Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Andy. Andy Shaw! It's Rahm. . .Pick up you @#$%^&*()^! "

Two neat guys. Rahm and Andy sitting with coffee and chatting Better Government and how Andy can help.

We like to think that things are on the level. You know, like things are between neighbors, friends and family. Things are generally up-front and honest. Where I live out in the 19th Ward,  we rarely need to count our change at Kareem's Dunkin Donuts and when it is a screw-up it is usually " You gave me too much, Hickey.  Here's your change."

The only time we need to count our fingers and make sure that the old wedding band stayed on after a handshake is with our elected officials and media-cross-trainer stooges.

Newspapermen and even TV anchors came from the neighborhoods and they respected the lives and sacrifices of the helots.  The late Jim Gibbons of ABC 7 News was a gentleman and a hard-core professional.  He grew up in Visitation Parish on Garfield Blvd, went to Leo High School and never took the short-cut to reporting. Jim died in 1994 and has been missed by everyone and remains memorialized in the fight against Leukemia with Jim Gibbons Traffic Jam Run.

Today, lick-spittles face the camera and then move on to lucrative sinecures made possible by years of making nice with politicians.

 Like this:

 Pays huge divdends!

Tossing softball questions to Pols of dicey-ethics at best and ignoring larger issues created by their boondoggles ensures young arrogant bloviating newsie of limited intellectual properties a great post journalism paycheck.

Andy Shaw was a legend at ABC and not for the reasons Joel Daly, John Drury, Fahey Fynn and Jim Gibbons might have been.  Nope, Andy owns his Hindenburg moment: when he went all Snooky about his microphone which was in his hand at the time at the DNC some few semesters back - alas Andy had the You Tube scrubbed of it and it was a howl.  You see Andy is now the BGA drum major -that's Better Government Association.

Andy and the BGA are bringing Illinois corruption to a $hit-screaming halt!  Notice, it folks?  Why, Smells like Honeydew Vinewater right here in Illinois!

The BGA gets pointed in the direction of businesses, institutions and individuals that Progressive stamped politicians want to punish.

Yesterday, Andy and BGA shut-down the 1st Amendment and a cop blog-site.

Way to go Andy!  That'll keep the crooks out of our wallets and guests in your Old Town B&B!  The cop site was pretty raw, but near as bad as prime-time HBO.  The site cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war on bullshitters, frauds, phonies and felons . . . not all but certainly thick with elected officials.

I imagine that Andy got a call one night

(Ring X 20)  Y'ello?"
Rahmish Boy Voice (RBV) -" Shaw!  Andy Shaw! Wake the @#$% Up! You piece of #$%^ what the #$%% are you doing?"
Andy - "Bill Maher?"
RBV - " No you @##$^^^*&^%%! It's your future calling, you $%^&^!  You get your crew on that @#$%ing cop site Yesterday!"
Andy- " SCC?"
RBV - "No you hapless fraud the other one with all the swears on it! You want to see what Better Government looks like up close and personal?  Get that site scrubbed. Get that lisping twerp of a son-in-law of yours at MSNBC to get the other dykes and fairies to start crying about racist cops too and racist Army guys like them hillbillies in bum@#$% someplace or other."
Andy -" I'll talk to . . ."
RBV - " Why the @#$% are you still talking to me ? Why have I not heard click?"
( click)
Thus Andy and BGA went on to do the bidding of Good Government.
Full disclosure - I called Bob Herguth - like Andy a former newsie but from the Sun Times nice guy - who answer the phones for Andy at the BGA - ( 312) 821-9030 -but he did not get back to me.  I wanted to ask about the 1st Amendment, the cop site, Andy Shaw, and why the payroll disclosure widget gives us nothing on Forrest Claypool.

CPS Strike? No Problem. Send the Kids to Catholic Schools

Hey, Folks!  Which Chicago educator is in it for the money?

The Chicago Teachers Union filed a 10-day strike notice Wednesday that moved the city closer to its first teacher walkout in 25 years and left the district racing to finalize a plan if more than 402,000 students are locked out of the classroom. 
Parents also were left wondering what they'll do if their children have no classroom to go to.
Do what thousands of Chicagoans do already!  Send your kids to Catholic Schools.

Karen Lewis and the CTU waited to set the strike order so that CPS can get the enrollment count set for State funding.  All about the children?  I think not.

Catholic Schools are tuition driven -some folks call them "Pay Schools."  You bet.  You get what you pay for. For the last three years, every Leo graduate was accepted at the colleges of choice and then some - Northwestern, DePaul, Valparaiso, Purdue, U of I, and Loyola.

Catholic schools provide safe, structured, caring and academically rigorous environments where students are challenged to accept their better angels.

Tuition is a shared sacrifice between the parents, students and the teachers.  Catholic schools are staffed by people who are committed to teach and motivated by Faith.

When was the last time any one can remember a Catholic School strike?

Tough one.

