Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Commander Paul Bauer Legislation Cynical Political Misappropriation of Man's Life

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I don't recall reading the late Commander Paul Bauer's words on the banning of guns.  He was very outspoken about the criminals caught for felonies and released back into the public by cynical political judges and elected officials intent on fattening up votes. 

Commander Paul Bauer was respected by the women and men in blue who shared the dangers and ugliness of Chicago's streets, during his career.

Commander Paul Bauer was not killed in a mass school shooting, but killed doing his job, while off-duty.

No cop is off-duty.

A thug with a handgun bought out of state and with an extended magazine clipbauer gun Gun That Killed Chicago Police Commander Came From Outside Illinois

I have never owned a gun in my life, nor do I ever intend to apply for, or purchase any firearm.   I live among many people to do and there has never been an incident where a gun was misfired, or directed at another person.

More than a very few times, bullets missed me by inches. They were all used by thugs (BDs, GDs, Stones, Four Corner Hustlers, or Vice Lords) in close proximity to Leo High School between 1996 and 2016. My guardian angle must come with Kevlar.

I have helped bury a dozen students and witnessed as many more wounded by rounds fired from Tech 9s and Glocks, none of whome 'were in the Game.'

Guns are tools and thugs use them to kill people.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who once commanded the Gresham District 6 near Leo High School, was sent to Springfield to label anti-gun laws in Commander Paul Bauer's name.

The new legislation is a response to the Parkland public school killings, close on the heels of Commander Bauer's funeral here in my neighborhood.

Paul Bauer was a cop's cop.  He spoke out against the root problems of street violence: abuse of existing sentencing laws -

Commander Paul Bauer says there is a “high bar to prosecution” in Cook County, requiring Chicago police to get approval from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office before a suspect can be charged.
“Sometimes they want to come out to the victim,” said Bauer at the annual meeting of River North Residents Association. “If you think about it, we’re sometimes victimizing this person twice. You just got your phone snatched from you. You got knocked down. Now you’re going to be in the station. You got to stay here for another couple hours until the State’s Attorney gets out here.”
[...] According to Bauer, 75 percent of the crime in the 18th district is theft-related, whether it’s theft from a building or theft from a person, including a suspect who, while riding a bicycle, recently swiped mobile phones from people in River North.
“We caught that guy,” recalled Bauer. “and we figured he did about 30 [robberies] over the course of a couple months. We were only able to charge him with one felony theft [because] victim identification was a little hazy.”
[...] “Even when we catch somebody,” says Bauer, “there’s still a long way to go to get them off the street.”
In August, Chief Judge Timothy Evans replaced all the judges who presided over bond hearings in Cook County and directed new judges to set bail in amounts more affordable to defendants. This is at odds with Chicago police, who would prefer to see higher bail amounts for career criminals.
“That guy, Willie, he’s a case in point. He needs a high bond. We got him for a number of burglaries. He’s on parole for burglary. He needs to sit. We got to get him off the street. It’s just like if you have kids, if there’s no consequences to your action, those actions are going to repeat.”

And when they do go to jail, they need to stay there longer.
“The Sheriff of Cook County, for whatever reason, is very proud of the fact he has reduced the population of the county jail. Maybe I’m jaded, I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of.”  In Second City Cop
The thug who killed Commander Bauer was not armed with a straw-man AR-15, which Rep. Burke's canned legislation targets.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel talked about the bill after speaking to a room of police recruits, part of a package of legislation that would require gun dealers to be licensed, raise the penalties for illegal use of body armor, ban high capacity magazines for military-style weapons and ban bump stocks.
“We need gun legislation, like a waiting period, like a ban on assault on assault weapons, like what we're talking about on gun dealership that backs up the goals and the public safety goals we have as a city,” Mayor Emanuel said.
Rahm Emanuel did the canning and the sending.

Were he not an oily sneak with a power jones, Emanuel might have helped craft a Paul Bauer Law that would keep thugs out of our community.

Maybe, another family will not need to mourn a father and husband.  Maybe, fewer people will be gun down on streets at any time of the or driving the Dan Ryan and Eisenhower expressways.

Instead, Rahm Emanuel, Mike Madigan, Bruce Rauner and their stooges used Paul Bauer's sacrifice, as an unwasted opportunity.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Planned Parenthood Loves Illinois

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Planned Parenthood is all about abortions, just as Anheuser-Busch is all about beer, and J.J. Reymolds is all about cigarettes.

