Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quiet Riot? Obama's Malaise?

Senator Obama's 'Quiet Riot' remarks will get a close reading from pundits, pollsters, politicians and people - people who vote. I believe that Barack Obama is one of the mosts exciting and talented persons in public life. I also believe that since his elevator ride to the observation deck of the life political, he has been hand-cuffed to Progressive strategists who could not win an election three- hundred yards west of Lake Michigan. Last night seemed to bring that out.

The Quiet Riot in Hampton will mark Obama's political biography in the same way as Jimmy Carter's American Malaise - too bad. Leaders challenge people. Comtemplating the National Navel, page one of the Progressive Playbook - ' Sure Fire Methods for Shooing Away Votes,' is not the hallmark of Leadership. What happened to the Audacity of Hope? Putting bandaids on cancer? Nurses trained to teach Parenting? Or Riots?

Senator, this might be the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. That is too bad. You played a bad hand last night - All In! Drawing dead now.

You'll be back! Make sure that you put some miles between your talents and instincts and paid losers who have an enviable record of Malaise.

John McCain is the only leader, the only candidate doing someting about illegal immigrantion, the only real Warrior, and the only candidate challenging America's best abilities. That is what a President needs to do.

Here is an excerpt from Senator John McCain's address to the Hoover Institute:

. . .Our moral standing in the world requires that we respect what are, after all, American principles of justice. Our values will always triumph in any war of ideas, and we can't let failings like prisoner abuse tarnish our image. If we are model citizens of the world, more people around the world will look to us as a model.
When our nation was founded over two hundred years ago, we were the world's only democratic republic. Today, there are more than 100 electoral democracies spread all across the globe. We must reaffirm our faith in the principles that our founders declared to be universal, that all people are created equal and possess inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We fought a Revolution, a Civil War, two world wars, and a cold war to vindicate these principles and ensure that freedom could be enjoyed, as Abraham Lincoln promised, by all people of all colors everywhere.' We were right to struggle for democracy then, and we are right to do so now.
This is not idealism, my friends. It is the truest kind of realism. Today as in the past, our interests are inextricably linked to the global progress of our ideals. The vision of a new era of enduring peace based on freedom is not a Republican vision. It is not a Democratic vision. It is an American vision. The American people have known instinctively for two centuries that we are safer when the world is more democratic. Whatever our differences, we all share the same goal: a world of peace and freedom, of prosperity and opportunity, of hope. We have a duty to ourselves to be true to those beliefs, to use our great power wisely on behalf of freedom. As Ronald Reagan proclaimed in his speech to the British Parliament in 1982, Let us go to our strength. Let us offer hope. Let us tell the world that a new age is not only possible but probable.'

That's Leadership!


juschill said...

John McCain is the only leader, the only candidate doing someting about illegal immigrantion

The only thing McCain is doing about illegal immigration is seeing to it that we have more of it.

pathickey said...

Not, True, Buckaroo!
How 'bout you?
What'd you do?
Answer True!

juschill said...

So, we'll have less illegals when McCain is done? How so? Do tell.

pathickey said...

Why it's all right here, young Vampire Slayer! A veritable treasure trove of truthful tenets!

Now, I'll bet Rudy ain't seen his reflection in decades!

juschill said...

You can't defend McCain-Kennedy's immigration bill in your own words and describe how it will decrease illegal immigration?

I thought you might be able to defend the McCain-Kennedy bill. I'm shocked (Shocked!) that a McCain-Kennedy hack would know nothing more than to provide a link.

I've read the McCain-Kennedy propaganda on their immigration bill. Senor McCain must be vying for Vincente Fox's heart.

The McCain-Kennedy bill is a coup against America and a stake in the heart of the Republican Party.

pathickey said...

It's not quantum mechanics, Windigo Assasin.

Lots of folks got in here after the '86 Amnesty; we will document good folks; fine illegals; 86 bad guys; protect the borders; and make sure delicate flowers sleep soundly.

All it took was a leader,but there are still little whiners on the sidelines.

juschill said...

Lots of folks got in here after the '86 Amnesty

So, you're saying not a lot of folks are going to get in here after the '07 Amnesty? Even though Kennedy-McCain don't plan much in the way of border enforcement? People will just give up hope of immigrating illegally?

fine illegals

The fines specified in the Kennedy-McCain-Bush plan would be a tiny fraction of the net present value of American residence.

And what if the illegals don't pay the fine? Is Mr. Bush or Mr. McCain or Mr. Kennedy going to round them up and deport them?

Well, on Friday, Mr. Bush said:

"… it is impossible for this country to route people out of our society and, you know, quote, 'send them home.' It's just not going to happen."

In other words: no.

So much for Bush-Kennedy-McCain's “consequences”.

86 bad guys; protect the borders

Again, it hasn't been done before now. Why should we now believe that Kennedy-McCain will, this time, keep their word, when they haven't in the past?

Ahh, to have the faith of a child.

All it took was a leader,but there are still little whiners on the sidelines.

Once again, this "leader" is only succeeding in making things epically worse. Anybody can do that. Why doesn't he just move to the sidelines rather than going out of his way to make things worse?

pathickey said...

Hey, VS, tell you what - don't vote for John McCain. Back a like minded, timid soul.

Now, get back out there, shake them tamborines, Kiddo!

For whom, God ony know! Have Fun!

juschill said...

Regarding another passage in the same post ... is McCain so dense that he is unaware that Abraham Lincoln never promised what McCain said? Is he unaware that Lincoln did everything he could to encourage free blacks to return to “their native clime,” Africa. He believed they were Africa’s “lost children.” He wanted to restore them to their homeland and thought it would be a “glorious consummation” of the misfortune of slavery in America.

Lincoln was an active member of the American Colonization Society. He often referred to the American Negro as “the African.” In his 1854 speech on the Kansas-Nebraska act he again urged colonization, on grounds that Negroes could never be the “equals” of whites in America. In his 1857 speech against the Dred Scott decision he once more urged colonization as “the only perfect preventive of [racial] amalgamation,” which filled white people with “natural disgust”; the solution was “to transfer the African to his native clime.” He wasn’t seeking office yet. He simply believed what he said — that “God made us separate.”

In his 1862 State of the Union message he asked Congress for a constitutional amendment authorizing a federal program to achieve colonizing free Negroes outside the United States.

Is McCain so dense he does not know this?

Not that I'd expect anything more from somebody who graduated 5th from the bottom of his class.

juschill said...

Hey, VS, tell you what - don't vote for John McCain. Back a like minded, timid soul.

We're backing people who aren't afraid to protect the borders of the United States. People who don't cower in the shadow of Ted Kennedy. John McCain can't be counted as one of these men.

juschill said...

Is McCain too afraid of offending Vincente Fox that he fears protecting our laws and our borders?

pathickey said...

Kid, you got more time than sense.

Spill some ink - but behave. Have fun!

juschill said...

I suspect I'm a few years your senior.

It's disappointing that a McCain zealot knows so little about the man or his agenda.

pathickey said...

Old Timer, Zealots don't take their vitamns or eat the vegetables.

I'm hell when I'm well and i aian't never been sick!