Saturday, February 03, 2018

Memo: Tom Brady is Ironman, but People Hate Him

Tom Brady is Ironman -not the Marvel Comics character and bad movie sequel vehicle, but an athlete with the heart and tripes of Joe Kapp, Bobby Douglas, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim McMahon and Terry Bradshaw.

Tom Brady  #12 QB
Height: 6-4   Weight: 225   Age: 40
Born: 8/3/1977 San Mateo , CA
College: Michigan
Experience: 18th season
High School: Serra HS [San Mateo, CA]

Tom Brady is prettier than all of the above; hell, if I were so inclined, I'd take a hard run at him.  Tom Brady is like Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde's post-Raphaelite

Lucifer and must have a portrait of himself at home that looks like Hell - to quote Ken Klipp of Manteno,Illinois.

The Patriots, Bill Belichek and Brady elicit the same levels of foam, spittle and bile frothing from the mouths of P-Hatters, AntiFas and Artists of Resistance from many otherwise sober, serious and sedentary sports lovers.   Too many of these 'lovers' consult fantasy player apps and others check-out SI listings, polls and analyzes on ESPN, where they can also plug into their political and moral soul.

List makers and pollsters are an obnoxious reality plaguing the American soul - always have been.  The great Jean Shepherd warned against them decades ago, but people would rather consult than think, experience, or bear witness for themselves. Americans swallow hype by the yard.

  • Trump will kill us all
  • Tom Brady Deflates
  • Philly Eagles Rule
  • Have You Gone to Au Cheval?  ( why yes . . .meh.)
  • JB Pritzker - Our Common Man
  • Richard Roeper
  • Auburn Football!!!!!!!
Trump ain't done me no harm.  The FICA on my last pay-stub was harmless. Tom Brady is Ironman. 

So, I will not watch another Superbowl ( LII).  Most people say the Patriots are -4 point dogs.  Most people called 2016 for Hillary.  

On Monday, we will see.  Many folks in Asia, Europe and the emerging nations of Sub-Saharan Africa could care less,   but not less than me. 

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