Friday, February 27, 2015

Rahm to Chi Media ( Feder et al) - 'Match Me Sidney' Zippo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago is back. When Chuy Garcia yanked down Rahm's britches in public on Tuesday ( Feb. 24, 2015) after 7PM, Chicago came back.

The Media in Chicago is not up with the people. The media is the evolved PR man of old - the oily sneak Sidney Falco of the great film "Sweet Smell of Success"  Only the columnists are no longer the bullies demand that Sidney light their smokes - politicians, particularly Progressives like Rahm, Mike Quigley and Jan Schakowsky, are the new Hunsuckers(sic), or something like that.

Watch this clip, if you are unfamiliar with my context model.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

 Rahm whips it out and says!

Match me Sneed! Match me, Neil!  Match Me, Eric! Match Me, Mark!  Match Me Carol!

Robert Feder is now the Michael Sneed of the blogosphere. A feed source. 

Rahm's first act in this lates political blood tragedy was to phone WLS and get John Kass the Hell off of the Radio.  People listen to Kass; people read Kass; people believe Kass and theu do not believe Rahm any more than they believe that Governor Bruce Rauner is anything other than " NOT PAT QUINN."

So, Rahm ordered WLS AM ( Cumulus) to do a Rauner on Kass 24 hours after the people told Rahm - NO MAS!

Like long-necked geese, in that old Turkeybird tune, Chicago media creatures beg for crumbs and Rahm fed Robert Feder.Shameless Bob, it seems went all Sidney Sneed when Rahm offered the tasty morsel that Kass was cashiered.  

Image result for robert feder"John Kass and Lauren Cohn, who bridged the midmorning block between Big John Howell and Rush Limbaugh at WLS AM 890, have been cut from the Cumulus Media news/talk station.
No reason was cited for the move, but the two were told by WLS program bosses that they were finished after they got off the air Thursday. Their show aired from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.(emphasis my own)"

Robert Feder fits Michael Sneed's Mumu nicely.Image result for michael sneed robert feder

Feder draws no conclusions, but draws the water.  

Bob Feder - Rahm is pissed and pulled a Rauner ( Dave McKinney?) on Kass.  That's it

Kass don't match.

WLS Rauners for Rahm and Turns John Kass into Dave McKinney

WLS -AM the Wee 89 decide to clean hours 24 hours after Chicago decided to clean house.

“The Jonathon Brandmeier Show” will air from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday on the Cumulus Media news/talk station, starting sometime in March. It will replace John Kass and Lauren Cohn, whose final show aired on WLS Thursday.

Brandmeier ? *

Personnel aside, WLS is a Rahm Stooge and deathly afraid of change in Chicago political leadership.

John Kass and Lauren Cohn, who bridged the midmorning block between Big John Howell and Rush Limbaugh at WLS AM 890, have been cut from the Cumulus Media news/talk station.
No reason was cited for the move, but the two were told by WLS program bosses that they were finished after they got off the air Thursday. Their show aired from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.
No Reason? Jesus, Feder are you that much of a lamb?  They are gone because Rahm is scared $hitless of John Kass!

Why else would it fire John Kass and Lauren Cohn - two voices for the neighborhoods detested by the Firfh Floor - Rahm Emanuel.

At Christmas Governor Rauner managed to get Chicago Sun Times lemmings on the editorial board to fire Dave McKinney.

The media harrumphed. Wine buyer partner, Rahm Emanuel loved Rauner's power play.

Twenty fours after Jesus Garcia handed Rahm his wafer-like rump in the election of the Century, Rahm managed to have WLS AM get rid of the only media icon in Chicago' media to tell the unvarnished truth about corruption and hypocrisy in our Progressive Chicago government ( it is progressive Nancy) and especially Highland Park's carpetbagging Mayor.

John Kass' voice must be heard.  We need a Voice of Chicago and not just a Sundance script.

Don't expect Chicago's media critics to rogue on Rahm.  There will be no 'investigative' follow-up.  BGA horse holder Andy Shaw?  Not a squeak.

Where is the immediate and smoking hot media outrage?

Kristen McQueary should be raged! Tim Novak should get out his investigative shovel and Chris Fusco a good Pick!

If I were a Progressive milquetoast like Eric Zorn or Neil Steinberg - better yet, a room temperature IQ like Carol Marin, I might say something like, 'This will have a Chilling Effect . . ."

