Friday, January 23, 2015

An Obama Library Could Get Haunted by Old Studs Lonigan

Washington Park's Studs Lonigan didn't cotton to Coloreds in his neighborhood around 58th & Indiana

John Kass notes the possible site of an Obama Presidential Library near 58th & Indiana.  I believe our preening President is, was and has been finished with Chicago and will demand that his Presidential shelves filled with copies of his ghost written autobiographies will be located in Hawaii, where he choom-ganged his way through school.  That said, were our  Guest of the City President to acced to the wishes of University of Chicago swells and the real estate kings ( Judson Miner and Allison Davis) who bankrolled Obama's ghost-ride to Springfield and thence Washington D. C. such a spepulchre to self-worship might find a ghost wandering its halls - William "Studs" Lonigan, as fictional a character as the President, his own bad self.

Studs Lonigan is a character from the Trilogy bearing his name. A trilogy is a trio of books linked by similar plot, character development and theme, not unlike the duology Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. You have a novel, a duology, a triology, a tetraology, a pentaology, a hexology, and a heptology, an octology, a enneaeolgy and posiibly a decalogy.

James T. Farrell, was the Mount Carmel High School student athlete who went to University of Chicago and bought into all of John Dewey's crapola, and wrote about 'the old neighborhood.'  Farrell wrote about a guy died young, after a long career as a bust-out, bar bully who wasted his soul and health on our American Dream. The American Dream is the dope of the middle class, according to University Lab School trust fund babies and anyone who actually believes that John Dewey makes any sense.

Farrell's Studs Lonigan character is a sad, grunting bum who recoils from hard work, human feelings and doing for others.  The real person Farrell modeled Studs' character on is buried a couple of hundred yards from my modest, middle class front porch in Mount Olivet Cemetery. Buried with and near this sad guy are hundreds of wonderful south siders - priests, soldiers, poets, Fenians, bootleggers, teachers, cops, firemen, nurses, business moguls and writers.  The quiet souls rest in Christ's smile. Studs? Probably not so much.

The unquiet soul just might wander.  The real Studs Lonigan might take a ghoulish street car from Morgan Park and back to Washington Park. This racist, drunken lout must be sickened that a 'shine, a coon, a dinge' became President of the United States and want to haunt the guy's library.  Hold the phone!

The Washington Park neighborhood lies near the lake and the gray Gothic towers of the University of Chicago, but this is a working-class town. On hot summer nights you could smell the sweaty wind from the stockyards to the west, and the smoke from the steel mills all the way to East Chicago and Gary. Though these streets have fallen on hard times, the heavy masonry and brick give the churches, the two- and three-flat buildings, and large apartment houses a look of fortress-like solidity and permanence. They must have influenced Farrell’s prose. Not far from St. Anselm’s, at 58th and Indiana, a sign may soon be going up, renaming the block “James T. Farrell Way.” This was the heart of the old neighborhood: the Mom and Pop groceries, the drugstores where you had to exchange a nickel for a slug to make a phone call, the movies and the pool hall where the gang hung out. The corner. A corner of Chicago that belongs to Farrell, and to his most famous creation, Studs Lonigan. 
James T. Farrell was miserable guy.  He made himself miserable, because Studs Lonigan was all that people wanted.  He was bummed that Chicago never lionized him for his literary art.  Farrell visited Loyola, a year after I graduated, at the gracious invitation of Dr. Suzanne Gossett who taught the Chicago novel. Farrell was anything but gracious.  He died shortly in his self-imposed exile in New York.

President Barack Obama is very much like James T, Farrell in the way that he constantly blames others for his self-made miseries.  They are brothers of the Maroon, having both won glittering, but unearned prizes at University of Chicago and they are authors, as well.  Farrell hated his neighborhood. Obama hates anything resembling a neighborhood and the Babbitts who choose to remain in the them.

If Obama's Presidential ends up being the Chicago default choice, they had better budget big dollars for the poor slobs working the night shift.  Studs will be in the House!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pray on Your Knees and Live on Your Feet

"Pray on your knees and live on your feet."  Patrick E. Hickey

Those are two hard imperatives from a hard guy, from hard school.

