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George Soros Purchased States Attorney Kim Foxx Buys More

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  “There will be a concerted effort to change policy, but changing culture takes time,” Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx says. CBS News 12/02/2016
In 1947, I escaped from Hungary, by then under Communist rule, to England. As a student at the London School of Economics, I came under the influence of the philosopher Karl Popper, and I developed my own philosophy, built on the twin pillars of fallibility and reflexivity. I distinguished between two kinds of political regimes: those in which people elected their leaders, who were then supposed to look after the interests of the electorate, and others where the rulers sought to manipulate their subjects to serve the rulers’ interests. Under Popper’s influence, I called the first kind of society open, the second, closed. George Soros  Image result for mitch dudek and george sorosinternational globalist villain and bi-partisan purchaser of help*
IllinoisDuring the 2016 Democratic primaries in Illinois, Soros contributed $333,000 to the Illinois Safety and Justice PAC supporting Cook County district attorney candidate Kim Foxx (D) against incumbent Anita Alvarez.[47] Foxx won the primary and faced off against Republican Christopher Pfannkuche in November 2016. Foxx, according to Chicago's PBS station, WTTW, was continuing to receive support from Soros.[48] Preckwinkle isn’t the only big donor to Foxx’s campaign. In the last month she’s also received $400,000 from prolific Democratic contributor Fred Eychaner.
George Soros, a billionaire advocate for criminal justice reforms, and the Civic Participation Action Fund, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization, have each given $300,000 to Illinois Safety & Justice, a separate “independent expenditure fund” that lists Foxx as the only candidate it’s backing. Sun Times Cop-hating scribe Mitch Dudek Image result for Mitch Dudek

We live in an Open Society - sort of- and George Soros continues to seal it shut.  George Soros operates a Foundation called Open Society, because he wants society to have a society  "where the rulers sought to manipulate their subjects to serve the rulers’ interests. "

That would never make sense outside of a dystopian novel (Orwell/Huxley), until about ten years.   It was then that George Soros and the influence of his billions of dollars became apparent, to some, and Barack Obama became the most under-vetted person in American history and the 44th President of the United States.

After his eight years, America voted away such Soros-ian thoughts, to the great hysteria of the Soros Payroll.  Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States,

George Soros and now his sonAlexander Soros continue their tireless pursuit of creating a very closed Open Society.

They are buying up the Office of States Attorney in many places, besides the always purchasable Cook County, Illinois.
George Soros, the billionaire financier, is ponying up serious cash to reform the US criminal-justice system.
Soros has pumped over $3 million into seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states in the past year, reports Politico.
He is pushing the money into local elections in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas through a network of state-level super PACs and a national "527" unlimited-money group, according to Politico.
The money has benefited African-American and Hispanic candidates who ran on progressive platforms, like reducing racial disparities in sentencing and directing drug offenders to diversion programs instead of trial.

Look no further than Kim Foxx, purchased by George Soros et al in 2016.  Like Open Society, the jabberwocky meaning of Justice Reform is "open the jail cells for any black, or Hispanic, illegal-immigrant felon."

Kim Foxx is doing her owner proud**!

  • No money, no problem, no Bond!  Get out of jail free. 
  • Hammer cops
  • Blame Predecesor
  • Payoff people

This works magically in Chicago and Cook County because the media refuses to inquire, where inquiry is most necessary.

George Soros bought and paid for eight years of an Obama White House.  The American people would like a traditional open society.

George Soros is far from finished.  The bodies in Chicago and Cook County stack up like cord wood and Kim Foxx smiles all the way to her next visit with PBS and WTTW to shop reform.

*John McCain has been especially critical of Trump, even blasting him today for his stern phone call with the Australian Prime Minister. McCain and Graham also attacked Trump for implementing an immigration ban.
“We fear this executive order will become a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism,” McCain and Graham said in a joint statement, adding that Trump’s executive order “may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”
It seems that every move Trump makes, the same characters are quick to delegitimize the president. Now it all makes sense. 2/02/2017

The Only Serious News aggregator and  crib sheet on Kim Foxx is The Second City Cop.  Only here will a citizen find the impact of a Soros-owned and operated Cook County States Attorney. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump Hits the Canvas: A Boxer in a Mixed Martial Arts Cage

The Trump is down!  He's dazed.   He's confused.  The Trump's bleeding,  bleeding like a Russian Princess!  The refs are showing the four count and he's staring, longingly, for Ann Coulter and for her to give him one shred of 'Get up, Donny and Knock 'em into the cheap seats,' but this willowy blond is one cold cucumber.  This dish is colder than a mother-in-law's kiss, colder than Samantha's knockers on a brass broomstick, Fans!  He's on his own and the refs are counting faster than a speeding ticket in Martha's Vineyard. It don't look good. 

The problem is that the President has been taking shots to the noggin every waking moment since 11/09/2016 and without putting his guard up at all. In boxing one might call the President an ivory head.  Most call him a can of tomatoes.

The 45th President of the United States was elected primarily on his promise to drain the Washington D.C. swamp and swamp ain't liking it.  Swamp critters on both sides of the aisle want him gone.  Elected officials, lobbyists, journalists, academics who suckle greedily off of Lady Liberty's rack of plenty, corporatist players, Marxist oligarchs and NSA spooks with limitless loyalty to the Obama regime are Organized for Action!

The Russia Bullshit is just that.  And Americans are ravenous for bullshit - hence the powerful appeal of Barack Obama.

Donald Trump has pleased me as a voter.  He has displeased me wildly as a spectator.  He's a boxer suckered into a Tag-Team Mixed Martial Arts Caged Death Match - he's a boxer fighting a queue of MMA ninjas; as soon as he fends off one, the opposition and the allies tag off to pummel the guy.

His corner men?  Who the hell knows.  Trainer Reince Priebus was more Mitt than Romney and a doughy sap easily led into a very public pantsing on CNN, FOX, or MSNBC.  Cornerman Jared Kushner?  Who takes advice from a guy named Jared?  Christ Almighty.  Cut man, Steve Bannon is hated by all of the creeps on this planet and he seems to be getting no ear from the guy he is patching up.   Bannon seems like a guy I would want in my corner.  When all of creeps hate you, you must be doing something right.

