Monday, June 18, 2007

Chicago Tribune Reports on Guam Strategic Build-up

Chicago Tribune reporter Kirtsen Scharnberg presented a great three page report on the beginnings of a new surge in American military presence on the American island of Guam.

In the weeks to come more will be in the news concerning the People of Guam, the Chamorros, who have remained loyal to a America, even though most of their fellow Americans give them little or no thought whatsovever.

The Heritage Foundation cavalierly dismissed the Guam Loyalty Recognition Act as a reparations scam and the blogoshere responded in kind - without one bit of thought to the people behind the need for such an Act. Americans ignore Guam - until a time of war.

Guam is America's most vital stategic base in the Pacific and this build-up only points to that fact. Kudos to the Chicago Tribune's Kirsten Scharnberg for putting this important story out front and with the depth it deserves. The People of Guam deserve much more.

Here is an excerpt from a great column which appears in tomorrow's Marianas Variety. It is from a 1945 memo by the Commander of the Marianas: 'great attitude' this guy - actually it is not far from that of the Heritage Foundation's point of view:

“The characteristics and nature of the majority of inhabitants on these islands are such that the artificial or forced raising of their standard of living to one approaching that of the United States would be detrimental to their best interest and would contribute little to the safety and welfare of the United States,” Murray said.

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