Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Frumious Bandersnatch Lands in Paris

A Bandersnatch swiftly drew nigh
And grabbed at the Banker, who shrieked in despair,
 For he knew it was useless to fly.
He offered large discount—he offered a check
 (Drawn "to bearer") for seven-pounds-ten:
But the Bandersnatch merely extended its neck
And grabbed at the Banker again.
Without rest or pause—while those frumious jaws
Went savagely snapping around—

Last night our Lewis Carroll world ended for scores of young people in Paris.  Islamist terrorists slaughtered Parisians, only hours after devasting the Paris of Middle East, Beirut.

In a district of Paris not unlike Chicago's Wicker Park, or Lakeview, outdoor cafes and concert venues were targeted by the people of blood who worship the Black Flag.

I know many Muslims and they worship God - the same God to whom I ask forgiveness for my selfishness, thoughtlessness and weakness.

The fact of the matter the people of blood are not Lutherans, Catholics, Coptics, Hussites, or Amish people and sure as hell are not Jews.

The people of blood are Islamists. Muslims in the same manner that Himmler was a baptized Catholic. They are Marxist Liberation Theology savages aided, abtted, encouraged and defended by Western intellectuals.

The blood in Paris has not yet dried and my own is boiling on a slow simmer waiting for our Lewis Carroll intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Barack Obama to parse out this latest  Hunting of the Snark episode.

I taught Lewis Carroll to my high school students, when it was called 'nonsense verse.'

Well, our academic frauds in what used to be called American universities in what used to be called Western Civilization and tony magazines ( Atlantic, New Republic, The Nation & etc.) that bowdlerize the 'thoughts' of popular Hegelian totalitarian semiotics mouthed by tweedy creeps like Chomsky, have perfected an intellectual climate in the world that is most welcoming to the people of blood.

Here in Chicago , the same stripe of intellectuals, spawned out of Neo- Hegelian nests like University of Chicago and Northwestern University,  dominate Cook County politics, the media and what is laughingly called 'The Conversation.'  They created Chicago's Thug Comfort Zones, parsed away as 'gun violence' and now called ChiRaq.  Memes are screamed and accepted as truth and logic - systemic racist police torture and wrongful du jour and de jure and that is reason nine year olds are assassinated and three year olds slaughtered in Chicago - because the people of blood are allowed, encouraged and defended to do so.

Britain, France, the United States, Germany, Australia and now Canada are all led by Chief Executives drawn directly from the verses of Lewis Carroll.

Nine idiots (Western Powers) behind leadership of The Bellman went hunting for the "Snark."  The Snark was known by so many names and always misidentified by the hunters.

Barack Obama reminds me most of the Banker, who tries to buy off the terrorizing monsters and goes totally out of his mind. John Kerry? The Bellman.

God help  us.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Leo Veterans Observances 2015 Photos

Here are some pictures that I took of yesterday's Leo High School Veterans Observances -

 Vietnam Veterans of the Class of 1965 Rich Doyle and Tom Connors chat with Leo Hall of Fame Inductees of 2015 - The Marines of Chicago's Own 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines.
 Decorated combat veterans of Tinley Park VFW Post
 Mr. Harold Green keeps Leo High School a place to be proud of and is himself a Vietnam Vet.
Don Hogan who fired the big guns of the Battleship New Jersey in WWII is welcomed back to Leo High School by the Class of 2015.

The courtyard was thick with heroes.

Jim Wilkins '44 and his beautiful family were treated with great respect and dignity by ABC 7's Ravi Baichwal.  

Leo High School Veterans Observance 2015 - God Bless All Who Serve!

" Busted!" Jim Wilkins '44 showed Darius Branch '16 the 1943 Tribune article showing him ditching classes at Leo to join the Navy in WWII

This year Leo High School corrected a wrong.

17 year old Jim Wilkins ( Leo '44) ditched school during his Junior year at Leo High School ( an act of bravery in itself, given the watchful eyes of the Irish Christian Brothers at that time) and enlisted in the United States Navy.
Jim Wilins is the blond gent in the 1943 Tribune article ( lower Left and Large!) 

From 1943 until the end of WW II, Jim Wilkins served on many combat patrols aboard submarines.

Jim returned from the war and was denied his diploma . . .he did not have enough academic credits.

Then, in a few years, Wilkins went back into the service to fight in the Korean War.

He still did not have enough academic credits to merit a diploma.

Seventy one years later, Leo Alumni President Emeritus Rich Furlong and his heroic brother Jim Furlong who saved his company commander, his squad and his mission by leaping in front of a North Vietnamese hand grenade, sacrificing his left leg in that bloody bargain, heard that Jim Wilkins had been wronged by educators.

