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Baseball, Debt, Forgiving the Goons and Making Sense of the Goofy New World Order - Michaek Moriarty on Point

Wazzit Say? 

Sumpin aboud . . .Exercisin Yer Free Will . . .don't cost nutttin.
    True ease in writing comes from art, not chance,
    As those move easiest who have learned to dance.
    'Tis not enough no harshness gives offense,
    The sound must seem an echo to the sense: - Alexander Pope
 The measure the greatness of all other books against the greatest literary backdrop of all-time, the Bible, and I find with Joyce's Ulysses, the Bible doesn't even come close. If you're a writer, and you haven't read Ulysses, that fact is probably apparent in your writing  . . .
Joyce would have said as much. Joyce said a lot of things, such as: If Dublin was to be destroyed,Ulysses would be the book used to put it back together again. He said the same thing about the universe in accordance with Finnegans Wake.FW is a literary work that seems to have condensed time and space into a nutshell. Joyce also said of Ulysses: I'm writing a book to keep the scholars and professors guessing for centuries. That is the only way to ensure one's own immortality. Adam Michael Luebke

James Joyce is a tough read.  When a reader manages to get through with Dubliners, a collection of short-stories, the novel Portrait of the Artist as Young Man tosses up an offensive line of cultural tropes and references from Western Civilization that is as daunting as Jerry Kramer, Jim Otto, Fuzzy Thurston, Jim Ringo, Forrest Gregg and Bob Skoronski.  Those gents were the 1959-1963 Green Bay Packer offensive linemen - tough to get through.

Life is tough to get through.  James Joyce was said to have revolutionized literature - not really. Many, many, many ink-slingers are as thick with cross-references and dark conceits - Rabelais, Laurence Sterne, Jonathan Swift and Marcel Proust to name a few. Joyce, however,  could be as lucid and straightforward as a sportswriter when he chose to do so, or if the occasion demanded.

The more one brings to the blank paper, along with the standards of plain and truthful speaking, the richer the benefits for the writer's readers.    James Joyce brought music to his reader via the written word. Sound and Sense merged in a beautifully orchestrated and executed performance - Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake make the 1959-1963 Packers' offensive line seem like Mae Kennedy Kane Dancers *confronting Ragen's Colts with hangovers. Those are two obscure Chicago references for the energetic reader.

Ulysses offers this - Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liver slices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencod's roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine (55).

Is there anything left un-uttered? Ulysses is that Roman name for that Greek guy what wandered when he pissed off the gods and took a long time to get home to the Old Lady and the kid, right?  So, what's that got to do with Dublin on  16 June 1904?  Plenty.  That's the point.

Michael Moriarty writes much like James Joyce and brings a vast arsenal of culture to his prose.  This early morning before I could get to Kareem's Dunkin Donuts at 104th & Western, I was fully  caffeinated with the following offering by my pal Michael Moriarty.   Mr. Moriarty and I share a Jesuit education, a Catholic upbringing and Chicago roots.  We learned that First Principles based upon obligation to God as the foundation to living a good and happy life.  Without a sounding board, man is deaf.  If we refuse to hear the sound of the unborn child in mother's womb, what is the point of going to a symphony.

