Saturday, February 07, 2009

Labor Backs John Fritchey and SEIU PAC and their mouthpieces set to Endorse Feigenholz

Well, Mr. Speaker, Mike Quigley came up to about here on Mickey Rooney and so Mickey says to Quigley, 'Allan Ladd tried to stuff me on the court and I sailed over him! Sailed I tells Ya, Punk! I'll spot you six! Let's see what you got!'

State Rep. John Fritchey (D-Chicago) won the endorsement today of the Illinois AFL-CIO, which includes 1,500 unions with almost 1 million members. . . .Besides the Illinois AFL-CIO, Fritchey also has claimed the endorsement of the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the clout-heavy International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150.

The AFL-CIO endorsement "is recognition of what I've done for people who work hard every day to support their families," Fritchey said.

Yep, Labor backs John Fritchey including the great folks of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 ( those are skilled Tradesmen who go through years of training and experience and earn their salaries by dint of their labors and honest collective bargaining - SEIU bullies spineless and gullible politicians to raise taxes for their rank and file), which is the home trade of Chicago Federation of Labor leader Dennis Gannon - a real Union Man.

Sara Feigenholz will be endorsed by the Leon Trotsky Re-enactors of SEIU and the Boiled Beets Progressive Networks of Illinois.


James said...

How much does Fritchey pay you to write this garbage?

pathickey said...
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pathickey said...

Well, James, let's see now ....hmmmm, that's. . .4. . . No . . .no carry the 4 . . .FICA . . .Medicare . . . Il. State Taxes. . .Okay . . .that comes to . . .$0.00.

Glad to write this garbage that goats like you James seem to just shovel it in! Bon Apettit, Jacques!

Try not to get your whiskers in your chow, Son!