some of the fictional and historical characters who figure in this work. Within the carnage of battle is a war pitting a young man, Tim Cullen Leo High School '43, against his battalion commander over the possession of an 1860 Army Colt .45 Hog leg revolver which can be traced back to Capt. Myles Keogh who died with Custer. The last owner is the doomed Lt. Jack Buck of Giddings, TX.
Buck will be killed in the taking of Bundeschu Ridge, but Jack Buck had exacted a promise from Pvt. Tim Cullen of his platoon to keep it from the hands of Major Lucas Opley, an up from the ranks Marine of legend, and return the Colt to his family in Texas.
This story also brings in life in Chicago's south side, in particular the people who lived along 79th Street in the 1940's. Historical personages like some of the great men of Leo High School ( Whitey Cronin, Briother Finch, Jimmy Arneberg, Bob Hanlon, Bob Kelly, Dick Prendergast & etc.), Lyndon Johnson, General Roy Geiger, Col. 'Red Mike' Edson, Father Jesus Duenas, Radioman Paul Newman, Ensign Johnny Carson, Edward J. 'Spike' O'Donnell, Mayor Ed Kelly and Brother Francis Finch mingle with fictional characters Tim Cullen, Gunny Billy Higgins, Lucas Opley, Dr. Ted Tanaka and Betty Cruz. Life in St. Sabina's Parish and along 79th Street in Chicago is recreated to the best of my powers.
My narrative uses the intrusive narrator that offers commentary on the action and infuses a moral tone. At the outset, I wish to apologize for any typos that sneaked past my tired old eyes - placing an 'and' where I mean to place ad 'an' - writers are not the best editors. ( 'best hell- Hickey; not even close to H.S.')
The story is about a young man who developed a sharp moral sense in his neighborhood and a devotion to his word to others - fashioned in the pews of St. Sabina Church, the halls of Leo High School, the playing surface of Shewbridge Field and along 79th Street. Cullen's values and sense of honor is tested by circumstances and the hidden agenda of an otherwise good man, Maj. Lucas Opley.Parallel to Cullen’s ordeals with the 3rd Marines and suffering on Japanese occupied Guam are movie house operator Juan Cruz and his family, as well as an exiled Japanese American Dentist and his movie star wife. Exacting the cruelty is the oafish Boson Otayama and the American educated Lt. Kato. Awaiting liberation are also such historical figures of Guam’s history as Father Duenas and Pastor Sablan who heroically protected American George Tweed from the Japanese for two years.The touchstone Hog-leg revolver, in its shoulder holster, will be taken from Lt. John A. Buck’s body by Cullen at an aid station on Guam’s Red Beach 2 and cause Cullen no end of problems. The Battalion commander wants the Colt Hog-leg.
Cullen hangs on to the weapon but never uses it and is repeatedly ordered by Maj. Opley to hand it over. Opley wants it for himself. This through-the ranks career officer will undo himself through his own devices and be sent home under a cloud after years of service to the Corps after the Guam Campaign.In the Fall of 2007, the second book of The Chorito Hog Leg story will follow the adventures of Tim Cullen through the mopping-up actions on Guam, the Iwo Jima Campaign, the sinking of U.S.S. Indianapolis, the Atomic Bombings of Japan, the beginning of the War Crimes Trials on Guam and return Cullen, through the great Pacific Typhoon of 1945, to Chicago. Again, the author will employ the ‘intrusive narrator’ technique used by William Makepeace Thackeray in his 19th Century historical fictions.I hope that I do some justice to the generation who served in World War II and to the great people of Guam.
The book is available through the Web at these links:
I hope that I do some small justice to the story.

Sun Times A Total Disgrace! Race Baiting Rag Crucifies Cops!

Today's Chicago Sun Times Commentary, in its print edition with a rotten mast cartoon by Steve Elde, a poor man's Jack Levine and Lefty Cartoonist from the Lakefront suburbs, shills openly for the Jon Loevy lobby of Ambulance Chasers. Try not to give us the impression that opening Beef Sheets with personal information on Police Officers to the very people suing government into the jackpot is Police Reform. Tell that to deaf mule and he'd kick you to death! Now, there is a chilling image.

