Friday, June 15, 2007

The Land of Endless Hours, Suicides, Goofy Films and Congestion Taxes Has Something for Chicago

Every Time a Progressive opens his mouth, it costs a lung!

Giving 40 Watt thinkers like Joe Moore an idea is like giving a blow-torch to a pyro-manical pre-teen under-achiever for his stroll through the aisles of Krazy Kaplan's Fireworks Emporium.
'Have a good Time Joey, your Mom and I will be back from Saugatuck in a few hours; now mind that torch, Son! He's going Places, Candy, I just Know it! Do they still sell fois gras in Michigan, Babe?'

Ed Burke offered a suggestion to engage the thought of a 'congestion tax' to help ease the traffic flow into Chicago.
Because London, a city with eight times the population of Chicago, cool taxis and Cops with checker-board hats, has one, The City Of Big Shoulder Pads needs one. Swedes are Hip! Let's get Sick!
This dandy idea one also got lift-off in Stockholm - very similar to Chicago - like looking in a mirror, almost.
As the Progressives say, 'It's Chilling!'
Chilled Glug!

WTTW - the Window to Tony Winnetka - Channel 11 jumped all over the idea with traffic expert from Northwestern University Engineering guy Joe Shofer thinks that it's a grand idea. I have a feeling that Joe might not drive into the City, unlike builders who need to get down to the Permits lines at City Hall; the folks paying the incomprehensible alley easement fees at Dave Orr's 'the fee changes as the clock ticks' emporium, the thousands of Cook County Court patrons who need to park - pay a lung and get to court on time, as well as the hundreds of thousands of south and southwest siders who need to pop intothe Loop.
BTW - Sweden and London had built up Public Transit Systems before the 'Congestion Tax' went into effect - Ed Burke felt that this tax could help FIX THE CTA! Joe Moore will be all over this one!

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