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Judy Garland Died for My Sins.

Fabulous!Let me tell you about my sexual exploits . . . why only . . .you Yawn?

10% of Americans are Gay. Really.

Okay, how about some Gay statistics?

10-40 % of the trees that fall in the forest are heard and they will be heard. Really.

Gay is good and gay can be great; but Gay ain't that big. Well it is if you are Gay and Gay Progressive Friendly. Gay is the new Green.

General Sheehan has been made the 21st Century Alfred Dreyfus by the sneaky little turd Senator Carl Levin in a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about Gays in the Military with regard to Don't Ask; Don't Tell. The Dutch Pink Army ( Gay Soldiers Group) threatened to sue Retired General Sheehan - he retracted a statement refering to a conversation that he had with a Dutch officer in Bosnia, after his Dutch counterpart got amnesia.

I am neither a Veteran, nor a homosexual, but neither is Senator Carl Levin - Senator Levin is a sneaky little turd. Click my post title for some common sense on the General Sheehan affair.

Now that Obama Care passed everything is Gay - Priest scandals in the Catholic Church begin and end with the Gay Mafia or the Lavender Clerics - Don't ask;Don't tell worked real well in the institutional Catholic Church - did it not? Ironically, the very same people who would tear Pope Benedict XVI apart would free Roman Polanski. SNAP should be renamed PAPAL- People Abused by Priests and Artificed by Lawyers. The Folks who boil up the media about the Catholic Church never point their fingers at the Lavender Priesthood, as Tom Roeser so well terms the clerical daisy-chain.Mr. Roeser points out that -

First: The SNAP people as social and political liberals cannot bring themselves to admit that homosexuality which has run rife, producing the Lavender Priesthood, is the overwhelming cause of the scandal. They have adopted the same cultural bias of today’s liberals and media about homosexuality…that it is not a sinful choice or a weakness and definitely not an abuse of the sexual faculty…but misled by certain liberal pathologies they believe that it is neither reversible but merely a normal variation, like being left-handed.
In fact if SNAP had used its findings to blast the Lavender Priesthood, the chances are great that the media would be loath to run the stories.
Most SNAP authorities declare that if in fact homosexuality is the cause, the so-called “repression” factor is responsible: victims are those too ashamed of the sin that “dare not tell its name.” Many feel that matters would be improved if only the Church would relent in its insistence of the male only priesthood. Others have told me that celibacy should be relaxed (not understanding that the celibate priesthood is not covered by inflexible
BTW- save all the outrage about pedophiles in the priesthood not being Gay - if you are a man doing a boy you are a homosexual(Gay) pedophile; if you are a man doing a girl, you are a heterosexual pedophile.

An American Hero is being pilloried as the Alfred Dreyfus to Gay Militancy Media.

If Gay's suffer, . . .hell, sorry for your troubles; get in line.

If the tail wags the dog then the whole dog needs to shake. One can not have a touch of cancer - a girl is never a little bit pregnant, unless she belongs to Planned Parenthood.

Here's the deal, neighbors (Gay/Breeder/Celibate/Disinterested). If you must proclaim your presence on this our earth and God's creation, entirely by the means by which you sexually find gratification . . .no one is asking and please do not tell.

The Kinsey study of 1948, which homosexuals often cite to say that 10% of the population is homosexual, actually says that only 4% of the population is EXCLUSIVELY homosexual. This study involved a disproportionate number of people who had been in jail for sex crimes (hardly a random sample of the population). Kinsey also did perverse studies involving young boys and pedophiles. Information on Kinsey.
Current research shows that the true percentage of homosexuals is in the 1-2% range (15,23,26,28). Consider how small this number is when compared to most of the numbers above.
(15) Morton-Hunt Study for Playboy
(23) Science Magazine, 18 July 1993, p. 322.
(26) United States Census Bureau
(28) University of Chicago's Nation Research Corp.”

Some studies conducted in response to the AIDS epidemic reported that 3% of males are or should preferential homosexuals and another 4% are closeted homosexuals.

Well that last demographic got a boost the other day from Joto Fortunado Ricky Martin.

R. I. P. Firefighter Brian Carey, 28 years of age - Killed in the Line of Duty

Homewood Firefighter Brian Carey, 28 years of age, was killed in the line of duty.

Fireman Carey was killed in combat with a raging fire.

Firefighter Brian Carey, 28, of Evergreen Park, died at South Suburban Hospital.

Glenwood Fire Chief Kevin Welsh did not identify the firefighters or the homeowner, whom firefighters saved from the house on their second attempt to rescue him.

Fire officials would not discuss a report from a source who said the resident and the injured firefighters were burned when oxygen tanks inside the home exploded.

The elderly man’s wife escaped the blaze and was taken to a hospital, fire officials said.

Rest in Christ's Peace young man.

Senator Roland Burris to Hickey - What do you want on your Tombstone?

Boy what a great guy! Roland just sent me a note telling about all that he has done to and for me and my kids!

"Hey, I got this one, Hickey! Put your money away!"

Well, Senator, I'll have the pepperoni, mushroom, green olive, onion, extra garlic and just a handful of spinach on my Tomstone, Senator! What'll you have on your's?

Que Hombre!

My fellow Illinoisans,

After nearly a century of false starts and following more than a year of national debate, my colleagues and I have finally passed sweeping health reform legislation, which President Obama signed into law.

We?ve achieved historic reform ? but many Illinoisans have been left wondering: ?What exactly does this mean for me??

There are a number of key provisions that will take effect almost immediately. These include:

- Tax credits for as many as 144,000 small businesses in Illinois
- Immediate access to affordable coverage for 201,233 Illinoisans who are currently uninsured due to a pre-existing condition
- Medicare improvements and lower-cost prescription drugs for 1.8 million Illinois seniors
- Prohibiting insurance companies from using pre-existing conditions as an excuse to deny care to 3.2 million Illinois children

And this is only the beginning. Once the new law is fully implemented, family health insurance premiums will be reduced by $1,630-$2330 with no reduction in benefits. Up to 1 million Illinoisans will receive tax credits. Approximately 1,100-1,700 jobs will be created in our state. A total of 570 Community Health Centers in Illinois will receive additional funding.

In Illinois and across the country, this landmark reform law will provide tremendous benefits in both the short term and the long term. It is even projected to cut our deficit by $143 billion in the first ten years and an astounding $1.3 trillion in the decade after that.

Please log on to my website at to contact me with any questions or concerns and find out about the work I?m doing on your behalf in Washington. On the issue of health care reform and on every other challenge we face, I am proud to represent you in the U.S. Senate, and I remain committed to fighting for your interests every day.

Roland W. Burris
United States Senator

Really, how about Repealing this nonsense. It is the worst legislation to come down the pike and down our throats in . . .forever . . . or at least 75 years as this Virginia businessman says.

Here's why from David John Marotta who runs a Wealth Management Company, Senator:

The bill requires all Americans to have health insurance and imposes a $900 fine for not having it. And all health insurance companies must insure people for the same price regardless of any preexisting conditions.

In the past people would pay thousands of dollars for health insurance so it would be there if they needed it. Now they will be able to pay a $900 fine and still be guaranteed insurance even after they develop a serious illness. As a result, healthy people with insurance will do better to drop their coverage and pay the fine until they get sick and need health care.

Rather than increasing the rolls of the insured, this legislation could actually encourage healthy people to opt out of insurance. If insurance can’t discriminate based on my health before insurance, why pay a dime until my out-of-pocket expenses are expected to exceed the cost of insurance?

No insurance system can survive such folly. Savvy consumers will only buy insurance if they anticipate that their expenses will exceed what they pay in premiums. Insurance companies will have no way to screen for a truly average risk pool. As a result, costs will go up until even the sick won’t want to buy insurance.

The bill also provides measures for cost containment, which generally means it will be harder for doctors to get paid for their work. As much as half of the expense of running a medical office is trying to get reimbursed, and this legislation will only exacerbate the situation.

Although the details are not specified, much of the legislation will enable a broad range of powers to be granted to the federal government to use however it sees fit. Committees will decide which procedures are allowable and with what frequency. Technical groups will design the required reporting format for your private medical data. Stakeholder groups will fix prices after consultation with special interest groups. And new agencies will set minimum standards for health-care insurance. Patients pay for about 12 cents of every health-care dollar today. This is not enough to deter health-care consumption. Costs cannot be controlled when the person who pays for a service, the person who benefits from a service and the person who grants the service are all different. Only when most of the money spent comes out of pocket will people have a vested interest in cost containment. Empowering patients to make their own health care decisions is the only viable solution. Although the best economic alternative is having more out-of-pocket dollars, the current legislation requires insurance to pay at least 85 percent of health-care costs.

That last part may kill Health Savings Accounts, which could save much of what ails our health care system. HSAs are coupled with a high-deductible health insurance policy. Such policies are extremely inexpensive.

