Saturday, June 30, 2007

War on Islamist Terror Requires President John McCain

It is time to elect a President who can fight a War on Islamist terror. It is time to work for John McCain. Senator McCain will be in Iraq with our troops during this year's July 4th Celebrations. The candidates of the other Parties will be Poll dogging. It is time to get smart on this long and mismanaged war.

In Chicago to raise funds for his run for the Office of the President of United States, the only candidate capable of fighting the War on Islamist Terror, Senator John McCain spoke with ABC- & Chicago.

Immigration Reform, Health Care, the Economy, Education, Homeland Security, the Environment and Social Security are all linked to America's War Against Islamist Terror. John McCain is the only candidate in any Party who can lead America in this War. This is the National Priority and John McCain is the only candidate who can unite and lead an America determined to fight this war.

To paraphrase the best political mind and soul in the Democratic Party, James Carville, 'It's the War Stupid.' Too many of America's best women and men going back there for the second, thrird and fourth times. Let's get smart. Let's get with John McCain.

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