R. Reynolds makes cookies (Nabisco) and Hawaiian Punch, selling coffin nails to Americans and the Third World is what keeps Winstons, Newports, Camels, Salems and Lucky Strikes in the game.

Sure Bud makes non-alcoholic O'Doul's, but every other aspect of the corporate culture is buzz iducing - a responsible buzz of course.

Planned Parenthood like the tobacco industry respended to soft-hearts and delicate sensibilities by euphemizing abortion into Women's Health, Reproductive Rights, Stem-Cell Research.

The bottom -line is crushing fully conceived human being chock full of individuality.

Planned Parenthood's Boss-Hag, Cecile Richards polka'd all over the world of credibility when Dr. Kermit Gosnell revealed the nature of Planned Parenthood in a Philadelphia courthouse.  America was sickened to hear the 'elegant' Gosnell joke about the little skulls he crushed with great industry.
Image result for Cecile Richards and Dick Durbin
Richards and the Democratic Party and their GOP playmates pushed the notion that Planned Parenthood is all about cancer screening for women.

The problem being Planned Parenthood is too busy harvesting the body parts of human beings for sale to pharmaceutical companies to screen Julia for uterine cancer.

Illinois is Planned Parenthood's harvest belt.   Recently, a covert operation by Democratic candidate for the Cook County Board, Personal PAC Illinois and all of the usual suspects built an abortion mill in Flossmoor, a south suburb of Chicago.

They were outed by a citizen"

. . . village officials said that Planned Parenthood “described the facility as a full-service women’s health center.” This is inaccurate given the limited services it offers per its own website.
It is a common misperception that communities need Planned Parenthood to provide poor women access to health services. Within 15 miles of Flossmoor, there are four federally qualified health care centers that provide the same services as Planned Parenthood Flossmoor, with the exception of abortion and LGBT services, plus truly more comprehensive health care for women. Among them are Aunt Martha’s Women’s Health Center in Chicago Heights, Community Health Center in Hazel Crest and Community Health Care in South Holland. I encourage readers to review both sites and draw their own conclusions.
An aspect of the meeting not mentioned in the article was how Donna Miller, Chairwoman of the Board for Planned Parenthood Illinois and candidate for Cook County Commissioner, claimed that she had no knowledge of how Planned Parenthood operated in purchasing the property in Flossmoor through the front company Healthcare Partners LLC, in order to hide its identity until just before it opened.
This begs the question of whether Mrs. Miller is qualified to represent our community as Cook County commissioner. For, if as chairwoman of the board of Planned Parenthood Illinois, Mrs. Miller didn’t know her own organization’s expansion strategy within her own south suburban community, then she has neglected her fiduciary responsibility as a member of the board. So, Mrs. Miller was either not forthright with her answer at the meeting, or she is not living up to her fiduciary responsibility. Both scenarios are troubling.
Although our community is divided on Planned Parenthood’s presence in Flossmoor, hopefully we can agree that it is time to establish true solidarity with women in difficult circumstances by offering them the love, support and truth that will encourage life-affirming choices.
Kris Cortes

Planned Parenthood loves Illinois because it gets what they pay for - willing culprits in the murder of children, or as the media calls them elected officials.

Illinois has the greatest soil in the Midwest.  It is too bad that people running this State want to fertilize it with the blood of the innocents.

Illinois is stuck on stupid at so many levels - bad schools, lousy roads, decaying bridges beat-up rail systems and economy that is toxic to investment.

Illinois will never be un-stupid, until abortion is defined as taking the life of living organism with unique DNA - a human being.  It not a choice, or a reproductive right; it is a murder.

America will never be great again, until it protects life from womb to tomb. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

My Lunch with Jeanne Ives

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Yesterday, I took the Rock Island Metra from 103rd to La Salle Street station for an 11:30 luncheon of the Finance Committtee of Ives for Illinois.  I was flattered to be invited, because I do not have two-nickels to rub together.