I want to see Trump succeed, but I will be satisfied if he can go the distance and keep the DNC from political power.

Trump is no sweetheart and he is no Brian Sutherland either.

He has the skills and know-how, but he is alone in a tanked fight.  Some might call what we are witnessing a bloodless coup ( unless you count Seth Rich - I do).  As far back as February, this seemed more than evident:

I can’t believe I’m writing this after the administration has been in office for 26 days, but here goes. The idea that Donald Trump is now inexorably on a path to impeachment has taken almost gleeful hold in the wake of the Michael Flynn resignation among liberal elites and anti-Trumpers generally—and everybody better stop and take a deep breath and consider what might arise from this. This isn’t fire we’re playing with, it’s a nuclear war.
That Trump might somehow be deus-ex-machina-ed out of public life has been a consistent feature of the past 20 months. He won’t run gave way to He’s only in it for the publicity to He only wants to show Obama he’s not to be trifled with but he doesn’t want to be president so he’ll drop out to We’ll deny him a first-ballot victory at the convention and then the party pooh-bahs can take over and find a new candidate to His poll numbers are so bad he’ll quit and let Mike Pence run against Hillary to The Access Hollywood tape will finally do him in…and then he won.                                             Now that he’s president, the question I’m asked constantly is “will he serve out his first term.” The wish is father to the hope here; only the vilest and most monstrous of crimes has led to a negative answer to that question (save in the case of the first President Harrison, who caught a cold from not wearing a coat on Inauguration Day in 1841 and died a month later). No one has ever willingly or voluntarily given up the presidency. . . . 
Already pro-Trump voices on the right are calling the leaks that led to Michael Flynn’s firing evidence of an attempted coup d’etat. The fevered use of such terms is part and parcel of the way in which social media amplifies the melodrama of daily news stories.
I am myself unnerved by the evidence of high-level lawlessness in the Flynn matter, but a “coup d’etat” refers specifically to a military ouster of a leader, not a leak-driven campaign using the press to nail someone. This is sure to persist, though, if the Flynn-Russia matter accelerates—and if the reluctant House and Senate do begin investigating the matter in earnest. If the language surrounding the investigation remains florid and purple, if Democrats try to please their Trump-hating constituents by screaming impeachment and liberal media tries to garner audience by jumping openly and vociferously on the bandwagon, the Trumpians will respond in kind by stirring the pot through their media and their argumentation. Commentary
Coup? Maybe.  Slaughter the bum?  To be sure.

With Clapper, Comey, Rice, Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Schummer, and Obama sub rosa and with billions of dollars hitting your kidneys, liver, heart, ears, mouth and nose every waking moment - a fight in a phone booth with Conor McGregor might be a fine and relaxing tonic.

Donny, Take a swig and spit!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Maple Lake: With Newspapers and You, My Dear

Image result for Irish couple in rowboat on lake

She :Hickey!
Me: Come here. Come here.
She: Hickey!!  We are in a row boat.
Me: Hurry up!
She: The loons.
Me: The loons.
She: They're welcoming us back.
Me: I don't hear a thing.
She: Just look at this place.
Me: It's a mess, isn't it? Sun Times. Tribune. I didn't get the Southtown, cuz it's the Tribune and the Trib is buying the Sun Times and its the same horseshit, different layout and Yes that's my wrapper.
She: Just take a second.
Me: It'll be all shipshape again. It was a PayDay and you don't like caramel with peanuts and too much salt.
She: And warmer.
Me: Huh.
She: The phone works!
Me:  At least I think it does. I got it here in my pocket, Hey, we're in a damn rented row boat.
She: Hello? Hello! Hello!
Me: Who the hell is that?
She: Who the hell's?
Me: . . .in this picture here?
She: Who the hell is this? Hello! Who's this?
Me: The operator? We are no where near a phone, but my cell phone and you won't let me turn the damn thing on when I am with you.
She:  What do you want?
Me:  The operator on the imaginary phone?
She: Well, you called.
Me: Must want somethin'.
She: Oh, wait a minute. There Mr. Hickey.  I am just showing you how it feels when you pick up your phone in mid-conversation and then segue all over the universe with Pick, or Houlie, or whomever you put on speed dial. And another thing, candy wrappers do not belong on the floor . . .
Me: Deck.
She: Deck of anything and they are not good for your dental health and "Who the Hell is that?"
Me: Yeah this guy right here on the front page.
She I have no idea, but perhaps there is a caption with his name.
Me: Nah, just the a guy over Rahm's shoulder.  I thought it was Forest Claypool but the guy's mouth isn't all slack jawed. Article tells " Emanuel has raised his profile after Trump's election" - His profile is pretty much like the pin the tail on the donkey - 15 shot and three day yesterday.
She: Oh, Hickey! It's so beautiful.
Me: Everything's just waking up.
She: Little, tiny birds.
Me: Little, tiny leaves.
She: I saw a patch of little, tiny flowers over by the old cellar hole.
I forget what they're called.Little, tiny, yellow things.
Me: Well, want to help me with the rowing?
She:  I don't have anything else to do.
Me:  Come on.
She: What were you doin' Out in the woods?
Me:  what do you think I was doing?
She: Getting wood.
Me: I love when you talk dirty.
She: That will do.  Now, you scowling. Put the papers in the trash sack with your Pay Day wrapper.  Enjoy this beautiful sunny day and nature that God has blessed us with and remember everything is not politics.
Me: You done?
She: That was rather tearse,
Me: It seems that Trump did in the Lindberg baby and sold crack to Lindsey Lohan . . .or Lindsey Graham.
She: Row. You are my Knight in Shining Armor
Me: Can we stop at Pops for Italian Beef Combos.
She: Row, You Old Poop.
Me: Pops.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rahm's Water World: Flood the Attention Way From His Culture of Corruption

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Chicago Media watch dogs are all over . . .whatever Rahm tells them to be all over.