Link Only web edition: I could not access Elde's cartoon on web: Gotta pay the bum anyway I suppose.


Your beat down of Chicago Police Officers added Race Baiting with Elde's cartoon of five husky and humorless white Chicago Policemen ( no diversity in Abuse Agenda per Lefty Doctrine) having beaten a faceless male victim unconscious is worth a thousand words! Don't get me started.

STNG - The Sun Times News Group - the sting? You clowns are a disgrace.

To sell a couple of papers and stir trouble, the Chicago Sun Times is a sad racist and race baiting joke - and no one is laughing.

You have limited your audience - count the receipts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jon Loevy and Jamie Kalven Want Answers! They Want Lawsuits on Cops! They Want to be Taken Seriously! Hey the Media Listens - Why Don't Taxpayers?

'What's in the Bag? You Know What's in the Bag. We ALL know what's in the bag!'

John Loevy and Jamie Kalven want the Names of Police with 10 or more Citizen Beefs on them~! They Want Names, People! With these names made public, Jon and his pals can craft more and better tax-payer funded lawsuits and stupid and gutless politicians can stand with them for the pay-off! God! 662 - or as Derrick Blakely would say -'closer to 700.'

Wait a minute - Hickey - these people are trying to fight abuse! Yeah. Like those selfless ambulance chasers in L.A. who walked away with 40% of 600 -'closer to 700' Million Dollars. Punish bad guys - but do not allow weasels to watch the egg basket. The media gets dewy-eyed and misty around stand-up guys like Loevy and Kalven - who make out handsomely in their cottage industry on lawsuits and 'redistribution of wealth - over the tax-payers' strategies. Beats working for a living, I guess. Sue your way to wealth! Oh , well. I'm just mean.

Here's some TV and print links to just indicate how seriously the orchestrated outrage of the media, criminals, ambulance chasers, race baiters, shakedown artists, university think tankers, hack politicians that can not get elected, phonies and fans of face value, prima facie evidence is meant to be taken. ( Howls of Giggles from this taxpayer-citizen, mind you). These Hustle Howlers are so pipelined to the Chicago Media, it almost seems like a criminal enterprize - RICO? n'cest pas? Chilling. Just a taxpayer musing! Here goes our trusty newsmakers!

http://cbs2chicago.com/local/local_story_198121913.html Always good for serious race polarization: They would have done great work in the Balkans.

http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-unseal18jul18,1,3328562.story?coll=chi-news-hed The good Old Medill Swill you can get a great judgmental spin on how bad police are from two Mensa members on CLTV. Listen to their remarks.

http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=local&id=5482094 Rather antiseptic - Chuck Goudie; nice work on Officer Mette's kangaro court in Dubuque. The Loevy-smiths would love that judge out there.

And I got nothing from Channel 5.

BTW - That's Andy Dick up there - an actor, wit and gad-about with same level of conviction and dedication to self-respect as John '40%' Loevy. Wait for the movie - it'll be killer - killer I tells ya!

The real heavy lifting for Jon and the 21st Century Gold-Dusters is being done by The Friend of Working Man- the NEW Chicago Sun Times!

Get Law Dogs Without Due Process- Sun Times Takes The Gold Again!