I helped Chicago Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan form  the Irish for Ives which will host a fundraiser at Reilly's Daughter on Monday, March 5th between 5-7PM.  That will be a great event, where traditional Democrats like me can ask Jeanne Ives about their public service pensions, Bosco Rauner's lie, that Representative Ives shovels Mike Madigan's snow covered sidewalks over on Kedvale & 64th and how she plans to get Illinois back on its feet.I passed out some fliers to my fellow passengers who either accepted them, or politely declined.  Most took them.  One woman chatted me up and said that she will probably go to the event.
5 to Watch: The Final Day of the 2018 Pyeongchang GamesImage result for rauner paul bauer funeral
Jeanne Ives has nowhere near the money to respond to Governor "Bosco" Rauner's calumnies.  This same place-holding creep, tried to hijack the funeral of Commander Paul Bauer and equated drinking chocolate milk to solving race relations.   As such many 19th Ward residents are buying the ads from Governor Bosco, like they were words coming from a burning bush:

                      She's a Madigan crony!
                      She is hateful, bigoted and wants my pension

All without any examples given other than repetitions of Eric Zorn, or Sun Times talking points.

The worst comes from a shirt-tail cousin of mine with a swell County job, who will be working to re-elect Toni Preckwinkle shortly.
If you see the "Irish for Ives" posters up on the South Side, let the businesses know you won't support them. I saw one on 111th in Mt Greenwood today and they immediately agreed to take it down. There's supposed to be a fundraiser for her at Reilly's Daughter Oak Lawn. Let them know too.
He attached a smear piece from Daily Kos 2013 about Ives the Union Buster though the same Union Buster has been supported by IUEO 150.  Jeanne Ives must be scaring the hell out of people who want to keep things going the way they are.  They know if Ives knocks Rauner out in the primary, JB Pritzker will not have the planned can of tomatoes in the 15 round bout in November.  Nor, do they want Jeanne Ives to face Chris Kennedy, let alone Progressive Boy Toy Biss.   So union leaders who were all-in for Rahm want Rauner to lay down in November for them all.

The rank and file union membership are stuck with the property taxes, the water bills, the lousy schools and are told who not to vote for.

Union voters must declare in a primary polling place and people have big ears, adapted to the slightest volume thanks to street cash and Rauner has plenty.  I takes a very special kind integrity to take an unsanctioned ballot in Chicago.

Tearing down posters and threatening business boycotts?   These same union loyalists shop at WalMart and regularly cross picket lines to snag an Italian beef.   Hey, it's a free country. . .still.

I arrived at the Union League Club and was asked to man the greeter's table for a few minutes, which I did and introduced myself while I handed out name tags.

A gentleman by the name of Mike Schultz was carrying a huge briefcase and asked me, " I suppose Ives is a Democrat, this being Illinois.  I am coming from Wisconsin and satyed here over night."

I explained that Jeanne Ives was running against Gov. Bruce Rauner in the March Primary as a Republican and he asked me about her.  I explained that Ives is the only Pro-Life candidate for the office of Governor by either Party,  was a comon sense fiscal conservative who wants to halt the run-away pension crisis while easing the pain of the victims of former Governor Jim Edgar's IOU briberies, a West Point grad and Army officer, mother of five children two of whom serve in the armed forses and honest,tough and good humored, happy person.

Jeanne Ives came up the stairs and we met for the first time, " Pat Hickey, it's nice to see a Facebook person in person."

I introduced the Guv to Mr. Schultz.

Mr. Schultz is a dreamer, of German, Irish and Japanese blood, who grew up in Bridgeport.  His grandmother lived two doors down from the real Mayor - Richard J. Daley.   Schultz went on to explain that he was selling a product that he helped developed - a pain relieving lotion made from hemp oil.  He is searching States for the expansion of his business and is skipping Illinois as toxic to innovation and industry.

Mike Schultz gave me a bottle of the lotion for my retired carpenter brother who is crippled up with artheritis in his knees, hands, shoulders and ankle.  He is no fan of Trump, Rauner, or Ives.  I am a huge fan of Jeanne Ives.

Mr. Schultz bid farewell and said, " I am very impressed with you, Mrs. Ives.  Best of luck!"

We were called into lunch/

I knew Dan Proft and was astonished to see him  with whiskers.  I was introduced to Jeanne's husband Rich, who is an engineer and a West Point man.  He had been with Kenny Construction, when the great flood washed through the Loop.  Rich is like  . . .every guy I know in this neighborhood, funny, embarassed to be there, serious about his wife and his family.   Rich Ives would be at ease at Kens, Barney Callaghan's or Hinky Dinks.  Alas,Mr. Ives gave up beer and smokes for Lent.

