Friday, June 29, 2007

Barack got Based! Hilary is the Black Candidate! Mary Mitchell Opined!

'Hey, Keep Your Opinion to Yourselves! Get Back Honky Cats!''

Long before Senator Obama made his stirring and thoughtful announcement to seek the Presidency of the United States of America, the Clinton Carryover Campaign were hard at work getting ready to pull the rug from under the Freshman Senator from Illinois.

Last night's Democratic Debate, the site of Obama's Howard University "Quiet Riot" speech last month, might be just the pry bar to extract Obama from that podium.

More than Tony Resko's Dough Paving of Illinois Political Driveways, the Race Matters One Note Samba Card of the Progressive Trick Deck may be flipped and soon. Race Matters; Best Believe that! Yes, Sir Senator! Even you get a plateful! My opinion is diminished in this Matters Issue - read about that fact in Mary Mitchell's column of yesterday ( June 28, 2007).

Here are Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell's recent thoughts on race relations and the propriety of a white man offering such an opinion - She and her colleague disagreed over racial perceptions of what takles place when wife killers are cuffed - One black and one white:
"I'm comforted by the fact that a lot of black people knew where I was coming from. And since white people haven't walked a step in our shoes, they don't get to tell us what our views on race ought to be, anyway.
Few blacks and whites agree on this subject. And frankly, quiet as kept, most black people couldn't care less about what white people have to say when it comes to race. "
( italics my own)

It would seem that had Ms. Mitchell cared less about what Mr. Steinberg had 'to say when it comes to race' that her column would have had a very different spin on her race bias themed column - Steinberg Opinion Free, as it were.
Naw. Mary Mitchell has a single theme.

It seems obvious to Mary 'No One Walks in My Shoes' Mitchell - which would seem to limit the impact of her opinion to the singularly angry ink-slinger herself ( Oh, well!)- that Obama is not nearly as appealing to the Mitchell's Black Base as Hilary 'Let's Get To Marching' Clinton. Mary could care less what I think. Here's why: in Mitchell logic, if you have not had cancer, keep your thoughts about the disease to yourself.;unless, you are Neil Armstrong, stay off the moon; And, all of you Non-Popes out there - keep your Parouisa and Eschatological spins on Marian Doctrine off the tablet. You feeling me?

Personal (albeit White Guy's Opinion) Aside: I work at Leo High School - 100% black young men; Catholic League; 93% in college upon graduation including Mario Bullock U.S. Military Academy at West Point Class of 2008; Alma Mater of the next Heavyweight Boxing Champion Thomas Hayes & etc.:
Deeds not Words is our school's motto. Neil Steinberg has done alot for the black kids at Leo High School - ask Leo senior and Boxer Curtis Banks.
Hilary never gave them a thought. Race Matters? Naw, Good people do.

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