“The pervasive culture of racism at the Water Department has been an open secret for years,” said Black Caucus Chairman Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th Ward). “We hope that this moment can serve as a wake-up call for all those in the department and in other departments where this behavior is still tolerated or even encouraged.” Sun Times

Let's see here. True reform begins and ends with three important Progressive catch-phrases

  • Pervasive Culture of Racism ( the lingua franca of Progressive Oligarchs)
  • Open Secret 
  • Wake-up Call
Yep, young Alderman Roderick Sawyer has all three and appears to be rocking Rahm's world. He is not; he is helping Rahm deflect attention from Rahm and real big money-making ventures (Textalyzer)  for Chicago oligarchs.  Problem: Yep, attention was on Rahm.  Solution:Turn the Water Department *into the Chicago Police Department! Now, it is gone. Swept away in the flood. 

Yet only few days and weeks ago some of the newshounds wanted to know more about Rahm's private e-mails - 
"Mayor Rahm Emanuel is still receiving e-mails with ideas on city matters from "campaign contributors and others with clout" on his private account, according to the Sun-Times. The newspaper obtained Emanuel's private e-mails from January and February 2017 through a Freedom of Information Act request. The people who have been e-mailing the mayor include: "mayoral pal Peter Cunningham, JAM Productions honcho Jerry Mickelson, developer Robert Judelson and the mega-donor Abrams family, which owns Medline Industries." [Sun-Times] Chicago Reader

It seems it was time to toss his purse puppies of the Chicago media a few of  Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats - they can not chase their tails everyday.

What better way to drown bad news than a flood of biblical proportions!
Image result for Chicago Water Department ScandalImage result for Chicago Water Department Deputy Joseph Bresnahan
Last Friday, the see-through Irish pelts of Barrett Murphy and William Bresnahan were tossed to the snarling ShihTzu's of WTTW, the Sun Times and the always dependable Chicago Tribune.

Whenever Daley got in Dutch with the press, like his kid's bat-party in Grand Beach, Michigan, a couple of cops on the detail took the heat.

In 2004, during the Hired Truck scandal Carol Marin changed the subject to young Andy Ryan and again, in 2006, right about the time everyone was getting sick of Richie Daley, another building inspector scandal allowed Chicagoans to micro-analyze clout once again, yet never stay focused on real problems.

A poor slob, or his kids become the focus of rage and outrage!  Slap in the Face!

Same problem today, same solution. Toss the room temperature I.Q.s at the Tower or the Merchandise Mart some pink meat.

Even one of Progressive Rep. Mike Quigley's pals,Paul Hansen,  was fed to the tiny-toothed terriers.
Wee Mike was Alderman Bernie Hansen's rat-catcher and shaker-down of Gay bars like Christopher Street back in the day.
Image result for paul hansen water department scandal
This could never have been possible without the ofay nodders of the City Council, like Independent go-along Scott Waguespeck and the pink and jowly flesh of dean Ed Burke ,“Every citizen should be appalled by it, especially that they were allowed to keep working there,” said Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward).  “We need to make sure that the human resources department is actually doing their job and rooting this activity out and firing people.”  Can I get a Harrumph!!!!!!!!

Harrumph, Harrumph, Harrumph!

Mel Brooks could not have scripted this better.

Then of course there is that corps of cagey crusaders of the City Council Black Caucus led by the Son of Mayor Mumbles,
The City Council Black Caucus on Monday said they were deeply disturbed by the alleged culture at the department.

“The pervasive culture of racism at the Water Department has been an open secret for years,” said Black Caucus Chairman Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th Ward). “We hope that this moment can serve as a wake-up call for all those in the department and in other departments where this behavior is still tolerated or even encouraged.”
I kind of flipped the order from that swell WTTW screed.

Water our most precious planetary  provision contaminated by racist, sexist, homophobic troglodytes with decades of experience in the ways of Chicago's political swamp!!!!!!  This pervasive culture of racism!  Rahm has been mayor twice now.

Image result for paul hansen Chicago water department scandal Rahm thanks "The pervasive culture of racism at the Water Department (that) has been an open secret for years,” just before the runoff election in 2015

This pervasive culture of racism was the tip of Rahm's spear against Chuy Garcia ( read Mike Houlihan's new book on the campaign -Nothing Is On the Level) and "legitimized" the anti-labor actions of Mayor Emanuel with a gift of $ 53,000 from the Chicagoland Pipe Trades and the first massive bill board located on the east side of the south bound  Dan Ryan at 79th Street.  Funny.  All photos of that sign have been scrubbed on Google.

Yep the Water Guys and Rahm are cultured up!

Yet, Rahm has people looking into his e-mails.  Let the flood, Brothers and Sisters, wash away Rahm's iniquities.  It shall. Now, get you bile up about the clouted racist, homophobic cultural Irish Catholics.  Why not?

Everyone hates the Irish, including the Irish and for some very good reasons.

The two clouted but temporarily disgraced Micks will be fine.  With time and a supine media they will find six-figure salaries on the public teat!

* City of Chicago Water Department workers are heroes who fix busted water-mains at 3AM in sub-zero temperatures and then get beefed in a Chuck Goudie sham show about how much money an hour a caulker makes.  God bless Chicago workers taken for granted and treated like dogs in the media. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump's Troubles Will Never Go Away - The Obama Purge of the Military Was Their Beginnings

Image result for Trump With Soldiers and Marines

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and he was voted in because our founding fathers understood the danger of an oligarchy. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton fiercely protected the minority soul of the colonies. This minority soul still floats, for now. 

Growing up in an America where schools taught civics, we were often treated to films that warned us of the dangers of Military coup.

Seven Days in May stuff.   A group of hard-core Curtis Le May, or Chesty Puller type of brass hats, decide to save America from democracy, but there is always a lower ranked career hard-charger who foils the oily admirals and generals.

The fact that our love of Harry S. Truman, who saved the world from nuclear war, after saving millions of our Dads by using atom bombs, by firing Gen. MacArthur, pumps up the inflation of military scorn among us stay at home patriots works against us. The military is never going to launch a coup - the politicians and their handlers will and without bullets.  Tribunals later, of course.