There at my table sat Mike Houlihan with two gentleman donors, as well as Dan Patlak, the only Republican in Cook County government, and Representative Tom Morrison.  We later joined by Mr. Spencer from Christ the King Parish.  Jim Tobin and John Powers sat with the Ives' and Chair of Finance Committee Mr. Vince Kolber, an elegant Polish gent from Seneca, NY who adopted Illinois as his home state, built a mechanical service corporation RESIDCO, funds The Little Sisters of the Poor and The Big Shoulders Fund.   Real robber-baron type.

We began with the Pledge of Allegiance and Mr. Kobler explained his notion of fund-raising which matched that of the great Bob Foster of Leo High School - make everyone an investor.

Most people believe that fundraising is whale-hunting. Everyone seems to believe the notion of nailing down a million dollar give, as the pinnacle of success. No.  Leo High School defied the know-it-alls for decades, including my own two, but counting on committed people.  Leo's Alumni are like 17th Century Jesuit Black Robes - they drag in new converts and turn those converts into missionaries.

Jeanne Ives has the support of this Democrat because she is honest, happy and heroic.  One older gentleman in  Mount Greenwood told me " She's gonna win!  The little girl has alot of hard bark on her." That, she do.
Vince Kolber, running for 5th Congressional District
Vince Kobler is accepting checks for Ives for Illinois and he wrote another huge one yesterday. Vince Kobler had writtne big checks for Governor Bruce "Bosco" Rauner, until he proved himself to be the fraud that he happens to be.  Jeanne Ives was handed a check in the amount of $ 300,000.

Mike Houlihan and I felt the change in our pockets.

Jeanne Ives thanked Mr. Kobler, who himself had run for Congress in the 5th District in 2016, for leading her 'rag-tag band of insurgents'  who depend upon people power to get her message out.

Ives noted that all Rauner has is money, lots and lots and lots and lots of money.   Fund-raising is the art of friend making.

Jeanne Ives praised Mike Houlihan and me for our work on the upcoming Reilly's Daughter event.  In a room full of well-to-do women and men, it was uncommonly nice of Jeanne to recognize two broke boys.

Like I said, fund-raising is friend making and Jeanne Ives was on way to Peoria.  She had just comeback from Decatur, Belleville, and Watseka, Illinois, where union members learned the truth about Ives for Illinois from Jeanne Ives herself.

I wish my shirt-tail cousin and a few of louder partisans were as fair-minded.

I met Jeanne Ives and I don't have two-nickels together.

Wonder if Rauner, or JB Pritzker would give me two hoots in hell?

It's your vote.

Hey leave up the signs.  Don't go to the event.  Even better, don't vote.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Sacrifice Babies to Baal and Stop Mass Shootings

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 Babies fed to Baal Will End Gun Violence!
Hoodie Rebecca 🍀

Woman puts baby up for adoption, he grows up to be a violent young man who will spend the rest of his life in prison for a mass murder. Tell me more about how abortions are wrong. #Florida #ParklandSchoolShooting
3:10 PM - Feb 15, 2018
6,070 people are talking about this
Hoodie Rebecca is no whack job and she has plenty like-minded comrades in the American media.

Hoodie Rebbeca is an MTV veteran reporter and she does not really want anyone to explain how abortions are evil, anymore than a Holocaust denier wants anyone to lay out the facts about the greatest mass serial killing of undesirable people ( Jews, Slavs, dissidents, LGBTQ, Gypsies, people with all manner of mental, physical or psychological challenges) in history.

Hoodie Rebecca, like many women in my zip code ( 60643/55) who chose to identify themselves with hyphenated Celtic cognomens like Bridget Murphy-Douleur dans le cul, is Pro Choice and perfectly willing to toss unborn babies into the mouth of Baal, to stop gun violence and as long as the wrong people stay away from the Beverly Art Center and in Mount Greewood.

You see Gun Control and Abortion are on the same page.

People who want Chicago Cops to be replaced by a gun-grabbing Gestapo also want abortion on demand.

Hoodie Rebecca makes perfect sense to the fine ladies with hyphenated names in my neighborhood.

You are free to believe Hoodie Rebecca, as much as you are free believe that the Holocaust was just a big nothing burger, to parse the evolved.  Me, I gotta go along with Old Hosea in the Old Testament

“I will punish her ( the nation) for the festival days
when she burned incense to the Baal idols;
she adorned herself with earrings and jewelry,
and went after her lovers,
but she forgot me!” says the Lord. Hosea  (2:2-13)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sun Times Also Endorses Governor "I'm Not in Charge!" Jeanne Ives Must be Surging!