Tuition is a challenge and Catholics help people of every race, creed and color meet that challenge - The Big Shoulders Fund is one great resource for parents.

Click the links below and find a Catholic School in Chicago.  You can depend upon Catholic Education.

Public Schools???? Not so much.,0,1018577.story

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BGA - Bullies, Goofs and Anal- Retentives*

Andy Shaw and Dick Simpson - now, there's two aces to draw to!

I just left a great meeting with a Leo benefactor - one of them 1%-ers who actually works for a living and showers funding on poor kids from Gresham, Englewood, Chatham and Canaryville. I decided to treat my innards to a Styrofoam plate full of Doritos slathered in taco meat and some kind of cheese whiz goop, garnished with a liberal portion of industrial strength jalapenos.  This heart stopping tucker was placed in front of my computer screen, in order to do e-mail returns while I slowly and moderately enjoyed the faux-Mexican feast.

Lunch is over! The e-mail from a cop buddy put me off my feed.

It seems that Andy Shaw, who embarrassed Chicago at a political convention by howling like a fat girl denied her Brazilians** ( or a sweet-nature-ed Catholic school fund raiser denied an thoroughly unwholesome by tasty snack), has used the BGA to go Al Queda*** on a cop blog.  Andy and the BGA threatened advertisers and sponsors of a cop blog, due to the poignant and rowdy point of view of the blogger:

From the last post of that Blog before it went dark -

The BGA is out harassing the people who have ads on my blog and based on the phone call I received is blaming the wrong people for this blog.
It appears with the billion dollar corruption business in Chicago the BGA is more concerned about a blog that was dedicated to revealing city, county, state and federal corruption more than the government corruption in itself. One would believe that the BGA is CONTROLLED by the corrupt Chicago elected officials. Otherwise why would they worry about a news related blog. Explains why the BGA never went after all the powerful corrupt officials in Chicago.
It's not good bye but it will be a new start with my computer operations based in another state. Keep coming back here for follow up information.....
And nothing pisses off the BGA more than wasting weeks on a blog story when the blog can't be found! 
As to my buddy who was bothered by the BGA, God bless my friend... 

In my very modest opinion, Andy Shaw is a gold-plated, practiced hypocrite and ironic laughing-stock On ABC, Andy Shaw was a sure-fire bet to screw up. Following his Harlequin-Madcappery for pay on the networks, he oozed into the slot emptied by the nepotistic H. Terry Brunner with the BGA. Since then Andy and BGA have smoke-screened for the worst people in public service.

Andy Shaw is no friend of cops.  A deceased friend of mine was s storied homicide detective - He and Andy Shaw matched wits.

Someone rode the Nine Down on a dope slinger at 83rd and Indiana. The departed was in several pieces.  Plucky Andy plunged his pencil-neck and microphone under the busy detective's nose-" The public demands to know, Detective.  What Happened."

With his characteristic poise and sense of the dramatic the CPD hero pointed to the ballistically dismembered Honors Student emeritus, swimming in his own gravy, thumbed up the brim of his grey Stetson fedor ( worn as an homage to his vocation along with pressed trousers, crisp shirt, tie and sportscoat), cocked an eyebrow and rejoined, " We suspect foul play."

One can not make this stuff up.

Unless of course one were Andy Shaw of BGA.

Well, that is one way to keep off them pesky calories. Now, sing something and get happy!

ANDY SHAW OF THE BGA - All Da Doo-Dah Day . . .God, I never get bored.

*The term anal-retentive (also anally retentive), commonly abbreviated to anal,[1] is used conversationally to describe a person who pays such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, potentially to the detriment of the anal-retentive person. The term derives from Freudian psychoanalysis.

**Brazilians -

* * *just for fun I did a pop quiz on Andy's website -

Boldly, Andy harps and touts the Public Servant Payroll Page - Okay. What does CTA BOSS Forrest Claypool pull in . . .dig it!

Andy hides it. Honor bright! Cops, Tree-trimmers, plumbers, clerks, traffic managers, garbage crews and 19th Ward types all laid out for the world to see their income. Bupkis on the protected Progressive.

>> UPDATED: July 21, 2011

What is the BGA Payroll Database?

Are you curious how much cash your public officials make? Follow the money.
With the BGA's searchable database of public payrolls across Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin, you can easily access information relating to the spending of state and local units of government. This database is free for anyone to use, and we hope you will consider supporting the BGA in the costly effort to provide this valuable resource.

How do I use the Payroll Database?

