Friday, April 06, 2007

SEIU is a threat to the American Standard of Living: OPUS CAVEO!

The name of the man in the center of the old newsprint cartoon is Terrence Powderly -Powderly started the America Labor Movement. You will not read about him or hear of him too much these days. He understood the difference between being an employee and being a Scab. Ironically, enough Powderly's position always was to help move workers into the American Middle Class. Move them to skilled trades and more wages and benefits. Labor gave America the Standard of Living that it had enjoyed and is now being taxed and co-opted out of existence by radicals.

On April 5, 2007 Chicago Sun Times Columnist Lynn Sweet proposed that Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley, who recently was elected by an overwhelming percentage to the Office of Mayor and has enjoyed his victory with a daily litany of howls and attacks on him and his management of Chicago in the Chicago media, chat it up with SEIU leader Andy Stern.

Fair Enough. The Mayor of Big Shoulders should be able to take any criticism to heart and to head. The Mayor should set his own appointments. The same critics want the Mayor to have a sit-down with Andy Stern of Services Employee International Union - the man most responsible for organizing no skill, low skill and public salaried workers.

Andy Stern - according to the media - is an innovative thinker - he thinks outside of box.' He organized the Big Box Ordinance drive that is helping to marginalize the influence of real labor. Denny Gannon, a skilled tradesman, has been put in the unenviable position of 'working with' Andy Stern:

Lynn Sweet wrote, 'Stern, like Daley, is practical and just want to gets things done. '

And then argued for Daley to go along with the Mayors of these Cities - Rubber Stamp?

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa knows Stern. So does Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit, Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston, Mayor Bill White of Houston and Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco. After the runoffs -- no matter the outcomes -- Daley and Stern, if they sat down, would find they share a goal of building a better Chicago' ( Sweet April 5, 2007)

Just because these Mayors drank the Kool-Aid does not mean the Mayor of Chicago should. Chicago still has a significant middle class population - Andy Stern will do away with that and Real Labor will continue to become marginalized politically and organizationally. They have become timid around Purple Andy. The media loves the guy! They have not proven to be too pro labor: Printers Strike at the Tribune; Slams at the Trades Unions are a regular feature in the media.

Labor unions grow strong through the organization of dues paying skilled workers: carpenters, pipefitters, electricians, engineers. People who build and maintain things are paid a good wage because of collective bargaining - not raising taxes on the very Union Women and Men SEIU purports to share Brotherhood. The building of the American Middle Class was Labor's great victory. Labor now appears to be commiting a Jonestown on itself with Andy Stern providing the Purple Kool Aid.

Andy Stern, a Unversity of Pennsylvannia trained Social Worker, is a radical who along with David Wilhelm of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Workers of Las Vegas worked very hard to organize low, low, low wage workers and to capitalize on their conditions with solid Leftist rhetoric. Their goal is not to bargain wage increases for the rank and file and improve their benefits but exact political punishment on elected officials and effect Redistribution of Wealth. The Rich will not be touched by the chipping away of the American Standard of Living, but the middle class - the skilled Union members and their extended families - will disappear.

The Big Box Ordinance was a disaster. It ain't done yet. Lynn Sweet, evidently a huge fan of Andy Stern's radical attempt to whittle away at the standard of living enjoyed by the middle class in Illinois , wants Daley to smoke the pipe with Andy:

SEIU is the second largest tax-payer salaried 'union' in the country with more than 850,000 public service employees.

SEIU does not operate to improve the lives of its membership but to engage in political monster apparitions and threaten elected candidates to 'go along' with them.

SEIU engages in radical redistribution of wealth strategies that force an increase in government ( tax-payer funded) salaries and thus create a greater burden on the middle class - especially real labor unions: the skilled trades unions.

SEIU swells like a tick with its membership drives targeting no-skill, low skill, and tax-paid employees. Membership dues are or were the life's blood of a strong labor force in America. SEIU fights to push for minimum wage increases - but a significant sum of that wage increase will come from taxpayers. SEIU is a great threat to the American Labor Movement that created the American Standard of Living - a middle class standard of living.

SEIU's redistribution of wealth will not chip away at America's rich but it will evaporate the American middle class and that , it seems is it's goal.

Mayor Daley, you do not need friends like Andy Stern; neither did Denny Gannon, nor John Sweeney nor the hundreds of thousands of immigrants, working poor, and unskilled minimum wage earners who wear those Purple T-shirts.

Workers Beware! They're Shearing sheep as big as whales!