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As we say, had Ives not entered the race, we might have had a tough time endorsing Rauner. With a handful of exceptions, we believe he has been a failure as governor, and he has only himself to blame. He promised what he could not deliver. Sun Times Endorsement of Bruce Rauner

"This is a pivotal, once-in-a-generation election where you can change the trajectory of this state. But trust me, it’s either, we’re going all in for a taxpayer revolution, or you’re going to see the slow going-out-of-business sale here in the state of Illinois.” Jeanne Ives in  Bureau County News

Don't that make your blue eyes brown, Bruce?

Both Chicago papers endorsed the Cook County oligarchy's place-holder Governor Bruce Rauner.
Image result for Ives v. Rauner
Jeanne Ives, according to the Sun Times editorial board geniuses, is not 'compassionate' and her supporters are bully voters. Identity politics is stuck on stupid and the news media will not move the information dial to the facts.

Cadre demographics keeps the ink wet, but does not do much to level the playing field for people who work for a living, or all races, creeds and inclinations.

Both Chicago dailies follow the 2016 Presidential playbook of editorial broad brushing and fear-mongering that helped sweep Donald J. Trump into the White House.

Image result for Ives v. Rauner

It is very clear that Jeanne Ives scares the bejabbers out of the comfortable Cook County oligarchs who continue to chase the middle class and the well-to-do out of Illinois.

With both Chicago rags endorsing Bruce Rauner, Jeanne Ives should have no problem silencing low-information outlets with plain speaking and turning Jeanne Ives converts into missionaries.

I applaud both the Tribune and the Sun Times for their help in ridding Illinois of One -Term Rauner on March 20th and poising Jeanne Ives against JB Pritzker in November.

Monday, February 19, 2018

"Comments Off" - Sum Total of Illinois Media Integrity re Pritzker Firing of Mark Konkol

When Dave McKinney of the Chicago Sun Timjes resigned, because then Sun Times owner's ties to then candidate Bruce Rauner and long-running he-said-she-said embroglio, the media locked shields like Vikings. 

That was then.
McKinney resigned following what he called “disturbing developments” after reporting a story critical of Rauner. In his resignation letter, he says the firewall protecting independent journalism was breached. Meanwhile, the Sun-Times abruptly brought back editorial endorsements, supporting its onetime owner Bruce Rauner without having interviewed either Rauner or Gov. Pat Quinn. 
Mark Konkol was cashiered by the same News Group currently owned by SEIU and run by Edwin Eisnedrath, after ten days and cover art that hair-lipped JB Pritzker and all of the beneficiaries of his . . .largesse.

This is now.

No media outrage.   No Emile Zola for Konkol's Dreyfuss.

  • No, Neil Steinberg opaque ouvere.
  • No Mark Brown nosing.
  • No Eric Zorn squeak.
  • No Carol Marin press conference.
Only Rober Feder bothered to report on the disgraceful treatment of a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter at the hand of in-the-tank management of Illinois' mercury spined  ink slingers.  You will no hissy-fitting columnist, objecting to the termination of Mark Konkol. 

Here is the best example of the mind-set of our in-the-tank Illinois media - Capitol Fax Blog

News aggregator and Progressive Democrat activist Rich Miller's Capitol Fax Blog lays out the corpse with yellow-bellied snark but dis-invites the mourners:

Konkol out at Chicago Reader after “tumultuous ten days”Saturday, Feb 17, 2018* The Chicago Reader has been suffering serious turmoil since its new executive editor Mark Konkol took over. Konkol fired the paper’s editor by phone just after the editor got off a plane returning from his honeymoon, killed the transportation writer’s respected column, nixed a couple of columns by longtime Reader columnist Ben Joravsky and lost another columnist after publishing a racist front page cartoon featuring JB Pritzker sitting on a black lawn jockey ornament. Word from inside was that the paper itself could be in peril.
Sun-Times Media owns the Reader and here’s its CEO Edwin Eisendrath
I am announcing today the departure of Mark Konkol from the Reader. Mark came to the publication bringing great hope for a new direction and a new life to a storied brand. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. A tumultuous ten days culminated in the publication of a Reader cover that we believe was not in line with either our vision for the Reader or that storied history. We wish Mark well.
While controversy is sometimes seen as part and parcel of the alternative weekly world, we believe it’s necessary in this instance to apologize to anyone who was offended by this week’s cover. The published cover in my view distracted from the publication as a whole.
The reporters at the Reader work hard to be great journalists. They can and will take on the toughest stories — including issues of race, injustice and people struggling to be heard.
We will put in place interim leadership and plan for the future.
* From the Reader’s own Twitter feed…
Ding dong the witch is dead!— Chicago Reader (@Chicago_Reader) February 18, 2018
- Posted by Rich Miller   Comments Off        (emphasis my own) 

Comments Off!  Ouch. 

