Tuesday, June 05, 2007

John McCain - The Paradigm for an American President

This ain't no photo-op shot taken by Karl Rove's Boys and Girls - This guy is the real deal!

I have always liked Barack Obama. As a life-long Democrat, I admire his brains and his heart. As a legislator in Illinois he was effective and impressive. Then came the last Democratic National Convention and the newly minted Senator from Illinois electrified America. I hope that was not his high water mark.

Within days of DNC, Senator Obama was elevated to political Olympus and in the months that followed he was surrounded by the acolytes of every Democratic political disaster over the last twenty years. Though he eclipsed every National wannabe - especially Rep.Jesse Jackson, Jr. who got himself a tummy-tuck right after Obama's Sun Ascended, Senator Obama ran into the arms of the Amature-Hour politicos ( they get paid, of course, but they couldn't deliver a win even if the 'old school fix' was in). The Clintons' people, old Bowie Knife slashing Arkansas gut -stabbers, have been through Obama's life like and IRS man on steroids. Right now, Senator Obama is being ham-strung in the debates and shows early signs of fighting for his political life ( Who prepped him for the Debate? Joe Moore? Dick Simpson? Casper Milquetoast?)- Stay tuned.

There is only one person running for President who has the heart, lungs, liver, brains and every other metaphorical organ necessary to lead America - John McCain. Here are the words of leader.


Unknown said...

Is this the same John that has represented us in Arizona since the early eighties? The discription u provide is not the Reagan conservative we elected many years ago. The fellow u discribe is the political hack that has let his presidential ambitions take charge of his life. Leadership?! Not hardly! Anyone can cut a deal in back room with dirtbags. A real leader would have insured that enforcement of current immigration law was funded and the border that the borders were secured.

pathickey said...
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pathickey said...

I think so, Bob, but the guy I am backing is taking a courageous and effective lead away from the other fumblers. Much like his commitment to the kids in Iraq and dedication to getting that job done with honor, John McCain is actually doing something about the problem of illegal immigration - the other kids on the sidelines are waiting for someone to give them some direction - remember only suckers beef - winners get things done.

Immigration Laws will be enforced and solid people who want to be Americans will not need to be afraid.

McCain is leading and Democrats are following the man in his move to the White House. Give him a hard look again.

juschill said...

John McCain is actually doing something about the problem of illegal immigration

Yes, he's making it worse. I'd rather have somebody sitting on the sidelines doing nothing than being active and making things worse.

pathickey said...

Hi Buffy!

Stay on the sidelines, sweetheart; let the adults handle things.

juschill said...

The "adults", as you so loosely use the term, are ensuring 100 million new immigrants over the next 20 years. If this is how you reduce illegal immigration, I can't wait to see how you handle the budget.

pathickey said...

. . . With aplomb, my child, aplomb!

Unknown said...

Yo Pat,

I also have to commend JonnyMac on his continuing support of the young men and women in Iraq.

History will judge Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld harshly on this endeavor. Their failure to fully understand the nature of warfare and the commitment it demands, has caused the needless death and injury of thousands of wonderful young men and women.

JohnnyMac was right on day one and is still leading on this issue today. Bush/Rove/Cheney/Gates are not tuned in.

Clearly, Mr. Bush, Mr. Runsfeld, Mr Gates and their generals will never be confused with Roosevelt, Marshall, Ike, Bradley and Patton.

Re: any other issue

Quit drinking the Kool-Ade! He does not deserve another look.

pathickey said...

Never had much of a taste for KoolAde - always been a Canfield's Lime Seltzer guy myself.

Keep in the brawl, Robert!

All the Best,

Pat Hickey

Anonymous said...

The thought of voting for a Republican after the past 6 years is insanity. If there was ever any doubt that Republicans could care less about anyone who is not rich, that doubt has been erased by the Bush presidency.

And I saw you joined redstate, I've been reading redstate for 2 years now. It started out as an okay thoughful conservative take on American politics. But it has quickly become a gang of unthinking, loud mouth, racists, phoneys.

pathickey said...

I read a lot different points of view Brian. I like McCain.
Seems that many folks there do not.