HSAs are based on the principle that because you pay the high deductible, you are motivated to keep costs low. And because you are unlikely to reach your deductible, your insurance costs are low. Insurance is affordable only when the likelihood of using it is low. An added benefit is that employees own their own health insurance. Hence it is completely portable. If they are laid off or decide to work elsewhere, they can take their insurance with them. In every way, privatized HSAs are working to contain costs. Given the new requirement that 85 percent of costs must be paid by insurance, HSAs will probably not survive the federal bureaucracy.

You can compare the current legislation to having grocery store insurance that pays for the first dollar you spend. Everyone in our risk pool will order filet mignon. First the costs will skyrocket. And then the meat will be rotten.

It isn’t just that some portions of the bill are poorly implemented but the broad scope of the legislation could be fixed. It is fundamentally wrong. And it will have implications that will impoverish rather than empower individuals. The result is not good intentions with unintended consequences, but in fact ill intentions with disastrous consequences.

Only a utopian centralized planner could believe we will be able to anticipate or correct the consequences going forward. The unknown unknowns are liable to produce even more dire meltdowns. Government intervention, monopoly and regulation cause the rigidity that in turn provokes economic forces immune to market adjustments. Bubbles, shortages, deficits, defaults and moral hazard will result.

Once the government competes with the private sector, there is no competition. It is like the referee starting to play on the field. The government has banned private companies from competing with them on mortgages, Social Security and the U.S. Postal Service, and we all know how well those organizations are run.

Quality health care will suffer a similar fate. There is no systemic regulator for expenses, and consequently costs will go up and benefits will dwindle. As a result, the subsidy of the truly needy will be completely swamped by a tsunami of middle-class entitlements.

The current legislation has left undone the incentives to provide quality lowest cost health care. And it is put in place incentives that work toward impoverishing the quality and economics of our current health care system. For these reasons and many more, the current legislation is the worst legislation passed by Congress in the last 75 years.

Cool Drool! Thanks for thinking of me and the kids, Senator.

David John Marotta is the president of Marotta Wealth Management INC. of Charlottesville, providing fee-only financial planning and wealth management at Questions to be answered in the column should be sent to questions@emarotta.comor
Marotta Wealth Management INC.,
One Village Green Circle, Suite 100,
Charlottesville, VA 22903-4619

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diagram Dyson! and Win Valuable Prizes - Afro-Rococo Flannelmouth Out- Faulkners William Faulkner

To tweak Sist'ah Walsh ( Joan Walsh of - Hate Whitey, I posed a challenge - Diagram one of Michael Eric Dyson's sentences.

The former Chicago flannelmouthed say-nothing has made a fabulous career where his talents in saying nothing of consequence are valuable - The Ivy League and Cable News.

I used to tell my students at Bishop McNamara High School and at La Lumiere School that the longest sentence in English Literature belonged to William Faulkner in his novel Absalom, Absalom* ( it's about 1,250 + words).

Michael Eric Dyson whips out words like a jacked-up product shill on TV at 3AM, but generally is incomprehensible to human beings - with the exception of Bill Maher who did way too much glue sniffing as a child it seems.

Here's the Diagram Challenge -

And so when we think about warring against White Supremacy in American society, it is so seductive to believe and invest in the mythology of superiority, especially among White ethnic brothers and sisters, who, having been closed out of so much in American society, hold fast to that lie, hold fast to that myth, hold fast to that illusion because they have been so disenfranchised otherwise that they have to pump up the myth of their inherent superiority.
M.E. Dyson

In our comments section tell me what this means and if possible find the verb phrase. Sentence?

Absalom, Absalom - 1st sentence -

"From a little after two weeks oclock until almost sundown of the long still hot weary dead September afternoon they sat in what Miss Coldfield still called the office because her father had called it that-a dim hot airless room with the blinds all closed and fastened for forty-three summers because when she was a girl someone had believed that light and moving air carried heat and that dark was always cooler, and which (as the sun shone fuller and fuller on that side of the house) became latticed with yellow slashes full of dust motes which Quentin thought of as being flecks of the dead old dried paint itself blown inward from the scaling blinds as wind might have blown . . ."
ad infinitum . . . well, pretty long anyway.

Salon's Nun "Sister" Joan Walsh asks, "What's Wrong With Whitey?"

Remember when the Nuns made us Diagram sentences on the blackboard? I can still feel the love! Well, not my Jewish, Anglican, Lutheran, AME and Wiccan friends - you didn't go to Catholic school - except Danny Levi! Oh yeah and the two Dutch kids that later went to some school in Michigan, but I digress. Diagram! Nuns! Snitches and sneaks!

Salon's Joan Walsh reminds me of the Irish colleens who tended to rat out the class when Sister Doralese left the room. "Sister, I studied and prayed, but Larry Fiscelli, Billy Bigane, Mike Kelly, Eileen O'Connor, Terry McEldowney, Willie Winters, Janet Walsh, Margie Prendergast, Carolyn Velos, Ray Winebladt, Jimmy Shea, Ernie Kelly, Bernie Mitchell, Judy Lawlor and the other sneaks especially Pig-eyed Hickey - were making fun of YOU sister and were hateful and barbarous."

Males generally got their asses kicked, followed by having their Hagar Dad 'N Lad Slacks yanked off and tossed over the phone wires, following such an exercise. Homely and singularly unhappy girls, like Joan Walsh, would eventually take the veil, turn feminist, maybe even dedicated Sapphist, following a grammar school career of ratting out their classmates. Some became Magazine editors.

Anyway , Joan Walsh makes a swell career of being singularly unhappy with and on MSNBC as a weepy mouth-piece for Progressive, anti-Catholic, anti-Religion, and all abortion issues.

Today, she hates Whitey - you know White People like me the others who work at and support all black Catholic High Schools, and other things. (Click my post title for Joan Walsh's full squeal)

Joan Walsh acts and sounds just like the smug-ugly and stupid nuns who want to be Popes, wear bad clothes that make them look like a Lesbian chorus line, do liturgical dance when asked not to and rarely have ever finished actually reading a book. They were the biggest hitters back in the day. The good nuns wore the old regimentals and actually liked boys.

If Sister Joan can diagram this sentence by Michael Eric Dyson - fast talking Afro-Moron of the 1st Order and Frequent Guest on Cable TV . . .well I'll tell what's wrong with white people . . . explain the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle . . .the recipe to Uncle Jaspar's Peotone Surprise Jambalaya . . . Billy Grey's Treasure Map and the level of salt in Roland S. Martin's diet.

Sister Joan - Diagram it!!!!! . . .and I'll tell what is wrong with White People.

And so when we think about warring against White Supremacy in American society, it is so seductive to believe and invest in the mythology of superiority, especially among White ethnic brothers and sisters, who, having been closed out of so much in American society, hold fast to that lie, hold fast to that myth, hold fast to that illusion because they have been so disenfranchised otherwise that they have to pump up the myth of their inherent superiority.

Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaapppppp! On your knees!

School Vouchers Good for Illinois - SEIU and Ralphie Martire Are Against It!

Ralph Martire and Rev. Senator James Meeks in happier times - before Senator Meeks got wise to the opposition to School Choice.

The same idiots who pushed Illinois over the fiscal cliff - SEIU's Tax Ingesting Boondoggles and Pie Chart Vampire Ralph Martire are dead set against Senator James Meeks' victory in the Illinois Senate for Illinois Families and Tax Payers - School Vouchers

Ralph Martire has Pie Charted and Parsed every bone-headed tax-increase since Dawn Clark Netsch stamped Ralph's ticket.

Ralph and his Center for Tax and Budget Accountability is clearing house for cover to dimwitted and gutless politicians. Too strong, Hickey?

Hey, Sally, wait until you see Illinois go all Arnold Schwarzenegger's California!

School Choice - Vouchers - is the only real hope for Chicago's public schools and many other districts as well. Where there are strong Catholic Schools Like Fenwick, there is a solid public school. Leo High School helps Simeon stay competitive - though we attract Simeon students. Now, Simeon Moms and Dads might be able to afford Leo, or Fenwick, Governor Quinn.

If Ralph Martire is against anything it must be a great idea and SEIU's graphic novel (comic book) Progress Illinois is already huffing and puffing against Vouchers.

The Center on Tax and Budget Accountability's executive director Ralph Martire echoed those sentiments, adding that there is no guarantee that a private school must accept disadvantaged students, either.

Meeks bill now moves over to the House, which will take up the measure after the spring recess. Meanwhile, the Chicago Teachers Union is pushing back against the bill. And Gov. Pat Quinn has indicated that he's not thrilled about any idea of draining any more resources from already-struggling public schools.

"The concept of public education is that every child, regardless of where they grow up, can get a quality education," Martire tells us. "If you don't have the resources to hire more and better teachers, to put technology in the classrooms, to have enrichment and afterschool programs to extend the school day ... how is competition [with the private market] going to make schools any better?"

Ralph, you are a caution!

Competition makes Principals go Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, time to unload the dead weight!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, new blood might help!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, teachers are not showing up on Mondays and Fridays, but they are at St. Werque-Ethiks!

Baby steps, Ralph! Come on Big Boy!!!! You CAN do it Ralph! One Step! That a boy, Ralph! You'll get the hang of it!