Illinois is fixed, to quote the brilliant Dan Proft.  Illinois is a rigged game.  The news media plays for one side - the side that is screwing voters; Bruce Rauner plays for that side. 

Mark Konkol paid the price for speaking out turn.   There are no and there will be no media types coming to Mark Konkol's defense.

His voice was silenced, because fair is, after all, fair. 

This is Illinois - a Banana Republic run by oligarchs. 

Take a GOP ballot and vote for Jeanne Ives. Unfix this sad State. 

re is not followed by a colon.  Re is lation for matter.  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chicago Reader: As 'In-The-Tank' as 87 Unleaded, But More Gas

Image result for Premium GasImage result for Reader African American Thing

Guess who beefed about the cover art on last week's (it was editor Mark Konkol's, as well) Chicago Reader?

Could it be. . . .might it not portend . . .is it possible . . . is it plausible that JB Pritzker, the Progressive Democrat cash cow, was miffed, irked, vexed, put-out, or a tad nettled by the two-dimensional treatment of the audio-taped chat he had with imprisoned Illinois Governor, a one-time Cook County SJW ?

Mark Konkol is now free of an oppressive regime.  One of the best beat reporters and fair-minded pens in journalism was trampled by pygmies.

Sun Times News Group CEO and former Chicago Alderman and one-time candidate for mayor, Edwin Eisendrath, immediately cashiered Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and short-time editor of the Chicago Reader, Mark Konkol and issued these weasel words -

A tumultuous ten days culminated in the publication of a Reader cover that we believe was not in line with either our vision for the Reader or that storied history. We wish Mark well.
"While controversy is sometimes seen as part and parcel of the alternative-weekly world, we believe it's necessary in this instance to apologize to anyone who was offended by this week's cover. The published cover in my view distracted from the publication as a whole.
In his view. In Edwin Eisendrath's view. . . . after calls from JB and the Progressive beneficiaries of his large ass, I mean Largesse.

Edwin Eisendrath tolerates insults to  Mount Greenwood, because the "Upside Down" hood is 'part and parcel of the alternative weekly world."

Last month this same cage-liner published an insult to every person living in the Mount Greenwood (18,357 people and 6,416 households in Mount Greenwood), but Edwin Eisnedrath was  less than outraged by the shoddy journalism and tepid moralilty to be found in the prose of still-employed Josh Malooley. So bad is it that Wikipedia won't even list it as a reference to the neighborhood.

Josh Malooley has a pay check and Mark Konkol must file with Illinois Department of Employment Services for the swell $749.00 bi-weekly dole ( limited to 26 weeks).

Well Chicago readers know that the alternative weekly bilge in the Chicago Readers is bought and paid for by SNG ( SEIU) and JB Pritzker.  The Reader bows deeply to its over-lords.

Mark Konkol is a free man!

The Reader is bought and paid for propaganda like the Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Edwin, from this member of the reading community and the 18,000 + people your rag vilifies, Mount Greenwood,  a neighborhood with deep roots in the Ubs In Horto!

Image result for Chuck Goudie Idiot

Stay just the way you are!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Wedding Wish for Marcia and Joe

Image result for irish wedding in the woods

Two friends of mine will marry at 2 P.M. on this Saturday February 17, 2018. They will exchange vows at the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Blue Island, IL.

This couple is devoted to family and nature.  They spend their quality-time with each other engage in outdoor sport - camping, fishing, hunting and exploring the beauty of our earth.

There is an old Irish lyric that suits Joe and Marcia down to the ground - God Bless You Both! 

                                  The Heart of the Wood
My hope and my love,
we will go for a while into the wood,
scattering the dew,
where we will see the trout,
we will see the blackbird on its nest;
the deer and the buck calling,
the little bird that is sweetest singing on the branches;
the cuckoo on the top of the fresh green;
and death will never come near us for ever in the sweet wood.  -Anonymous Irish Poem

Friday, February 16, 2018

Guns Kill People and North Korea is Insecure and Blond Jesus Reigns

Image result for Michael Pfleger shopping for sweaters

Whenever Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun Times needs to freshen up her purple prose and activate alliteration she turns to Pastor Pfleger, who also needs, at least, a monthly dose of dependable media and personal autoeroticism.

