Friday, March 26, 2010

Progressive Fear Mongering DNC and Their Corporate Media Cheerleaders!

The anger is genuine and needs no mongering. Democrats and Republicans detest the Obama Care Bill. I am a Democrat and my neighbors are Democrats. We do not like this force fed boondoggle any more than a poor goose likes having corn forced down its throat.

Ironically, the very same band of nitwits in public life who hate smoking, fat kids, fois gras and American History crafted the Obama Care Legislation and stand poised to make America go the way of Greece, Ireland and Portugal once the Obama Care Federal Deficit Reduction Commission driven by SEIU’s Andy Stern force feed a Value Added Tax (VAT) down our throats in order to rake in the dough to pay for Obama Care.

In Order to smooth the strokes and grease the tube, America’s corporate media ( ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN & etc.) have been going flat out since last weekend to pattern the landscape of debate with fear – race and cultural wars. Abortion and Civil Rights are the hot buttons pushed. Over the weekend, when the opposition to Obama Care continued its slumber begun with Scott Brown’s victory, the Progressive genius for guerilla theatre laid the trap and Tea Party, Pro-Life Democrats and the always daffy national GOP napped while the trap was sprung.

Racial and homophobic epithets were heard, by the people who made the claims but by no one else, it seems. The media is there to One Note Samba the theme, like wee Ezra Klein of the Washington Post ,” I don't want to exaggerate the importance of the death threats being made against congressmen who voted for health-care reform. Nuts are nuts. But there is a danger to the sort of rhetoric the GOP has used over the past few months.” But “I will and gladly!”

We hear Joe Biden gaffe away 24-7; we see G.W. Bush lay a hand on Bill Clinton’s sleeve in Haiti; cell phones in Chicago pick up a Chicago cop’s N-word and yet no one can replay the wild shouts of race-hate, homophobia, abortion anger, the heart break of psoriasis and Vulcan Mind Melding by Chris Matthews.

Since Obama Care was pushed through, I have heard no real celebration by the media cheerleaders. Odd. I hear only endless reactions to Jim Clyburn’s chilling account of what he heard that John Lewis said he heard and Rep. Cleaver’s dignity spat upon by some phantom spitter.

No arrests, no sound bytes, You Tube replays, and no cell phone journalism has yet to appear; only Ann Curry, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow blaring parsed warnings about impending violence and warm rhetoric.

Obama Care forces played the slumbering opposition like a Stradivarius.

Nancy Pelosi linked arms with Congressman Lewis and evoked Selma! Obama Care is a Civil Right!

Here’s the deal. Obama Care is bad. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, Jan Schakowsky and all of the Obama Care Selma Signifiers exempted themselves in the legislation from taking Obama Care for themselves. President Obama made sure that none of the toxic taxes squirt all over the taxpayers until after the 2012 Election. Democrats and Republicans and Tea Party People and even some former Obama supporters are angry about Obama Care. Catholics are disgusted by Judas Goat Bart Stupak, who was staked out to help the daffy GOP Sominex “Obama Care is Dead” leadership and Pro-Life Democratic voters ( Catholics, Jews, Evangelicals & etc.), and got himself an airport
The only Illinois Democrat with any integrity is my congressman Dan Lipinski (IL 3rd) who is taking heat from every quarter but the voters of his District.

Meanwhile, our oafish Congresswoman and media hog Jan Schakowsky is moving to stab vulnerable U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias in the back, force him out of the race that she will lose with aplomb to Republican sneak Mark Kirk. It’s all about Obama Care, right Jan? Sure we are angry. We are not tossing bricks or hurling hockers. We are waiting to vote.

The corporate media stands to make millions with Obama Care and the idiotic Cap and Trade Bill. The only anger being ginned up is being done on TV and in the pages of the usual suspects ( New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post and their little sisters), because no President, since JFK, has enjoyed greater sympathy or synergy with the corporate media than President Obama.

President Obama is handled by media savvy Dave Axelrod – the Intolerable Ax! Ax is journalist muy simpatico to the old timey 60’s radicals of the American Progressive Movement which owns the DNC and is pals with PR Maven Marilyn Katz* who is a past master of political guerrilla theatre. It seems to me that the DNC through Dave Axelrod availed itself of these fine practitioners of wildly exaggerated narratives (‘Tea Partiers are wearing guns to town halls!!!! Think! People, our President is in Danger of these white hillbillies!’ and ‘N$%%^er and Fa$%tt were heard!!!!! Link Arms! We Shall Overcome! Get Pete Seeger! Make Patches Kennedy cry about dear old Dad!”). Hey, this was slick and well managed public relations. The GOP dopes walk right into the moral high ground buzz-saw and get torn up. John McCain got bitch-slapped by Ann Curry only this morning. Ann Curry repeatedly hammered the smiling Straight Talker with idiotic self-answering questions about GOP hate rhetoric. Good lord.

