Monday, February 02, 2009

John Fritchey Stands Up Against Boiled Beets Progressives

I don't vote in the Illinois 5th Congressional District. I vote in the 3rd District and cast my last vote for Dan Lipinski; prior to that I backed Honest John Kelly against Lipinski in the Democratic Primary, Honest John Kelly is a genuine working man. However, Dan Lipinski listens to his constituents and votes their will. His Dad was a hell of a Congressman and an effective public servant.

Up north, the Progressives, the boiled beets partisans, who spout ideological doctrines that can be cut and pasted from their campaign wall-papers which originate on sites like Emily's List, Progress Illinois, and Planned Parenthood have rattled worry beads and burned incesne to Sara Feigenholz - God loveher. Sara's minions are the grassroots of Progressive ism - the Boiled Beets Crowd. Someone boils the beets and the chosen mouthpieces lock-step behind them.

I prefer candidates ( Democrat or Republican) who actually understand government, but, more importantly, the people of their neighborhoods - the people they are supposed to serve.

John Fritchey seems like my kind of guy.

Lately, John Fritchey has really impressed me by going to the root of campaign nonsense, clever dealing and wheeling, and speaking with an honest and open heart.

His big challenger is the Grassroots/Boiled Beets Progressive turnip Sara Feigenholtz. Feigenholtz sprouted up recently with gobs of cash and endorsements from the trendy rubber stamps of NOW and Emily's Listand also appeared on Blago's Clout List - Lord Have Mercy!

At a weekend forum, John Fritchey recalled a conversation that he had with Rahm Emmanuel and noted that Rahm-bo was looking for a place holder, while he "Yes We Cans" with President Obama as his Chief of Staff.

CHICAGO--Yes, President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did express an interest in running for his congressional seat again someday, a candidate for his seat said Sunday.

State Rep John Fritchey, D-Chicago, said he spoke with Emanuel when he was deciding whether to run for Emanuel's seat.

"He had commented to me that he may be interested in running one day again for the seat," Fritchey said. "I told him that should I be fortunate enough to run, and should I be fortunate enough to win the seat, I would look forward to campaigning against him."

That would mean having Rahm-bo toss the kitchen sink, the pantry, a bag of old laundry and some dusty jars of Emma Goldman's Old Fashioned Boiled Beets* at you John!
Honest John Kelly, from the 3rd District could catch them like Belushi caught empty beer bottles in Animal House and come at Emmanuel with the sharp edges, but you might be too much of a gentleman. John Fritchey handled the syrupy and goofy Gerald Rivera like a gentleman, when discussing Blago's years of honey-dipping under the watchful eyes of Progressive Movement. John, You should have gutted the louse on the spot. You are a gentleman.

Hell, Blago was a Progressive Darling ( Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, You-Name-It Coalition for Higher Taxes and Mobilized Meatheads) for two terms and SEIU was a huge cash cow and activist assembly line for the lad.

John Fritchey has come out swinging and has created a wedge-issue -Privatization of public holdings.

"Privatization of public assets is like selling off your furniture in order to pay your mortgage," Fritchey said to loud applause from the 500 observers. "I don't think it's a prudent fiscal policy. In the long run what you are going to see are parking meters that cost $6 an hour, airport concessions that have tripled in price and its going to cost you five times what it used to cost you to cross the Skyway. Your job as a congressman is to represent the people... not simply to be accountable to Mayor Daley and take what he says as gospel."

Sara Feigenholtz will need to consult the hoary pages of Boiled Beets Doctrine.

*Jesus, I hate boiled beets -pickled beets, raw beets, par-boiled beets, off-beets. Beets can't stand 'em - they'd gag a maggot.


Joe Lake said...

Against Boiled Beets ...

Nice piece. I hate boiled beets too, either as a vegetable or as a politician.

It will be interesting to see if the candidates (15 democrats to date) use the some wording in their speeches as they move further west in the IL 5th CD toward Iowa.

I prefer the meat and potatoes of the Chicago Machine using 'The Chicago Way.' At least you know where you stand.

Don Rose writes about the Chicago Machine in the Chicago Daily Observer, Jan. 19, 2009.

A Phony "Open" Primary in the 5th CD

Boiled Beets vs. The Chicago Machine? Most people won't eat their boiled beets.

Joe Lake, Bucktown

pathickey said...

I'd rather have my gums scraped than sample any more.

Joe, nothing so fuels good work and works as hearty fare!

Melissa said...

I feel like Fritchey and Sara are career politicians. I'm sick of all the corruption going on in politics in Illinois, and I think we need someone to represent us that has no connection to politics.

pathickey said...


I hate plumbing repair costs, but sure as hell will not hire anyone without a Union plumber's card - Fritchey went through public servant apprecticeship -he'll be fine.

Sara is a wistful Progressive who wills plumbing messiness away.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are to far south to actually know what is going on in the 5th District I have lived here for 15 fifteen years you must like corruption if you think fritchey is the best candidate like the caveman woould say "next time do a little research"

pathickey said...

1. I do live south.

2. Great that you have lived there for 15 years!

3. I would love to be corrupt - no one has ever offered.

4.That would be the Geico Cavenan I love those guys!