The preening pastor promptly urps up a polemic, pointed at police or political persons, but today's Sneedling is particularly offensive - Pfleger uses a dead policeman to further divide people.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, Chicago’s anti-gun pulpit protest peace priest, just hit the firing range.
In the wake of the murder of Pfleger’s friend, Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer, and the death of 17 people in a Florida high school Wednesday, the fiery Pfleger is accusing gun advocates of complicit behavior. Michael Sneed-Chicago Sun Times

Sneed did not bother to ask Commander Paul Bauer's brothers and sisters in blue to comment on his selfless final call at Thompson Center.   Nor did the oafish Sneed compare the outpouring of grief at the loss of a fine human being to the hideous applause of inmates, as they welcomed the cop killer to County Jail.  Sneed puts Pfleger ahead of a priest who actually knew Commander Bauer and his family in her gossip column.  Sneed is consistent and employs the Sun Times' personal pontiff - Pfleger.  The hard-collar of secular faith.

Every tragedy is all about Pfleger - all of the time:
“He even gave me his private cellphone number.”
“Call whenever you need me, he’d say,” said Pfleger.
Pfleger is consistent.

The Sun Times has a narrative to sell and message to force down people's throats - it is radical socialism.

Sneed's sop to the Florida killings by a sick kid, play well with Pfleger, who echoed the one-note-samba of urban violence - take guns away.

Other socialist news sources have offered similar simple songs about guns and nuclear warfare.

Vox operated by the young guns of Obama's first term (the journolists) presented a pre- Winter Olympics explanation of North Korean psychotics:

While Americans were busy enjoying the July Fourth holiday, news broke that North Korea had crossed another military milestone: its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. This missile, the kind that could theoretically be tipped with a nuclear warhead, could travel far enough to hit Alaska.
That’s pretty worrying in and of itself. But the North Korean crisis is even scarier than you think.
That isn’t because the country’s supreme leader, 33-year-old Kim Jong Un, is totally irrational — a “crazy fat kid,” as Sen. John McCain once termed him. Instead, it’s that the impoverished North Korean regime is deeply insecure, so worried about its own survival that it is willing to go to dangerously provocative lengths to scare the United States and South Korea out of any potential attack.
When you combine this insecurity with the opaque nature of the North Korean regime, you have a situation that could easily spiral into outright conflict in the event that one of North Korea’s frequent military provocations (like the missile test) goes awry. Given North Korea’s massive conventional military and unknown number of nuclear weapons, conflict on the Korean Peninsula would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives.
They're not crazy; they're insecure.  North Koreans need Federal funding, Job Fairs and Beer Koozies.

Nicholas Cruz, who slaughtered his schoolmates, teachers and strangers, was insecure, troubled and wickedly intelligent.  He might not have known how to buy a six-pack of Bud Lite, or score some weed, but  be sure knew how to get himself the fire-power to make his mark in history.

The North Koreans are  also opaque ( now that is nuance) like Obama's deep state Intel and not given to open honesty like calling Kim Jong Un a fat psychotic.

The Sun Times is as opaque as North Korea and applies its own brand of juche.  Pfleger makes more people wonder, "What the hell is he up to?" and some people will buy the Sun Times.

However, juche that uses the death of a heroic Law Enforcement Officer to plump up a vain preening preacher is offensive, but consistent.

Nicholas Cruz was not very forthcoming about his ballistic purchases.

Opaque people are consistent.

Shameless people are consistent.

Guns are tools and so are too many people. The media and politicians use people as things - things that are allowed to vote.

Guns kill people like pencils flunk tests.

Violent psychotics will use any tool to murder people: nuclear missiles, Glocks, 2x4s and kitchen knives, or pencils.

Mass murders and all murders are deeds performed by sentient humans beings; not inanimate objects.

People delight in the murder of some people.  Watch the news coming from Gaza, or ChiRaq, or any such celebratory You Tube Offering from thugs.

The applause coming from the cells in Cook County Jail at the arrival of  Shomari Legghette tells people all they need to know about urban violence and school shootings.  Some loopy goof says that half of the clapping throng have business being in Cook County Jail.