A Great Morning's Moon Dimmed

There is a magnificent full moon lounging just above the houses west on 108th Street.

The fat man's face reminiscent of the old Honeymooner's episodes is jolly and benevolent. I have a nice stroll up to Kean Gas for the 20 oz. Dark Roast and a chat with the heroic Ray Wenek, who helped catch a robber and give the louse a few clips in jaw as well, over the morning's paper. Gino Ford, Eddie Ryan and other usual Kean Salonistas should appear.

The moon recalls the majesty and care of God for Man. My lunatic love of poetry gets protracted by this magnificent moon to recall Pope - Alexander Pope.

First follow Nature, and your judgment frame
By her just standard, which is still the same;
Unerring Nature, still divinely bright,
One clear, unchanged, and universal light,
Life, force, and beauty must to all impart,
At once the source, and end, and test of art.

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism

I get my coffee and chat with Ray Wenek, a Navy Veteran trying to get a job as a fireman having been a firefighter in his Country's Cause.

The papers howl about the Hutaree Militia - sad and dangerous people - lunatics. Natasha Korecki of the Chicago Sun Times does her usual able and clean reporting. I am saddened and a bit creeped out about the young guy from Hammond, Indiana - what a great town. These unhappy and bitter people who embrace a core of belief that perverts the heart are our neighbors - Left Wing Right Wing matters not. They stand under the very same moon as the people they are purported to want to kill - police officers.

Sweet Jesus.

For Forms of Government let fools contest;
Whate'er is best administer'd is best:
For Modes of Faith, let graceless zealots fight;
He can't be wrong whose life is in the right:
In Faith and Hope the world will disagree,
But all Mankind's concern is Charity:
All must be false that thwart this One great End,
And All of God, that bless Mankind or mend.

Alexander Pope, Essay on Man

I take my coffee with me. It is going to be a very long day. The moon has dimmed and smiles not at all.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rhymin' Sheila Simon's "Pope Knop" Bashing Catholics?

Pope Knop, with short blond hair, Pope Knop, wears Barbie underwear, loves to dance around when she's half bare, so join me now and say a prayer for Pope Knop.

"She knows her holy water from her Mountain Dew." YeeeeeeeHaaaawww!!!!

Z'at Se'er Gee Tunin'?

Sheila Simon plays Banjo AND Bassoon - Dang! As to Ms. Simon's libretto . . .

Sheila Simon sinks her teeth into the Pope's Problems?
Sheila Simon advocates Ordination of Women?
Sheila Simon plays to the Manya Brachear Catholic Bashing Media?

Banjo Dancing?
Just Funnin'?

If Illinois needs further evidence that Sheila Simon is up to the onerous task of being Illinois's hard-hitting Progressive No Popery Here Governor Lite - well, pop this one into the dash board!

Click my post title for Pioneer Press's Jeff Finley revelatory review of Sheila Simon's "Pope Knop!"

Pope Knop by Sheila Simon's band, last heard on her Resume You Tube application with the kid from Deliverance frailing the five-string, is a real tribute to the Bow Tied Icon's Kid.

Now, how can anyone call me cynical?

Huge Hat Tip to John Rubery - Marathon Pundit!

VAT You Say? A VAT of Trouble That Makes ObamaCare Chump Change - "That" You Can Believe In

Andy Stern is driving the bus to a National Value Added Taxe (VAT). Andy Stern of SEIU is President Obama's navigator - on the Campaign Trail, on MSNBC, in the ObamaCare boondoggle and on the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Really? You bet your life . . .your kids and grand kids as well.

Andy Stern did more to bankrupt California and soon Illinois than any one man.

Andy Stern will do that to America and President Obama is just fine with that too. President Obama is fine with this strategy because it is all about power - control of wages, jobs and everything else that follows.

The VAT is the heart of the snake.

At the start of March Madness, President Obama named Andy Stern to his VAT moving commission - there are some toothless Republicans on the commission as well - like Alan Simpson, but make no mistake Andy Stern is driving this VAT bus.

Fortune magazine warned us about the VAT -

It's not an option Americans understand, or ever hear debated much. In fact, most folks probably never heard of it. And if they had, they probably wouldn't want it, since it's the bulwark of an economic system alien to the American model -- the social democratic economies of Europe.

But the sheer scale of the expected numbers makes it practically inevitable that the U.S. will soon adopt a big VAT. It's the only vehicle capable of raising the money to cover the gigantic projected increases in spending and deficits.

Briefly, a VAT resembles a sales tax passed in the end onto the consumer at the register. But the government collects most of the money during the stages of a product's manufacture. Since manufacturers are writing the checks, it's an extremely efficient, virtually fraud-free way to collect money.

But it's never gotten much support in the U.S. for two reasons. First, it's a regressive tax: Low-earning families pay a bigger portion of their incomes than the wealthy. And second, the VAT -- first introduced by a French civil servant in 1954 -- has fueled the rapid growth of government in France, Germany, and even Japan. In fact, no other country spends the kind of money we're planning to spend without a VAT. The numbers tell the story.

Numbers, control and political will by the radical Democratic Central Committee are what it is all about. Jobs? Not gonna happen.

Repeal? Not gonna happen either.

The only thing that can stop Andy Stern's VAT Bus is awareness. People will vote and cat upon what they are aware of - example Chicago's media decided to 'pay no attention' to Lt. Governor Democratic Candidate Scott Lee Cohen. Likewise Chicago's Corporate Media went skittish on inquiry concern SEIU's part in the Blagojevich Fire Sale of Senate Seats. SEIU calls the tune and Corporate Media jigs heartily!

The Corporate Media ( MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post & etc.) are on Andy Stern's VAT Bus - it so European.

However, Charles Krauthammer, the dignified medical professional psychiatrist, and political analyst, has been far ahead of the curve in warning about this danger to our country.

Obama knows that the debt bomb is looming, that Moody's is warning that the Treasury's AAA rating is in jeopardy, that we are headed for a run on the dollar and/or hyperinflation if nothing is done.

Hence his deficit reduction commission. It will report (surprise!) after the November elections.

What will it recommend? What can it recommend? Sure, Social Security can be trimmed by raising the retirement age, introducing means testing and changing the indexing formula from wage growth to price inflation.

But this won't be nearly enough. As Obama has repeatedly insisted, the real money is in health care costs -- which are now locked in place by the new Obama care mandates.

That's where the value-added tax comes in. For the politician, it has the virtue of expediency: People are used to sales taxes, and this one produces a river of revenue. Every 1 percent of VAT would yield up to $1 trillion a decade (depending on what you exclude -- if you exempt food, for example, the yield would be more like $900 billion).

You can not depend on the Corporate Media - the Cheerleaders for Doom.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

While Greasing Up the Pole for Sheila Simon's Jump Up Over the Vote - Mark Brown Needs to Sneer.

Why people detest the media - columnists tend to sneer at readers. Mark Brown is a champ . . .spell it as you will.

Today, The Chicago Sun Times reminds everyone that Sheila Simon is a Medal of Honor recipient; Nobel Prize Candidate; Publisher's Clearing House Laureate; Needs No Skis 'Cause She Walks on Water; and was Born in a Cross-fire Hurricane!

We knew that already.

Governor Pat Quinn chose Sheila Simon to be on his ticket as Guv-Lite for all those reasons and more.

Carol Marin, Neil Steinberg, Sneedless to Say and Mark Brown waved palms as Sheila Simon rides into Jerusalem with palms waving and palms up.

Mark Brown could not praise a Progressive Scion of Illinois without a snotty crack at the MANY, MANY Chicago Helots who voted for Art Turner - I did.

Turner fared best in the white wards where people vote for whom they're told -- 11, 13, 14 and 19 -- and in the more independent areas where people like me voted for him because he had the newspaper endorsements.

We were told for whom to vote? Really? Mark Brown tosses out something to see what sticks - regularly. I forget for whom I was told to vote. Who was it Gave me my voting orders? Was it Precinct Captain Elmer Shagnasty? Was it our genial and with-it host the First Nighter? Was it the perenial favorite Speaker Mike Madigan? No, he don't speak until he has something to say. Or, was it the Aryan Nation, as Neil Steinberg suggests?

Nope, I voted for Art Turner, because he is a good guy. He's a black guy, by the way, Art Turner is like the black folks in my neighborhood who go to Mass with us at St. Cajetan, Sacred Heart, St. Barnabas, Christ the King Catholic Churches and borrow my green lawn spreader.

Mark Brown votes because of a newspaper endorsement - or so he says.

People hold newspaper columnists almost as high in their estimations as the elected officials who violate their trust.

Elected Officials -Sheila Simon has won no election, as she is a panjandrum - a career appointee - get voted out of office and some go to jail.

Mark Brown and other newspaper columnists sneer at readers. When we all stop paying for newspapers, columnists might get an attitude adjustment. Naw, stupid is forever.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

St. Rita Hockey -Goal! Illinois State Hockey Champs!

Brett Roseman/SouthtownStar)

Go Mustangs!

Well Done, Gents!