I won't .  I was brought up right and managed to retain my dignity.

I'll say this in my south side Irish Spanglish - Enough!  Bastantes ya Cabrones! Basta Ya! Ya Basttards!

 Let's go Total Chicago . . . .Chuyistas!

Turn off WLS AM, WLS ABC. Watch NO Disney! Buy No Disney! Make Rahm Sweat!  Make Rauner wish he was Pat Quinn, right about now.  Heat their feet!

I am putting on my trail-dust coated sombrero and bandoleers until April 7th.

 Voy total de Bandit Norte y el Ejército repubican irlandés Flying ala Guerilla hasta que Jesús es el alcalde!

Basta Rahm!  Viva Chuy!  Viva Juan Kass!

* Wow, one has-been tool,Big John, followed by another.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Guardian: CPD Blamed for Patrick Kane and Derrick Rose Injuries

Coincidence.  (noun) 1. A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.KaneImage result for homan squareImage result for derrick rose injury

2015 has not been a good year for Chicago sports. In less than 60 days, we lost Ernie Banks; the Jackie Robinson West Little League scandal broke, stripping a title from the most beloved team the city has had in years; and the bright light of the hiring of John Fox as the Bears' new head coach was dimmed as serious hints continue to emerge that both Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall may not be back. Then came Tuesday night.
And Cleveland fans feel they are jinxed.
Racism, Class-ism, Iceism, Rountinization and Systemic knee water?  No it must have been all the afore mentioned and Chicago Police.

CHICAGO: Rose and Kane 'Disappear' from Chicago Sport Scene
Punters seeking to manage the over and under when dropping a few Bob on sport, we sorely disappointed when NFL leading scorer and the Bulls' Lourdes Frequent Flyer took places in the Public Health queue.
The Guardian has reported that Chicago Police Department's Homa Square facility is being used to disappear home brewers.  Three NATO protestors and home brewers were charged as domestic terrorists in 2013, even though none of the trio belong to the Tea Party.  Lamprey Lawyers for Peoples Law Offices cite CPD with  "routinization of a notorious practice ."
The Homan Square black site is located on Chicago's occupied West Side, where oppression comes up like the thundering dawn on the Raod to Mandalay.  Both sport teams play oin the West Side, dangerously close to Homan Square House of Hoo-doo.
Says, G. Flint Taylor, Gator Wrassler and Abulance Chasing Pettiogger, “This Homan Square revelation seems to me to be an institutionalization of the practice that dates back more than 40 years, . . .  of violating a suspect or witness’ rights to a lawyer and not to be physically or otherwise coerced into giving a statement.”  

All roads lead somewhere. The Guardian notes that facts often bowl wickets stuck.
Chicago punters wonder. Were Kane and Rose disappeared to cover CPD betting at the highest levels? OR, was Kane mistaken for an African American?Image result for Patrick Kane

February 24, 2015 - Chicago Redeemed

 These two Mayors sold off Chicago, because we sold out.
These two Chicagoan's (Chuy Garcia and Pickle Joyce)could help us redeem what we have lost. 
the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
"God's plans for the redemption of his world"
synonyms: saving, freeing from sin, absolution
"God's redemption of his people"
a thing that saves someone from error or evil.
"his marginalization from the Hollywood jungle proved to be his redemption"
the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.

I believe in redemption.  I'm a Catholic;  I gotta beleive in it.  As a person, I know that I owe a debt to those who gave me a comfortable life and to those who will follow after, when I shed this mortal husk. a place worth my time on the terra.

We cashed in Chicago, years ago.  When Harold Washington became mayor, too many whities got the willies, but soon learned that the Mayor was a pretty decent leader.  Harold reached over the Jesse Jacksons, the Michael Pflegers and the Judge Pinchams to ask the Polish, Mexican, Croatian, Lithuanian and Irish ethnics to give him a chance.  Harold was no race baiter.

Too many of us whities sought comfort with States Attorney Richie Daley, still a Bridgeport Boy and an easy laugher.

Harold Washington's death happened shortly after whitey agreed with the Mayor's leadership and direction.