If you are serious about fighting Obama Care and what is going to follow, the opposition (Democrat Pro-Life, GOP, Tea Party or Bull Moose) must not only shout Repeal, but also Embargo. Harry Truman had no problem telling an unctuous phony reporter what to pack for a trip to Hell. McCain wants to make nice with the clowns who micturated all over his wingtips since 2007.

If an idiot like NBC’s Ann Curry can ask stupid questions like “ Sarah Palin uses Battleground and Fight Rhetoric –is that not Fear Mongering? - you must say that! Must you Not?” call her question Idiotic! Stupid! Dumb as Hammered Horse Manure! Treat them with the contempt that they show you . . .in a nice and civilized and nuanced manner, of course.

Talk only to serious journalists and have nothing to do with the Gotcha Goofballs. Why any intelligent elected official would spend a nano second talking to any one MSNBC is beyond me. The best of them are half-wits.

I suspect that we (F.B.I. included) will never find the brick hurlers ( Rep. Slaughter- D. NY) or the hocker hurlers (Rep. Cleaver -D. MO) or the epithet hurlers (Lewis and Frank). We will never actually hear a sound byte of Pro-Life Hate or homophobia or race-baiting. Though we can pick up Joe Biden’s Gaffes-a-Plenty and make a case for G.W. Bush passing cooties on Clinton, we will understand GOP Ownership of Hate via Chris Matthews – who could not tell you the color of the tie he is wearing.

Public Relations won the Obama Care battle and are fighting this Pyrrhic Victory’s rear-guard actions with the complicity of corporate media. Dave Axelrod and the City of Chicago has long used Marilyn Katz, who began her career filling bags of poop and pee behind the Conrad Hilton in 1968 – as well as crafting nail bombs to hurl at Chicago Police. She is good. I would bet that Dave Axelrod tapped Marilyn Katz and MK Communications to control the Obama Care Narrative – it is what they do. Below are links to MK – Food for thought and fuel for the dialogue.
The anger is not mongered. It is all too real.

• Marilyn Katz

An aide to then-Chicago mayor Harold Washington from 1983-87, Marilyn Katz is currently a public relations professional who serves on Barack Obama’s national finance committee. In 2005, Katz and the longtime Marxist and Obama supporter Carl Davidson co-authored the book Stopping War, Seeking Justice. In conjunction with Davidson, Katz was one of the two chief organizers of the October 2002 anti-war demonstration in Chicago where Obama first went public with his opposition to the Iraq War. In 1968, Katz was head of security for the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) during the Chicago street riots that took place while the Democratic Party held its national convention in that city.

Katz, who now heads MK Communications and is a registered lobbyist with the City of Chicago, has personally contributed $1,000 to Obama for America, the eponymous candidate’s presidential campaign fund. She is also part of a fundraising team that has committed to raising a minimum of $200,000 for Obama’s campaign.

Katz has long been acquainted with Obama supporter and former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers. In April 2008 Katz told the Chicago Sun-Times that she had first met Ayers when he was a 17-year-old fellow member of Students for a Democratic Society, "a peaceful group from which the Weather Underground splintered." (emphasis added)
MK Communications – give them a good hard look. Ask about retainers!
Here’s Katz’s prospectus:
• Engage in strategic planning, including crisis management;
• Do media, policy and statistical research;
• Create and implement community, government, investor and other targeted constituency strategies;
• Create and implement media and marketing strategies;
• Create and manage complex databases (we maintain a database of 6,000 press contacts, augmented by a variety of computer based directories);
• Create and manage media events;
• Write and produce media, marketing, educational print materials;
• Write and produce print, television and radio advertising;
• Write and produce newsletters, annual reports and informational materials;
• Create and manage Web sites;
• Write and produce videos;
• Develop and implement legislative strategies and education programs.
While we have in-house capacity for Internet, radio/television and print design, we have developed long-term relationships with outside experts for top-quality, yet cost efficient, final design and production of such materials.


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