Thursday, February 12, 2009

Progress Illinois and University of Chicago - Is there an Agreement to be Agreeable?

Josh and Adam and Angela and their guest artists contributors have a swell album that will rival anything Pete Seeger - The Lefty Red Skelton ( or is it Skeleton?) on Banjo - and Bruce Springsteen - The Boss Man Wobbly - could cook up to get all Tom Joad on us! It's the Republic Windows Revival! Sing it!

You know the business that went toes up when Bank of America yanked its loan back before Christmas every political cockroach ( Gutierrez, Quigley, Blagojevich) in Illinois stood solidarity with the poor folks who lost work.

The workers won a small victory against the company, but Bank of America rolls on!

Progress Illinois ( SEIU's Mickey Mouse Club for the kids of Lefty Activists) seems to trumpet Republic Windows as its own idea, when in fact it was United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers who represented Republic - much the same as Teamsters Local 743 at University of Chicago Medical Center which closed its doors on TWICE the number of workers as Republic Windows.

What's Going On? - as Marvin Gaye was wont to say. Is there some 'Make Nice Clause' in the agreement between the SEIU workers at UCMC and The Hyde University? Hmmmmmmmmm?

Why is Progress Illinois Silent? Just asking.

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