We cashed in Chicago with Richie Daley. I know I did.  His laugh became forced and he -Richard M. Daley, not Richard J. Daley.
My bad.  I refused to believe what I  witnessed:  the direction Richie Daley was allowing himself to travel on the University of Chicago automated beltway to power via Progressive Policy.  As I watched from the sidelines of citizenship, Daley chucked away people like Ald. Pat Huels, Terry Teele and Oscar DeAngelo at the mere suggestion of impropriety in the Sun Times and Tribune. Then he chucked his entire neighborhood of Bridgeport, all while closing scores of neighborhood taverns in Canaryville , Bridgeport and Back of the Yard. When I asked one one gent whose bar supply business on 47th & Canal went belly up as result why Daley would close those historic joints owned by neighbors and friends, I was told, " No crowd of beer drinlers; no talk; no talk, no complaints."    That was in 1998.

We went along for twenty years. We, the Richie Daley accolytes of the 1980.'s cashed in Chicago. Mea culpa.

CHICAGO — No city in America beats Chicago when it comes to selling public assets - garages, bridges, even parking meters - and contracting with private companies to supply traditional public services.Over the past five years, the Windy City under Mayor Richard M. Daley has sold or leased out public institutions such as the Chicago Skyway ($1.83 billion), underground garages beneath Grant and Millennium Parks ($563 million), and, more recently, city parking meters ($1.15 billion).

We cashed in the Skyway, Meigs Field,  tavern licenses, street parking, wide throughfares like State Street, for $5 Tolls, A Band Venue, Yuppie Zinc Bars, or stay at home with your quart of Old Milwaukee, $28 a half hour warehouse, and concrete planters full of growth obstructing the view of everyone but Double Decker Tour buses. Oh, we a go a huge ass Silver Bean.

Rahm went even further - we Daley Acolytes created Rahm - The CTA was given to Ventra, Red Light Camera Robbery, Charter and Faux St. Ignatius Preps like Gwendolyn Brooks Academy proliferation and the closing of Catholic and neighborhood public schools.  Yep, Rahm hates Catholic schools more than he hates CPS.  His first act as Mayor was to tax Catholic schools for water.

Now we can make things better. Now we can act to redeem Chicago -A City of Neighborhoods and Neighbors

We have a chance to talk to one another again and to get back something of our selves.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Disappeared, The Vanished, The Poof'd Cuz It Never Wuz & Cadillac Commie Lawyers

The Only Disappearance is millions of tax-payer dollars stolen by G. Flint Taylor and other Cadillac Commies

The Guardian ( the old Manchester Guardian and now the Glenn Greenwald Magic Myth Machine) came out with an absolute Howler - Chicago Police operate a Black Site Where Nice NATO Kids Get Disappeared and the Show up for Press Conference with G. Flint Taylor's Cadillac Commie Cadre.

That's my title; not The Guardian's - here is the official husher -  The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'

The Guardian is the now the tin-foil hat, black ops abounding, paranoia aggregate International.  If you think you have it rough, go to the Guardian and find something to blame for your personal disappointments and pet peeves. It is the paper that turned a traitorous US Army PFC into Ms. Chelsea Manning in a matter of weeks.

Now, two disgraced bands of bothers, The Peoples Law Office and the Northwestern Wrongful Conviction crowd are begging "Gimme Shelter" in a warm myth. A Chicago Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a Chicago Police Officer/Author have pulled the wool from the wolves who made millions of dollars undermining law enforcement  and justice - The Peoples Law Office and Northwestern University Wrongful Convictions and Innocence Project helped send an innocent man to jail for decades.  Alstory Simon is now free thanks to William Crawford a retired journalist and Martin Preib a Chicago Police Officer and author of Crooked City. and Chicago turns its nostrils away from the likes of Northwestern and People Law.

That said, G. Flint Taylor, the king of police misconduct lawsuits and his lesser-lights went to Glenn Greenwald, it seems, and offered another howler of police brutality yarn. The building is called Homan Square and it serves as a motor pool facility for CPD as well as a forensics resource building. G. Flint and the Nato 3 whistleblowers claim it is a black site.Image result for g. flint taylor creepy lawyer
Chicago civil-rights attorney Flint Taylor said Homan Square represented a routinization of a notorious practice in local police work that violates the fifth and sixth amendments of the constitution.
This Homan Square revelation seems to me to be an institutionalization of the practice that dates back more than 40 years,” Taylor said, “of violating a suspect or witness’ rights to a lawyer and not to be physically or otherwise coerced into giving a statement.”

Routinization? Routinizized?  Goofs love to coin neologisms. G. Flint, you wordsmithy!