Commander Bauer disagreed in thunder:

And when they do go to jail, they need to stay there longer.
“The Sheriff of Cook County, for whatever reason, is very proud of the fact he has reduced the population of the county jail. Maybe I’m jaded, I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of.”
Bauer would like to see more career criminals in jail. “You can say, we don’t know if that’s going to reduce recidivism. This is how I look at it, I want them off the street. We’re not talking about the guy that stole a loaf of bread from the store to feed his family. We’re talking about career robbers, burglars, drug dealers. These are all crimes against the community. They need to be off the street.”

Kim Jong Un would be most comfortable and at home in Level IX of Cook County Detention Center.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Twitter Syllogism: The Horror of Our Current Human Condition

                    21st Century Logic Concerning the Florida Murder Rampage

Thesis:   "The Adults need to pay attention to what kids say and watch for unstable behavior."

Ant-Thesis: "And then do what when they see that behavior?  That’s what’s frustrating." (these came from Twitter)

Synthesis: "Exactly"

We are punched in the spiritual solar plexus, yet again.

More young lives are ended.  Many more young lives are permanently damaged.

There is nothing more heart-breaking than looking into the eyes of young people who have been so psychologically lambasted by the deeds of a peer and one wonders just how resilient they might be.

Can these kids work back from this, given how toxic our schools and our society has become.

Knowing that a grounded individual has the capacities to withstand an existential beating is some comfort, but how many of today's young people have those capacities?

Everyone wants a simple solution to a societal problem - ban all guns, lock up lunatics, more laws, more state-funding, Zero tolerance, lock-downs and fire drills. 

Yet we live in age where every human being can be brought to court for anything, let alone venturing an opinion that a youngster might be a threat to others.

Today's high school student uses a computer, but fewer students are good readers and writers: "While more words were recorded, with more precision, by laptop typists, more ended up being less: regardless of whether a quiz on the material immediately followed the lecture or took place after a week, the pen-and-paper students performed better. The act of typing effectively turns the note-taker into a transcription zombie, while the imperfect recordings of the pencil-pusher reflect and excite a process of integration, creating more textured and effective modes of recall."

In fact, Silicon Valley elites send their own children to anti-technology schools, where traditional pen and paper education frees young people to be challenged. 

Though many states, like Illinois refuse,  to mandate guidance counsellor's most schools are captive to CYA guidance mandates shielding children from challenges

  • 11 percent of children aged 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their lives.
  • ADD, or attention deficit disorder, is a type of ADHD. Depending on symptoms, three types of ADHD have been identified: Predominantly Inattentive Type ADHD is also sometimes called attention deficit disorder (ADD). ... Hyperactivity and impulsivity are mild in this type.
  • Boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed as ADD/ADHD than girls
  • Guidance Councellors madate strategies like 'seating arrangemenst in classrooms, or more evidence based interventions (EBIs) and tailor-making assignmenst and tests to suit the individual student -splitting and fragmenting assignments, or eliminating them altogether. 
With all of these mandated policies, why are school shootings so monstrously common?

The only sane answer to this dilemma is to hire more grief counsellors, because until we shed our experimental notions about people and play pretend at every turn, there will be more such horrors.

We do what we want all of the time and then ring our hands.   We ban books, dumb down lessons and teach to the tests.  Moby Dick is taught via a graphic novel (comic book) in Evanston.  Why not just watch the movie version?

Kids get excused from physical education for any reason.  

Kids quit sports: "Three out of four American families with school-aged children have at least one playing an organized sport — a total of about 45 million kids. By age 15, as many as 80 percent of these youngsters have quit, according to the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine.May 4, 2014"

To do what exactly?

Young people want to be challenged.

Young people want to believe.

Young people want to be loved, protected and challenged to be what human beings should be. 

Do our schools work for that?  This sick kid in Florida chose his school for his slaughter.  He knew school, schedule, policy and outcomes. Think about that. 

Kids want to succeed. Old teaching taught kids how to fail, do it over and achieve.  Kids can read Shakespeare, Milton, Melville and Conrad, but are given happy-meal units of instruction in English classes, like this :
 Times have changed. In sixth-grade teacher Jennifer DeFeo’s social studies class at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Jefferson City, Missouri, the textbook is a graphic novel, the centerpiece of the Zombie-Based Learning program, in which students learn geography by tracking the undead after a zombie apocalypse. She has used graphic novels in literacy classes to build vocabulary via context clues, which can be hard for some readers using prose books.

Old school teaching worked very well - at one time.