# Name Grade Pos. Grammar School
3 Joe McDonnell 10 F St. Al's - Lemont
4 Michael Tisoncik 11 F St. Michael
6 Matt Blaszkiewicz 10 D Oak Lawn Middle School
7 Henry Capouch 12 D Heritage Middle School
9 Chris Foley 9 F Homer Jr. High
10 Zach Bulthuis 12 F St. Rene
11 Alex Summerfelt 11 F Forest Hills
14 Tanner Panozzo 12 D Orland Jr. High
15 Alex Roman 11 F St. Bede
17 Jack McDonnell 12 D St. Al's - Lemont
18 Jack Warren 10 F Oak Lawn Middle School
19 Dan Foley 11 F Homer Jr. High
20 Bill McGrenera 12 G Queen of Martyrs
22 Stan Sojka 10 F Kinzie
23 Keith Burchett 9 F St. Issac Jogues
24 Michael Ferguson 11 F St. Damian
26 Blake Nevin 12 F St. Paul
28 Michael Diana 11 F St. Cajetan
29 Rich Matyas 11 D Century Jr. High
39 Sean Gerich 12 G Kinzie

From the Southtown Star:

"I'm happy for the kids and St. Rita," Mustangs coach Craig Ferguson said. "This is all about the players. The kids really stepped up, from the seniors to the freshman. A total team effort."

The state title was St. Rita's second in hockey, the first coming in 1982. The Southland had been without a state hockey titlist since Mount Carmel won it all in 1990.

The state championship comes just days after the Mustangs garnered their third straight Kennedy Cup, emblematic of the Catholic League champ.

"It's totally amazing," Gerich said of winning both Cups. "My last game at St. Rita and we win state. To be on the only team to win the Cup and state in St. Rita history is pretty special."

Foley's 10th goal of the season broke a 1-all tie with 10:22 remaining in the third period. The freshman backhanded a nifty pass from Joe McDonnell just inside the right post.

Just 2:05 earlier, the Ramblers had tied the game at 1.

"I couldn't believe Joe put that pass right on my tape (on the stick)," said Foley, a Homer Glen resident. "I tried to get a shot off as quick as possible. We knew we had to come through once they tied it up. It was a great feeling."

Alex Roman added an empty-net goal with 37 seconds left.

John Kass Presents - Rep. Dan Lipinski, a Principled Catholic Democrat

Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion. - Aristotle

John Kass is the only genuine voice coming out of Chicago. He is one tough Greek. Kass has carved up people in public life whom I like, understand and admire and that is Okay, because he tends to be fair. John Kass never seems to begin an inquiry with a pre-packaged answer like most of our lazy and self-absorbed and snotty columnists in Chicago tend to do. John Kass is most like us - the helots - the working stiffs. Most of us try to be fair and sometimes when we are focused on a problem we make people unhappy. Tough.

Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence.

Like I said, John Kass is one tough Greek. He comes from working class, values working class, speaks working class and gets his hackles up when working class people get abused by Salonistas, Academics, political thieves, hypocrites and incompetents.

Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.

John Kass does not do group think - he's a tough Greek. Greeks continue to gnaw through the bones to get at the marrow and substance of life.

Congressman Dan Lipinski is Polish and comes from a working class family - the trade is government. Like plumbers, pipe fitters, carpenters, electricians, cops and firemen, government workers whether elected, appointed, hired or contracted know the trade, That is something beyond the understanding of the Progressive.

Progressives call Andy Stern of SEIU a labor leader, though he came to exploit workers as an organizer via Academia. Journalists love that because then they too can play at working class and make lots of money off the working classes.

The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.

Last week, Congressman Dan Lipinski took a heroic stand against Obama Care. Cynics argue that he had "permission" from Axelrod and Rahm Emanual to vote the way he did.

Nonsense. Dan Lipinski showed me and my neighbors that he cared more for his faith and faith of his fathers than the American Quisling - Bart Stupak or to be thought well of frauds, phonies and MSNBC.

Now, SEIU and the corporate media are going flat-out to smear Dan Lipinski. Tough.

Greek tough guy John Kass presents the hard unvarnished truth -here is a tiny bit of John Kass on Dan Lipinski's heroic vote of principle. Click my post title for the marrow.

Lipinski's real problems are that he voted "no" and he upholds the teachings of his faith on abortion. These must surely be considered grievous secular sins in some quarters of the White House.

"And I thought we transcended the politics of the past. What happened?" Lipinski asked sarcastically.

He reports that in his predominately Catholic and conservative district, the support for his "no" vote is running 3-1 in his favor. If that's accurate, then he did the smart political thing by voting "no."

Smart politics or not, Lipinski is part of a tiny minority in his party. That bothers the White House, but it doesn't bother him.

The Weiners (D-NY & MSNBC) we shall have with us always - Dan Lipinski will have our votes.

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Progressives Turn to the Felon's Voice Calling for Civility - Bob "The Shank" Creamer on Political Discourse

FLOTUS checks Bob's Bag for receipts.

While Prison Widow and Congress-Critter Jan Shakowsky sharpens and selects just right quality and edge of the Böker Tree Brand knives that she will slide between Alexi Giannoulias's shoulder blades, Bob "The Shank" Creamer, just back from the historic signing of the Obama Care Boondoggle that he helped craft ( felons in the White House? Again?), is ginning up some hate and mewing pious platitudes for the illiterate and the group thinking crowd who read Huffington Post - the Hollywood Squares of political discourse.

Here's Bob Creamer with his Terra Haute Federal Prison Alumnus's point of view.

Of course, the individuals who take these vile actions, must themselves be held directly responsible. But there is no doubt that the atmosphere that incited them to do so was intentionally crafted from the "respectable" glistening towers of the big insurance companies, the offices of the national Chamber of Commerce that overlook the White House, and the stately suites of the Republican Congressional leadership.

They were incited to take these actions -- many of them against their own best interests -- by people who would do anything and say anything to promote their own financial or political interests.

Mos Def!, Bob! You'd do it Old School - kite checks of charities you have in your care and then rattle the tin cup on them cold, cold, cold iron bars!

Bob Creamer - Go Fly a Kited Check!

Rahm Emanual - All the Work and Bugger the Credit! I Like This Guy!

I remember Rahm Emanual - a very nodding acquaintance. I was introduced; he nodded. I was with some south side guys involved in Paul Vallas's Campaign - back den an' over by dere. We did not jump into a Manbrace of affection. We met. As Joe Biden would Tweet - BFD.

He always struck me as a smart and funny guy. He is not a bleed blue Progressive.

This account from Politico sum it up. Rahm Emanual is Mike Madigan without the the laughs - a tough, effective, thoughtful and sober public official. If President Obama launches a man with this level of smarts and heart, he deserves to be a one term Jimmy Carter.

Rahm Emanuel didn’t get a signing ceremony shout-out from President Obama (he got a high-five the night before) and didn’t get one of the 22 pens used to sign the law. But that’s cool with the White House chief of staff.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, chatting with Emanuel on the day the Senate approved the reconciliation package, expressed surprise that the president didn’t single out his point man on the Hill for post-passage praise.

Wolf: “I know you worked really hard over these 13 months. No one in the White House, no one in the administration worked harder. That’s why I was surprised when the president was thanking everyone the other day for what they did, he didn’t give you a shout-out.”

Rahm: “So?”

Wolf: “Do you care?”

Rahm: “No.”

Wolf: “Doesn’t mean any -- did he give you one of those 22 pens?”

Rahm: “No, no. I mean, because… I didn’t do this so I would get thanked at the signing or anything else. Let me say this, if that’s the question. You should know the night that it passed, or the day it passed, he and I -- he came by, gave me a high five. I have no doubt of my role in this and I feel quite good about that sense of it.”

Progressive Fear Mongering DNC and Their Corporate Media Cheerleaders!

The anger is genuine and needs no mongering. Democrats and Republicans detest the Obama Care Bill. I am a Democrat and my neighbors are Democrats. We do not like this force fed boondoggle any more than a poor goose likes having corn forced down its throat.

Ironically, the very same band of nitwits in public life who hate smoking, fat kids, fois gras and American History crafted the Obama Care Legislation and stand poised to make America go the way of Greece, Ireland and Portugal once the Obama Care Federal Deficit Reduction Commission driven by SEIU’s Andy Stern force feed a Value Added Tax (VAT) down our throats in order to rake in the dough to pay for Obama Care.

In Order to smooth the strokes and grease the tube, America’s corporate media ( ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN & etc.) have been going flat out since last weekend to pattern the landscape of debate with fear – race and cultural wars. Abortion and Civil Rights are the hot buttons pushed. Over the weekend, when the opposition to Obama Care continued its slumber begun with Scott Brown’s victory, the Progressive genius for guerilla theatre laid the trap and Tea Party, Pro-Life Democrats and the always daffy national GOP napped while the trap was sprung.

Racial and homophobic epithets were heard, by the people who made the claims but by no one else, it seems. The media is there to One Note Samba the theme, like wee Ezra Klein of the Washington Post ,” I don't want to exaggerate the importance of the death threats being made against congressmen who voted for health-care reform. Nuts are nuts. But there is a danger to the sort of rhetoric the GOP has used over the past few months.” But “I will and gladly!”