My Dad was not an exceptionally public pietist. He was not public anything.  He never joined anything but the Marines and the Union.  He was private, actually a Private First Class.  He had been kicked out of Catholic grammar school as an 'incorrigible' ( "I decked a nun") and managed to attend St. Rita High School only because of the diplomatic and saintly efforts of his mother - Nora: Grannie Hickey.

Dad was a three campaign ( Bougainville, Guam, & Iwo Jima) combat veteran.  The only WWII memorabilia that survived his seabag ( saved by his sister Marguerite) were his Identification cards, discharge papers, a compass, a letter opener that said GUAM, a carbine bayonet, a pair of canvas leggings and a couple pictures of Dad and Bob Guth. One other item, remained. It was a steel disc with a cross.  Dad gave it to one of my daughters, before he died.  My son has his I.D.'s and compass, The carbine bayonet remains in the sock drawer of his dresser at my Mom's house.  I have his seabag.

The rosary is memorable because of its size and simplicity - a seabag was all a guy had to carry everything he owned back then. He prayed alot, it may be deduced. Each of three campaigns contained enough horrors and challenges for twenty persons, let alone a teenager from Chicago.

When my wife's brain tumor was diagnosed as inoperable, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself - I ain't no tough guy.  My Dad took me out for a couple of beers and counselled, " That poor girl of yours is hit; leave her on the beach."

Talk about a WTF moment.

" All you can do is make her happy in her last few days ro minutes. You have alot to do, my boy. Get busy with it and you had better hit your knees every morning.  Pray on knees and you'll stand up alright."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gov. Bruce Rauner - Lay Off the Skilled Trades

"There's a saying that you can't manage what you don't measure,"   "I want to measure the results. … Then we'll decide from there, when we know the facts and we see the trends, what appropriate action we can take further." Bruce Rauner

Measure twice; cut once.  Governor Carhartt knows as much about the skilled trade ( the ones that pay well, because the tradesman actually sacrifices his own time, talents and treasure to be a skilled tradesman) as he does about Pat Quinn's deepest aspirations.  Well, maybe not that shallow a guess.

Bruce Rauner is a money guy businessman - not a player with railroads, or stacker of wheat.  He shitches zeroes and commas after arabic numerals, preceeding the requiste period.

Bruce Rauner hitches zeroes and commas with best of them. I voted for Rauner, because he is not Pat Quinn.  I will vote for Dr. Willie Wilson, or Jimmy the Two Headed Boy, because they are not Rahm Emanuel.  Chuy and Alderman Goldenrod weave are Rahm without the game.

The skilled trades are going for Rahm, like was Barack Obama with street cash. Labor has made foolish pacts with politicians in last twenty years that have diminished labor.

My entire family, save one hand of cousins and myself - and my family is huge, BTW - are skilled tradesmen - carptenters, machinists, plumbers, electricians and travail acharné , certains actes de violence secondaires de protection et la grâce de Dieu, members of IUOE local 399.  I listened to their concerns that Bruce Rauner was out to kill labor, because he was just like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Rauner is no Walker.  Walker stands for small government and the middle class Rauner sprints to money and power and like his soul-mate Rahm Emanuel could care Effing less about you, your neighbor, your dog, Selma, or the middle class.

The skilled trades of Wisconsin learned that Walker was a genuine friend of real labor -public unions , like SEIU and the teachers, not so much

Skilled work pays well and skilled tradesmen work.

Bruce Rauner wants the skilled trades to open up their books to him. Governor Carhartt wants to see how many minorities and veterans are in skilled trades apprenticeship programs.

The Skilled Trades should tell Bruce Rauner to go pound sand.  Governor Rauner wants to measure data, in order to control. Each skilled trade got to where it is today on its own.  Yes, they did build their own success.

Pandering to veterans along with minorities is slick.  Pat Quinn must be kicking himself.

Instead blaming public education for its crime against minorities, Governor Rahm Rauner decides to kick the skilled trades with implied racism, bad breath and poor polo skills. Right out of the Rahm Emanuel playbook.

Bruce Rauner knows that government adds zeroes and commas to his arabic numerals and if he can wrest control of the apprecipship standands and training from the Pipefitters, Engineers and all the other skilled trades the media will love him as much as Rahm Emanuel.

