Friday, August 31, 2018

Jeremiah Joyce Can Expect a Coverage Embargo from Rahm's Chicago Media Pets

The Hardest Working "newspaper" in America ( The Sun Times). . . doesn't.  It takes orders, from Illinois protected oligarchs, sanctioned hacks, SEIU bosses and Billy Dec.

The paper ( Tribune) once regarded as " McCormick's anti-union, anti-Catholic, anti- working man rag"  remains true to its former self with two notable exceptions: John Kass and Kristen McQueary.

WGN television and radio news is whoppie cushion serious.

WTTW - Winnetaka Talking to Wilmette is a government sponsored joke.

WBBM radio seems to take second hand news from the Sun Times.

WMAQ ?  Yeah, me too.  I don't know what they are thinking.

ABC?  Disney and Emanuel Industries.

There you have it. 

Now, about the Hateful Eight running against Rahm?   One is a neighborhood person.  Jeremiah Joyce, Junior. 

He is as smart as David Axelrod pretended Barack Obama to be and has the grades to prove it. Unlike Obama, Jerry Joyce is capable.

Capable?  That is something elected officials tend not to be.

Therefore, the person with a chance to push Rahm Emanuel to one of the coasts again, where he belongs, before he and his omnivorous pals steal everything, is Jeremiah Joyce.

Jerry Joyce, like Jeanne Ives who almost toppled our billionaire Governor Bruce, can expect no coverage of his campaign for Mayor from Chicago's stooge media.

Jerry Joyce should talk to Jeanne Ives about waking up those timid clowns.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

John McCain - RIP to a VIP

This photo says it all about the late Senator John McCain, but nothing about the young Naval Aviator who endured the Hanoi Hilton. 

John McCain is an American hero, who laid  his youth, blood and soul on the altar of sacrifice. Nothing can change, or even diminish that fact.

I thought John McCain was on the level, but that was back in 2007-2008, when he seemed to earnestly want to pull America out of the cactus of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as renew the American Spirit.   I was wrong.

John McCain wanted to be President, but he wanted to be fawned over by the corrupt American news media more. 

John McCain would rather be the THE MAVERICK, than President. 

He got that.  

John McCain was tortured horribly by the Communists.

America has been gulled by the Communists on Senator John McCain's watch. 

I lost any illusion about John McCain the elected official in September 2008, when the tanked economy and the Wall Street crisis compelled the laughably unprepared candidate to hand the election over to equally incurious Barack Obama. 

For eight years, McCain twisted like a pretzel for media attention and was rewarded with the election Donald Trump.

I honor Naval Aviator John McCain.

I am saddened by the fatuous, but wealthy late senior Senator from Arizona.

Both personalities will meet God.  

I wonder which one will pass muster.