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What Leo Men Will Not Be Wearing for the 2012 School Year

The Chicago Values Dress Code - Not @ Leo H. S. -
                               Our guys know who they are -Leo Men

Leo Catholic High School
Regular School Day is from 7:45-2:35 p.m.
Regular Wednesday Schedule is from 7:45-1:45 p.m.
Early Dismissal is from 7:45-11:30 a.m.
First Day of School/Early Dismissal (7:45-11:30 a.m.) - Thursday, August 16, 2012. Students will be in full uniform.

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."  ~Epictetus

 I am always thrilled to see the return of the men of Leo after a few weeks off.  Most of our gents have been around all summer, taking Trig and Algebra with Mrs. Latifi, working out in the weight room supervised by the coaches, helping move athletic gear and the checking up with Vice -Principal Frank Wilson and Miss Hyland our guidance counsellor. The incoming freshmen had three weeks of summer school and made themselves home to Leo High School and meeting expectations of a Catholic college prep school - most of our guys come from Chicago public schools.

I was amused by the fashion tips provided by the Chicago Tribune*, yesterday which featured the poor kid at the top of this post.  I tried to imagine the poor lad's entree to Vita Leonis were he to enter the hoary portals on 79th Street, or the entrance on Sangamon street and Coach/Dean Ed Adams's jolly welcome - 

something like this I'd venture.  Here is Ms. Wendy Donahue's tips to urban teens:
Boy meets girl forback-to-schoolfashion. Both are borrowing from classic menswear, reworking it in younger ways. Wall Street plaids and herringbones migrate to skinny pants and miniskirts. Brogues and boots abound, sporting unusual soles or metal details. Adding a "Wild One" edge, motorcycle jackets top preppy looks for boys. Denim and military-inspired shirts are staples for both, but with twists — a contrast collar for him or jeweled embellishment for her. . . .On him (above left):Motorcycle jacket: "Some of the must-have pieces of the season — khakis, colored denim, military shirts, motorcycle jackets — are closet staples for girls and boys," Steinmiller said. Motorcycle jacket, $129, at
Denim on denim: The denim-on-denim trend continues to defy naysayers. "The easiest way to indulge in a trend but not commit to it fully if it's a bit risky or very fashion forward is to pick an accessory that reflects the trend and work it into your current wardrobe," Steinmiller said, as with this tie. Denim shirt with contrast collar, $27.90, and denim tie, $9.90
Safety pin as tie clip: "For guys, a small accessory adds character and personal flair to an outfit," Steinmiller said. "Pins, watches, a pocket square or friendship style bracelet all are personal pieces that make a look his own."
Old-school shoes: Brogue shoes come in hip colors like gray, or with new details like rubber soles. "The best stores for shopping the trends at a reasonable price offer options for guys and girls — Topshop, American Eagle, H&M, Zara, Maje. Vesuvius brogues, $110
The chino in color: A natural extension of the colored-denim trend: Colored chinos. Chinos, $88, and white leather belt, $128 at (emphases my own)
$88 chinos?????   That's lunch for the freshmen!  White leather belt $ 128??????????  First off, . . . .A WHITE LEATHER BELT???????

How a man dresses is good barometer for the man's worth.  A comfortable cotton polo in stunning white, or basic black sporting the Leo crest and logo with clean pressed Wrangler chinos at $18 a pop, sensible and comfortable shoes in black wrapping a well groomed gentleman is a dandy start to a productive day.

Poor Steve Stunning from Ms. Donahue's fashion goo would be known by another name here on the series streets around Leo . . . Victim comes to mind; object of derision; bully-bait; the poor kid; former student  . . .& etc.

* Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago and Leo Man 2012, made national headlines with his column challenging Rahm Emanuel on "Chicago Values - a Moveable Feast of Folly," but the Chicago Tribune thought it not fit to print.  How's that old print media shaking out?  Enrollment is up here at Leo.

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