Simple as this might seem, here is all you need to know and cry nonsense to G. Flint's Whopper -

The lead defense attorney for the NATO 3 was the counsel for the damned, a true constitutionalist criminal defense lawyer who managed to get the beer making bomb tossers charged with acts of stupidity and not acts of terrorism. People Law Office crowded the news conference, but did little else for the NATO 3.

Not WORD ONE from the lead attorney.

This story is as made up as 99% of the Burge Mythology happens to be.

Nice try, G. Flint.

Well Done, Neighbors! Chicagoans Call Dibs on Their Vote

Before I read the "Chicago" papers, I get real news from Second City Cop, a brilliant news aggregator that offers unvarnished facts with a side order of cop wit. If the Flatfoot who runs that site had the investigative talent of the Sun Times ( Novak, Fusco, Korecki & etc.) the Illinois BGA would have the Feds in its tighty-whities.

When I hit the sack last night, Rahm had on 45 % - no where near enough to dance back on Five.

This morning Second City Cop offered this sober analysis -

All the media in the bag, a $30 million campaign chest, businesses and unions behind him...and they couldn't deliver him an election. They couldn't overcome one simple fact - Rahm is an asshole. His whole demeanor screams, "I'm as(sic) asshole!" And people don't like assholes.

Hence, the public's low opinion of the Media.  The media is in the tank for Rahm and will do all in its power to perform radical Axelrods on Chuy Garcia and anyone within twenty yards of him for the next six weeks.

But that is to be; let's remember what was ................................

The Sun Times ( rather Tom McNamee the Editor of Opinion) bleated, 'Rahm Emanuel has earned your vote..'  Mmmmbbbbbbbaaaaaaahhhh!Image result for sheep in chicago
Image result for bruce dold
The Chicago Tribune( rather Bruce Dold)  minced, " A vote against Emanuel is a vote for what, exactly?"   Sounds like steam escaping, to quote from Mel Brooks.

  • A vote against Rahm is a vote for preserving the integrity of the neighborhoods over the developers
  • A vote against Rahm is vote for and end to the political playland for Progressives like Forrest Claypool - Thundering Dick Simpson might call that crony caqpitalism
  • A vote against Rahm is a vote for a person like Willie, or Chuy who earned the right to run and were not 'positioned' - like Obama and Rahm.
  • A vote against Rahm is a vote for some tough work ahead free of rhetorical nonsense made up by Robert Redford, Bruce Dold, or Tom McNamee
  • A vote against Rahm is a choice
The Chicago News Media, as well as President Pullman Porter and Hollywood just had its collective rump handed back to it. Hey, Rahm!  Pullman My Finger!

Let's do it again on April 7th. Let's keep the Vote Dibs Going - no matter the weather! Deny Media, Deny Rahm, Defy the Inevitable!

Well done,Neighbors! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Obama's Pastor and Mentor to Bid Farewell as Daughter Goes to the Iron Hotel!

"Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. "You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? "So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit.…Matthew 7: 16-17

Jeri Wright is on her way to the Joint, The Iron Hotel, The Hilton with Towers, The Big House, the Illinois Governor's Mansion.Jeri Wright in happier times with RevRun Al when Ms. Wright ran Al's National Action Network here in Chicago and before she took purses full of cash in bribes.

Jeri Wright is the daughter of Jerry Wright - the Rev. Jeremiah 'God Damn America' Wright - resident of massively white Tinley Park Illinois and career grifter.

Lookee Here:

Free on bail while awaiting sentencing for money laundering in connection to a government-funded jobs training program, a U.S. District Court Judge found “there was probable cause to believe Wright committed a separate theft while on bail, thereby violating terms of her supervised release.”
The new charges against Wright involve more sketchy bookkeeping. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Prosecutors now say Wright was taking part in another scheme — this one involving ghost payrolling — even as she was standing trial. Between Feb. 12, 2014, and May 28, 2014, Wright allegedly got 13 payments totaling $8,192 from a temporary staffing agency “for work she never performed” for a plastics factory in Franklin, Indiana, according to a court filing this month. U.S. Probation Officer Eric W. Fox wrote that Wright “committed theft” by accepting the payments, which allegedly were authorized by a since-fired plant manager who is under investigation for “making fraudulent credit card charges and hiring several” ghost payrollers.

