Monday, August 27, 2012

Hailing Over the Stream - A Brunette Quearies a Blonde

Dennis O'Mullally's History of O'Mullally and Lally Clan, or The history of an Irish family through the ages intertwined with that of the Irish nation,[2][not in citation given] wherein the author points to the Fir Bolg as "the aboriginal people of Ireland, smaller in stature than the Gaels, with jet-black hair and dark eyes, contrasting with unusually white skin".
O my Dark Rosaleen, Do no sigh, do not weep! The priests are on the ocean green, They march along the Deep. There's wine . . . from the royal Pope Upon the ocean green; And Spanish ale shall give you hope, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! Shall glad your heart, shall give you hope, Shall give you health, and help, and hope, My Dark Rosaleen. James Clarence Mangan

A brunette standing on the shores of the river Shannon yells at the blonde on the opposite shore "How do I get to the other side please"

The blonde yells back "You are already on the other side!" 

Thus, it is so.

H.T. Max Weismann of The Center for the Study of Great Ideas

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