In fact, it was President Barack S. Obama who fired, cashiered, disgraced and insulted more career military leaders than the old Rail Splitter himself. These drips and drops of deceitful discharges crystallized in the shabby and psychedelic treatment of General Stanley McChystal.  The real coup went after the military -the guardian of the Constitution.

The Obama White House ( Valerie Jarrett) steamrolled toward Iranian rapproachment and the American military leadership turned to rubble.  The more pliable 'dog-robbers' became Pentagon and later State Department spokesmen.

Americans voted for Donald Trump, because they have witnessed the rise of American Oligarchy. Before people who voted "Never Trump" get hysterical, allow me to clarify - the people who voted for Trump were not from  Vladivostok.

In 2014, a study of American Policy conducted by Princeton and Northwestern Universities concluded - Yes, we are a Banana Republic

 We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.
Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism. Testing Theories of American Politics, elites, special interests and average Americans.
The entire fabric of Obama's broadcloth coalition is woven by elites, special interest groups who curry favor from the elites and scorn those beneath them. Here they are -

That's Senator Dick Durbin  Mau-mouing with Champagne Wolf Blitzer of CNN - the first is the Senator Pat Geary from the Land of Lincoln and the other a news reader the equal of Herb Fuller.  One is a hapless dope who will do and say what ever the string pullers ( Big Agra, Strategic Advisers, Hennessy Gas Utility, Planned Parenthood) tell him to say and the other a self-celebrated Scud Stud who popped the bubbly preemptively on November 8, 2017.   These are the quality faces of the Resistance , along with Rep. Mike Quigley, Rep, Jan " The Turk" Schakowky, Rep. Bobby Rush, Rep. Danny " Rev. Moon" Davis and the balance of the Illinois Democratic Caucus of the Challenged. Trump wants to Drain The Swamp and creatures Senators Dick Durbin, John McCain (R.), Richie Blumenthal( D.), Chuck Schummer (D.) and Lindsey Graham (R.) want to keep their habitat.

These swamp creatures are no slouches, neighbors, these are practiced creeps. We are afflicted with consciences and become prone to shame whenever the urge to listen to our bad angels. These folks kill angels in the womb and they are supported by the media Leviathan eats our dollars and spits ink.  These swamp critters are free to roam and range like gators at a Disney Resort. Free!  Free of media scrutiny, criticism, or concern. The Leviathan is worried about Trump.

I am not.  My Civil Liberties are in better shape now, than they were back in February,  2015, right around the time that Obama  ordered NSA Boss James Clapper to twerk like Desiree Rogers at a job interview -
In national security-related cases, the F.B.I. uses the letters to obtain information from companies, including telephone records or the names of subscribers. Unlike a subpoena, no judge is involved; the F.B.I. issues the letters by itself, usually requiring that the recipients never disclose the letters’ existence.
In the new rules, “the F.B.I. will now presumptively terminate National Security Letter nondisclosure orders at the earlier of three years” after the opening of an investigation, the administration will announce, or at the close of the investigations. But an exception can be made if a midlevel F.B.I. official offers a written justification for continued secrecy.
How about that, Sparky?

Then of course Obama counted on Hillary not to screw the poodle at the polling booth - she did - and once the cast of Hamilton went full Carmen Ghia and Roger De Bris after the election , Obama tweaked the already twerking James Clapper

And in his final days in office, Obama created the largest ever expansion of access to non-minimized NSA intercepts, creating a path for all U.S. intelligence to gain access to unmasked reports by changes encoded in a Reagan-era Executive Order 12333.
The government officials who could request or approve an exception to unmask a U.S. citizen’s identity has grown substantially. The NSA now has 20 executives who can approve the unmasking of American information inside intercepts, and the FBI has similar numbers. And executives in 16 agencies -- not just the FBI, CIA and NSA -- have the right to request unmasked information. 

All of these tools are now in the chubby fingers of Dick Durbin, Wold Blitzer and nodding elements American populace. The nodders easily become shouters.

Trump could say, "Good Morning" and CNN's Dana Bash would snark, " Is it, Mr. President?  Is it really? Must be sunny in Moscow."

As America is already a Banana Report, I seriously doubt if we will notice a coup when it happens.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Joy of the Classroom: Et ut mercedem hoc faciunt

Image result for chet baker and bill evans

I am monitoring a computer-based class that puts geometry and trades-skills into the hands of America's future workforce. Today, this class of sophomores create house-blue prints including steps overview, draw for depth viewing, sketch and mechanical drawings.

One young gent created a cylindrical design for a two story home buttressed by concave supports.

Most designs apply Euclidian geometry with 90 degree line of sight, transfer with dividers and more triangular aspects to design.

All are really cool.

The skilled trades are screaming for capable young people to fill in the ranks of people from my generation, who decided to forgo Loyola, or Depaul for the Washburn and union trades apprentice programs.

This 'hands on' attention to academic details, that will impact on their lives in more dramatic ways than, Moby Dick, the )Peace of Westphalia, the Treaty of Utrecht, or the Henry Wallace attempt to turn America into a Soviet-agency in 1948, has the men engaged. The Class is known as AUTOCAD and it takes the place of the old mechanical drawing and drafting classes of old.

It is a great deal of fun watching the guys at each station measure twice and cut once.

We listen to the magnificent genius of Chet Baker and Bill Evans from their signature recording sessions from 1958-1959.  Perfect for the meticulous and exact work being performed on the thirty Dell desktop stations loaded with the Auto ACad soft- ware How High The Moon, Time on My Hands and You and the Night and Music. 

I get paid to do this. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FBI Director Firing Passes the Hypocrite's Money Moue Test

Image result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker face

But it was Senate Minority Whip Richard Durbin, D-Ill., who made the biggest impression, going to the Senate floor about an hour after the announcement to clearly outline the stakes..
“Any attempt to stop or undermine this FBI investigation would raise grave constitutional issues,” he told colleagues.
Trump’s sudden action “raises the question as to whether Russian interference in the last presidential campaign by the Trump campaign will also be investigated by the FBI,” Durbin said.
He demanded “clarification by the White House as soon as possible as to whether this investigation will continue
.” McClatchey News

Some say that you can tell a politician is lying, because his mouth is moving.