"The names are the essence of it -- this feels a little bit like a desperate stunt on the part of the city with the vote of the City Council fast approaching," activist Jamie Kalven said.
( 'Take That, Wild Bills!')
From Today's The Working Man's Friend: 7/18/07
Leaving no stone unturned - or page uninked - The new Working Man's Pal - The Chicago Sun Times returns to its roots ? Never Mind.
Jon Loevy and all the other ambulance chasers who work out of a network web that includes criminals, University Think Tanks, Progressive Pols on the Shorts, Loud Mouthed Activists, Race Baiters, and other Working People ( the New Sun Times definition) should get to draw down on the Law Dogs. 662 by the Working Man's Pal report yesterday. http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/472560,CST-NWS-police18.article
This media bouquet is intended to allow Gold Creek Prospector Jon Loevy and G(old) Flint Taylor and other Lefty Lawyers allied with the Real Working Class ( the above listened to citizens - They're easily chilled- BTW) to shoot 21st Century Wild Bill's with Rat Writs!
By all accounts, Chicago Police Officers can get a Citizen Complaint while they are off-duty , on vacation, hopitalized or otherwise engaged. But the Worker's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times never mentions this; for that information, one must go to another source - a real working man's ( sorry, that's person's) blogsite:
"So evidently, there is no longer any difference between sustained, not sustained, unfounded or exonerated anymore. The mere fact that a complaint was filed means you are guilty guilty guilty. What the hell? How are we supposed to be disciplined "meaningfully" if the complaint was without merit in the first place?As we've stated before, a civilian's criminal history cannot be brought into play except for purposes of (A) setting bail or (B) sentencing following conviction. Any other mention is overly prejudicial to the legal process. This lawsuit to produce the list of accused officers without taking into consideration the lack of appropriate standing of the complaint is asinine at best. We don't even want to think about what it is at the worst."
Please, do, read more here. Talk about a public execution of public servants!
The New Chicago Sun Times is here to protect those who have made a career of crime - Ambulance Chasers; Beef Barristers; Back Shooters. They gave it the full-court press, because they are the Full Court Press and their pals will press it in court until the gold is squeezed from the Public! How Progressive!
The New Chicago Sun Times is ALL over it! The trouble is working people like me are not buying it.
Hey, all of us who go to work every day but would not be considered working class folks by the Friend of the Working Man ( CST), let's get a Ghoul Pool started on when the Workers Daily - The New Chicago Sun Times strikes its colors - the Jolly Roger. Chilling!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gold For Thems That Sue Police! The Working Man's Paper Sets Things Right for Working Ambulance Chasers

The Working Man's Paper Helps These Prospectors Find Gold in Lawsuits Against Cops

Working Men and Women - Wait for The Redistribution of Wealth - Wait a Minute - Oh, Yeah you will be Taxed More and Real Working People - Police Officers Get More Abuse! It makes sense to the Working Man's Paper - The Chicago Sun Times.

This is only privy link to the web edition - The Print Edition shows where the Gold waits for a tuck into the purses of Ambulance chasers.

You see WE ( The majority of dopes who go to work and such - cops, firemen, police, streets and sanitation, tradesmen, school teachers & etc.) are NOT working people - we are PLUTOCRATS - bad guys.

Here's the Working Man! He's part of a network of lawsuit slingers, University Think Tankers and Lefty Journalists, as well as Progressive Hack politicians who can not get elected. Working People!

Like Lawsuit-Smith Loevy:http://www.loevy.com/FirmBios.html

Police Officers who get beefs ( 10 Civilian Complaints or More) would be subject to having MORE cockroach lawyers climbing through their undies in search of Lawsuit Gold! We ( The Working Dopes) are suppossed to get behind this? Make Jon Loevy's work a tad easier? Mr. 40%?

The working man -folks like Jon Loevy - who wades into the creek's chilling ( I love that Lefty Verbal) waters every day panning for gold, coughed up in lawsuits against the City and other Governmental agencies ripe and thick with tax-payer Gold - has a friend in the Working Man's Friend - The Chicago Sun Times: Edgey! Confrontational! Lefty! The New Chicago Sun Times ( tarred and looted by Lord Black) shows this metaphorical gold to one and all on the cover of today's paper - in the form of a Chicago Police Officer's Badge and braid - obviously a General - maybe our next Superintendent. Is this warning to one and all that the next Superintendent MUST needs be a compliant noodle-spine for our Working Man's Friend and its Pals.