By using this public database, you indicate that you understand and agree to the following disclaimers, terms, and conditions:
  • Note to members of the news media: As this database is costly in both time and resources, the BGA requests that every reasonable effort be made to provide attribution when data from this server is used for researching, writing, or verifying information in the course of news gathering.
  • All records contained in the database are public and were obtained under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • This database is provided as a public service and is intended to serve as an informational tool only. The BGA does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or validity of this information and disclaims any responsibility for any errors or omissions on this website.
  • Salaries listed do not include any additional compensation an employee may receive, including overtime, holiday, or any other pay not included in the base salary or hourly pay rate.
  • No modifications have been made to the data, other than those considered necessary to present the information uniformly and with clarity to those using or searching the database ("Users").
  • The BGA will not modify, remove, or add any individual records, unless the records are not consistent with those provided by the pertinent public body at the time of the FOIA request.
  • The use of the database for commercial purposes or for gathering data in furtherance of any type of marketing is prohibited.
  • The use of this website or database to copy or download bulk searches or information is prohibited.
  • Salaries in the database are generally annual totals, but some are listed by their monthly and hourly rates. Regardless, salaries are current as of early 2011.
Search By Last Name or First Name:
Search By Employer:
Search By State:
Search By Salary Range:
Start value: $ End value: $ 
There are no records that match the search criteria

Obama is No "Ward Hack." Ward Hacks Actually Do Something

Every Girl Crazy 'Bout a Sharp-dressed Man! -ZZ Top

The story of Barack Obama is that of a politician who figured out he didn’t have to wait his turn, who didn’t have to pay his dues, who could take on the Machine boys and beat them at their own game — with the help of a shrewd campaign strategist and image-maker to sell him on television. -Mark Brown

President Obama looks fabulous.  I have never met a Ward Hack festooned in hand-tailored Hickey-Freeman suits.

Mark Brown wrote a very thoughtful critique of the Hannity Meme Mummers today.  The Hannity Meme Mummers are generally GOP or conservative Dems who tag President Obama as a Chicago Ward Hack.

Fox's Hannity reminds all and sundry that he, Sean Hannity, discovered Bill Ayers and Rev. Uncle Crazy Jerry Wright in 2007. Uh, Huh. Obama is about as much as a Alinsky Radical, as he is a die-hard Sox Fan.
More so, Barack H(onolulu). Obama is more of a Sox Fan and Alinsky Radical than he is a Ward Hack.

Mark Brown writes:
Here we go again with this business about Barack Obama bringing “Chicago ward politics” to the White House. . . .But I still can’t sit back while others pretend that Barack Obama is just another ward hack who miraculously rose above his station — or that he’s “Daley’s boy.”
When this emerged as a campaign theme four years ago, here’s what I wrote:
“We have lots of prominent politicians in Illinois who were ‘born of the corrupt Chicago political machine,’ as the new John McCain campaign commercial so ominously puts it.
“Some have the DNA to prove it. Others worked their way up through the patronage ranks.
“Barack Obama isn’t one of them.”
I stand by that.
I stand by that — not having forgotten that Obama’s first two White House chiefs of staff were Rahm Emanuel (who, yes, first got elected to Congress with some help from Don Tomczak’s troops, but hardly owed the election to them) and Bill Daley, brother to former Chicago Mayor Rich Daley (who dismantled the traditional ward political apparatus because it only got in his way.) In the most important election of Obama’s life, the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, the mayor was on the sidelines.
Nor have I forgotten Obama’s strange real estate deal with the now-convicted Tony Rezko, his first big campaign donor. I’m still troubled by their friendship, and still waiting for the day we hear the whole story.
Me Too, Brother Brown.  I do not know President Obama, nor would he recognize me if I tossed through the windshield of the Presidential limo.  However, I have met with, spoken to and engageed our President on more than a few occasions.

  • When he turned down requests for support of Leo High School in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, as Director of the Woods Fund, answering to Wild Bill Ayers.
  • When he ran against most unsuccessfully against Congressman Bobby Rush
  • When he attended the Falling Leaves Festival in Morgan Park
  • When as an Illinois State Senator, he presented trophies along with IL Rep. Kevin McCarthy at the Leo Boxing Night at the Saber Room in Hickory Hills and asked me "where's the gate?" in order to enter the ring
  • When I cooked Winston's Irish sausage and bacon before the South Side Irish Parade
They were brief encounters, as are most political cheek-to-jowl gabs, to be sure and I came away from each one warmly underwhelmed.  I did not see any there, there.  Unlike Ward Hack and Policy Wonk Paul Vallas who campaigned up a storm actually liked the people he asked to vote for him, Barack Obama is like the guy who says, " Hey! Enough me talking;; how much do you really, really, really admire me?"

Paul Vallas was lost to Illinois by the very same 'geniuses" who invented Tod Stroger, Toni Preckwinkle, Mike Quigley, Forrest Claypool and of course the old Turkish psy hereself, Jan Schakowsky.

Put it this way, when Barack Obama was pushed to the purple ( US Senate & Presidential Candidate), I was not surprised, but certainly not enthralled.  He did not seem to have the gifts of being a Ward Hack.  Ward Hacks, and I know legions of them, are singularly thoughtful. generous, energetic and most of all loyal to a fault.

Barack Obama impressed me only as one of the chosen Progressives that some of the powerful guys decided to create: Jan Schakowsky, Deb Mell, Deb Shore, Mike Quigley, Forrest Claypool, Rahm Emanuel, Toni Preckwinkle and God forgive me Gov. Pat Quinn.