True.  However, there is more subtle signal offered by political hypocrites, feebs, dummies and grifters in both the Elephant and the Donkey camps: the Time honored Face Suck, grimace, lip compression and the "Tired. Lord I'M Tired" pucker of fraudulent faces at the podium - The Political Pucker Pussies! This is the golden standard of lie detection - The Money Moue!

 If the Face Sucks; the Truth Trucks!Image result for Truth be truckin

The Money Moue is Capitol Capital!

The Money Moue Maker on the Hill is Senator Dick Durbin.

Here are some Money Moues

Image result for Politician lip biterImage result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker faceImage result for Politician Pusss PuckerImage result for Politician Pusss PuckerImage result for elizabeth warren lip bite-erImage result for elijah cummings lip biterImage result for bill clinton lip biter

These are all very practiced political pucker pusses, but the all-time Champ of the hypocrites Grimace, the Money Moue, is none other than Illinois United States Senator Dithering Dick Durbin!Image result for Senator Dick Durbin grim faceImage result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker faceImage result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker face

Durbin's mug is a lighthouse on all blustery and foggy nights signaling the Ship of State, "Avast, Ye Lubbers, thar be rocks and shoals hard by!"   Translated - No Prey. No Plunder!

When Durbin's mug morphs into Pucker Puss, reach back to your wallet and shake hands with Senator Durbin!Image result for dick durbin  on Comey firing

Following the Rogue's March played very nicely for FBI Director James Comey, it took Dick Durbin only minutes to leap forth and eat his face the nation. His creature and myna bird, Senator Tammy "Ditto" Duckworth offered an immediate, " What Dick said!" Image result for tammy duckworth outraged

Durbin's tight-mouthed hypocrisy lit a prairie fire of faux fury that ignited Sen. Richie  " Chesty" Blumenthal - truth be told.
Image result for dick durbin  on Comey firing Sidney did the Durbin Money Moue!

The Money Moue swept Congress

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., a Senate Intelligence Committee member, made a more direct connection. “President Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director Comey smacks of President Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre. If this is an effort to stop the investigations into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, it won’t succeed,” he said.
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., saying “the reasoning and timing behind this firing is absolutely preposterous and unbelievable,” added that “It smacks of a Nixon-esque cover up of President Trump’s Kremlin ties on.

Looks like Comey's exit with be healthy for the State of the Nation.
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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Brother Rice Baseball and Knockwurst from Pat & Jack's Old Fashioned Butchers

Image result for brother rice pitcher ryan palmbladBrother Rice 8, Marmion 1: Ryan Palmblad pitched a one-hitter for Rice (21-6, 15-1 Catholic Blue).Image result for brother rice pitcher ryan palmblad

I watched Ryan P ( one of my juniors at Brother Rice) pitch a 1 hit-game.  It was very nearly a no hitter until the second to the last batter in the Seventh inning with two outs and a man on for Marmion Academy.  The Marmion hitter skinned a sweet one down the right field line for a single and drove in a walked batter.  The next batter hit a grounder to short and that was the game. Brother Rice 8- Marmion 1.  I was cold. I wore only a La Lumiere School hooded sweatshirt to game and my normally robustly larded frame withstands winds up to twenty miles per hour with temperatures in the mid -40's.  However my perch right behind home plate at Sedlacek Field is shady and the winds were exceptional.  

I immediately thought knockwurst.Image result for knockwurst

Knockwurst, or Knackwurst,  gets it's name from the 'pop' the casing makes when it is cut and seasonings flood the senses. Knockwurst is made of veal, pork, hog casing and plenty of garlic - individual butchers add their own secret spices. Knockwurst packs on the lard. That is why it is so tough to find, in our Euro-globalist dweeb-thin culture. Everyone wants to look like an idiot lane weaving cyclist.

I was chilled.

My thoughts turned to lard fuel and no place on earth is more conducive to fighting the elements than Pat & Jacks  Old Fashioned Meats in Chicago Ridge, a couple of miles from Brother Rice.  This gem of a butcher store is of the old saw-dust and straw Kelly'd butchers type. Love them on Face Book!
Image result for Pat & Jacks Meats
The meat is exceptional and the service like no place else.  More importantly, Pat & Jacks is one of the only places left on the south side where one can buy genuine KNOCKWURST.  Can't get it at County Fair, Jewels, Whole Foods, Pete's Produce, or Saveway.  Can't even get it at the usually helpful Mariano's.

Pat & Jack's Old Fashioned Butchers was my next port of call.

Got me four knockwursts, four thuringers, five Russett potatoes cut into thin ( 1/4" pieces) one large yellow onion, a head of  green cabbage ( cut in wedges and cored, a 12 ounce box of pinot grigio apple cider vinegar, caraways seeds, Kosher salt and black peppercorns . . .Oh, and some serious cloves of garlic and half a stick of Kerry Gold butter.

I parboiled the cabbage and then tossed it in apple cider vinegar, Kosher salt and caraway seeds in a big oil oil treated skillet and stir fried the cabbage for two minutes.

Then I place a layer of potatoes in the bottom of the slow cooker, added the cabbage in a layer then more potatoes, then more cabbage. covered all in wine and apple cider vinegar salt,pepper and caraway seeds and set on high for three hours.

After three hours I drained out the liquid and put in the half a stick of Kerry Gold cut into four pieces, added the minced garlic, pepper corns and cooked on low for one hour.

Then I added the whole Knockwurst and Thuringer sausages and cooked on low for three hours.

I turned off the pot and waited for it to cool and placed it in the ice box over night.

After 8:30 Mass, I set it on warm and will devour one portion ( 1 Knockwusrt/1 Thuringer ladle of cabbage and spuds) and dip with Dusseldorf mustard.

This will be a weeks work of great eating with a cold salad.

I love baseball. Image result for knockwurst & thuringer

Fourth Sunday After Easter - I still need a kick in the . . .pants.