Government wants controll of all training programs.  No dice. The skilled trades are the redoubt of the American middle class. An early warning sign of the government take over of skilled trades unions comes fro the biggest government warehouse of ineptitude and smarmy hypocrisy - the National Education Association:

The skilled trades should take Rauner's measure twice and thrice times twenty, before cutting their own throats. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

So, You Wanna Have a Library and Museum, Lads? " Go Scrutin!!"

                                   OB wans a libray and KaNobi Wans a Museum

"Scrutiny? What else do you want? Do you want to take my shorts? Go scrutinize yourself. I get scrutined every day." -Mayor Richard M. Daley

Colonel Lucas: Your mission is to proceed up the Nung River in a Navy patrol boat. Pick up Colonel Kurtz's path at Nu Mung Bha, follow it, learn what you can along the way. When you find the Colonel, infiltrate his team by whatever means available and terminate the Colonel's command.
Willard: Terminate... the Colonel?
General Corman: He's out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. And he is still in the field commanding troops.
Jerry: Terminate... with extreme prejudice.

A Library - " A library is an organized collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. "

A Museum- "A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary."

Libraries go back to the Sumerian dynasty when collections of cuneiform tablets were stored by the perky blonds in horn-rimmed glass of that time. That library was in Ninevah, which is near Mosul, in northern Iraq. ISIS, it will be recalled, holds human artifacts in same high regard it holds for human life.

The oldest museum is the Capitoline built with a grant from Pope Sixtus IV, back around 1471. To be sure, there were collections of artifacts looted and held in great care by rich guys going back to all ancient civilizations, but Pope 6-tus gets the props on this one.

Rich guys are not always bad guys - pirates, foot-pads, warlords, or creeps.  I know many very rich people and they tend to eat M&Ms by the handful just like everyone else.

Some rich guys are creeps.  Chicago greatest creep has a museum of natural history named for him - The Field Museum.  He was the 19th century purveyor of 'nice things.' Marshall Field knew what nice was when he saw, but had much to do with 'nice.'  He took credit for the work and words of others, especially his hard-working clerk Harry Selfridge, whom Field managed to run off to London.  Everything that Marshal Field & Company means to a Chicagoan was created by Harry Selfridge.

Field was a been counter and shrewed claim jumper ( from Potter Palmer to Harry Selfridge) who always knew that just up the next street was a some hard-working slob to be courted, hustled and discarded.

Field's kids built a museum for old Dad.

Chicago is home to many libraries. Public libraries are in every neighborhood, but seem as empty as a Quaker Meeting house in Morgan Park on non-election days.There are the magnificent private libraries,  University Club od Chicago Newberry and Ryerson & Burnham, where membership and access is a privilege.

Well, now, it seems that a 21st Century Presidential  library and a Hollywood & Science museum are meeting some hostility -

Emanuel’s office is helping secure rights to 10 acres at two possible locations, in Washington Park and Jackson Park. Winning those rights would require votes by the Chicago Park District Board and the City Council. The Chicago Park District will hold two community hearings next week. The third possible site, the South Shore Cultural Center, has been taken off the table because it’s not big enough.
“I want to make sure that, if there’s any issues, that we resolve those so we’re competitive against New York and this becomes an easy decision for the president to pick his hometown for where his presidential library, in my view, belongs,” Emanuel said at a Monday news conference, Sweet reported. Emanuel promised to play an “active role” in getting the Chicago bids up to speed.
The land deal is far from certain: A local community group, Friends of the Parks, is already suing the city over another proposed museum, funded by filmmaker George Lucas, that would sit on 17 acres of parkland. The group has succeeded in slowing down the Lucas museum, and they could throw up additional roadblocks to the presidential museum, too.

George Lucas and President Obama want a museum and a library which will stands as testament to their fascinating and exclusive lives.

Barack Obama, when I first met him in 1995, is a rather full-of-himself man of limited abilities.  He was led by the hand to the White House, without any scrutiny. He was never scrutined

Obama made his career in Chicago and some career it has been.  Everything was just Jake, until Barack Obama became jumped into the driver seat of America's most important vehicle of change - The Presidency.
Everything is over his head, but not his pay grade.  No one seems interested in helping President Obama carve-out brick and mortar pyramid to himself. Private funds?  Barack Obama lifted every friendly wallet in the nation; so, he must turn, once again to our pockets as tax-payers and our public lands as Chicagoans.