The gold sits deep in the governmental creek and must be extracted or panned wherever a working man, like Jon Loevy and fellow prospector G.(gold) Flint Taylor, can roil up enough rippled waters in the Publicly Funded Creek with charges and allegations of Police Abuse. Allege - get a suit!

Now, Son, work on That volume - let's see! - 662 times millions of Tax payer salted dollars; subtract commonsense ( Buck or two here and there 'Can't take it all - YET) and deduct a sweet 40% - Yeow! That's Gold, Son!

Working with a journalist, like University of Chicago incubated Jamie Kalven, and having a solid print pal in the 'The Working Man's Friend: The Chicago Sun Times editorial board beating out this endless theme every day of the week, Working Man Jon Loevy can grab the gold with much less effort.


662 Potential Police Prospects for Panning according to the The Working Man's Friend! 'GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! Old Oily Jon no longer might need to hoist up the hip boots and wade in the troubled waters. Them thar nuggets will fly right into his britches! Praise Jesus! A Paper like the Working Man's Friend also wants to scare the gutless and the stupid among our elected officials to 'Do Something to Help Jon!' It's Chilling in Them Thar Cricks!

All the rest of us plutocrats, who pay all the taxes, obey all the laws, drive with insurance, bed-down by 11PM after scaring the kids into the house for ''night-night," and get up at 5AM to work back hoes, ride on Sanitation Trucks, Fire Trucks, Deliver Mail, Drive Buses, Teach School, Manage Businesses and Work the Trades and Serve and Protect the Very People Suing Police Officers, should tremble before the righteous Working Man. Jon Loevy and other ambulance chasers are having the work done for them by the Friend of the Working Man -The Chicago Sun Times!

Monday, July 16, 2007

James J. Shields - American Hero

My friend Dr. J. Sean Callan has created an introductory video to his biography of James J. Shields - American hero. Dr. Callan wrote a wonderful biography of the three time U.S. Senator, hero of the Mexican War and the only Union general to defeat Stonewall Jackson. Some politicians in Illinois tried to obliterate the memory of the man who saved Illinois from bankruptcy, challenged Lincoln to a duel and made peace with the Sioux.
Save our History! This is an American life that too many entrusted with our history choose to ignore.

Give this link a click and watch Dr. Sean Callan's presentation of an American hero.

Then get his book:
Great work Dr. Callan!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back Off, Cop! Judge Ackley Defends Drunk Bullies; Jails Police Officer


The Chicago Tribune's John Kass, hits it out into the tall Iowa corn in Sunday's report of an assault on pure reason. An Iowa Judge, Monica Ackley, sentenced a Chicago Police Officer to five years in prison for striking a rich, violent, booze bully. Kass does a great follow-up ON THE DRUNKEN CLOWN whose Daddy's dough weighed in on the scales at Ackley's Dubuque Silo & Hometown Grain Elevator & Justice Mill - Hey it tips to the locals. Damn FIPS!

This idiot's ruling reads like G. Flint Taylor boiler-plated the pettifoggery for the robed nit-wit herself.

Read Kass:

Then read the spin given by the 'working-class' paper: Oh, that's right; they are worried about Conrad Black. Never mind - they had a little something in the print edition that did not translate to the web - it talked about the string of violent cop stories, doncha know - Sneedless to say! Maybe it will be squealed about in Mary Mitchell's column - 'It's a slap in the face! I can't help but think that had the judge not realized that nothing in this had anything to do about Race that more black children would be on life -support! Why did this white Cop not get the Death Penalty? We all know why! That's right We All Know Why! That's enough truth for one column!'

Channel 7 (ABC) Chuck Goudie ran this disturbing story pretty well - Nice solid 'working class' detail Chuck! Working class! You at least respect the fact that Police Officers are working class heroes.

Let's all Cop an attitude on this one!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amy's Self-Inflicted Ambush Is No "Front Page!"

