Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get Law Dogs Without Due Process- Sun Times Takes The Gold Again!

"The names are the essence of it -- this feels a little bit like a desperate stunt on the part of the city with the vote of the City Council fast approaching," activist Jamie Kalven said.
( 'Take That, Wild Bills!')
From Today's The Working Man's Friend: 7/18/07
Leaving no stone unturned - or page uninked - The new Working Man's Pal - The Chicago Sun Times returns to its roots ? Never Mind.
Jon Loevy and all the other ambulance chasers who work out of a network web that includes criminals, University Think Tanks, Progressive Pols on the Shorts, Loud Mouthed Activists, Race Baiters, and other Working People ( the New Sun Times definition) should get to draw down on the Law Dogs. 662 by the Working Man's Pal report yesterday.,CST-NWS-police18.article
This media bouquet is intended to allow Gold Creek Prospector Jon Loevy and G(old) Flint Taylor and other Lefty Lawyers allied with the Real Working Class ( the above listened to citizens - They're easily chilled- BTW) to shoot 21st Century Wild Bill's with Rat Writs!
By all accounts, Chicago Police Officers can get a Citizen Complaint while they are off-duty , on vacation, hopitalized or otherwise engaged. But the Worker's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times never mentions this; for that information, one must go to another source - a real working man's ( sorry, that's person's) blogsite:
"So evidently, there is no longer any difference between sustained, not sustained, unfounded or exonerated anymore. The mere fact that a complaint was filed means you are guilty guilty guilty. What the hell? How are we supposed to be disciplined "meaningfully" if the complaint was without merit in the first place?As we've stated before, a civilian's criminal history cannot be brought into play except for purposes of (A) setting bail or (B) sentencing following conviction. Any other mention is overly prejudicial to the legal process. This lawsuit to produce the list of accused officers without taking into consideration the lack of appropriate standing of the complaint is asinine at best. We don't even want to think about what it is at the worst."
Please, do, read more here. Talk about a public execution of public servants!
The New Chicago Sun Times is here to protect those who have made a career of crime - Ambulance Chasers; Beef Barristers; Back Shooters. They gave it the full-court press, because they are the Full Court Press and their pals will press it in court until the gold is squeezed from the Public! How Progressive!
The New Chicago Sun Times is ALL over it! The trouble is working people like me are not buying it.
Hey, all of us who go to work every day but would not be considered working class folks by the Friend of the Working Man ( CST), let's get a Ghoul Pool started on when the Workers Daily - The New Chicago Sun Times strikes its colors - the Jolly Roger. Chilling!

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