Young Barack H. Obama learned his rhetorical chops at the feet of Chicago's Gangster Gameliel and premier pulpit stick-up artist.  Barack Obama was shielded from all scrutiny by the supine Chicago media and his political metors - the Hyde Park Mafia.   Emil Jones gave Obama his push up in Springfield but can hardly be blamed for building our unicorn riding President.  That belongs squarely in the greasy mitts of the Progressives - Dr. Quentin Young, the late Dawn Clark Netsch, Barbara Flynn Currie, Abenr Mikva, Bill Ayers, Mike Klonsky, and Bernardin Dorhn.

President Obama has been protected by the national media, Big academia and his own Justice Department.

Soon the shields will drop and the low hanging fruit will be ripe for plucking.
Tick-tock . . .tick tock.

ADP Security Lets Rahm Sleep on Election Eve -"Inevitable!"

Yep, I bet Rahm snoozed like Cinderella last night. Snuggled deeply in a few down-filled quilts and sausaged in some Eddie Bauer footy-Jammies, the Mayor from Highland Park slept the sleep of inevitabilty on steroids, because he cared enough to buy the best security system

ADP - Axelrod's Democratic Party

  • Opponents Villified
  • Press Co-opted
  • Voters Suppressed, Depressed and Middle Class Stressed
  • Outrage PreCast
  • Bundlers Muffled
Comb-Over Dave Axelrod, the builder of Denver Parthenons and Compelling Narratives, has anti-torpedo netting belted so thick and tight around this hick burg that even  Michaele and Tareq Salahi couldn't wedge through - Rahm was tucked in by Mark Brown, Carol Marin, Bruce Dold and the Sand Man of  the BGA Andy Shaw with assurances that he will be Mayor as long as a contract for any one of Chicago's remaining assets can be dangled in front of an Emir.

Inevitable.  Say say it with me ". . .IN  eveee Table."  Forrest Claypool is in. . .always.      Rahm is on eveee lip.  Table any notion that neighborhoods are safe; your money is your own; and that you and your neighbors are given any thought what-so-ever!


ADP - it is what makes America sleep. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Black Sails Hoisted LGBTQ Gay Roger and I Pulled Up Anchor on Starz and All the Other Cable Scolds

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me. " Jesus from John 14:6

"I think that the fans are going to love it because I think it further justifies [Flint's character]... I mean, there's going to be people who are pissed, like, 'F--- that. You can't do that to pirates,' you know what I mean? I'm really excited for that conversation to happen because it's probably a rare thing... To go back and show his history and a homosexual relationship that is basically what has made him become a pirate, is, I think, awesome."  Cap'n Jack from Black Sails
        "Every Man is Lied to for his own good." Cap'n Flint from Black Sails 

Not so.

Cable TV, or pay-to-be-scolded television, is here.

I like television and happen to be less than a prude and much less of a bigot.

As an educated Catholic male, widower, teacher, writer, coach and most of all neighbor, it is incumbent upon me to respect the opinions of others and not shrink from offering one of my own*.

Television and Hollywood are force-feeding the LGBTQ agenda like French farmers with a yard full of long necked silly geese.

No thank you.

After the pirate series Black Sails Season 2 episode XIII fundamentally changed the tack from starboard to port with revelation that Captain Flint is a Gay Buccaneer.  Why?  The entire cast explained everything to the Hollywood news hounds with uniform agreement and purple praise for courage: 
Image result for shot over the bow
I fired a shot over their bow - HMS LGBTQ RAINBOW HOLLYWOOD.

I won't pay to be scolded by people who detest me.  Detest up a storm, kids, but no more nickels to HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ or whatever.

Arrrrgh You Nuts? 

I'm sailing for better harbors.

*I  do not believe that marriage is about love, but a contract between two people, a man and a woman who honor and respect one another enough to bring a child into the world within the laws of Nature, that is sanctified in a church ceremony.  There is room for a civil acknowlegment of this bond.  Civil recognition covers legal and property issues.  Marriage helps loving couples, but is not all about love.  Love is too easy.
Marriage is tough.

The State of Illinois overruled my opinion and thousands of years of common sense.

Soon the Federal government will do the same.

Vote - Not For Rahm, but Vote! It is a Thing of Beautry!

This is a painting by Abstract Expressionist painter Joan Mitchell ( 1926-1992).  Joan Mitchell was the age of my parents and like them emerged from the crucible that is the 20th Century.  Her work above is called City Landscape.