Michael Moriarty - read and listen:
By Michael MoriartyAugust 7, 2012NewsWithViews.comMy grandfather, George Moriarty, first played for Chicago.No, he didn’t field for the Chicago White Sox, a team that eventually became known as the infamous Chicago Black Sox.He played for the Chicago Cubs. That baseball team hired my grandfather right off the sandlots of The Toddlin’ Town’s very, very tough and very, very Irish South Side.“Big George”, as we used to call him, then went on to play with the New York Highlanders – which later became the New York Yankees – and then he settled down for most of his playing career with the Detroit Tigers.There he became that team’s best third baseman … until George Kell, that is.My GrandfatherMy grandfather really couldn’t hit all that well. Never broke a seasonal .300.But what a base stealer!!Stole home more times in one season than anyone in baseball history … including Ty Cobb.Well, at least that’s what my father said he did.DON’T DIE ON THIRD!was written about him.The film, Gangs of New York, wasn’t all that different from gangs of Chicago.Tough.You had to know how to fight or you weren’t going to last long.You certainly couldn’t survive in the American Big League Anything if you batted under .300.Unless you knew how to protect the better hitters.I played a hockey “Goon” in television’s Deadliest Season. I was there on the ice to do nothing more than “intimidate.”Things get a little out of hand and my character kills another player on the ice.Bang The Drum Slowly was almost exactly the opposite message from my grandfather’s life and the lessons of The Deadliest Season: Protect the wounded and the infirm and you’ll build team spirit.Another baseball film, Field of Dreams, preaches a much more profoundly Liberal sermon than Bang The Drum Slowly.Field of Dreams is not only more palatably radical than any other American baseball film but more heart-warmingly revolutionary than any other American film in recent history.It basically echoes a breathtaking philosophic position that the writer Gary Wills offered us regarding the New Testament’s Judas:Gary Wills, another version of a Christian contradiction-in-terms, a Catholic Progressive – along with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi – has been trying to canonize Judas for quite some time, exalt him as the most Christ-like of characters, this side of Christ Himself.Judas performed the job he had to perform and, therefore, he was doing God’s Will.“He was only doing his job!”Judas deserves to be honored for that.“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!”Okay.Kind of.Field of Dreams is a beautifully made film of forgiveness and reconciliation … for everyone.It is ultimately everyone’s field of dreams in everyone’s most childlike reveries.According to this film, we all, good-bad-or-indiffently-evil, end up in heaven, even every member of the undeniably but poignantly corrupt Chicago Black Sox.Okay.Kind of.There is still, however, the last, big time I noticed a dividing line between the good and the evil.Between, say Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill.Then why did President Barack Hussein Obama send a gift from the Queen of England – a bust of Winston Churchill – why did he send that bust back to London?!And why did he promise Vladimir Putin of neo-Soviet Russia that he would be more “flexible” when he’s re-elected?Barack Obama must be a fan of something other than the World War II Free World.He’s not only a fan and booster but a major creator of what we now know of as “The Progressive New World Order.”Imagine a film wherein the victims of Stalinist oppression, relatives of the executed and worked to death, played soccer with Nikita Khrushchev?“All is forgiven!”Of course, a few cheating baseball players in Field of Dreams are hardly the Red Army.Dreams are the heart of an inevitably worldwide conflict; and since conflict is the heart of drama, let’s examine The Fields of Everyone’s Dreams.President Barack Hussein Obama dreams of a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.It’s all there in great detail within his tribute to his family, Dreams For My Father.Okay.He, however, is not the only one working on this.Guess what?The Progressive “New World Order” was most noticeably announced by George Bush Sr.A kinder gentler America” was,I believe,how Bush expressedhis own “field of dreams.”Eventually this New World Order just had to necessitate “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”What better way to begin it than by having George Bush Jr. put America into its biggest debt until, of course, Barack Hussein Obama showed up and tripled that same, record-breaking bankruptcy.Why?A Field of Dreams called the New World Order cannot be achieved without a “fundamental transformation of the United States.”What easier and simpler way to do that than by putting America into a debt that she cannot possibly extricate herself from?A field of dreams called The New World Order will take “strong medicine” in order to transform life on earth into the very heaven we experience in the filmField of Dreams.American debt is that “strong medicine”.Aside from suicidal, American debt, what is the main ingredient for creating The New World Order?Forgiveness.Apparently our feelings about the Soviet Union and Red China are the main obstacles to The New World Order’s Field of Dreams.We are in for the Obama Nation’s prolonged “teachable moment.”If we wholeheartedly forgive the Chicago Black Sox, put ourselves in heaven with them, then we can move on to forgiving the tyranny of Communism.After the revelations of America’s self-loathing, plus the opening punches to American self-respect in the patronizing brilliance of what I call “na├»ve genius,” the New World Order will keep America soft, warm and gooey withField of Dreams and Dreams For My Father until America welcomes her own death as a favor.I’m in Canada watching all this while rooting for the Tea Party and leadership such as Allen West. All of which are an embarrassingly painful minority.There is, however, the possibility of miracles.If such miracles don’t happen and the Obama Nation is reinstated by reelection, all of Canada had better start praying for her own miracles. My new homeland is much easier “pickings” than the former greatest nation of the Free World, the United States of America.Such death of individual freedom and responsibility is called “Progress”.With the virulently expanding death by legalized abortion and euthanasia, I call it The New World Order’s Fourth Reich.
What does that mean?The Progressively Digestible Survival of The Progressively Fittest.Until then, with the expanding control of Big Government over everything, we’ll be fed the palatable pap, the heart-warming, end-of-the-film suicide of James Earl Jones.
Perhaps never to return alive?His winningly and gently humorous dance into that heavenly field of corn?But only as a ghost of his former self?Death as merely an easily addictive field of dreams?The Western World’s Judeo-Christian culture, largely inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations?All to be melted away by a Progressively Marxist New World Order?Forgiveness for everyone?Including Judas, Mao and Joseph Stalin?When will that happen?When Hell freezes over and Heaven is a skating rink.© 2012 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

* Mae Kennedy Kane May Kennedy Kane and another woman perform an Irish Jig at the Florida Folk Festival- White Springs, Florida

Ragen's Colts - "Hit Me and You Hit 2,000".'s_Colts

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