We hear Joe Biden gaffe away 24-7; we see G.W. Bush lay a hand on Bill Clinton’s sleeve in Haiti; cell phones in Chicago pick up a Chicago cop’s N-word and yet no one can replay the wild shouts of race-hate, homophobia, abortion anger, the heart break of psoriasis and Vulcan Mind Melding by Chris Matthews.

Since Obama Care was pushed through, I have heard no real celebration by the media cheerleaders. Odd. I hear only endless reactions to Jim Clyburn’s chilling account of what he heard that John Lewis said he heard and Rep. Cleaver’s dignity spat upon by some phantom spitter.

No arrests, no sound bytes, You Tube replays, and no cell phone journalism has yet to appear; only Ann Curry, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow blaring parsed warnings about impending violence and warm rhetoric.

Obama Care forces played the slumbering opposition like a Stradivarius.

Nancy Pelosi linked arms with Congressman Lewis and evoked Selma! Obama Care is a Civil Right!

Here’s the deal. Obama Care is bad. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, Jan Schakowsky and all of the Obama Care Selma Signifiers exempted themselves in the legislation from taking Obama Care for themselves. President Obama made sure that none of the toxic taxes squirt all over the taxpayers until after the 2012 Election. Democrats and Republicans and Tea Party People and even some former Obama supporters are angry about Obama Care. Catholics are disgusted by Judas Goat Bart Stupak, who was staked out to help the daffy GOP Sominex “Obama Care is Dead” leadership and Pro-Life Democratic voters ( Catholics, Jews, Evangelicals & etc.), and got himself an airport
The only Illinois Democrat with any integrity is my congressman Dan Lipinski (IL 3rd) who is taking heat from every quarter but the voters of his District.

Meanwhile, our oafish Congresswoman and media hog Jan Schakowsky is moving to stab vulnerable U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias in the back, force him out of the race that she will lose with aplomb to Republican sneak Mark Kirk. It’s all about Obama Care, right Jan? Sure we are angry. We are not tossing bricks or hurling hockers. We are waiting to vote.

The corporate media stands to make millions with Obama Care and the idiotic Cap and Trade Bill. The only anger being ginned up is being done on TV and in the pages of the usual suspects ( New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post and their little sisters), because no President, since JFK, has enjoyed greater sympathy or synergy with the corporate media than President Obama.

President Obama is handled by media savvy Dave Axelrod – the Intolerable Ax! Ax is journalist muy simpatico to the old timey 60’s radicals of the American Progressive Movement which owns the DNC and is pals with PR Maven Marilyn Katz* who is a past master of political guerrilla theatre. It seems to me that the DNC through Dave Axelrod availed itself of these fine practitioners of wildly exaggerated narratives (‘Tea Partiers are wearing guns to town halls!!!! Think! People, our President is in Danger of these white hillbillies!’ and ‘N$%%^er and Fa$%tt were heard!!!!! Link Arms! We Shall Overcome! Get Pete Seeger! Make Patches Kennedy cry about dear old Dad!”). Hey, this was slick and well managed public relations. The GOP dopes walk right into the moral high ground buzz-saw and get torn up. John McCain got bitch-slapped by Ann Curry only this morning. Ann Curry repeatedly hammered the smiling Straight Talker with idiotic self-answering questions about GOP hate rhetoric. Good lord.

If you are serious about fighting Obama Care and what is going to follow, the opposition (Democrat Pro-Life, GOP, Tea Party or Bull Moose) must not only shout Repeal, but also Embargo. Harry Truman had no problem telling an unctuous phony reporter what to pack for a trip to Hell. McCain wants to make nice with the clowns who micturated all over his wingtips since 2007.

If an idiot like NBC’s Ann Curry can ask stupid questions like “ Sarah Palin uses Battleground and Fight Rhetoric –is that not Fear Mongering? - you must say that! Must you Not?” call her question Idiotic! Stupid! Dumb as Hammered Horse Manure! Treat them with the contempt that they show you . . .in a nice and civilized and nuanced manner, of course.

Talk only to serious journalists and have nothing to do with the Gotcha Goofballs. Why any intelligent elected official would spend a nano second talking to any one MSNBC is beyond me. The best of them are half-wits.

I suspect that we (F.B.I. included) will never find the brick hurlers ( Rep. Slaughter- D. NY) or the hocker hurlers (Rep. Cleaver -D. MO) or the epithet hurlers (Lewis and Frank). We will never actually hear a sound byte of Pro-Life Hate or homophobia or race-baiting. Though we can pick up Joe Biden’s Gaffes-a-Plenty and make a case for G.W. Bush passing cooties on Clinton, we will understand GOP Ownership of Hate via Chris Matthews – who could not tell you the color of the tie he is wearing.

Public Relations won the Obama Care battle and are fighting this Pyrrhic Victory’s rear-guard actions with the complicity of corporate media. Dave Axelrod and the City of Chicago has long used Marilyn Katz, who began her career filling bags of poop and pee behind the Conrad Hilton in 1968 – as well as crafting nail bombs to hurl at Chicago Police. She is good. I would bet that Dave Axelrod tapped Marilyn Katz and MK Communications to control the Obama Care Narrative – it is what they do. Below are links to MK – Food for thought and fuel for the dialogue.
The anger is not mongered. It is all too real.

• Marilyn Katz

An aide to then-Chicago mayor Harold Washington from 1983-87, Marilyn Katz is currently a public relations professional who serves on Barack Obama’s national finance committee. In 2005, Katz and the longtime Marxist and Obama supporter Carl Davidson co-authored the book Stopping War, Seeking Justice. In conjunction with Davidson, Katz was one of the two chief organizers of the October 2002 anti-war demonstration in Chicago where Obama first went public with his opposition to the Iraq War. In 1968, Katz was head of security for the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) during the Chicago street riots that took place while the Democratic Party held its national convention in that city.

Katz, who now heads MK Communications and is a registered lobbyist with the City of Chicago, has personally contributed $1,000 to Obama for America, the eponymous candidate’s presidential campaign fund. She is also part of a fundraising team that has committed to raising a minimum of $200,000 for Obama’s campaign.

Katz has long been acquainted with Obama supporter and former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers. In April 2008 Katz told the Chicago Sun-Times that she had first met Ayers when he was a 17-year-old fellow member of Students for a Democratic Society, "a peaceful group from which the Weather Underground splintered." (emphasis added)
MK Communications – give them a good hard look. Ask about retainers!
Here’s Katz’s prospectus:
• Engage in strategic planning, including crisis management;
• Do media, policy and statistical research;
• Create and implement community, government, investor and other targeted constituency strategies;
• Create and implement media and marketing strategies;
• Create and manage complex databases (we maintain a database of 6,000 press contacts, augmented by a variety of computer based directories);
• Create and manage media events;
• Write and produce media, marketing, educational print materials;
• Write and produce print, television and radio advertising;
• Write and produce newsletters, annual reports and informational materials;
• Create and manage Web sites;
• Write and produce videos;
• Develop and implement legislative strategies and education programs.
While we have in-house capacity for Internet, radio/television and print design, we have developed long-term relationships with outside experts for top-quality, yet cost efficient, final design and production of such materials.

Alderman Tom Tunney - Duncan's Clout List - Tunney Acted Like a Gent. Well Done, Alderman.

Progressive Gas-bag and Fois Gras Foe Joe Moore whined for an Obama Campaign Manger's Kid. That's Clout.

In 2008, Ald. Joe Moore, 49th, asked Duncan's office to reconsider an admissions case involving the relative of one of President Barack Obama's campaign advisers. The student's application to a prestigious public prep school was rejected, and the family said it was because he had missed too much school after falling ill with mononucleosis.

Hope, Change and the usual excuses.

Contrast that Progressive Butt Kisser's weasel work to that of a real elected official.

Helping a working man get an education for his kid is what being an elected official is all about.

Tom Tunney is a solid guy!

Joe Moore is a Progressive Gas-bag and Fois Gras Foe. Do the Math . . .well that is if you went to a Catholic school.

Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th, said that in 2008 he tried unsuccessfully to help the doorman of a condominium building in his ward get his daughter into Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy.

The man, who does not live in the 44th Ward, was one of Tunney's employees in the early 1980s.

"He asked me for help. … He had said to his daughter, ‘If you get good grades, someday you will be able to go to Gwendolyn Brooks.' She got good grades and didn't get in," Tunney said. "I know the family. They are very poor. They have never been supporters of mine or anything like that. I was trying to help an impoverished kid."

That is what being an elected official is all about.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

President Obama's Debt Czar Andy Stern and his 2007 Trip to Red China

2010 President Obama names the President of largest tax salaried organization in America to his debt/deficit reduction commission. Andy Stern is called a labor leader by the corporate media. Real labor engages in good-faith collective bargaining - Andy Stern euses coercion, threats and intimidation with the cover of the corporate media ( ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC & etc.).

