Monday, August 06, 2012

Morgan Park's Eddie Carroll Roofing to Scale Mt. Everest

Carroll Roofing & Construction
10912 South Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 445-5756

The above is a basic sketch for Eddie Carroll Roofing & Construction Mt. Everest Climb fleshed out by Master Sherpa and engineer Framin' Eamon Cosgrove for the trip up Everest's south face.

Having topped the summits of Mount Greenwood, ( Georgians, Cape Cods, Raised Ranches and the odd Chicago Bungalo) philosopher, roofer, gad-about, swordsman, Big band leader  and adventurer, Eddie Carroll will dominate the top of the world, Ma!

Carroll Roofing and Construction - the surname of quality and Old World craftsmanship ( "I hire only DPs") - will soon best the name of Hillary, not the long suffering Mrs. Clinton, but Sir Edmund the Kiwi Rock Jock. Like Sir Edmund, Citizen Eddie will take the much tested south ridge route from Nepal.

I asked the raffish adventurer what possessed him to assault the 24,000 + ' summit and he cocked an eyebrow and rejoined, " I like it on top, Patrick, my boy; I like it on top."

I had expected nothing less.

To continue, I mentioned the perilous 1996 expeditions that ended in the deaths sixteen persons, but Mr. Carroll was not nonplussed.  He's often not nonplussed. Conturbent me Non Nihil! -(Perplex Me Not With Nothing!) should be Eddie Carroll's family crest.  I, on the hand. am nonplussed enough for everyone, let alone anyone.

Mr. Carroll continued to wax practical, "I'm using scaffolding . . .lots and lots of scaffolding . . . Pat, I take safety as seriously as President Obama takes his oath of office, maybe more so.   Look, if you skimp on costs in material quality, customers will skedaddle pronto . . .not to mention funeral. . . .well, burial anyway, maybe not the whole Bob Sheehy, but certainly the burial . . . expenses for the husky immigrants going up with a load of lumber, or shingles. No, Sir, I am scaffolding my way up Everest on Badger Quality*!"

God Speed, Eddie Carroll!!!!!!!!!!!

* Badger Ladder and Scaffolding -
Wide Selection of Scaffolding
1-5/8", 5' x 6'7"Steel Tube Scaffolding
The Outside Diameter of this frame scaffolding is 1 5/8".
This high quality steel frame scaffolding is built tough to handle the demands of your work load.
  • Fast Lock, lock system to help decrease assemble and disassembly time.
  • Coupling Pin with NO collar included.
The LF6R Scaffold Package is Painted Red.
Each One of these Scaffold Packages Include:
  • (2) 5' x 6'7" Steel Frames
  • (2) 7' Cross Braces
  • (4) Stacking Pins

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