These folks could not pack a phone booth ( nearly extinct at the time of this posting), let alone a hall full of beefy, enthusiastic, hard-working skilled tradesmen and their wives and kids. Nope, Ward Hacks are trotted out to boost their nimble vaults over the political gradus.  They are the Sows Ears Made of out Silk Purses.

The Silk Purses are the hijacked 501 (c) 3s: Woods Fund, MacArthur Foundation, Annenburg Challenge, Joyce Foundation, whose boards are thick with former radicals and leftist academics.  Too often these silk purses are orchestrated by Abner Mikva.  Political Chiefs like old Tom Hynes, or Mike Madigan, or Richie Daley took short-cuts to opportunity by snuggling up to these silk purses in exchange for legislative policy give-aways and mutually beneficial real estate ventures. Abner might say to Tom Hynes, " This Mike Quigley kid is really a go-getter and he hates every one in the 60643-55 zipcode's collective guts.  He's really great; Tom let's do him a solid.  How's about we get Rich to get the 19th Ward crew to help Quigley and then he can make nice and really bump Helen Schiller into the cheap seats and then we can get SEIU, La Salle Bank, Personal PAC, Fred Eychaner, the Pritzker girls and even some honest money to dump some dough into any number of races?"  Deal? Deal.

That's how Progressives boarded, looted and scuttled the Good Ship Chicago Machine.

Ward Hacks have helped elect every useless, mean-spirited and back-stabbing Progressive in the Illinois pantheon.  They did so because they were asked by people whop helped them.  I love Hacks and have complete contempt for Progressives.  Progressives are not just a one way street, they are fully cul-de-sac'd. Do a Progressive a solid and wait for the blade in the kidneys - you never wait very long.

Nope President Obama is No Ward Hack - he has not the makings.  He is a Progressive.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Americans Sure Love Our Prisons! I'll Say and Then Some

Hey!  Neil Steinberg says "Americans LOVE Prisons!"

You Bet, Johnny !!!!!God, I Love Prisons!!!  
 Our criminal justice system is crisscrossed with all sorts of get-tough laws inflicted by showboating politicians — we not only have more prisoners but our sentences are longer than anyplace else on earth. Mandatory minimum sentences, though long decried, still tie judges’ hands and ship drug offenders away for decades. Ludicrous “three-strikes” laws were intended to jail hardened criminals. But felons can and do receive 25-year-sentences — longer than Breivik got for murdering 77 people — for shoplifting a candy bar. California burglar Norman Williams got a life sentence for taking a jack from a tow truck. . .l .The chance of America changing its outlook here are small. We are a frightened country — with some 270 million guns in 40 percent of the U.S. households, mostly for “protection.” We want criminals to suffer, and aren’t willing to think about the cost of that mindset. That they do things differently in Norway — well then, Norwegians must be strange. The whole world is strange. Only we are normal. Only we do things the right way — the only way — they must be done. 

All of that, folks,in one huge pull and Neil has only two hands and uses both most vigorously! Ought to be blind at that pithy pace and potency.
Neil Steinberg is really pissed at us, again.

Undeterred, Chicago's Aloysius "Ears" McKenna ( at the wheel) and Terry "Fats' Bulfin appreciate the opportunity to engage in senseless and bloody gun-play, causing disturbances with misdemeanor reckless conduct and rowdy teenage flash-mobbing on the Magnificent Mile or in and around the Gold Coast, as well as working on home-made Ham radios and fixing up old Fords.

Yes, sir!  We Americans love our prisons!  Dick Durbin ordered up one for Illinois Melon Capital Thompson Ill and folks in deep downstate Love them some Tamms!

Neil notes that Race is the Place for Scab Picking - Why do Americans Love Them Some Prisons?
Race has to be a factor. More than 60 percent of American prisoners are black or Hispanic, double their presence in the population, and the criminal justice system operates differently for law-breakers who are white and have resources than those who are of color and don’t.
Like the legendary Cap Streeter,  Blago, Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine, Roger the Hog, George Raft, Paul Muni, Jimmy Cagney, Drew Peterson, Al Capone, Spike O'Donnell, Danny Edwards, Gov. Dan Walker, and of course. Ald. Larry Bloom, 

Then, there are our beloved sexual predators (6-60,blind crippled or crazy) Lotharios and Sapphos who number in the scores of thousands -incarcerated and paroled.

Prisons? Man I'm nuts for 'em! Fill 'em up some more!

We Love our prisons - a French word.  The Brits call it Gaol.  I call it Lovely! Still Neil has a point . . .no not the one on his shoulders . . .

Scene from movie “Mata Hari

In Frog prisouns  a gent in a snappy poilu get up brings flowers to babes doing time.