I see it in much the same manner,  as when I look north from the roof of Leo High School and a pretty cool view it is -gliding the eyes over Hamilton and Ogden Parks and catching the slice of Englewood wedged between Wentworth and Vincennes Avenues ignoring, as Chicago does, the stockyard neighborhoods and sighting the twin pagodas of Chinatown to scope in the glass and steel of Rahm Oz.

Art can give one perspective beyond the gallery or coffee table. I don't have two nickels to rub together; therefore I use everything.  

Take time and vote tomorrow.  I expect a low turn-out and the news media has done its level best to unsure that fact.  They want every person to believe that elections, like David Axelrod and Hillary Clinton, are inevitable.

I caught Comb Over Dave after Mass yesterday on CBS and I remembered him as the scruffy hippie tag-along reporter of Richie Daley in exile.  Dave smelled a gold mine and struck it rich with Richie.  He used the very same drop poison breadcrumbs techniques* that made a Believer out of him and took credit from the real political architects who made not only Richie Daley, but also Barack Obama.

Richie drank the Progressive Soup offered to him by Esau Axelrod.  Daley needed Progressive cache and Axlerod gave Richie the Mikva Challengers and the gold that goes with them - PR maven Marilyn Katz, the Universities of Chicago and Northwestern, Peoples Law Office, Miner/Davis Real Estate and the editorial boards of both papers.

Rahm Emanuel was appointed to the Richie Daley Campaign for States Attorney by the Daley bundlers of Stepan Chemical.  He too served early and often.

Daley was no longer the leader of Wards Organizations** in exile, he was Mao on the long march, because of David Axelrod.

That said.  We have had enough of the chains forged in Hyde Park.  Let's have a Selma moment tomorrow and break them chains.  Vote so Rahm does not get one vote over 50%. It would be a 'thing of beautry,' as former Mayor Daley might say, when you really get down and scrutin everything. Of couse one should have someone from University of Chicago to parse the context for you.

The City Landscape deserves a good dusting off. 

* Axelrod is a nasty piece of work - always ahas been.  Here he was setting up Bernie Carey, for Richie.

** Daley signalled the world that he had turned his back on neighborhoods forever, when he abandoned life-long friend Alderman Patrick Huels.  The old ethnic Catholic neighborhood types would become fodder for investigative -nitwits like Andy Shaw, Carol Marin, Chuck Goudie and others -anyone who helped Daley rise and was from the Old Wards was now a Dave Axelrod Poison Breadcrumb.  Richie was and shall remain off limits to scrutiny.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black Sails Season Two Raises The Rainbow Flag: Must The Pirate's Heart Want What the LBTQ Want Too?

 Yo, Ho and Ho again! Cable TV's Black Sails just hoisted the Jolliest of Rogers on a Rainbow Banner!
 The show is gorgeous to look at and action-packed, but over the first season and a half there didn’t seem to be a lot there specifically for gay (male) audiences. Sure, the show features many attractive actors, among them Tom Hopper, Toby Stephens, Zach McGowan and Toby Schmitz. (Added bonus, a couple of these guys seem to have no qualms about full frontal nudity.) The series also can boast a central lesbian character– a beautiful and clever prostitute named Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who has had two very passionate relationships with other central female characters. But gay men at least seemed pretty much absent from the canvas. That is, until last night’s episode.
  ABC - the Disney network is and has been fociferously gay. Sonic fast foods demands to sell the Rainbow Flag along with its hot dogs.  Fair enough.  Hollwood demands to be heard and its message for last twenty years or so, is loud and proud about homosexuals.  No big deal.

Genres?  The Pirate movie.  Gay subtext universal?  Gilbert & Sullivan defined gay according to the now archaic meaning. Douglas Fairbanks, Ty Power and Errol Flynn the same - cut a throat and lark-out a joyful 'Ha,Ha, Me Hearties!'

Real pirates.  The Gangster Disciples of Carribean were as homophobic as People and Folks demand of stone killers and players.

Hollywood?  Tin-ear. Peter Pan, not Peter Blood!

Pre-Stonewall Maritime Homosexual practices were punishable by death.  Homosexuals remained closeted, or went rouge like Claggert in Herman Melville's novella Billy Budd about the homsexual stalking of a handsome sailor, by the afroemnamed Master at Arms.
Adam Shankman
The Starz channel and other cable television outlets are thick with gay themed series, movies, documentaries, stand-up concerts and investigations.