Andy Stern, I believe is a Marxist and one who will do any thing and everything to amass power via politics. Andy Stern will direct this commission and push through a Value Added Tax - like in socialist Europe.

I admire American Labor - real Labor. Andy Stern is the single greatest threat to American Labor and the American Middle Class.

Andy took many trips to America's debtor nation Red China.

2007 -

U.S. News and Workd Report:

Q. In May you visited China. Since your union members are service workers who aren't threatened by outsourcing, why bother?

A. Because our employers are all in China. So, the largest security and food service companies in the world are moving to China. Wal-Mart is in China. They are not directly our union's employers, but obviously we have a lot of interest there, and we're very helpful on working with the Chinese on organizing. We go there because our employers have gone there, and what we learned in the U.S. is that as employers get larger, we're less able to affect their behavior. As they grow globally, we begin to think more globally as well. China is the mother lode for American corporations.

Q. What came out of the trip?

A. This is my sixth trip to China. I first went in 2002. This is sort of a continuation of trying to understand China. I met with our employers in China and their unions. The last time we were there, we did a seminar on organizing. We had some exchanges. They come here and we go there. So we've learned a lot from how [Chinese unions] do their work, and they've learned a lot about how to do grass-roots work.

Historically, when they were representing people in state-owned companies, they had a lot more interaction with the government. Now that they have private employers, they are not familiar with organizing from the bottom up instead of with the employer and party.

Q. Why should your members pay dues to improve the condition of Chinese workers?

A. Workers who work for the same employers, whether they are in our country or around the world, are much stronger when they work together. The largest employer in Africa is a security company who owns Wackenhut in the U.S. We have been unable to get Wackenhut to respect workers' rights because they are a very small part of a very big company. So now we joined together with other unions to deal with Group 4 Securicor, which owns Wackenhut, to try to put pressure on them to respect workers in the U.S. but also respect workers' rights in Africa, Poland, and Asia, and other places around the world.

Despite the fact there are geographical borders, our employers are global and we don't have the strength when we are just in our country. When we represent a small number of employees in a large corporation, we can't influence [its] behavior. We're on the verge of having global unions. Capital and trade and companies have gone global–how come unions shouldn't be global? It doesn't make sense for the workers.

Andy , go global by all means, but leave America alone.

Jan Schakowsky named to Death Panel . . .Debt Panel . . .same thing

Joining her Chinaman Andy Stern on President Obama's "presidential commission to figure out ways curb the federal debt and deficit have been filled." is none other than Rod Blagojevich's best pal . . .until the Feds cuffed him . . .MSNBC softball guest . . .staff and Asian help abuser "Do You know who I am? I'm Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky now get me what I ask!" ( back to the old Giannoulias for Treasurer Campaign Days, sigh.) . . .Felon Spouse and Turkish Delight . . .Jan Shakowsky!!!!!

VAT - Value Added Tax - The Euro-Chic Path to State Life! is on its way.

Jan Shakowsky is also sharpening her back-stabbing blades to make the right incision between Alexi Giannoulias's shoulder blades. The Bank Bankruptcy Bothered Boetian Giannoulias is considered a huge liability by Illinoi Progressives and they abort! Kill it before birth!

Way to go, Jan! I am guessing that Alexi will be bought off or bludgeoned before the Easter Bunny drops the plastic sweets on the White House lawn.

Lefties Make Catholics Target # 1.

The Catholic Church stands to bear constant poundings by the corporate media and Progressive Leftists.

Approaching Palm Sunday and following Pope Benedict XVI's heroic and compassioante apology concerning pedophelia in Ireland, Germany and the United States - the lawsuit corporation SNAP ( Survivors Network Abused by Priests) which fronts for Lawyer Jeff Anderson, an old hippie who made a cottage industry of suing the Catholic Church in America with the full support of the media dashed off to Rome; Bart Stupak played the Pro Life Judas Goat for the Progressives, a Catholic father gets bashed by Tribune's religion writer and house nitwit Manya Brachear because he wants to take his daughter to Easter Services, but Brachear wants readers to know that the Dad has Drew Peterson's Lawyer! Manya should just burn down a Catholic Church ala Oliver Cromwell or Seek another line of work.

Manya is not alone, Boys and Girls!

Here's ten pages of Leftist Anti-Catholic News from Google - Wis. man: Abuse by priest ruined faith in church‎
The Associated Press - 45 minutes ago

MILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin man says he lost all faith in the Catholic church after being abused by a priest who's at the center of a scandal about the way the ...
Pope Benedict faces child abuse cover-up queries‎ - BBC News
Abuse Scandal's Ripples Spread Across Europe‎ - New York Times
US church's abuse scandal hits Pope‎ - The Australian
BusinessWeek - Los Angeles Times
all 924 news articles » Our View- Catholic Church needs administrative reform‎
Daily 49er - 10 hours ago

Ireland, a country of merely 4 million, has had to settle 13000 child abuse cases, awarding nearly $1 billion in losses to the Catholic Church. ...
Sinead O'Connor: 'There should be a full criminal investigation of ...‎ - Los Angeles Times
Bishop John Magee quits after mishandling sex abuse‎ -
Irish Bishop John Magee Resigns, Apologizes in Catholic Sex Abuse ...‎ - Right Pundits
FOXNews (blog) -
all 557 news articles »

Globe and Mail Lesbians and the Church of Raised Catholics‎
Huffington Post (blog) - 22 hours ago

With depressing regularity, the men who run the Catholic Church do something that reminds me of why I'm part of the fastest growing religion in the country: ...

Video: Pope's Apology Not Enough? CBS
Catholic Church says reported US cases of child sex abuse lowest ...‎ - Washington Post
Catholic Abuse Accusations Declined in 2009‎ - New York Times
Pacific News Center - The Associated Press
all 2974 news articles »

Washington Post Germans abandon Catholic Church‎
Sydney Morning Herald - Allan Hall - 2 hours ago

BERLIN: Trust in the Catholic Church in Germany has plummeted since the child sexual abuse scandal. Barely one in six Germans now say they have confidence ...
Father Raymond J. de Souza: Culture change in the Church‎ - National Post (blog)
Ireland's Catholic primate may have to quit‎ - The Australian
Catholic Church _good news and bad news‎ -
Jackson Sun - RH Reality Check (blog)
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Linn County News Fairfax County religion notes‎
Washington Post - 7 hours ago

St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, 3700 Old Lee Hwy., Fairfax, will host a program, "The Virtuous Life: Challenging the Modern Culture," at 7:30 pm Saturday ...
Holy Week masses and services planned‎ -
Holy Week schedule First Congregational Church - Fairhaven‎ - Wicked Local Marion
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Catholic News Service “They are willing to trivialize the abortion issue”‎
California Catholic Daily - 7 hours ago

Under the heading “Fissure within Church,” Wesolek wrote, “The American Catholic Church is fractured and splintering with a deep ideological divide ...
American Catholic Bishops…Loudly Shout Out the Catholic Point of View!‎ - Blogger News Network (blog)
Difference worth noting‎ - Elmira Star-Gazette
Divide between bishops and sisters on health care ideological ...‎ - Catholic News Agency
The Catholic Transcript - Niagara Gazette
all 76 news articles » (blog) New abuse charges against Catholic clergy in Germany‎
Reuters - Christopher Lawton - Tom Heneghan - 2 days ago

... in the latest cases damaging the Catholic Church's image in Germany. The diocese vowed to hand any concrete criminal evidence to the public prosecutor, ...
Church Adds More Abuse Cases to Its Inquiry in Germany‎ - New York Times
'The Confession' tackles priest abuse‎ - (blog)
German Church Scandal Widens‎ - Wall Street Journal
Washington Post - CNN
all 271 news articles »

Temple Beth El rabbi to lead Passover Seder at Catholic church‎
Bradenton Herald - Richard Dymond - 10 hours ago

Clark is also a member of the Catholic church's New Beginnings group, which got the idea to invite the rabbi. “I am so excited about it,” Clark said. ...

Child Abuse Leaves Irish Churches Scouring for Money‎
BusinessWeek - Colm Heatley - Louisa Fahy - 2 hours ago

Pope Benedict XVI said on March 20 that Roman Catholic church leaders in Ireland “betrayed the trust” of parishioners after a series of reports in the past ...

Lez Get Real Catholic Church quietly expelling and punishing children, homeless‎
Irish Central - Cahir O'Doherty - 17 hours ago

Whilst we've all been appalled by the international scope and scale of the decades long abuses against children in the Catholic Church in Europe something ...
Homeless Aid Agency Loses Catholic $$ Over Pro-Marriage Support‎ - EDGE Boston
Call To Help, Call To Action- Preble Street's Homeless Voices for ...‎ - Lez Get Real
Diocese penalizes homeless aid group‎ - Press Herald
all 16 news articles »

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No one said being a Catholic was easy - that's being a Unitarian.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey Bart! Your Kids Can't Go to the Easter Egg Roll, Either! Play Ball!

