Friday, July 06, 2007

End of Watch: Fahey and O'Brien

One thing I know for certain - that is that Officer William Fahey and Officer Richard O'Brien were murdered. Their killers murdered and urinated on them. Some people with advanced degrees, City pensions, trust funds and ant-like hearts continue to do the same on their memories.
Retired Alderman Dick Simpson shills for the Coalition for Police Accountability - the usual suspects: G. Flint Taylor's PLO; MacArthur Center for Justice; Northwestern Law and Univesity of Chicago Law Schools and Dick's own University of Illinois at Chicago- home to Weatherman Bomb Builder and Trust Fund Marxist Billy Ayers - he ain't no Scooter Libby.

This smartly orchestrated Opera Buffa has been playing Chicago longer than the old Admiral Theatre showed dirty movies. It is a cottage industry!

Dick opens with an homage to Independence Day - called by the balance of Americans the Fourth of July - and a homey appeal to the Police Torture scab, picked at by the Tweedy and the Greedy every two weeks in the Chicago Media, due to the synergy created by the political slugs who can not get elected, the radical Leftist funded University appendages; and the pipelined Chicago media. There follows the same old familar G. Flint drum beat of 'why these clowns ( G. Flint et al) can not get a conviction' and, like every Leftist, demands that gutless government do 'something!' Flint is always cheated - hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Pig Establishment!
Oh My God! It was in the Chicago Reader! How can I say that?
Well, I have about as much evidence as G. Flint Taylor, but I have no ax to grind. I believe that these lawyers and activists expected every human being to roll over on their say-so and that has not happened. Flint thought that Judges Boyle and Egan were just the Cat's Meow - until they made a report that did not agree with Flint's cookie cutter evidence handily fabricated by Ward Churchill and the kids at the University of Chicago on Thursday nights and regurgiated upon command in the Chicago Reader. Keep on, Keeping On! Dig it! - to quote Northwestern's radical payroller and Billy Ayers' Old Lady - Bernadine Dohrn. Heck, let's get the whole coalition in this space. After all - they could pack a phone booth with genuine supporters!
I'll just use this cyber-opportunity to devote an end of watch for the two Chicago Police Officers murdered by the the alleged victims of the Leftist Straw Dogs - funny that no courts are in volved - County, State or Federal.

Ironically, Dick Simpson and the Coalition do more for the murdered officers' memory - these coalition harpies remind all of us every two weeks or so just how wonderful this Country and its Constitution remains - they excerise their right to free speech with news print and bullhorns.

They are given a plush forum on which to call down the Leftist gods of judgement on the very pillars of Justice that they seek to topple. Hit the gym, boys and girls, it is going on thirty years now.

Dick and Flint and Locke and all the Tweedy and Greedy will be back. In the mean time,read these wonderful end of watch tributes from the Officer Down Memorial Page and then try and get moist in the eye over Dick's pals.

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