America's part in WWII was cover nicely with two ten part series - Band of Brothers and The Pacific.  Vietnam, The Depression, Korea?  Not much to tell there.

Sex sells and blood sells.  Now mix them up and as quick as you can Say Will and Grace. . . you get Sex Cells and Bloods Cells and . . .Pirates! Ambiguous . . .nope, better yet, . . .A Pirate Captain who is Questioning!

Piracy is finally out of Davy Jones' Locker.  Black Sails, a pirate series packed with the usual cable TV KY Jelly lubrication of sapphic pillow talk and back-porch majority rule in matters of the heart, now has added the heart.  Capatin Flint is a Nancy boy. 

Yep, the man who terrorized the warm waters of the Carribean is really a just a man in full denial of his lust and longing for an English Lord.  Captain Flint is now fully out of the closet and liberated.

Pirates. Buccaneers. High Sea free booters.  Captain Blood?  You know.

We get it homosexuals (Male/Female & Whatever) make up 2% of our human population.

Gays sell us our mortgages; they people our villages; they do more than dance in musical comedies. We understand that and we treat them like neighbors. I nod with sympathy whenever Stephen Fry cries about his gender specific heart breaks.  I get it. It is no tiresome.

Black Sails was a fairly entertaining pirate series. I'm off it. Black Sails?  Not worth watching Brokeback Cove.   What's next, The Enola Gay - Now It Can Be Sung! ?    

Did the gay agenda jump the shark with this one?  I think so.

Friday, February 20, 2015

George Pullman! - You Didn't Build Pullman! Pullman Porters Did!

President Obama, flanked by every middle class hating creep on the public tit, makes Pulman a National Park

Super. Pullman is a National Park.

Pullman?  Did George Pullman build that? Nope.

The James Buchanan of modern Presidents, President Barack H. Obama, came to Chicago to stump for Rahm Emanuel at Mendel High School . . . .at Gwedolyn Brooks College Preparatory Magnet Blue Riboon Public School that Ain't Fenger to announce that Pullman is a National Park.

Obama's Pullman is history going through its final rinse cycle. "“This site is at the heart of what would become America’s Labor Movement — and as a consequence, at the heart of what would become America’s middle class,*”

President History for Real Dummies went on to highlight the champions of labor who emerged to transform all workers into middle class Babbitts,  " “I want future generations to know that while the Pullman porters helped push forward our rights to vote, and to work, and to live as equals, their legacy goes beyond even that,” Obama said. “These men and women without rank, without wealth or title, became the bedrock of a new middle class. These men and women gave their children and grandchildren opportunities they never had.”

Nota Bene and hold this thought - The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) was, in 1925, the first labor organization led by African Americans to receive a charter in the American Federation of Labor (AFL). It merged in 1978 with the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks (BRAC), now known as the Transportation Communications International Union. Prior to that African Americans who fled Jim Crow hatred in he South . . .scabbed. They took jobs Labor Union Members on strike once had and did so igniting race riots up to and through 1919.StrikebreakersChicago police protecting African American strikebreakers board a trolley to Chicago Stockyards on Strike in 1904.

Obama Labor history in America begins in 1925 and graces one and all with Civil Rights!

What happened in the Pullman Neighborhood before the Gwendolyn Brooks Presidential yak, is irre;evant . . . . adistraction.. . . .somethings that belongs in the deep dark recesses of historical Dawn Clark Netschy and curries only to Barbara Flynns.

  • 1860 - War's aComin'!  George Pullman dreams of a luxury railroad car for rich war profiteers that has sleeping accomodations and upholstered walls
  • 1861's with the American Civil War soaking the earth with white guilt, George Pullman goes to Colorado and gets 'capital' for his idea by running a store and an ore refinery.  No Goldman Sachs and no Illinois Legislature gave George Pullman and 'free money.'
  • 1863 George got his pockets stuffed with money! Returns to Chicago.
  • 1865 -A Pullman is included in Lincoln's funeral
  • 1967- George Pullman aged 36 is a plutocrat with his Pullman Palace Car Company.
  • 1877 George Pullman aged 47 is already as goofy as Bill Gates and becomes Social Reformer with an ideal city based upon a European model of German hygene and Swiss intolerance! He builds Pullman, Illinois to house his workers, pay them in company scrip, and bully rag their hours off
  • 1886 Harmarket Riots break the Knights of Labor and allow radicals to dictate labor policy
  • 1894 Pullman Strike George pulls in Illinois National Guard and U.S.7th Cavalry to break the stike as well as thousands of scabs -strike is broken, but so George.   No Pullman Porters participated with the strikers.
  • 1897 George Pullman dies and in this sweet labor note  
There were strikes aplenty in Chicago from 1897 -1925.  There was a World War.  There was also Prohibition and George Pullman would have been very proud.
Pullman is now a National Park - Super.