"You Didn't Build That!" Planned Parenthood's Barack H. Obama

 Let’s be clear here: Women are not an interest group.-President Barrack H. Obama

"Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks to all of you at Planned Parenthood for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country and for families all across the country-and for men who have enough sense to realize you are helping them, all across the country. I want to thank Cecile Richards (national president of Planned Parenthood) for her extraordinary leadership. I am happy to see so many good friends here today, including Steve Trombley and Pam Sutherland from my home state of Illinois. We had a number of battles down in Springfield from many years and it's wonderful to see that they are here today."

-- Barack Hussein Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, 17 July 2007

They’re mothers, and daughters, and sisters, and wives. They’re half of this country. They’re perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health. President Barack H. Obama

The Dowager Class -Planned Parenthood/NOW & Etc. - own the White House. Here is their dignified and serious point of view -

The protesters carried signs saying such things as, “Read my lips. Leave my vagina alone,” and argued that pro-life Republicans are waging a war against women.
But with the official proceedings, along with two Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts and the premiere of an anti-Occupy Wall Street movie canceled Sunday and Monday due to weather, it wasn’t until Sunday night at The Welcome Event that the protesters found a large group of Republicans to confront. -The Hollywood Reporter

Code Pink Vagina Stunt National GOP - H 2012

In America we are still still free to choose.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hailing Over the Stream - A Brunette Quearies a Blonde

Dennis O'Mullally's History of O'Mullally and Lally Clan, or The history of an Irish family through the ages intertwined with that of the Irish nation,[2][not in citation given] wherein the author points to the Fir Bolg as "the aboriginal people of Ireland, smaller in stature than the Gaels, with jet-black hair and dark eyes, contrasting with unusually white skin".
O my Dark Rosaleen, Do no sigh, do not weep! The priests are on the ocean green, They march along the Deep. There's wine . . . from the royal Pope Upon the ocean green; And Spanish ale shall give you hope, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! Shall glad your heart, shall give you hope, Shall give you health, and help, and hope, My Dark Rosaleen. James Clarence Mangan

A brunette standing on the shores of the river Shannon yells at the blonde on the opposite shore "How do I get to the other side please"

The blonde yells back "You are already on the other side!" 

Thus, it is so.

H.T. Max Weismann of The Center for the Study of Great Ideas

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catholic League Rahm - He Fumbles the Homeless; Picked Up, and Run to the Goal By Catholic Charities

"For half the cost, we can provide the same services in terms of transportation, and then plow that money back into better servicing, more beds and more wrap-around services, both for the kids and adults," Rahm Emanuel fobbing off responsibility for a Progressive Giveaway to the Catholic Church.

Yep, Mayor Coon eyes is quite the rascal.  Only a few weeks after telling Catholics that they don't have Chicago Values, in order to gin-up Gay Marriage Rainbow Warriors via Proco Joe Moreno's bonfire of vanity at Chick Fil A, he's dragging his once very WTTW program of caring, really, really caring for the homeless and placing responsibility in the shopping cart of Msgr. Mike Boland and Chicago Catholic Charities.

Government fumbles the ball and the Catholic Church runs it to opposite end of the field and touches the old pigskin down . . .again.          Just like the Prep Bowls.

When Rahm Emanuel, the regular guy from the mean streets and alleys . . .drive ways, rather . . . of Wilmette was sworn into office he immediately decided to tax the Catholic Church's schools, hospitals and social services for water.

Until this year churches didn't have to pay for water in Chicago. Under a new law pushed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, churches have to pay for water at a 60 percent discount. The discount drops to 20 percent in 2015.
"The city is in a financial crisis right now, and we aren't in a position to waive our fees," Ald. O'Connor said.

Read more:

In Rahm world, quid pro quo means -what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.

Not only does the feral gobshite in sharkskin suits impose a tax on Chicago's largest social justice infrastructure, but he fobs off responsibility for a Goo-goo policy program that was badly managed and merely government tinsel onto the Catholic Church.

One wonders why he did not reach out to the Gang-banger Pensioners of CeaseFire to identify homeless veterans of the GDs, VICE LORDS, LATIN KINGS and the venerable STONES.

A Pillar of Chicago Values, the Nation of Islam, might have led this faith-based initiative.

Nope.  The Catholic Church, Francis Cardinal George, Msgr. Mike Boland, Catholic Charities and Catholics like John Arvetis (Leo '69), who delivers food to the Catholic Charities pantry on 79th Street every day will do what government can't do -care.

What's next, Mayor Coon Eyes?  Catholic Rat-Catchers?

This would make sense - turn education over  to Sister Mary Paul McCaughey and Catholic Schools.  How about this Mayor?

"For half the cost, we can provide the same services in terms of education, and then plow that money back into better servicing, more beds and more wrap-around services, both for the kids and adults," . . .  and you can recycle the speech.

High Praise to Tribune reporter John Byrne for getting this news past the mopes of the editorial board.,0,4025022.story

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leo Football: Leo 32 -St. Laurence 13

The 1956 City of Chicago Champs - Leo High School.  Could be another in 2012.

