Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chump Change from Us Chumps

Here's embattled Chicago State University President in happier times with former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert in a happier time - chatting the golden merits of 'chump change,' or 'chumps' change?' I gave the President plural times, because they are still rolling! Denny Hastert's is parenthetical.

The story in today's Chicago Tribune concerns the strange fiscal and fiduciary concerns of a tax-payer funded and salaried university President, Elnora Daniel.
Ms. Daniel is under fire for an audit of expenditures in her office - cruises and dinners and what not.

Daniel's biography speaks of her love of cold soup, cruises and travel:

The story in the Tribune fleshes out some of the finer points, particularly Madame President's opinion of the source of the 'chump change' $ 75,000 taked on to her annual compensation and her stewardship of this State financed university.

Cold soup and cruises - now, how would the Miller High Life man feel about President Daniel? Would he statrt yanking her metaphorical 'Champagne of Bottled Beers from her shelves? I mean, what the heck -Miller Brewing gave her a plaque according to the posted biography excerpt. That change don't add up to this chump.,1,1252174.story?coll=chi-newsroom-hed

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