Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spencer Thayer - Your You Tube Police Activist! I'm Here to Help, Spence!

As in all things, God works wonders through His people on earth! Nice work to David Heinzmann and Jeremy Gorner, Tribune Reporters for giving all of us - Spencer Thayer*!
Shucks these are all just simple, uncomplex little old ( who works everyday in a very high crime neighborhood) me's thoughts on today's Video Activist Hero - Spencer Thayer!

Spencer Thayer went You Tube on a Police Officer involved in the proper ( I watched it several times) execution of his duties to serve and protect the Citizens of Chicago.

Spencer wants Chicago to 'Bash Back!' Bash away Chicago!

Activist and Video Journalist SPENCER THAYER!

There is an Andy Thayer who works for Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Jon Loevy - Andy Thayer is a Gay/Anti-War/Anti-Cop Activists who is as prominent in publicity for social activism issues as the Caveman in Insurance ads. I gotta wonder if Spencer Thayer is any relation to Andy Thayer who works for Jon Loevy who sues the Chicago Police weekly - following a Sun Times story or stories.

That's just the old close-knit ethnic south side of me - shucks, we think everyone is a cousin! Aren't they though?

Well, Spencer Thayer, here is your time in the spot light. I sure hope that I can be of some very small help in this matter!

* when I posted early this morning I had NO idea who the video journalist might be and lo and behold - it is Spencer Thayer! From this AM's post -'I hope that the little 'Can I Have Your Badge Number?' Twerp who decided to be some body with his Indie Film meets Calvin Urine Britches as a bus mate every day for the rest of his snotty life and Calvin's Posse - including the more violent and larcenous. But that's just me. I have a Nuanced sense of humor.'


BillyFish said...

#1 lesson I was taught in cryptography school. "There is no such thing as coincidence!"

Anonymous said...

Spencer Thayer is a candy assed limp wristed MORON. I PRAY I run across him pasting his asshat posters on poles or arriving at one of my jobs with his cameraphone on overdrive. Im gonna SO lock this pussy ass up for interfering with police work.And that goes for the rest of you pole smoking liberal bastards out here too. WATCH YOUR BACK SPENCIE or we will protest out in front of 3139 N Fransisco. You candy ass pussy.

you might grt one of us but youu will NEVER get ALL of us.

Come get some bitch
Englewood(007) Ranger

Anonymous said...

Hi Im Spencer Thayer, ilive with my mommy in the basement of her condo,I dont have a real job and my relative is a suckhole lawyer wannabe in Chicago who tells me what i can and cant legally do because I have smoked POLE so long that I cant complete congruent thoughts alone. I frequently masturbate to pictures of Police Cars and was abused by a poodle whenI was a small child.(I liked it by the way) I live on the North side of Chicago with the rest of my liberal pussy friends. WE have no life so we formed Chicago Cop Watch to harass the Police and try to scare them. It makes me feel like the man I WILL NEVER BE. My Girlfriend( a guy dressed up as a woman) beats me and makes me wear a gag and I enjoy goldfish exrement on Whole Foods Wheat Bread.I want you to be my friend because my blow up doll has sprung a leak and my mommy wont satisfy me sexuually anymore. Please visit me at 3139 North Fransisco and bring food as Im broke and hungry.
Thanks Buddys!!!

Spencer Thayer.

Anonymous said...

hi every one its SPENCIE!!

Im taking a minute from rubbing mommys feet to tell you all that I really hate the Chicago Police Department. I live alone in my mommys condo at 3139 N Fransisco Apartment 2n and Im so bored with my looser life i formed Chicago cop Watch to harass the police. I have no life and my blow up doll deflated. Im lonely,and my last girlfriend(a transexual from Brazil) left me. I hope you want to be my friend as I need someone to talk to. No one listens to me and hardly any real people come to my website. I need help.

Thank you

Spencer "take it in the ass" Thayer

Anonymous said...

Look there in the sky its a bird its a plane its a pussy with a camera phone no its SPENCER THAYER

Anonymous said...

With both hands Id love to squeeze that puke thayer til he turns blue

Anonymous said...

Always remember this Mr Thayer.....
You can watch us all you want and video us all you want and stage events to try to entrap us all you want.What makes you think we arent watching YOU? What makes you think we havent infiltrated "CopWatch"? What makes you think that innocent car at the end of your block isnt a tact team waiting for the opportunity to break your door down and drag you off in cuffs? What makes you think,after starting all your BULLSHIT that youre Safe? Youre not Spencie. Youre not. We know where you live,what you drive where your family lives and your routes of travel. Be careful when you tape people from now on or you might just find that camera phone shoved up your sissy little ass.

Oh BTW we arent the police. So trust me we WILL do if we have to.Go back to Springfield you candy ass pussy.