George Lucas? Never met him; never will.  He'd sic the Wookies on me, were I to ever ring the bell to his outer-gate and ask, " Wanna buy some World's Finest to help the poor kids at Leo High School?"

George Lucas became as much of Chicagoan as Rahm Emanuel.  He married a gal with Chicago clout.

George thought, "Chicago deserves a museum dedicated to me! . . .well, Star War, Ewoks, Darths and Skywalkers!" George Lucas wants prime public land that Daniel Burnham and his guys actually re-created from the malarial swamps and sand dunes God created.

My feelings are these projects?  Terminate is too weak a word  - Scrutin (sic) both projects, in cold, ice-water-for-blood and with extreme prejudice.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rahm Emanuel Hates Everything About the American Middle Class,- Just Like Ernest Poole

Imagine devouring every last item at the All You Can Eat buffet at Chi Tung, skipping the tip to the waitresses because it is after all a buffet, and then walking out the door to find a lawyer who will sue that fine establishment into oblivion, because Chinese food disagrees with you.

That is pretty much the mind of Rahm Emmanuel with regard to middle class neighborhood dwellers, and he is not alone. Valerie Jarrett, President Obama, most newspaper columnists and nearly every editorial board member in Chicago ( save Kristen McQueary of Chicago Tribune), WTTW, WBEZ, WBBM, NBC, ABC, and CBS feel pretty much the same way.

In order to destroy the middle class, like every entree on a Chinese Buffet, every aspect of life important to it, as well as the monetary rewards curtailed via taxation, vocational disappearances and personal safety, must be vilified.  The MC must come to realize that they are appalling and believe it.  If you are for traditional marriage, you are a homophobic hater. If you support law enforcement, you are racist. If you are for lower taxes, you are racist and a classist. If you ask a young lady to mind her language in church, you patriarchal misogynist Bible thumper.  If you want better schools, you are just plain stupid out of your mind nasty.  If you want to raise your family with hope for a brighter tomorrow, you will vote, again, for Rahm Emanuel - 'Hey, he's not so bad.'

This is not new stuff  This detestation of the middle class goes back to the 19th and early 20th century Chicago Progressivism,  Did you know that the first Pulitzer prize winner was the son of a wealthy Chicago Robber Baron of 19th Century, Ernest PooleErnest Poole

Mr. Poole would belong to the Occupy Chicago, I Can't Breathe, Don't Shoot Me brand of Progressive spirit that helped launder SEIU's Trotskyite recent history, elect Pat Quinn & Rahm Emanuel and give us Red Light Cameras.

Progressives are well-heeled; Middle Class Breeders have two nickels to rub together. . .for the moment. Ernest Poole was a Progressive pioneer.

Two years out of Princeton, Ernest Poole covered the 1904 Chicago Stockyard Strike as a free-lance correspondent, lived in Packingtown, as the media called Canaryville then, among the striking meat-cutters, drovers and penmen who lived in Bridgeport and Canaryville. Ernest Poole reported all of his activities with the strikers, especially the Amalgamated Meat Cutters President Mike Donnelly, directly to the the approved Chicago social justice queens Dr. Cornelia De Bey and Jane Addams.

These two legendary shake-down artists were deep in the pockets the beef barons Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift, and Nelson Morris, to fund Hull House and other settlement operations, as well as put a lock on control of Chicago public schools and public health.

Ernest Poole, like so many earnest young people born to privilege, was a babbler, a transient dweller among the unwashed and the oppressed, visited poverty and remained among his kind of people.  People with money and juice, drag, connections.

I can not find any primary examples of Poole's work concerning the 1904 Stockyard Strike, but only his own words written decades later in his puff piece Giants gone; men who made Chicago (1943), which I read again yesterday. Poole writes about the Giants of Chicago, Men like his Dad,  Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift, Nelson Morris, Jane Addams and Dr. Cornelia De Bey with same cool-eyed perspective of the five year old girl's opinion of unicorns. The 1st winner of the Pulitzer is a testament to Progressive marrow.