Here's the highlights and the full recap, Spsonsored by Barraco's Pizza on the Cube. It was a great night night of Chicago Catholic League Football. Great crowd of Leo Alumni especially Mr. & Mrs. Mike Spowicz who have not missed a Leo Football Game in more than twenty years, Leo Alumni President John Gardner, The Massive Anderson Family, Mike Joyce, Bill Farnan, Jim Farrell, Mark Lee, Denzel Tucker '11 and the entire Earner family, including the guy who went to Brother Rice.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank You Big Shoulders and Prof. Hank Perritt's Kent Law Students!

Professor Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Kent Law Professor Hank Perritt,* a wildly accomplished gentleman, brought a score or more Kent Law Students to help gussy-up the grounds of Leo High School.

The Big Shoulders Fund's Amy Drozda and the venerable Tom Zbierski ( The Polish Lion!) reached out to these fine folks and Leo added a thick coat of black enamel to its parking lot fence and had two class-rooms painted as well while the Leo Student Body cut alley weeds, hauled out trash and gave the athletic weight rooms and locker-rooms a thorough going over.

The young law students  came from all over Chicago and from Kansas, Missouri and California. One young lady boarded the 79th Street Westbound at the end of the day.  There were five beautiful young ladies who had no problem getting right to work and knew the working end of rollers and brushes.  All of the students, Law and Leo, enjoyed themselves - they shot hoops in our iconic gym, hit the speed bag in the boxing room with Leo Man James Davis and learned Leo Lore from President Dan McGrath, who sent two Kent students to check in on me and inquire about my 'night terrors' and screaming, as I slumbered in my cubicle.

The He-Bull ramrod-ing these charitable exertions was Professor Hank Perritt.  The Leo Family thanks its pals from the Big Shoulders Fund and Kent Law School!  Hank can paint a fence.

Henry H. Perritt Jr.

Professor of Law and Director of the Graduate Program in Financial Services Law

Henry H. Perritt, Jr., is a professor of law at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. He served as Chicago-Kent's dean from 1997 to 2002 and was the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Tenth District of Illinois in 2002. Throughout his academic career, Professor Perritt has made it possible for groups of law and engineering students to work together to build a rule of law, promote the free press, assist in economic development, and provide refugee aid through "Project Bosnia," "Operation Kosovo" and "Destination Democracy."
Professor Perritt is the author of more than 75 law review articles and 17 books on international relations and law, technology and law, employment law, and entertainment law, including Digital Communications Law, one of the leading treatises on Internet law; Employee Dismissal Law and Practice, one of the leading treatises on employment-at-will; and two books on Kosovo:Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency, published by the University of Illinois Press, and The Road to Independence for Kosovo: A Chronicle of the Ahtisaari Plan, published by Cambridge University Press.
He is active in the entertainment field, as well, writing several law review articles on the future of the popular music industry and of video entertainment. He also wrote a 50-song musical about Kosovo, You Took Away My Flag, which was performed in Chicago in 2009 and 2010. A screenplay for a movie about the same story and characters has a trailer online and is being shopped to filmmakers. His two new plays, Airline Miles and Giving Ground, are scheduled for performances in Chicago in 2012. His novel, Arian, was published by in 2012. He has two other novels in the works.
He served on President Clinton's Transition Team, working on telecommunications issues, and drafted principles for electronic dissemination of public information, which formed the core of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments adopted by Congress in 1996. During the Ford administration, he served on the White House staff and as deputy under secretary of labor.
Professor Perritt served on the Computer Science and Telecommunications Policy Board of the National Research Council, and on a National Research Council committee on "Global Networks and Local Values." He was a member of the interprofessional team that evaluated the FBI's Carnivore system. He is a member of the bars of Virginia (inactive), Pennsylvania (inactive), the District of Columbia, Maryland, Illinois and the United States Supreme Court.
He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and served on the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, on the Lifetime Membership Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations, and as secretary of the Section on Labor and Employment Law of the American Bar Association. He is vice-president and a member of the board of directors of The Artistic Home theatre company, and is president of Mass. Iota-Tau Association, the alumni corporation for the SAE fraternity chapter at MIT.
Professor Perritt earned his B.S. in engineering from MIT in 1966, a master's degree in management from MIT's Sloan School in 1970, and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 1975*

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Big Shoulders Fund - The Real Deal: Catholic Schools for All

Today, Leo High School will welcome scores of volunteers shepherded by the staff of Chicago's Big Shoulders Fund.  The volunteers are law students from Chicago's Kent School of Law.  The boss shepherd will be Gordon Tech Alumnus and Big Shoulders director Tom Zbierski*.

CPS may very well begin the official school year with Teachers Strike.

Catholic schools, who continue to out perform public schools at every level, have been in session. Leo High School has been at it for the last two weeks.

