Saturday, June 16, 2007

What Others Might Think of U.S. (A.)

I am proud to be an American. We are a welcoming, fair and generous people - and then we get involved in politics. Not politics per say - but politics behind the politics. We are a spectator society at times and government gets mistaken for politics, much in the same way as Talk Sports Radio is akin to athletics.

The hot button topic for the next sixty seconds is immigration reform. John McCain and others have been taken to task for leadership on immigration reform. Lots of opinions and lots of spleen to go with those opinions.

I happen to like John McCain's leadership on this issue.

Politics demands that some of the candidates for President be eaten by the other candidates. Forces behind the Conservatives get chewed up by the True Conservatives who in turn are devoured by the 100% No $hit Conservatives, in order to fatten up the Hannibal Lector Libertarian Conservatives just prior to the final Primary Count-down Feast. The same thing is happening in the Liberal or Democratic Old Country Buffet on Saw-Horse Tables in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Immigration Reform is the ugliest blood sport, at the moment. Fences and borders and tons of Hey What About ALL those . . . stories are bandied about as 40 Watt intellects mimick their favorite Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, or Barry Manilow keening - I just threw in Barry for giggle. My thoughts are these:

  • Come to America and Welcome!
  • Bring Your Work Ethic
  • Leave your old Allegiances in the Old Country
  • Adopt American Values
  • Behave Accordingly

When there is a family feud, remember that there are neighbors and that those neighbors get their impressions of what we think of them and ourselves. Let's try to put on a nice view for our neighbors.

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