Classic Chicago Myth Making requires a willing suspension of the facts, or the originally intended details, from what is desired. Exemplum Gratia - 'The Chicago Sun Times is returning to its 'working class' roots:' for clarification of this - the latest mythopoeic effort by the 'dead-man floating' Chicago paper,: please read Illinois Review's brilliant Mark Rhoads' commentary below

The Amy Jacobson Saga continues to dominate news - even though The Sun Times has had a story about a bar that out-Hooters Hooters: bikini clad drink slingers. We got a bikini clad reporter doing the Ben Hecht Revisited:

The Front Page was bowdlerized into His Girl Friday and Amy ain't no Roz Russell, mind you.

Once again, in order to wade through the lilly-pads of this Salacious Slough of Chicago Media Madness, read Phil Rosenthal: With Neil Steinberg on vacation, thank God for Phil Rosenthal's brilliant mind and honest soul. Kass should start hanging around with this Chicago gentleman and journalism gem. Another definitive prose piece by The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rosenthal - keep us honest with ourselves Phil!

I got more links on this than a Mike Houlihan Breakfast Platter at the Magic on 111th Street!
( n.b. the same morons riding the Chicago Sun Times over the cliff thought that Humorist Mike Houlihan was TOOOOO Chicago for Chicago)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pope Pisses Off Progressives!

Here's the Only Pope that would get a pass from SCAM, Kathleen Falsani - the Sun Times Swami, and all of the hip and happening!
Pope Bono I
Semper Hip, Semper Happenin'

Sock Puppet - So-Called Austin Mayor: SCAM, a bell-weather of the hip and the happening, jumped all over Pope Benedict XVI's recent statement. 'Chilling' it was - no doubt - they are thin blooded little creatures, the Progressives. It's theology, boy and girls -all that extra ecclesiam nulla sallus est stuff- bores me rigid, I tells ya! Not so the SCAM! Sock Puppet gets it on! Roll over, Nast!
It is Fun, Easy, Hip and Happening to Make fun of Catholics and as American and Progressive as Santa Claus! His inventor hated Catholics Big Time! Old Tommy Nast went Old Testament on Catholics!

Sock Puppet SCAM,who sniffs about feelings and worries about other people's thoughts, jumped all over this one! Kind of like Mike Tyson kicking ass in the cancer unit of Childrens Memorial Hospital! Kick that Sick Punk! Yeah! SCAM IS ON!

Here's my comment to SCAM on his site:

SCAM,You old sock puppet!

Fordham University is my favorite Catholic school because of what it means to the fashionable atheist and Progressive critics of my Faith.FU!The same gobshites who get all pissy about the poor Al Queda slobs in Gitmo flash this BS all the time.Evangelicals are too devout and sincere in their simple Christianity to develop a school like Fordham.We Catholics respect those devotions and sincere principles, but do not mind ducking out for a Lucky Strike after the Gospel and sneak in line for the Communion.As to the clowns who have dismissed Catholics as well as pious Christians and our co-religionist of the Old Testament the Jews - how about an Ecumenical shoutout of F(ordham) U(niversity)!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCain Tree County

A tree loving pal sent me this species of rare American timber that withstands all manner of abuse, set backs, storms and Way Right Republican hissy fits:

The McCain Tree

Today I got me a note from the candidate for the Office of President of the United States - the one candidate who can win America's war on Islamist Terror - Senator John McCain. The Senator talked about the resignation of his Campaign Advisers - singularly gracious and all. But the payoff was at the end.

Here are some notes from the end of his letter:

"Now is not the time to be timid or to shy away from our challenges - now is the time to stand up and say what we believe. I'm fighting to make our nation stronger, our government more effective and our world a safer place - and I hope you will continue to join me in this important journey.
Together, I have every confidence that we will be successful and I am honored by your continued support and friendship. "

Senator John McCain

He's short on dough but long on courage and political honesty. He is as deeply rooted as the fine and homely American wood above. John McCain is staying!