What makes writers like Poole, Studs Terkel, Bill Ayers, President Obama and mouthpieces like Carol Marin, Bruce Dold and Neil Steinberg so enduring is their basic detestation and loathing for Middle Class lifestyle, manners & morals, avocations and thought.

The satisfied mind, the grand old flag, the happy home,the full belly and heaping board, the button-down Oxford cloth o fJC Penny clothing and the Savings and Loans of American Breeders ( Protestant, Catholic, Jew and Uncle Tom AME/Baptist) are the things that matter not to Progressive Zealots and people they shill into public office.

Rahm is a 100% American Progressive

Friday, January 09, 2015

Imaginary Villainy is All Progressives Have Left

Blame not Islam; lay it on the Swedes!

That Americans are by historical screeds vicious, slave holding, Indian blanket infecting, Sioux massacre-ing, Uncle Tom Mexican hating, trigger happy Klan Kops and Islamaphobes hiding in sexual identity closets as big as Alaska is a given . . .in the New York Times, Salon, HBO, New Republic, Atlantic, Rolling Stone world of forced fed thought.

Yep, some days I just wonder what nasty mischief this 62 year old Catholic breeder-on-hold, widow man with mortgage, Cook County and Illinois State taxes to gravy the Federal outpourings from each payroll from the job I have, can up to - say, ginning up some Anti- Swedish hate mail.

Dear Ole,
It is 12 degrees above zero with a wind-chill factor of negative 15, why don't you and your herring choker of a wife load up the tow-headed spawn of Lutheran pre-schoolers of yours and do polar plunge off of the break-waters near La Salle Drive?
My Imam and Dad have told me of your crimes against humanity -
  • Viking looting of Iona, Wexford, Waterford, HenryFord
  • Limpa Bread
  • Herring in Cream Sauce
  • Pickled Beets
        Goth is great!  The Profit is better and will not be mocked! Be warned!

        Stor Hammare av Svenskarna, M.A.

Now, before we get to jamming Svenskas into wicker baskets, let's consider . . .why the Hell not?  Americans are haters from cradle to grave and the Swedes have gotten off Scot Free . . .don;t get me started on the Haggis Hour folks.

On every cable or network TV station we are treated to reminders of just how evil, wicked, mean and nasty Uncle Sam's Children happen to be and the magazines and newspapers are only worse,. but require the act of reading and we all know how Americans hate to read.

Here is an example of the scab-yanking, guilt gilding temperment of what passes for chic American thought:
Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times and Andread Mitchell of MSNBC

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: Nicholas, you have covered these conflicts around the world and you wrote so passionately today about the need to not do religious profiling. Let's talk about how Muslims in France and Western Europe have been under fire. There have been reports of actions against mosques, three mosques around France today. What is the message we should be focusing on?
NICHOLAS KRISTOF, NEW YORK TIMES: Well, I think it is two-fold. On the one hand, I think we have to acknowledge, and Muslims indeed do acknowledge it, there is a legitimate problem within Islam. There is a strain of extremism, there is a strain of intolerance and misogyny. And these are real issues and it's characteristic that as soon as this attack happened, even though Charlie Hebdo offends all kinds of people, everything [shows] that this was are extremist Muslims who decided to use AK-47s to resolve that.
But at the same time that we acknowledge there is a real issue here of extremism within this vast religion, I think we have to be very, very careful not to engage in religious profiling and to recognize that one can't blame 1.6 billion adherents of this vast and complex religion. One can't blame this event on all of them. One has to acknowledge that the Taliban folks who is shot Malala [Yousafzai] are one element of Islam and Malala herself is another. And this is a religion that contains multitudes.
MITCHELL: And in fact you wrote today:
So let’s avoid religious profiling. The average Christian had nothing to apologize for when Christian fanatics in the former Yugoslavia engaged in genocide against Muslims. Critics of Islam are not to blame because an anti-Muslim fanatic murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011.
There are violence groups within all religions.
KRISTOF: That's right, and I think we have a tendency to otherize people, if you will, of a different race, a different religion, a different ethnicity and then to perceive events into a narrative of threat and this is a very natural human thing. And I must say when I travel around the Mideast, I sit down in mosques and hear clerics concoct these extraordinary sort of paranoid visions of America because every datapoint that they get plugs into this stereotype that they have and they otherize us. I think we really, really have to be careful not to respond to the extraordinary intolerance of these jihadis with our own intolerance.
MITCHELL: I was talking earlier in the program to Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) who is Muslim and he was praising what George W. Bush did after 9/11. And in trying to bring groups together, it was an ecumenical, you remember an ecumenical service at the National Cathedral.
What does François Hollande have to do now given the fact that France has had already so much division because of the large Muslim community and its anti-immigrant stance in some quarters and the right-wing, of course?
KRISTOF: And Marine Le Pen, the head of one of these right-wing parties, is indeed going to be a great political beneficiary. And I've had some of these more anguished comments from Muslims in Europe who may point out that nobody defames Islam or the prophet more than people who murder cartoonists. I mean, the cartoonists are far less inimical to Islam than people who slaughter those cartoonists. And now on top of that, there is going to be this backlash that is going to affect roughly 8% or 10% of the population of France that is Muslim. One of the things I really admired about Australia after the incident there last month, the hostage taking in the cafe, Andrea, was the way Australians gathered around for that "I will ride with you" Twitter campaign, offering -- I thought it was really kind of beautiful to be able to recognize on the one hand that that attack on that cafe was just brutal, intolerable and just to recognize that ordinary Muslim-Australians in hijab were terrified of the backlash and needed support and to reach out and to help them escort them safely in public transport. I thought that was a tremendous reaction on the part of Australia and I think it is something that we can aspire to at a time when it's very easy for hatred to try to promote more hatred.
Andrea Mitchell is no where near as bone-stupid and vapid as Mika Brzezinski; nor are her knockers any where near as eye-poppingly fulsome.