Image result for Peter Preaching

One of my all-time favorite Readings is from today's Lectionary and the Acts of the Apostles.
Someone told me that there was a T.V. series about Acts, I find that hard to believe - no market: no vampires, rough sex, LGBTQ sub-themes, nor a willing cast.

Could be wrong.  I 'll look into it, after 8:30 Mass at Sacred Heart*.   Not that I'll watch it, just out of curiosity.  Maybe I'll watch it.

Anyway, this reading is a good one:

Reading 1 ACTS 2:14A, 36-41
Then Peter stood up with the Eleven,
raised his voice, and proclaimed:
"Let the whole house of Israel know for certain
that God has made both Lord and Christ,
this Jesus whom you crucified."
Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart,
and they asked Peter and the other apostles,
"What are we to do, my brothers?"
Peter said to them,
"Repent and be baptized, every one of you,
in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins;
and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
For the promise is made to you and to your children
and to all those far off,
whomever the Lord our God will call."
He testified with many other arguments, and was exhorting them,
"Save yourselves from this corrupt generation."
Those who accepted his message were baptized,
and about three thousand persons were added that day.

Peter is by far my favorite saint, as he is the most male, the thickest, the most impulsive, the most 'FEET , do your stuff!' and the most honest of the disciples.  Peter is upfront about his betrayal of Jesus in the garden and that is evident here.

Easter was only four weeks ago. The Renewal!  Like New Year's Eve.

I am already dodging my spiritual resolutions, like politicians promises.

The Pre-Resurrection Simon Peter reminds me of me.  Easily fooled - 'Jump out of the boat!'  Quick to anger, "Cut off the guy's ear."  Easily cowered by responsibilities - "Cook-doodle-do!"

The Peter of Acts is nothing like me.

I hope to be.

Thanks for the swift kick.

* yep, it was Roma Downey produced this series. I'll binge watch it sometime.

Friday, May 05, 2017

President Trump and the Media - A Full Press Court in Vinegaroon, USA

Image result for Roy Bean

You have been tried by twelve good men and true, not of your peers but as high above you as heaven is of hell, and they have said you are guilty. Roy Bean
Much of Trump's cluelessness about issues stems from his refusal to make more than a minimal effort at his job. As his comments about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War confirm, Trump is not merely too lazy to learn; he's too lazy to notice there is anything others know that he might need to. His is indolence on an epic scale. Steve Chapman
 Well, I'm about as tall as a shotgun, and just as noisy.- Truman Capote

The American media is as judicious in its treatment of President Trump as that sound voice of due process from Vinegaroon, Texas - Law West of the Pecos.  Judge Roy Bean is now working under many pseudonyms - Frank Rich, Dana Milbank, E.J. Dionne, David Brooks, George Will, Billy Kristol, and Kat6rina Vanden Huevel. The Judge has morphed into whole editorial boards at Washington Post, New York Times and even the hick burg rags like Chicago Tribune and Sun Times.

Only months ago, Judge Roy Bean had been Truman Capote to Barack Obama - smooching the patron and hissing at everyone else and then Trump won.  Lord the change.  The Resistance!

Me?  I just read the papers - most of them and then some.

Here is the Cinco De Mayo, 2017 sampling of Trump Thumping from the New York Times in Headline  



 Then,  I read a deceptively titled story -President Trump Returns to New York for a Brief First Visit - Home Boy President?  Nah.

This was a "We Ran Him Otta Town!"  piece by Michael Wilson.  NY, NY!

The Rube Media here in Chicago is mildly amusing with daffy screeds by lightweights like Rex Hupke, Mary Schmich, Eric Zorn and the Bruce Dold editorial ink.  The worst of this sad lot is the Tribune's own David Brooks JV player Stephan Chapman - The Minority of One, his own bad self!

Donald Trump has many worrisome, regrettable and even deplorable traits. But after studying him for the past two years, I have concluded he has an overlooked quality that cancels out many of his bad ones. Say what you will, the man is lazy.
This is a discovery that should gladden people of all parties, philosophies, races, sexes and religions. His detractors can be glad that he will never muster the drive or discipline to actually bring many of his worst ideas to fruition. His admirers can rest easy knowing he will not work himself to death.
 Really? Trump has been like an horny rabbit on bennies putting the blocks to the Obama Legacy - nothing for everyone, BUT Obama and his peeps. 

Lazy?  Chapman was right with his opener "Donald Trump has many worrisome, regrettable and even deplorable traits."  Can't argue that.  But, the lick spittle who munched Obama's rump for eight years and more should have stopped there,

There was a great line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Roy Bean-like character exclaims, "I'm not crazy; I'm just colorful. That's what happens when you live "( 8 years alone in a Banana Republic)-, "you get colorful! " Then he is shot dead.

Judge Roy Bean was colorful.   The Press is crazy.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

The GOP - Making America Great. . . again, and again, and again, or "Is This Your Homework, Larry?"

Image result for Is this your homework, larry?
WASHINGTON, May 4 (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives was set on Thursday for a cliffhanger vote to repeal Obamacare, as Republican leaders worked to deliver President Donald Trump a win for one of his top legislative priorities.
House Republican leaders have expressed confidence the bill would pass and several party moderates who previously objected to it got behind it on Wednesday, giving the effort new momentum.
Still, the vote was expected to be close. Even if the measure passes the House, it faces daunting odds in the Senate where Republicans hold a narrower majority.

The Grand Old Party.

Say it with me.

Sounds better than Republican.

A Republican, when I was growing up, wore grey clothing and had a very bad haircut. He went to non-Union barbers in Roseland.  There were not many of them. They took commuter trains to work in the Loop at places like the Board of Trade, Quaker Oats, or Morton Salt.

They were Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Baptists and Non-Denominational Billy Graham fans. They were the minority population of Englewood, the Highlands, Scottsdale, West Lawn, or Brainerd.

Their kids went to public schools, belonged to the Cub/Boy/Girl Scouts, the Y and went to Bible camp in the summer.

