Tuesday, February 17, 2009

James 'Popeye' Durkin - 'IllinEYE Can't Stan's Na 'More!'

"I think it would be in the best interest of the state if he resigned because I don't think the state can stand this anymore.'' -- Illinois state Rep. Jim Durkin on Sen. Roland Burris.

Pencil -Neck Wit Eric Zorn is huffing out the Progressive Response - Ban the word 'Goo-Goo' as it makes fun of Progressive Good Government. Whenever there is a problem, the hysterical always have the solution at hand that requires someone else to do something. 'Somebody Do Something!' Eric Zorn offers that Everyone stops/stop saying Goo-goo and Good Government will happen! 'Like Unicorn Dust Showered on our Dandy Dell it will be so! Yes. Yes.' ( finger-tips touching ever so delicately)

Eric, Goo-goo is a word that makes fun of the hysterical.

Eric it is meant to do just that.

“Goo-goo,” as you may know, is a derisive term for advocates of reform. The New York Sun coined it in 1890s as a back of the hand to Good Government Clubs in New York City. Teddy Roosevelt picked it up and was quoted as referring to “those prize idiots, the goo-goos.”

It works well as a slur because the mash-up of the first letters in “good” and “government” is reminiscent both of “goody-goody”—a term for an insufferably well-behaved person—and of the gurgling sound made by infants.

Infants are naïve, trusting and innocent. Cynics apply these same adjectives to those who believe we can reduce graft, fraud, waste, patronage and nepotism in government.

Good Government is Ironic - in that, often, the very worst human beings want to improve government.

'When I see a Reformer, I hold on to my hat and put both hands into my pockets!'

'Kids, that's a Reformer - he'll steal your worst fears.'

Reform comes not from Committee Fiat by the labors of strong people - Illinois Rep. James Durkin is a fine example.

He is a quiet, 'who's he' kind of elected official - like Mary Flowers, Jackie Collins,Ed Maloney and Kevin Joyce among Democrats and Sandy Cole, Sue Bassi, Dan Cronin, Tom Cross across the aisle.

Jim Durkin nailed Roland Burris for allowing his ego to get the better of him by accepting Blago's lure of Senatorial Office. Too bad for Mr. Burris - instead of lasting fame as an effective and honest public servant, he will be treated to eternal scorn, laughter and ignominy as a stooge.

Jim Durkin, like Popeye, spinach-ed up and took a swing for Illinois. It was a knock-out punch.

Eric Zorn is marshaling the forces of napkin scorn to 'do away with another hurtful and nasty old word.'

Give me Popeye over Freddie Bartholomew, or Caspar Milquetoast any day. Goo-Goo. That Kills me.

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