*The people who most detest the American Middle Class and the hostory of Labor spout cooing love for both.  Obama is contemptuous of us. Rahm is out to end us and the Springfield nitwits will see that it is done.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

ReBooting Ralphie Martire -Carol Marin et al Want Illinois Dead Broke, for the Children!

                                                       Ralph Martire-Some -King of Illinois!

The absolute king of Illinois is not Mike Madigan, let alone Bruce Rauner.  The absolute king of Illinois is a dandified meat-head with a slide rule -Ralph Martire.

"  Let’s start with the initial flawed premises. The Democrats never should have made the tax increase temporary from the start because they were not dealing with a temporary problem when they passed it.
Illinois’ revenue shortcomings weren’t primarily caused by the temporary — albeit significant — recent economic downturn, but instead are structural. Indeed, the state’s tax policy is so poorly designed that for decades revenue growth hasn’t kept pace with service cost growth — even when no services are added or expanded. Structural problems can’t be rectified with temporary solutions."

I have followed this goof's magical career from the moment Dawn Clark Netsch plucked him from obscurity and tossed Illinois into permanent and unresolvable debt. This is the creepy little public money trough slurp per who made "Fair Share" the buzz word for kill the middle class. He'd say horseshit like , 'We don't have a Revenue Problem in Illinois; we have a problem of will!'  Take money from earners and slather it all over dependant agencies and select demographics.

Ralph Martire - you could not find this tax-happy mope anywhere near the press for the last two years, because Pat Quinn thought he could get re-elected.

Now, you can not avoid this toxic architect of fiscal ruin!

No less a jabbering nitwait than Carol Marin hosted Ralphie Martire on WTTW last evening in an attempt to make Rauner sound like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Rauner couldn't carry Walker's jock strap on his best day. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is Rahm Emanuel with all of his fingers.

We will never reboot Illinois until hogs like Ralph Martire get the permanent boot from public life.

Go to Work,or Play Sick Mountie of the Yukon All Day

Outpost of the Mounties                                        Outpost Hickey in 2014 before wind took down the basketball rigWhen the summer wind comes a-winging,
Then I’m feeling so alone.
There’s a melody softly singing,                       
Bringing me memories of home.
"Due to severe weather conditions, we will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, February 19, 2015."

Leo High School soundly decided to call off school due to the dangerous winds and Artic temperatures. we had an Alumni meeting at Father Perez Knights of Columbus Council 1444 last evening, while Lions of the Hard wood hosted our Brother School - Brother Rice in the 3rd Floor Gym.  I have yet to track down the score of that game - must have run late*.

We are in the frozen North! Midwest. South, East you name it.  Chicago was again blessed by God and avoided tons of the white stuff now crusting Indiana and Michigan.

I decided to come into the school and prep some stock donation with the requisite info and my signature - drop off Alumni donations and avoid being an Arctic cocoon.

My late wife Mary like corny old movies that had Singing Mounties, be they standard black and white epics, or Shirley Temple's blubbering interrrupted by song.  Whenever our Bourbonnais, Illinois apartment heat failed to keep up with the threshing winds and the thermostat dropped below 60 degrees, she'd say, "Time to play Sick Mountie!"

That meant that the two of us and later the three of us would cocoon within quilts, sleeping bags, Army blankets and even thick bath towels.

I though of that last night, when we got the call 8:53PM announcing "No Classes."

I covered the cat in an extra blanket and Sophie objected not a bit.

Car fired up fine, no snow.  Really cold, as predicted. 

It is Lent - be productive, somewhat!  Anytway, no oone to play Sick Mountie with but that damn scrawny cat.

* UPDATE Brother Rice 51, Leo 48: Mike Shepski scored 12 points in leading Brother Rice (11-16) to a spot in the consolation championship. Morgan Taylor added 11 points for the Crusaders and Jake Kosakowski had 10 in the contest at Loyola. Kewan Smith registered a game-high 21 points for Leo (9-15) and Darius Branch finished with 18.