Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Are These Thayers Kissin' Cousins? Andy and Spencer - Gotta Be The DNA

                           Thayer Younger is Spencer (up h'yar) seems an earnest and nasty little bit of business

Thayer Elder (over th'ar) is NATO Impressario and Chicago Utility Nutbag Andy " Smashing Knockers" Thayer!

Last week was Chick fil A Day Squared - Hundreds of thousands of people defended the First Amendment by purchasing fast-food all over the country and a day or two later scores (that's 20's and change) of perpetually put-out people smooched in protest and some became uglier than a boiled bald badger.

Right here in Chicago, a street preacher was insulted and mocked for his faith on the sidewalk near a Hipster-hood Chick fil A - The kid dressed like a Mormon without a bike is smarmy but polite. The real stary of the show is something else.

The following unedited version offered by Legal Insurrection's Anne Sorock ( who bought the beset upon gentleman lunch, God Love Her!):

The little prique in the bleeding Madras shirt and sporting a nattily trimmed beard is Spencer  " Thunderball" Thayer of Cop Watch and Occupy Chicago.

Spencer was the subject of one of my 2009, the dawn of Obama Values, posts:
Spencer wants Chicago to 'Bash Back!' Bash away Chicago!
Activist and Video Journalist SPENCER THAYER!
There is an Andy Thayer who works for Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Jon Loevy - Andy Thayer is a Gay/Anti-War/Anti-Cop Activists who is as prominent in publicity for social activism issues as the Caveman in Insurance ads. I gotta wonder if Spencer Thayer is any relation to Andy Thayer who works for Jon Loevy who sues the Chicago Police weekly - following a Sun Timesstory or stories.
That's just the old close-knit ethnic south side of me - shucks, we think everyone is a cousin! Aren't they though?
The Thayer Tribe can't all be publicity addicted pests.  If so, that  Thayer DNA and them dilating pupils must be something to behold.

Thank you Anne Sorock and Legal Insurrection.com



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