Monday, February 23, 2009

Jan Schakowsky Loved Blago and Begged Blago for the Senate Seat -Special Election? What's Special About Jan's Wants and Needs?

What's Jan Shakowsky stuffing in that rad coat pocket? And looky there, she's making a fist at the poor man, like he's 'The Help!' MMmm, MMmm ,Mmmmmmmmm.

I say, 'Senator Burris keep that Golden Seat.' You wanted it; you got it; it's yours.

Many low-minded folks are tossing out high minded whines about a 'Special Election.' Well, tell the Illinois Legislature to amend the Illinois Constitution.

As it is now - The Governor appoints the vacancies and Blago and later Gov. Quinn appointed a dandy vacancy - Senator Roland Burris.

The G is chatting up the Junior Senator - we shall see. As it is, 'Senator, Sit Tight!'

Jan Schakowsky's gaping flannel-mouth has shrilled for appointment to the U.S. Senate seat, because the wacky Congress Person from Progressive Land could not get elected Statewide. For every Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow there are literally hundreds of voting little people who have been treated like 'the help' ( undocumented aliens at that) by the oafish Schakowsky, whose people skills end at her betters and those who out-rank her, in my limited and empirical opinion.

Nevertheless, Jan wants to be THE PEOPLES SENATOR and has been cawing for that seat since last Spring.

Even some Washington Insiders, like Chris Cillizza and the folks at the Detroit Examiner seem wise to Schakowsky - you don't need to be a Phi Beta Kappan on this one:

An Illinois Senate Special (Again)?: As appointed Sen. Roland Burris continues to spin his wheels in a -- so far -- unsuccessful attempt to distance himself from impeached governor Rod Blagojevich, the political machinations of those who would like to replace him grow more complicated. Witness Rep. Jan Schakowsky's (D) statement on Wednesday calling for Gov. Pat Quinn (D) to end Burris's temporary term and call for a special election to replace the embattled senator. "Whether or not Senator Burris resigns, the best way to put credibility back into the process is through a special election," said Schakowsky. Schakowsky has made no secret of the fact that she would like to be in the Senate and probably knows that she would not likely be Quinn's pick to replace Burris if he resigns. (The frontrunner, if Quinn goes in that direction, would be state Attorney General Lisa Madigan since by appointing her to the Senate Quinn would eliminate a potential gubernatorial primary challenger.) It's an interesting tactic but one that isn't likely to succeed because Quinn is not inclined to hand off the chance to eliminate a potential rival simply because Schakowsky says he should.

Teeheee heeeeeeee BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAHH! Ain't Jan a Doosy?!!!!!!

Here's from Detroit!

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) is another potential primary opponent. Giannoulias and Schakowsky play well with labor unions, a constituency whose support is a critical factor in the Illinois Democratic primary. However, the GOP says Schakowsky raised $30,000 for ex-Gov. Blagojevich and introduced him when he announced his gubernatorial candidacy in 2001. They are also quick to say that Schakowsky's husband was a major Blagojevich backer.

Good thing Jan's got all the loopy coralled up there near the nice part of the Lake! She's got a job for life but wants more - that's politics I guess. Ho-hum.


Bridget said...

Hello my fellow Chicago Irish friend! Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day? I can't wait.

I have to say, I think you are very off base calling Congresswoman Schakowsky "oafish" and saying she lacks people skills and doesn't care about the little guy. In fact, she is extremely poised and personable, has maintained very effective district offices with professional and friendly staff, and is ALWAYS happy to step out in front for the little guy. She has a gift for connecting with people which I believe is why her constituents hold her in such high esteem.

If you want to make the claim that she holds more progressive positions on the issues that you do, well that's probably true. But there's nothing that Congresswoman Schakowsky is for that isn't squarely in the center of public discourse at the moment. The political center has shifted as our country has gone down the tubes in so many ways. And it's shifted to the left. This has repeatedly happened throughout history.

And if you think Congresswoman Schakowsky can't win a statewide election, you are VASTLY underestimating her political prowess and MONSTER campaigning skills. People said this about her when she first ran in the Democratic primary. And guess what? She outworked all her opponents and WON.

Additionally, Congresswoman Shakowsky has always been a friend to working families. She's an incredible ally in passing The Employee Free Choice Act. Pat, please tell me you're for the Employee Free Choice Act?

Hope you're well!!!

pathickey said...

Bridgey My Love,

Solid advocacy, Kiddo.

As I say, my powers of observation and empirical instincts often flavor my political assesments and such is the case with the above mentioned Congress person for whom you offer a heroic, charming and touching defense. Speaks very well of you Kiddo.

My outlandish adjectives? Someone needs to say them - Jan has the press and the Progressive Apparatii.

Me I'm just an Old Machine Grump. It matters nuch to nobodies like me how 'the help' get treated by icons like Jan.
This I havewitnessed first hand and more than several occassions.

I like how a person like John Daley, Mary Flowers, Kevin Joyce, Jim Durkin and other elected officials 'treat the help' - as my Old Pappy used to say 'treat people with dignity, respect and kidness - don't cost you nickle one.'

You are Aces with Me Bridgey!

As for EFCA - that is a strawman to destroy the Bureau of Appecticeship Councils - any Labor Union that plays ball on that one will regret that support months after it is enacted.

Anonymous said...

Bridget: In fact, she is extremely poised and personable, has maintained very effective district offices with professional and friendly staff

Then why won't Rep. Schakowsky or her office answer questions about this problematic 2009 appropriation?

See for yourself. E-mail her at