Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amy's Self-Inflicted Ambush Is No "Front Page!"

Classic Chicago Myth Making requires a willing suspension of the facts, or the originally intended details, from what is desired. Exemplum Gratia - 'The Chicago Sun Times is returning to its 'working class' roots:' for clarification of this - the latest mythopoeic effort by the 'dead-man floating' Chicago paper,: please read Illinois Review's brilliant Mark Rhoads' commentary below

The Amy Jacobson Saga continues to dominate news - even though The Sun Times has had a story about a bar that out-Hooters Hooters: bikini clad drink slingers. We got a bikini clad reporter doing the Ben Hecht Revisited:

The Front Page was bowdlerized into His Girl Friday and Amy ain't no Roz Russell, mind you.

Once again, in order to wade through the lilly-pads of this Salacious Slough of Chicago Media Madness, read Phil Rosenthal: With Neil Steinberg on vacation, thank God for Phil Rosenthal's brilliant mind and honest soul. Kass should start hanging around with this Chicago gentleman and journalism gem. Another definitive prose piece by The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rosenthal - keep us honest with ourselves Phil!

I got more links on this than a Mike Houlihan Breakfast Platter at the Magic on 111th Street!
( n.b. the same morons riding the Chicago Sun Times over the cliff thought that Humorist Mike Houlihan was TOOOOO Chicago for Chicago)

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