Let's see, Bart Stupak

1. No Executive Order Signed

2. No Integrity evident

3. No Cover for you - anywhere

4. No Chance in Hell, Michigan (ZIP Code 48169. ..) of your remaining in Congress

5. No Susan B. Anthony Medal

6. No Easter Egg Roll at the White House for your kids. Catholics are not welcome.

7. No chance for the babies that you sold out

Yeah, you did great on this one! Hey, I got an ACORN job application if you want to look ahead . . .Oh. Sorry. Whikle we're on that . . .Hey, Bart! Rachel Maddow likes you . . .Oh, that's right.

President Obama did 'whatever it took.' You was took, Bart!

Hat Tip to Anne Leary and Backyard Conservative

President Obama Excludes Private and Catholic School Children From Easter Egg Roll Ticket Giveaway
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer

District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee receives an Easter basket filled with 3,000 reserved tickets to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll from U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan at a press conference in Northeast Washington on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. ( Starr)
( – The Obama administration announced on Tuesday it has reserved 3,000 free tickets to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll for students in D.C.-area public and charter schools, but not for children who attend private or parochial schools.

Why exclude children in private and parochial schools, asked the father of a parochial school student at Tuesday’s press conference where U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty announced the ticket giveaway.

“These tickets are from the White House to public schools, and we’re appreciative, but there may be other things unrelated to this press conference,” Fenty responded. “That’s a great question.”

The 3,000 reserved tickets will be distributed to students at 11 public schools in D.C. and a few others in Virginia and Maryland. Children at private or parochial schools in the Washington metropolitan area may attend the April 5 event, but only if they are among the people who registered for an online lottery system, by which the remaining free tickets -- an estimated 27,000 -- will be distributed.

That lottery is now closed, however. “All entries will have an equal chance of being selected if your application was submitted by Sunday, February 28,” the White House Web site says. Lottery results were announced on March 4.

Robert Brannum’s 17-year-old son Nicholas attends St. John’s College High School, a Catholic school in the District. Brannum told he believes the 3,000 tickets reserved for public school students should be available to all students.

“The White House is a public building,” Brannum said. “The tickets are essentially being paid for with public dollars. So it should be open to everyone, not just going to select categories of students.”

Brannum said he not only supports D.C. public schools, he attended and taught at those schools. But, he added, “There are students in the District of Columbia who attend private schools, parochial schools, or even (are) home schooled, and their parents pay taxes and they should be able to participate in some of the benefits of being citizens of the District of Columbia.”

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty watch D.C. public school students cheer about the upcoming White House Easter Egg Roll at a press conference in Northeast Washington on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. ( Starr)
Mayor Fenty and D.C. Public School Chancellor Michelle Rhee accepted the 3,000 tickets in an Easter basket from Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Children from the city’s J.O. Wilson Elementary School cheered and jumped up and down when they were asked if they wanted to go to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

There’s no guarantee that the children at the press conference will get tickets, however. Rhee said it was up to each of the public schools chosen by the Obama administration to decide which students will get the reserved tickets.

The Obama administration has been criticized for failing to support programs to help low-income and minority children attend some of D.C.’s top private and parochial schools, including the Sidwell Friends School where the Malia and Sasha Obama attend classes.

Early in his administration, President Barack Obama called for an end to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which since 2004 has provided vouchers for thousands of low-income and minority children to attend private schools. Following widespread protest, Obama said the program would be funded to allow those children already enrolled in the program to graduate from the school of their choice, but that no funding would be provided to bring new children into the program.

On March 16, the Senate voted down a measure that would have reauthorized funding for the program.

The Easter Egg Roll dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes held the event after Congress banned egg rolling on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol building.

The theme of this year’s event is “Ready, Set, Go,” and the White House says it will “promote health and wellness.”

“All of the activities will encourage children to lead healthy and active lives and follow the First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative, a national campaign to combat childhood obesity,” the White House said.

The event will feature live music, sports courts, storytelling, egg rolling – and cooking stations.

Catholic Prayers for Health - St. Anthony has your back!

With yesterday's signing of Obama Care, I decided to turn more to prayer. Sen. Dick Durbin said on MSNBC that this triple trillion dollar pork sausage laden with abortion language is a real deficit reducer. Dithering Dick must have been scripted by Andy "VAT-69" Stern of SEIU the deficit reducing PAC. Bart Stupak became the Quisling of the New Millennium when he sold out dead children to come for an Upper Peninsula Airport in Michigan and our Hunting Horn of the Mob Media is ginning up Class and Race War with the civility card.

We'll be fine. Stay strong, work hard, be kind and read a bit as well as pray.

Here are some Executive Orders worth the paper they are printed on.

Prayer of Confidence to St. Anthony
Most holy St. Anthony, Beloved Friend of Jesus, I place myself in your heavenly care. Be with me, especially in life's troubles and difficulties. Intercede before the Lord for me, so that I may confidently know I do not face my problems alone.

I join my prayers to yours, O Great Saint, as I ask God to give me consolation in times of sorrow, courage when I am afraid, and healing from all the ills that afflict me.

Obtain for me from God, Most High, the grace to accept whatever is God's holy will for me and my loved ones. Strengthen my faith so that I will never despair, but always have hope in God's healing presence and power in my life. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Healing of a Spouse
O Glorious St. Anthony, you live now in unity with Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician and the healer of all human ills. I come to you today to ask for your powerful intercession on behalf of my beloved spouse (mention name), who seeks to be restored to good health.

The years we have shared, and the love we have known, is precious to me, and my heart breaks in my helplessness. But I believe that with the Lord all things are possible.

Compassionate Saint, comfort me in my distress and obtain blessings for my beloved spouse so that (name) may be quickly and completely restored to health. Amen

Prayer to St. Anthony for Healing

Compassionate St. Anthony, you are called the "Miracle Worker" by those who have been blessed by your special friendship. I ask you to look with favor on (name the person) who is weak and failing.

Great St. Anthony, come to the assistance of (name). Obtain for him/her health in mind and body, and the strength to accept all suffering in union with Christ, our Savior.

Loving St. Anthony, console all those who are afflicted, and guide them to the heart of the Divine Physician, where they will obtain compassion, mercy and hope. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Protection Against Danger

O Holy St. Anthony, be our protector and defender. Ask God to surround us with the Holy Angels, so that we may emerge from every danger in the fullness of health and well being. Guide our life journey, so we will always walk safely together with you, in God's friendship. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Those Suffering with Cancer
Dear St. Anthony, you recognized Our Lord Jesus as the Divine Healer. In your goodness and kindness, please intercede for (mention name) who is suffering from cancer.

If it is God's will, I ask that this day, the gift of healing be granted to (name). Comfort him/her during times of unbearable pain, and ask our Lord to grant him/her peace and patience in suffering.

May God give (name) the fullness of life here on earth, or call him/her home to eternal glory forever. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Emotional Healing

St. Anthony, dear friend and heavenly guide, be present to me now, and let me know your compassion. Pray to our dear Lord for me, that I may experience calmness and peace in my emotions.

Help me to grow in faith and hope. Protect me from all that displeases God, and obtain for me serenity of mind and spirit.

I place all my confidence in you, St. Anthony, and I pray for mercy, grace and God's gentle goodness. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony for the Health of an Expectant Mother and Her Unborn Child
Glorious St. Anthony, you were blessed to hold the Infant Jesus in your arms. I come to you now on behalf of (mention name) who pleads for the health and safety of the child that God has graced her to conceive.

St. Anthony, guard this life God has created, and the mother God has chosen for this child. Let your gentle hand, like that of a skilled physician, aid in her delivery so that this baby will know good health and lasting happiness.

May her child be favored with the grace of holy baptism, and grow to love our Lord Jesus Christ above all else in this world. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Those on Medication
Gracious God, You have given us many healing remedies that are a benefit to us when we are sick. Through the miraculous intercession of St. Anthony, we ask Your blessing upon the medication prescribed for (mention name) so that he/she may experience healing, and be restored to full health in mind and body. Amen.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"The Hunting Horn of the Mob." The Progressive Media Tyranny

"Liberal journalism is no longer the voice of the free, but the hunting horn of the mob." Kevin Myers - Irish Independent

Retired Marine General Sheehan was hauled before the Grand Inquisitor - Senator Carl Levin to testify on homosexuals in the American military. General Sheehan offered a history lesson and was attacked by Progressive politicians, the Obama White House, and the main stream media. General Sheehan reported that Dutch soldiers had caused unnecessary deaths of Muslims at the hands of the Serbs in Srebrenica .

The pile-on took place as political cover for the lifted 'Don't Ask; Don't Tell' military doctrine.

The Netherlands have a Diverse Military that celebrates sexual preferences.

General Sheehan who had his boots on the ground at the time of the curious events and suggested that the problem lay with the Dutch soldiers - who might have happened to be homosexuals.

Howls of derision cascaded down upon General Sheehan. Irish journalist Kevin Myers presented the howl-down as an example of Media Over-Lords.