Nicholas Kristoff . . .he stacks up with Andrea

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside. 'Who Told You, Hickey?'

 Dangerously cold wind chills to affect the area ... In Effect From Midnight Tonight to noon CST Thursday ... which is in effect from Midnight Tonight to noon CST Thursday ..N.B. photo provided by the exquisite Deborah Boscarelli

Fifteen minutes for my pre-set alarm goes off ( 3:25 AM) Sophie's scratch at my basement bedroom door signals me to toss off the quilts, hit my knees to the floor for my morning Memorare, and re-et my alarm  My eight year old jet black kitten, is one needy female who purrs up a storm until I give her the morning's change to the sandbox, In-House Cat Chow and double bowl of Michigan Straight H2O, as well as the requisite scratching, petting teasing with the pen laser.

God has given me another chance to inhale the day.  Neighbors, I worry not about ISIS, Al Qaeda, Ebola  Vlad Putin, the PDRNK, ,Red China, or what Rahm Emanuel is planning for me and other tax-payers.  That pile of anxieties are for people much more thoughtful, or psychically profound than I.  My anxieties are spiritual, related to prosaic civic and vocational obligations and most especially familial - I am a parent.  I worry about me bairns 24/7.  Like most worries those stand foar beyond my control. My youngest is snuggled in her bed and has five days remaing of her break from Western Michigan. The two older young uns are out of the nest.  Yet, I do worry.

Things I can address cause most of my anxiousness due to my husbanding of technical skills and talents.

The furnace is working fine. The sump-pump's buzz durng the morning's ablutions calm my constant home owner fears.  

All is right with the . . . Uck Fay!  
(Hickey's alley facing north)

Two powdery  inches of new white stuff on the weathered wooden deck.  The snow blower checked out and operated handsomely in respense to Winter 2015's intial assault, only hours ago.  The temperature is Zero, but the winds are mild.  No sweat. . .plow after work at Leo High School.

But, wait!  

Once  fleased, buttoned, zipped and gloved, I survey the immediate property.  On my walk, is a form . . .a human form . . .and all too human form . . .an all too female woman buck-nekid form . . supine in the snow drifted 1926 poured City of Chicago walk-way between the trio of park way trees and south side of Casa Hickey!

Do I start the dependable MTD snow throwing Dreadnaught and chance taking a 9mm in the ass from a neighbor - it is, after all, 3:45 AM?  Do I wait until after work? This exquisite beauty might require immediate attention! Call 911 and go to work?  

Own a home? You got anxieties.

Man, it's cold.  Time for Dunkin Donuts coffee!!!!!!!