Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Template for a Leader: John McCain's Answers to The Daily News

On Sunday the Daily News issued its questions to the candidate: John McCain.

Give this a read and witness the Template for an American President. Senator McCain speaks from his heart to the global nature of America's War with Islamist Terrorism. No squirmy sound bytes or spin. This is the straight talk of a leader.

America needs a Leader. Here's a passage that I found particularly compelling:

"Our standing in the world is a strategic asset and will be increased by working more closely with the world's democracies. We Americans must be willing to listen carefully to the views of our democratic allies. Like all other nations, we reserve the sovereign right to defend our vital national security when and how we deem necessary. But our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom, knowledge and resources necessary to succeed. When we believe international action is necessary, whether military, economic, or diplomatic, we must work to persuade our democratic friends and allies that we are right. But in return, we must be willing to be persuaded by them. To be a good leader, America must be a good ally."

Read the entire response of Senator John McCain. He speaks like a leader, because he is just that - he does not play one on television, or when the teleprompter whizzes, or by catching the eye of his handler.

May God watch over all of you and hold each and everyone in the cup of His warm hands this Fourth of July, 2007.
Note Well, Please:
Pray for the soul of eleven year old Nathan Dombrowski who died last night in an accident in our neighborhood in Chicago. The poor little guy was playing with his pals. Pray for his family and act with kindness to our own.

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