What Gen Sheehan had actually told the Senate Armed Services Committee in its hearings into allowing open homosexuality in the US armed forces was largely as follows. He said that after the Cold War, European militaries had "concluded that there was no longer a need for a combat capability". The peace dividend had caused European governments to socialise their militaries, to unionise them, and to allow open homosexuality. This resulted in "a focus on peacekeeping operations because they did not believe the Germans were going to attack again or the Soviets were coming back". He then turned to events in Srebrenica, where the Dutch battalion was "understrength and poorly led". He described how Serb forces entered the town, tied Dutch soldiers to telephone poles and then massacred the Muslims.

The chairman of the committee, Carl Levin, interrupted him: "Did the Dutch leaders tell you that it was because there were gay soldiers there?"

"It was a combination. . ."

Levin interrupted him again. "Did they tell you it was because of gay soldiers, that's my question."

"They included that as part of the problem. It was the liberalisation of the military, the net effect of, basically, social engineering."

Senator Levin, who had controlled the questioning, then denounced Gen Sheehan for blaming the massacre on homosexuals. Gen Sheehan spoke again: "My comment was the liberalisation of. . ."

He was interrupted again, while the senator lectured him for stereotyping, and for suggesting that gays could be not be great fighters. "I didn't say gays weren't great fighters," protested the general. "The liberalisation of the Dutch military. . ."

He was interrupted again, and lectured once more for saying what he hadn't said. Levin thus began the destruction of the reputation of a great and patriotic marine who had served in his country at war, while Levin had stayed at home.

Never mind that you might think Gen Sheehan's arguments are poor and his opinions old-fashioned. They might very well be both. He is nonetheless entitled to be reported fairly and that didn't happen. And so everywhere he is accused of alleging that gays in the Dutch army (even more, apparently, than General Mladic) caused the massacre at Srebrenica.

This is a good example of how the media agenda works today, and it is, moreover, made altogether more sinister by the fact that its proponents are usually completely unaware of what they are doing. They are contestants in an endless "liberalism" competition, the outcome of which is for liberal thought police to seek out and magnify the possibly heretical thoughts of suspected bigots, as a prelude to their destruction: Sheehan today, and Everyman hereafter. Liberal journalism is no longer the voice of the free, but the hunting horn of the mob.

On Sunday night, Obama Care passed the House and today the jubilant Left celbrates President Obama's signing this historic document with howls of GOP Ugliness.

Mary Mitchell wrote a stupid piece about race hate in the Health Debate.

MSNBC is going flat-out with shouts about real or imagined but certainly undocumented charges of racial epithets and gay slurs hurled at Democratic Legislators. Baby Killer is a bad thing to say to people who love seeing that more babies get butchered through abortion.

We live in strange times and accept strange positions - no matter how stupid, or fabricated.

Our Post-Racial Obama Care Civil Rights Activists - Pale,or what? Honkie, if You Love Health Care!

Looks like MSNBC! Lord, Lord! The Struggle! Looks like Nancy ditched Brother Lewis once the bridge was crossed!

Mary Mitchell, Racist Dog Whistles and Telepathic Slur Hurlers!

Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell is a mope* - Mary mopes melancholy mad on race (100%) - whitey is bad. Jesus, I hate Whitey too, Mary -Whitey, Gilbert, Beaver, Larry Mondello. You see, it is really hard to take a serious look at race with Mary Mitchell around. Mary Mitchell has devalued race coinage. Plugged nickel journalism.


During the showdown over healthcare reform, some of the members of the Tea Party took off their masks.

Many African Americans had already suspected some of these people are more opposed to the skin color of the man in the White House than they were to the president's political ideology.So blacks were not surprised that the health-care debate went from fear-mongering to blatant obstinacy.

But this is 2010.

We have a black first family.

It was frightening to see the racist behavior -- which we thought was buried -- resurrected during this contentious battle.

Before the critical vote, House Democrats were heckled, cursed and spit on by people who were opposed to the legislation that will reform the country's health system.

Racist Tea Party Members must have been using Racist Dog Whistles and applied the standard White Racist Mental Telepathic Slur Hurl, because there is no empirical evidence whatsoever ( sound bytes/cellphone recordings/first hand accounts/police records of arrests & etc.).

Lost amid the feeding frenzy were a few simple questions that wouldn’t likely have eluded the members of a Basic Reporting class—namely:

1.Other than the claims of a few Congressmen, all from the same party and all on the receiving end of the Tea Party protests, what incontrovertible evidence do we have that any demonstrators yelled racist or anti-gay slurs?
2.Even if we can prove that one or more people in the crowd screamed such epithets, how do we know they had anything to do with the Tea Party? If they exist, has even one of them been identified? Isn’t it also possible, given the white-hot nature of the ObamaCare controversy, that protesters in favor of the bill infiltrated the crowd and shouted slurs in a Saul Alinsky-style attempt to stigmatize the Tea Party?
3.Even if we can prove that several Tea Party protesters yelled slurs, why do the actions of a few members speak for the motives of thousands more, not to mention the movement itself?
Why indeed, especially when the MSM’s First Rule of Covering Islamic Terrorism is that the actions of a few extremists never define the group as a whole?

Moreover, a YouTube video contains no apparent evidence of racial epithets aimed at the black Congressmen as they walk through a throng of Tea Party protesters. In another video of the same event, posted on Politico, columnist Ben Smith asserts that “it sounds like you can hear the n-word at the 9-second mark…though it’s not totally clear.” But even if it were clear, that still wouldn’t answer the question of who said it, which side (if any) he represents, and why we should define an entire movement or political party by the actions of one individual.
Then there’s the matter of an arrest that apparently never was. The Associated Press quoted a Cleaver staffer as saying the man who spat on the legislator was arrested, but as even The Huffington Post admits, Capitol Police say no such arrest occurred.

Unfortunately—or rather, fortunately for the mainstream media and Democrats (pardon the redundancy)—leaders of both the Republican Party and the Tea Party took the bait and did a spot-on impression of the cow in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” that actually wanted to be eaten. In so doing, they ignored the wry science fiction book’s key advice: “Don’t panic.”

Rather than coolly put off the hostile media by declining comment until the entire story (or non-story) came out, Republicans such as RNC Chairman Michael Steele and House Minority Leader John Boehner, as well as a Tea Party Express coordinator, were quick to employ terms like “reprehensible” and “isolated” and “not a reflection of the movement” in major media interviews.

But to condemn is to confirm.
Keep Mope Alive, Mary!

mope intr.v. moped, mop·ing, mopes
a. To be gloomy or dejected.
b. To brood or sulk. See Synonyms at brood.
2. To move in a leisurely or aimless manner; dawdle.
1. A person given to gloomy or dejected moods.
2. mopes Low spirits; the blues. Often used with the.


SEIU's Andy Stern Will Turn America into Greece by Christmas! Obama Care Ain't Nothing Next to This Beauty!

SEIU's Mandarin Andy Stern has all the time in the world to 'give it to America- - good and hard!

Uncle Sam, grab them ankles! Red Andy is going to take flying leap ram home (ala Obama Care) the nail in your coffin, driving President Obama's Federal Deficit Reduction Panel!

SEIU which fuels President Obama's energetic drive to make America Greece*, Portugal, Ireland, France and et. has bullied its way into Roland Burris's claim to Obama's Senate seat; Obama Care; Card Check America; control of the American Auto Industry and onto the panel that will recommend that America pay a National Sales Tax - for starters - and pay for Government Takeover of everything not nailed down.

Andy Stern, President of SEIU, make ACORN look like a Quaker Meeting House. Andy Stern and Anna Burger have spent the last five years talking to the Chinese Government. Newsweek and Time have scrubbed those stories on the internet.

Andy Stern is no union leader - he is a Marxist. He owns the nitwits on MSNBC and most other cable news outlets, print paper editorial boards and his armada of SEIU websites - Illinois Progress, here at home. Of you think Obama Care is shady, hold the phone Sally.

Wait until Andy Stern dictates America's economic policies*.

President Obama's decision to appoint his close political ally, union leader Andrew Stern, to the newly created National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform has set off a firestorm of criticism from business and conservative groups who charge he is a political radical who should be investigated for failure to register as a lobbyist.

The prestigious 18-member commission will study and recommend ways to whittle down the $12 trillion debt the federal government has amassed. Stern is one of six panelists Obama has named; the House of Representatives and the Senate will each appoint six others.

Reminder: The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. is probing the SEIU for possible violations of the Lobbying Disclosure Act for Stern’s frequent visits to the White House and with members of Congress in 2009.

Reminder: As head of the SEIU, Stern has groomed his own den of labor management thieves tangled in embezzelement/fiscal abuse across the country:

*Vat’s This? Hat Tip Tom Roeser!

The word’s going around Washington that Obama and the Left who have moved us to the status of a European state-controlled democracy will more than likely want to pay for it by having the National Deficit Commission…organized to come up with a strategy after this November’s election on how to cut the deficit and the debt…come up with the recommendation that the U. S. adopt the Value Added Tax or national sales tax which would be just like Europe’s. It would trigger as well-spring of revenue and allow the Left the option of presenting a good many other socialist ideas. It’s bound to be a key debate issue in 2012.