Our Dads took the bus, the L, drove early model Buicks, Pontiacs and Chevys to the Stockyards, Standard Brands, Central Steel and Wire, Kenwood Construction, Boyington House Movers, Donahue Steel, the County, City Hall, Canfield's Bottling and National Can Corporation.  Some worked in the steel Mills over by the Lake, most worked nearby.

We went to parish grammar and high schools or high schools operated by the Carmelites, Sisters of Casmier, Mercy Nuns, Irish Christinan, or De LaSalle brothers.  Some very few were educated by the Jesuits at St. Ignatius - they were really smart.

We swam at Park pools and they swam at the Y.

We stayed out of the Y - naked swimmers and birth control.

Politics was as easy as being a White Sox, or Cardinals fan.   I do not recall any great affection for George Halas's team back in the 1960's.  We liked Green Bay, Oakland and the Jets.

The Cubs?  I knew two families, the Sitorouses and the Balinas.  The Balinas moved to Rolling Meadows, wherever the hell that was, in 1964.  Nick Sitorous went to mass where Louis Farakhan demands that the Jews get what's coming to them and whitey too. Nick was Greek.  He was not a Republican, but he loved the CUBS and fixed television sets.

The rest of us were Italian, German, Belgian, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian, Jews and where I lived predominantly Irish.  Many of the younger families were mixed. Diversity was called white flight bigotry.

The Republicans could never win an election.  They supported Planned Parenthood, used to belong to the Klan, kept Catholics and Jews out of the American Eagles clubs and kept to themselves, which was OK by us.  We waved.  They waved back.

I remain a Democrat, even though the Party is more like the cold, humorless and robotic GOP that I recall from my wonder years.  I voted Democrat for President until Barack Obama.  I had gotten to know young Barack Obama, executive director of the Woods Fund, congressional candidate, Illinois State Senator and U.S. Senator, before he became the Untouchable Candidate and President.  I found him to be a dope.  He has not let me down.

Worse, the Democratic Party, which had once been as honestly invested in the neighborhood and its people, as any parish, had become a branch of the Unitarian Abortion and America's Biggest Critic Book and Alchemy Club. 

Try and find a union bug on a Progressive Democrat's business card.  Good luck with that.

However, The GOP is worse.

They are screw-ups.  Hand a Republican a winning Lotto ticket and he goes to debtors prison.

Obama had some of the nastiest, wealthiest and committed  people in America directing his every prompt, move and triumph.  The Progressives.

The GOP remains dominated by the tasseled loafer crowd of Judge Smails opportunists like John McCain ( for whom I worked like a dog in 2008, only to watch him quit like Girl Scout in a downpour ditching the cookies and heading home), Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and so many others.  Paul Ryan has become as noodle spine-ed as Yertle the Turtle and the other two war-happy phonies.

With seven years of whining about ObamaCare, the Budget and House Committees on Everything, the people voted in change at the executive, legislative and a tiny,tiny bit at the judicial branches of government.  The GOP benefited and has done . . .nothing.

I credit President Trump with keeping his promises and energetically doing exactly what the American people demanded.

Right out of the chute, Paul Ryan screwed the pooch on the Affordable Health Care recall.

Now, only weeks later the GOP are trying to force another failed vote.

These clowns are like a very few of my students who write forty characters of a 500 word essay on Frederick the Great in dull tipped pencil on a single page badly torn from Tommy Doyle's notebook on the way to school, when Times New Roman # 12 font is required and MLA citation demanded,  without any mention of Prussia, much less the Enlightenment- " Is this what you wanted?"

Is THIS your homework, Larry?

That is the GOP.

I do not consider  President Trump to be a Republican.

I find hope and change in that fact.  

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Wallace Stevens and Ron White - Stays Against a Tide of Stupid: Jane Fonda, Dildos and Dick Durbin

Image result for Heidi Stevens and Jane Fonda

Then Judah said to Onan, “Sleep with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to raise up offspring for your brother.” But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death also. Genesis 38 8-10
There should be no shame in the vibrator game. Heidi Stevens- Chicago Tribune 
          The next time you have a thought... let it go. Ron White
Guess I'm just a crusty old so-and-so.  I read in order to soak up the goings-on, the go-getters and the Grace giving goodness of people on this earth, but often find myself stewing in the bile coughed up by the truly stupid.

Were the world in the capable hands of Ron White things might be just a little more whole some, giggle-giving and affirming that God loves us. T'aint so.

God has given us free-will and too many columnists like Chicago Tribune's Heidi Stevens, Mary Schmich, Eric Zorn and Rex Huppke to wade through to get to John Kass.

Then, from the Merchandise Mart, the Chicago Sun Times thickens the fairway with weeds like Michael Sneed, Lynn Sweet, Mark Brown and Neil Steinberg, in order to play through to reports by Tim Novak.

This morning, instead of averting my eyes like my soul thunders for me to do, I went and read Heidi Stevens' chirpy ad for dildos.  Jane Fonda's frank sex toy talk opens the door for a generation -  Mother of God! Really, this is a regular column written by a nitwit who acts as the culture guardian of suburban women and metrosexuals.

Get this!  "Seventy-nine-year-old Jane Fonda is doing for vibrators what 44-year-old Jane Fonda did for aerobics videos: mainstreaming them.

And not a moment too soon. . . .The new season of her critically acclaimed Netflix series, "Grace and Frankie," co-starring Lily Tomlin, sees the two women launch a business selling sex toys for women. If you happen to drive down Vine Street in Hollywood, you might see a giant billboard of Fonda and Tomlin holding ribbed, purple objects under the words "Good vibes" — in case there was any confusion about what they're holding.  And if you watch "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," you may have happened upon Fonda unveiling a vibrator on daytime TV. (Take that, "The View"!) . . .

Cleansing breath - If you watch the View, you are way past worrying about.

Back to vagina vibrating with Heidi Stevens.

