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BGA - Bullies, Goofs and Anal- Retentives*

Andy Shaw and Dick Simpson - now, there's two aces to draw to!

I just left a great meeting with a Leo benefactor - one of them 1%-ers who actually works for a living and showers funding on poor kids from Gresham, Englewood, Chatham and Canaryville. I decided to treat my innards to a Styrofoam plate full of Doritos slathered in taco meat and some kind of cheese whiz goop, garnished with a liberal portion of industrial strength jalapenos.  This heart stopping tucker was placed in front of my computer screen, in order to do e-mail returns while I slowly and moderately enjoyed the faux-Mexican feast.

Lunch is over! The e-mail from a cop buddy put me off my feed.

It seems that Andy Shaw, who embarrassed Chicago at a political convention by howling like a fat girl denied her Brazilians** ( or a sweet-nature-ed Catholic school fund raiser denied an thoroughly unwholesome by tasty snack), has used the BGA to go Al Queda*** on a cop blog.  Andy and the BGA threatened advertisers and sponsors of a cop blog, due to the poignant and rowdy point of view of the blogger:

From the last post of that Blog before it went dark -

The BGA is out harassing the people who have ads on my blog and based on the phone call I received is blaming the wrong people for this blog.
It appears with the billion dollar corruption business in Chicago the BGA is more concerned about a blog that was dedicated to revealing city, county, state and federal corruption more than the government corruption in itself. One would believe that the BGA is CONTROLLED by the corrupt Chicago elected officials. Otherwise why would they worry about a news related blog. Explains why the BGA never went after all the powerful corrupt officials in Chicago.
It's not good bye but it will be a new start with my computer operations based in another state. Keep coming back here for follow up information.....
And nothing pisses off the BGA more than wasting weeks on a blog story when the blog can't be found! 
As to my buddy who was bothered by the BGA, God bless my friend... 

In my very modest opinion, Andy Shaw is a gold-plated, practiced hypocrite and ironic laughing-stock On ABC, Andy Shaw was a sure-fire bet to screw up. Following his Harlequin-Madcappery for pay on the networks, he oozed into the slot emptied by the nepotistic H. Terry Brunner with the BGA. Since then Andy and BGA have smoke-screened for the worst people in public service.

Andy Shaw is no friend of cops.  A deceased friend of mine was s storied homicide detective - He and Andy Shaw matched wits.

Someone rode the Nine Down on a dope slinger at 83rd and Indiana. The departed was in several pieces.  Plucky Andy plunged his pencil-neck and microphone under the busy detective's nose-" The public demands to know, Detective.  What Happened."

With his characteristic poise and sense of the dramatic the CPD hero pointed to the ballistically dismembered Honors Student emeritus, swimming in his own gravy, thumbed up the brim of his grey Stetson fedor ( worn as an homage to his vocation along with pressed trousers, crisp shirt, tie and sportscoat), cocked an eyebrow and rejoined, " We suspect foul play."

One can not make this stuff up.

Unless of course one were Andy Shaw of BGA.

Well, that is one way to keep off them pesky calories. Now, sing something and get happy!

ANDY SHAW OF THE BGA - All Da Doo-Dah Day . . .God, I never get bored.

*The term anal-retentive (also anally retentive), commonly abbreviated to anal,[1] is used conversationally to describe a person who pays such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, potentially to the detriment of the anal-retentive person. The term derives from Freudian psychoanalysis.

**Brazilians -

* * *just for fun I did a pop quiz on Andy's website -

Boldly, Andy harps and touts the Public Servant Payroll Page - Okay. What does CTA BOSS Forrest Claypool pull in . . .dig it!

Andy hides it. Honor bright! Cops, Tree-trimmers, plumbers, clerks, traffic managers, garbage crews and 19th Ward types all laid out for the world to see their income. Bupkis on the protected Progressive.

>> UPDATED: July 21, 2011

What is the BGA Payroll Database?

Are you curious how much cash your public officials make? Follow the money.
With the BGA's searchable database of public payrolls across Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin, you can easily access information relating to the spending of state and local units of government. This database is free for anyone to use, and we hope you will consider supporting the BGA in the costly effort to provide this valuable resource.

How do I use the Payroll Database?

By using this public database, you indicate that you understand and agree to the following disclaimers, terms, and conditions:
  • Note to members of the news media: As this database is costly in both time and resources, the BGA requests that every reasonable effort be made to provide attribution when data from this server is used for researching, writing, or verifying information in the course of news gathering.
  • All records contained in the database are public and were obtained under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • This database is provided as a public service and is intended to serve as an informational tool only. The BGA does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or validity of this information and disclaims any responsibility for any errors or omissions on this website.
  • Salaries listed do not include any additional compensation an employee may receive, including overtime, holiday, or any other pay not included in the base salary or hourly pay rate.
  • No modifications have been made to the data, other than those considered necessary to present the information uniformly and with clarity to those using or searching the database ("Users").
  • The BGA will not modify, remove, or add any individual records, unless the records are not consistent with those provided by the pertinent public body at the time of the FOIA request.
  • The use of the database for commercial purposes or for gathering data in furtherance of any type of marketing is prohibited.
  • The use of this website or database to copy or download bulk searches or information is prohibited.
  • Salaries in the database are generally annual totals, but some are listed by their monthly and hourly rates. Regardless, salaries are current as of early 2011.
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