Friday, July 06, 2007

End of Watch: Fahey and O'Brien

One thing I know for certain - that is that Officer William Fahey and Officer Richard O'Brien were murdered. Their killers murdered and urinated on them. Some people with advanced degrees, City pensions, trust funds and ant-like hearts continue to do the same on their memories.
Retired Alderman Dick Simpson shills for the Coalition for Police Accountability - the usual suspects: G. Flint Taylor's PLO; MacArthur Center for Justice; Northwestern Law and Univesity of Chicago Law Schools and Dick's own University of Illinois at Chicago- home to Weatherman Bomb Builder and Trust Fund Marxist Billy Ayers - he ain't no Scooter Libby.

This smartly orchestrated Opera Buffa has been playing Chicago longer than the old Admiral Theatre showed dirty movies. It is a cottage industry!

Dick opens with an homage to Independence Day - called by the balance of Americans the Fourth of July - and a homey appeal to the Police Torture scab, picked at by the Tweedy and the Greedy every two weeks in the Chicago Media, due to the synergy created by the political slugs who can not get elected, the radical Leftist funded University appendages; and the pipelined Chicago media. There follows the same old familar G. Flint drum beat of 'why these clowns ( G. Flint et al) can not get a conviction' and, like every Leftist, demands that gutless government do 'something!' Flint is always cheated - hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Pig Establishment!
Oh My God! It was in the Chicago Reader! How can I say that?
Well, I have about as much evidence as G. Flint Taylor, but I have no ax to grind. I believe that these lawyers and activists expected every human being to roll over on their say-so and that has not happened. Flint thought that Judges Boyle and Egan were just the Cat's Meow - until they made a report that did not agree with Flint's cookie cutter evidence handily fabricated by Ward Churchill and the kids at the University of Chicago on Thursday nights and regurgiated upon command in the Chicago Reader. Keep on, Keeping On! Dig it! - to quote Northwestern's radical payroller and Billy Ayers' Old Lady - Bernadine Dohrn. Heck, let's get the whole coalition in this space. After all - they could pack a phone booth with genuine supporters!
I'll just use this cyber-opportunity to devote an end of watch for the two Chicago Police Officers murdered by the the alleged victims of the Leftist Straw Dogs - funny that no courts are in volved - County, State or Federal.

Ironically, Dick Simpson and the Coalition do more for the murdered officers' memory - these coalition harpies remind all of us every two weeks or so just how wonderful this Country and its Constitution remains - they excerise their right to free speech with news print and bullhorns.

They are given a plush forum on which to call down the Leftist gods of judgement on the very pillars of Justice that they seek to topple. Hit the gym, boys and girls, it is going on thirty years now.

Dick and Flint and Locke and all the Tweedy and Greedy will be back. In the mean time,read these wonderful end of watch tributes from the Officer Down Memorial Page and then try and get moist in the eye over Dick's pals.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Template for a Leader: John McCain's Answers to The Daily News

On Sunday the Daily News issued its questions to the candidate: John McCain.

Give this a read and witness the Template for an American President. Senator McCain speaks from his heart to the global nature of America's War with Islamist Terrorism. No squirmy sound bytes or spin. This is the straight talk of a leader.

America needs a Leader. Here's a passage that I found particularly compelling:

"Our standing in the world is a strategic asset and will be increased by working more closely with the world's democracies. We Americans must be willing to listen carefully to the views of our democratic allies. Like all other nations, we reserve the sovereign right to defend our vital national security when and how we deem necessary. But our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom, knowledge and resources necessary to succeed. When we believe international action is necessary, whether military, economic, or diplomatic, we must work to persuade our democratic friends and allies that we are right. But in return, we must be willing to be persuaded by them. To be a good leader, America must be a good ally."

Read the entire response of Senator John McCain. He speaks like a leader, because he is just that - he does not play one on television, or when the teleprompter whizzes, or by catching the eye of his handler.

May God watch over all of you and hold each and everyone in the cup of His warm hands this Fourth of July, 2007.
Note Well, Please:
Pray for the soul of eleven year old Nathan Dombrowski who died last night in an accident in our neighborhood in Chicago. The poor little guy was playing with his pals. Pray for his family and act with kindness to our own.