The Big Shoulders Fund helps inner city families secure a Catholic Education. That education makes success an almost certainty - every graduate of Leo's Class of 2011 is in college.  Not every student wants or should go to college.  Catholic schools prepare young people for good paying careers in the skilled trades.  The skilled trades ( carpenters, electricians, pipe fitters, engineers) want to fill their apprenticeship slots with workers who know the stuff and show up for work.

Today, the volunteers will paint and help the Leo Family spruce up the old place.

The Big Shoulders Fund works 24/7.  Here is a splendid video of its mission and the young people it supports.

Get involved!

*For more than twenty three years, the Big Shoulders Fund has undertaken the responsibility of helping Chicago's inner-city children to achieve their dreams through access to a quality, values-based education.  However, we need your help to make this possible.  There are many ways to make a difference and we hope you will get involved.
  • Donate. Make a gift individually, as a family or through your company.
  • Participate. Attend our annual Lend a Shoulder Day where friends get a glimpse of what happens at the schools through visits, attending class and networking.
  • Mentor. Work directly with students. Mentors are placed whenever possible in the school of their own choosing or, if the mentor is able, where the need is the greatest. If you are interested in learning more about the mentoring opportunities, please contact Tom Zbierski, Director of School Relations at 312-751-8365 /
  • Build. Join or create a Patron Advisory Board.  The Patrons Program is seeking bright, committed women and men to serve on Patron Advisory Boards.  Our schools are in need of professionals who are interested in contributing a small amount of their time and talent in the areas of marketing, accounting, fundraising, capital improvements, construction and technology. Individuals can be apart of these boards who are working to build a sustainable, vital future for Catholic schools in Chicago. If you are interested in learning more about joining a Patron Advisory Board, please contact John Moran, Director of the Patrons Program at 312-751-3897 /
  • Fundraise. Help plan the annual Big Shoulders Fund Golf Classic which raises essential scholarship funds to enable inner-city children to attend inner-city Catholic schools. We are always seeking new members for the Golf Classic committee. Dedicated volunteers from the civic and business community plan the event and solicit sponsors, auction items, donations and foursomes. For more information, to golf or to join in the committee, please contact Amy Drozda, Associate Director for Events and Publications at 312-751-3850 /
  • Join. Become a part of the Auxiliary Board which is designed to engage active and altruistic young professionals (20s through 40s). Members can be part of three committees: Fundraising, Outreach, and Schools.  Through these committees members are able to help plan fundraisers, volunteer with Big Shoulders schools and children, and work to increase the visibility of the Big Shoulders Fund and the Auxiliary Board, and recruit new members.  For more information or to join please contact Amy Drozda, Associate Director for Events and Publications at 312-751-3850 /
  • Serve. One-Day Opportunities We know that many people who want to lend a hand are very busy between family and work committments.  We have a variety of one day service opportunities including our events and Give Back Days. Not only are these great ways for you to give back, but they are a perfect way to bring a group together.  We extend the opportunity for service days to alumni groups, sharing parishes, companies and other clubs. The Big Shoulders Fund and the Auxiliary Board host Saturday morning service days every other month.  These events are held from 9am till noon at different schools around the city of Chicago.  If you are interested in joining us please contact Amy Drozda at 312-751-3850 or

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HuffPo Chicago Launders and Sun Times Chokes on the Cook County Crypt Keeper

When not declaring dead folks anathematizamus, Zeus and Toni Preckwinkle like to get their opera on!

Man, just when you think that Todd Akin is the champion clod in the U.S.of A,  Cook County Board President and Crypt Keeper Toni Preckwinkle raises the bar on stupid.

Huffington Post -the Hollywood Squares of Third Rate opinion - fails to give Chicago meme-gobblers a Taste of Toni. Naturalment.  Greek Golddigger Arianna's stable of nags includes check-kiting felon and hubby to the always hilarious Jan Schalowsky, Bob Creamer.  The local talent is comprised of Windy City Times and SEIU mouthpieces - its missioning rubric should read -Keep it Stupid, Simple! They went dark on Toni's damnation of Old Dutch. There is no mention of Toni Preckwinkle's post-mortem anathema of President Ronald Reagan from yesterday's leadership confab run by Governor Fatuous Ninny-Emeritus Jim Edgar at U. of I. in downstate Illinois.

Laundered.  Memory Hole'd.

Even the Editorial Cheerleaders of the Chicago Sun Times needed to choke back it's previous white-wash of
Toni Preckwinkle's stewardship over the warehouse of stiffs at the County Morgue.  The Sun Times Editorialistas had, only hours before, run the ink-wagon over their columnists scoop-interview with the former County employee who was fitted for the Morgue Mess jacket, by the wife of Zeus and new Medusa President Toni "Crypt Keeper" Preckwinkle. Voila!

