Saturday, November 07, 2020

Election 2020: Alexis de Tocqueville Would Call It " Un Spectacle de Merde"

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”
― Alexis de Tocqueville

I hope that the man I voted for wins the Presidential Election.  That said,   I hope America gets its collective head out of its rather broad, flabby and soft arse.

We are not doing well.

My neighbor of twenty-two years, friend, college alumnus and retired first responder ( CPD) died of a massive 'grabber' - aka heart attack - after telling me of how a "COVID KAREN" ratted him out for having " a beer party," in his garage.  She called the STATE authorities and THEY gave the malefactor a ticket of warning.  HE had endangered his community - by moving three couches and rewarding his sons and brother with a few beers in the garage, that he had stored. 

In fact, the man had his two sones and a brother over to help him move three couches out of his basement.  They had enjoyed malted grain beverages after hefting the furniture.  The retired Chicago Police Department  officer had recently loaned $,5,000 worth of high -end electric hand tools to the family, but the wife decided that her benefactor had 'endangered' her family  with a post furniture- moving- hullabaloo!

This was at a time ( twixt March - July 20202) when Governor J. B. " Waddles With Penguins" Pritzker had mandated SHUT DOWN ILLINOIS  and every breathing voter  nodded affirm assent and the gave the porcine Governor  the keys to everyone's garage. 

THE NEW NORMAL. The New Normal gave the grifters and oligarchs an opportunity to stuff the ballot boxes out of fear of COVID-19.  

Election Day 2020 became Election Epoch. 

Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania have not completed counting ballots. 

The entire mainstream news media has gone full howler monkey demanding that President Trump bow to the coup d'etat  ignoring the fact that the election is not over - not by a jug full.

America is dancing on the head of a pin and will be skewered if President Trump heeds the howls of pinheads like Morning Joe, Chuck Todd, Eric Zorn, Mary Schmich, Rex Hupke and the majority of voters in Cook County.

We may become a continental Illinois, or self-absorbed Venezuela, if Joe Biden becomes President #46 and within three months Kamala Harris #47.    Joe will be retired by the New Normal Superbowl LV. Make book on that.

Count the votes, because every vote does not count.  There is some serious larceny afoot.

The public can be bribed with the public's money.  Look to the votes cast in Illinois. 

God save America. 

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Morons Like Rep. Sean Casten (IL 6th) Will Keep America Balkanized, Angry and Stuck on Stupid.


Freshman Congressman Sean Casten rode into Washington on smoke, mirrors and self-absorbed rhetoric. 

That is cache to the Media.

His declaration of victory over Jeanne Ives is solid proof of bigotry of the WOKE and a clear indication of its hostility to American democracy. 

With 100% of precincts reporting, Casten had 51.5% of the vote to 46.7% for Ives, according to unofficial results. Libertarian Bill Redpath had 1.7% of the vote. The Associated Press called the race for Casten.

“Tonight, the voters of the 6th District sent a resounding message,” Casten said in his statement. “They voted for science and facts. They voted for decency, acceptance, and love, and rejected bigotry and racism. They said that they believe we should all have high-quality, affordable health care. They acknowledged the climate crisis and decided we must do something about it.”

This "scientist"  is a moron Q.E.D.  MSNBC will have very nice things to say about this mental and moral midget. 

God help this nation

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Chicago Sun TImes ( Marxists Mouthpiece) Smears a Great Judge


Marxism's most dependable platform, The Chicago Sun Times, crash dived to a new low today with Madeline Kenney's disgraceful smear of the late Diane Gordon Cannon. 

Judge Cannon passed away after taking long-term medical leave.  Madeline Kenney burnished her reputation as a Marxist Hack with this :

Cannon developed a controversial reputation and was known by defense attorneys for her harsh treatment toward defendants and verbal outbursts, according to the Associated Press. As a result, attorneys removed Cannon from cases at a much higher rate than other Cook County judges, according to a recent analysis of Cook County court data by the Better Government Association and Injustice Watch.

Cannon is perhaps most known for a 2017 ruling when she acquitted then-Chicago Police Cmdr. Glenn Evans of aggravated battery and official misconduct charges after he was accused of shoving a gun in a suspect’s mouth and threatened to kill him. Cannon said she was convinced the DNA found was “touch DNA” that could have been transferred to the weapon from Evans’ own hands after struggling with the suspect.

Kenney failed to reportt WBEZ reporter Chip Mitchell's role in the case as a colluding  participant with G. Flint Taylor and Marxist Peoples Law Office. Here is the actual story.

I hope that Judge cannon's grieving family brings suit against Kenney, the Chicago Sun Times and the Marxist millionaires who are moving this nation toward a Stalinist tyranny. 

If you, as a citizen, continue to purchase the Chicago Sun Times, you are helping establish tyranny.