Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roland Burris Goes Old School(yard) on Durbin and All Illinois Weenies!

Nothing is more sobering and life affirming than the delicate dance involved when a quick kid zips the skimmer with nifty propeller off of the slow fat kid. The fat kid was given the swell hat by Aunt Gert who lives with 'Her Friend' and a monkey and who has done all that she can to help young Delmer - or Young Dick - be sure to get bullied and sassed by the guys whose parents and relatives actually care about protecting their children.

Most parents or relatives might say to young Delmer -or Dick -,

'Hey look, Dick, I know you like that beanie with the prop, but it might be better to leave it next to your Big Boy's Book of Elves and Wizards on the dresser here at home.'

Nope Delmer's -or Dick's - Mater and Pater encourage self-esteem and young Delmer -or Dick - sallies out wearing a hat that says VICTIMIZE ME!!!!

The hat gets snatched and Delmer -or Dick -pathetically whines 'Give it back!'

The point of taking the hat in the first place was to signal disapproval of both the swell hat/beanie and the tubby self that wears it.

'Give it back! It's mine!'

This we know - He has it and will keep it.

Roland Burris grabbed Dick Durbin's hat ( Senator by appointment and legally proper) and he's keeping it!

Stay put Senator! Keep the Golden Beanie ( US Senate Seat - You snatched it!) Keep the weenies in the State of Illinois whining and crying for a Special Election.

'Roland, Give it Back! It's Golden! Give it!'

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