Even as we were writing the editorial to the left on Tuesday in praise of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle for her enlightened approach to juvenile justice, she was stepping in it Downstate.
Participating in a panel discussion at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Preckwinkle remarked that former President Ronald Reagan deserves “a special place in hell” for his role in the war on drugs.
When the audience gasped, she asked, “What? You didn’t like that?”
Reasonable people can disagree on the Reagan administration’s drug policies. Reasonable people can believe, as we do, that he took too much of a punitive law enforcement approach, rather than a public health approach.
But we can disagree on policies without — quite literally — condemning the man.
Perhaps Preckwinkle momentarily thought she was back home in Hyde Park, trading liberal quips over wine and cheese.

 Mmmmmm, Perhaps? You think?

Nope. Toni kicks corpses - the late Saul Bellow, the multi-tiered Departed at Morgue(s) Cook County and why not the let President Ronald Reagan?

The Sun Times wants you to believe that Toni Preckwinkle is a deep thinker, a later day Simone de Beauvoir, when in fact she is a 40 Watt sour-puss.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toni Preckwinkle is not Evil; She is Bone Stupid

That Toni Preckwinkle!  What a howl!  She's the Crypt Keeper ( Cook County Morgue) and yet, she managed to dump all of the corpses on Dr. Jones AND get the Sun Times Editorial Board to help.

Toni Preckwinkle is not evil; she is bone stupid and that always helps as a Progressive. . . anywhere and especially here in Cook County.

I remember Toni, from back in the days when she fell down an open manholes on the way from City Hall to the State of Illinois Building. Wasn't that a time?

I remember Toni when she dumped on Chicago Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow, after he was dead of course, as a racist.

I remember Toni Preckwinkle when she wore shoes from two very different pairs.

I remember Toni Preckwinkle . . .and I would love to forget that she is yet breathing my air.

Nevertheless, Toni Preckwinkle will always be with us, as long as there is a WTTW, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times - Carol Marin lifting thoughts from Laura Washington and Eric Zorn channeling the thoughts of the Brothers Klonsky.

Todd Stroger was seriously challenged, but Toni Preckwinkle is stupid and you can't fix stupid. You an only become a Progressive public money grabber. Stupid people depend upon formulae and always stick closely to the script.  They use teleprompters and memes, because an original thought would die of suffocation with the vapor-locked cavern between their ears.

Marijuana demands to be free!  Dopers allied with academic and lawyers with Progressive crendentials years ago and made legalization of drugs an identity politics adjunct.  Movies, like Traffic, appealed to the Smart Set -"Yeah, whom do drugs most harm, Hmmmm?"  The War on Drugs is a Drag, because it thickens prison yards, shoots up the community and denies dweebs the freedom to choose to get smoked up and baked. Toni Preckwinkle is doing for dope what Joe Moore did for goose guts.

Today, the Cook County Board President let her inner Toni out at an event dubbed a leadership conference hosted by the most fatuous ninny to sit in the Governor's Chair until Pat Quinn -GOP Jim Edgar and the ears at U of I  pricked up for the War on Drugs:
That’s when she said Reagan deserved “a special place in hell,” a comment that produced a discernible gasp among conferees, according to some in attendance.
She then, jokingly, said, “What, you didn’t like that?” the witnesses said.
Rose declined comment about her remarks or his exchange with Preckwinkle during what had been billed to attendees as an “off-the-record” discussion, though media representatives from the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and WBBM-TV were not told about those ground rules.
Preckwinkle offered no excuses. She later told the Sun-Times, “It was a conference and wasn’t supposed to be a media event, but when you speak in front of reporters it is a media event.”
The woman who wore the jacket for the Crypt Keeper of Cook County, Dr. Jones called Toni evil and Toni Preckwinkle damned Ronald Reagan, long dead of course, to Hell.

Toni Preckwinkle is in no way evil.

Toni Preckwinkle is bone stupid.  Bone stupid makes evil happen.

Leo High School Football Schedule 2012

It's Fall in Chicago, well almost.  It is time for the Leo Lions -Orange and Black terrors of the gridiron, brawny stalwarts all,  to take the field!  It is time to move pigskin ellipsoid over the goal-lines of foes!  That means it is time for my phone in the Alumni/Development cubicle to flash red with messages!

" When are you gonna send out the #$%^^&^ athletic schedules?"

As they have yet to return from the printers, I have been helped by Leo Alumnus Dan Moss who googled the Football Schedule off of the IHSA site.  I have been far too pre-occupied with my new CVS hand-sanitizer (32Fl.oz.) and driving duties delivering the Bronzeville/Canaryville crowd to Leo High School -my thoughts are less than at their usual  razor-honed and articulated state of readiness.

We open Friday Night at St. Laurence High School -

The Freshman at 5 PM

Varsity at & 7:30PM
N.B. We have an op-en date on the week of September 15, 2012.  We will notify you of the changes.


Leo Football Schedule 2012



Burbank (St. Laurence)

Chicago (Hales Franciscan)

Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep)
Univ. of Chicago
Washington (Friendship Academy), DC

Gately Stadium
Westchester (St. Joseph)
Stagg Stadium

Chicago (Gordon Tech)
Kankakee (McNamara)

Chicago (Brother Rice)
St. Xavier