"I applaud her," said Lauren Streicher, medical director of Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause. "I've been trying to talk about this on daytime TV for years, and no one will have any part of it."
Fifty-two percent of American women use a vibrator, Streicher said, according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. And women over 60, in particular, need to know about their benefits.
"Sometimes nerve endings aren't as sensitive as they used to be, so what did it for you before isn't going to necessarily do it anymore," said Streicher, who wrote "Sex Rx: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever" (Dey St.). "In addition, you have a lot of medical conditions — diabetes, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis — that can cause a desensitization of nerve endings, so there is a need for increased stimulation."
So,  data!   As useful to onanists as the Paul Simon Institute's pre-caste polling.

The social engineers Steicher, Stevens, De Generis and Fonda argue that most women practise onanism - you know - wank, jerk off, jack off, toss off, bring oneself off,  and pleasure oneself - to use the Gone With the Wind trope -fiddle-dee-dee!

Isolated, solitary, all by their lonesome vaginas are liberating!  No masters; No God!  No Problems!

How about guys?  They love to Date Miss Michigan!  I must admit, that the image of Barbarella doing the business trumps that guy, Torrence Ivy, from the Red Line.  Celebrity and all.

A Celebrity endorsement in this Age of Resistance is often just not enough - even for a woman with the woke vagina to sit her business end on the business end of a Viet Cong flak pumper in 1967, is not enough - for a Medill-do columnist.  The Chicago Tribune's go-to academics largely come from Northwestern University - home of Medill-do School of Journalism (unaccredited - n'cest pas), where the Sun Times turns to the Blue Demon Social Justice Warriors of City Hall Connected De Paul University. 

The Sun Times wastes a bunch of space tell us that Senator Dick Durbin had an outpatient heart procedure, whatever that means.  Now, if he had an outpatient brain surgery that would be something!  And fun to watch.

As it is, my bile is up.  When that happens I turn to Wallace Stevens.

I chose The Plot Against The Giant - this delightful poem presents women at their best.  Three clever credits to their gender apply the sense smell, sight and sound to bedevil an ogre that is no doubt like meself.

First Girl
When this yokel comes maundering,
Whetting his hacker,
I shall run before him,
Diffusing the civilest odors
Out of geraniums and unsmelled flowers.
It will check him.
Second Girl
I shall run before him,
Arching cloths besprinkled with colors
As small as fish-eggs.
The threads
Will abash him.
Third Girl
Oh, la...le pauvre!
I shall run before him,
With a curious puffing.
He will bend his ear then.
I shall whisper
Heavenly labials in a world of gutturals.
It will undo him.
Wallace Stevens :
Labials are consonant sounds that require both upper and lower lips in mutual application - POP!

That sure undoes me.

After Fonda, Heidi Stevens and Lauren Streicher, set my bile a bubble, a penis dragging poet put me in fine perspective with touching anything but my soul.

If not Wallace Stevens, I turn to Ron White.

Image result for Ron White Quotes

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Chicago May Days Considered the Day After the 2017 May Day

The Resistance - 1904: Chicago Strikers wait for scabs being brought in by the Progressive Chicago Civic Leadership.  These five are concerned for the lives of their families, because scabs are being flooded into Chicago by Armor, Swift, Cudahy and other members of the Packingtown syndicate.

The Resistance - 2017: Chicago activists are concerned, really, really, really concerned that Trumpism is hurting their feelings - Big time.

I taught on May Day this year.  I am proud of American labor. American labor created the American standard of living that flourished in the nation from the end of WWII until rise of Progressive ( Marxist) dominance of the Democratic Party.  The GOP has never made sense of working people and still tends to despise working men and women, as much as Elizabeth Warren and the New York Times.

The GOP continues to blow off its own toes and GOP Mavericks play to the very news media that detests them and the American Middle Class.  Planned Parenthood survived on Republican largess, until lace-curtain Catholics no longer wanted to be perceived as Archie Bunker.  Who happened to be a Protestant, by the way.

College educated sons and daughters who went to De Paul and Loyola  no longer wanted to be traditional Catholics tied to the old country.  They became Tom Hynes and Neil Hartigan Democrats, who later evolved into Dick Durbin milksops. " Yeah, I am personally against abortion, but I will take money from Planned Parenthood and fight to keep the slaughter of babies a Woman's Health Initiative!"

If you are OK with killing a child in womb, you are OK with any other mischief, it seems to me.

Blue collar Catholics found that they had much more in common with black, white and Latino tradesmen, than their starched collar Brooks Brothers bedecked Progressive-owned union leadership and voted for Reagan and then Trump.

Catholics are as thoroughly Balkanized as the rest of the country.  Country Music plays left and right, as much as buying chicken or coffee,  How did this happen?  Slowly and patiently.  Reds were run out of labor in the 1940's with the exception of textile trades.  The textile trades opened banks - Amalgamated banks out of New York. These banks funded activism in the arts and the sciences, as well as direct action causes.

Marxist activism is now what passes for American values these days.  The Orwellian hate speech crafted by 501(c) 3 foundations and universities has created a Balkan America divided by the very grassroots special interest, identity and agenda shouters being coalesced by foundation cockroaches like Gara LaMarche,Image result for gara lamarche

It begins with Philanthropic Foundations controlled by Marxists.  Money is the grease of politics and the engine for 'social change' - the elimination of the American Middle Class.

Labor needs money too.  And labor is coalesced along with immigrants, people unclear of their personal identities, foreign terrorists, lovers of abortion, the Beaux Arts, Hollywood, Broadway, the Media, Wall Street and the Ivy Towers - people who hate the idea of being accused of being bourgeoisie middle class - hillbilly chic American.

Yesterday, every carbon foot-print was set to hit the pavement, but here in Chicago it was forty degrees with winds gusting up to 40 MPH and rain.

The crowds were way down from the expected Pussy Hat numbers of January's Resistance.  we know this because neither Chicago daily paper crowed about the throngs and the media uses helicopters.

 Not so throng.

Image result for may day rally in chicago 2017

May Day is a Communist Holiday called International Day in Europe.  May Day says little about American labor anymore.

It says plenty about the dark forces of fascism behind Blue Statism.

Real labor showed up in throngs despite cops billy clubs used to protect scabs -

Real Labor resisted, because there were consequences in life -

People died creating the American Middle Class.

May Day rally
People want no consequences for murdering the Middle Class