Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eric Zorn's Primary Move Would Bring Political Hacks to Baseball and Softball Diamonds

Eric Zorn makes a pretty good case for moving the political Primary season to June - June Brides, School's Out and Summer neighborhood baseball/softball is under way!

Zorn noted the traditional jump-off for political season:

The case for February or March is nearly the opposite. Lengthening the entire political season weeds out the dilettantes and flashes in the pan, and an extended general-election campaign gives major candidates and voters plenty of time to get to know one another and the issues.

And in presidential-election years, the states that hold early primaries stand to have more influence in the national nominating process.

The case against February/March is that the cash required to campaign for roughly a year gives even more advantage to insiders and incumbents than they already enjoy. Further, since normal people don't pay attention to politics until after the winter holidays, the primary campaigns are too brief to give challengers a good shot.

And we can hold a separate presidential primary if we really think it makes a difference.

Eric Zorn holds for June Primaries.

However, He neglects the fact that millions of voters are at parks throughout Illinois all through June. Fat Tommy's Hot Dogs in Kennedy, Beverly and Mount Greenwood Parks boiled furiously in the tanks and the taste is untainted by political wannabees saucing the buns with palm card polemics.

The traditional Primary season is meant to spur the jockeying for places in the St. Paddy's Day Parades.

A June Primary would louse-up America's past time and T-Ball. Play not Politicians!

Also, January and February winds and sleet are just the thing needed to test the mettle of Reformers and Toss-the Bums-Out amateurs. Folks are home, generally, and know when Steve, Eddie and Eileen the precinct captains are stuffing the doors and railings and find welcome with the neighbors who gladly sign the petitions.

It is just the fine frosty season to slam the door on the Grassroots Goofballs who emerge from Volvos driven down from Evanston to shill for the clown who will get buried on election day.

Eric Zorn is thoughtful. Who said politics needs to be so?

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