The best people who work in schools, really use that term 'educator,' because they are teachers.

There is a huge difference. In my forty years plus of teaching in Catholic high schools, 'educators' are the persons who can not discipline a class, lead kids to learn, or merit the respect of people who do; they become educators.

Teachers teach no matter what their 'academic' job description tags them to be and try to make every experience a learning one.

Yesterday, Leo High School taught Chicago a great lesson.  Credentials mean little.  Capacity means everything.  James Wilkins has capacity a plenty.

Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Jack Schaller ( Leo '43) an Army Purple Heart veteran of New Guinea and the Philippines laid the wreathes at the Leo War Memorial to taps played by Mr. Jim Gould of Bugles Across America.

More than three hundred people including Jim Wilkins family,  four serving combat veterans of Chicago's Own 2/24 Marines, Tinley Park VFW members, eleven combat decorated veterans of Vietnam from the Leo High School Class of 1965, scores of Leo High School veterans of WWII, Korea, Lebanon 1959, Berlin Occupation, Cuban Missile Crisis, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon 1980's, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan  and the entire student body of Leo High School witnessed Jim Watkins accept his diploma.

I would like to thank the Chicago Tribune Suburban Branch, ABC 7 Chicago's Ravi  Biachwal, 2/24 Marines, Bugles Across America, Windy City Veterans, Tinley Park VFW Post, Steuber Florists, Pat Roberto of Calabria Imports, Miss Mary T. Burke, Bill Figel '73, the Leo Alumni Association and the Officers of Chicago Police District

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chicago's Ed Kelly: Kids Come First and Damn Policy to Hell!

“Oh, Mr. Mayor, I’m not really interested in politics, I want to run sports, coaching and that.” - Ed Kelly to Mayor Richard J. Daley

I was blessed to know the difference between what the Irish call Shite and the once popular protective wax application for shoes.   What actually takes place is truth.  What some people say intended policy happens to be is shite. When a man teaches little boys and girls about the physics involved in shooting a basketball through a hoop, or learning to keep one's protective 'left up' in a schoolyard scrap, or how to successfully fill out a job application for summer employment is Shinola - a no longer used commodity in public education, government and discourse.

Government was at one time merely a means of protecting an old lady from starving in a cold-water flat, an access to entry level jobs skills, a protector of public parks and sports programs and point of reference about one's personal character for soul less human resource bureaucrats.

Then came Shakman, the DNC, and the endless parade of talentless takers, jumping from government appointment to appointment to that multi-pension Promised Land.  Chicago today.

I have been blessed to know the difference, between a public servant and a power grabbing grifter.

There are a few public servants still walking around, but they have traded Addidas running shoes for  Shinola applicated Johnson and Murphys.

In our times, a  public servant can no longer be like Ed Kelly.

This summer Mr. Edmund L. Kelly turned 91 years old.

Edmund L. Kelly was born and raised on Chicago's north side in a neighborhood now known as "Cabrini Green."  From an early age, Ed excelled in sports spending most of his free time in neighborhood parks-a foreshadowing of his future when he would one day lead the Chicago Park District.
Ed graduated from St. Philip's High School in 1942.  While attending St. Philip's, his basketball talent earned him positions on the All-Catholic, All-City and All-Star Basketball teams.  Ed attended DePaul University and the University of Iowa, majoring in Physical Education.
In 1943, Ed enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Serving as an aerial gunner with a divebomber squadron, he saw action in the South Pacific and served in China from 1945-1946.  During his Marine career, Ed was elected to the All-Service Basketball Team and won the welterweight boxing championship.  He later played professional basketball with the Oshkosh All Stars in the National Basketball Association. The Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame

Ed Kelly ' ran the Parks' when I was a kid.  O'Halleran Park, Dawes Park, Foster Park, Hamilton Park Ogden Park, Sherman Park . . .you name a Chicago Park had a program staffed by college athletes, like Mount Carmel Hero of my youth  Bill Trapp . Ed Kelly staffed Chicago's Parks with solid people of great character who taught us to throw a spiral football, hit a three point shot, jab, hook and duck when necessary.  Ed Kelly protected kids, because he kept on eye on who would be teaching kids sport techniques, but more importantly character.

Ed Kelly did not use policy as a mandate - policy is for the pusillanimous.

Ed Kelly is a man.

Then came the idiotic and evil Shakman decision which took 'character' out of politics.

Name an elected politician who does not hide behind 'That smooth'd faced Gentleman, tickling' policy to paraphrase Shakepeare's greatest moral character The Bastard from King John. 

On November 14th, Edmund L. Kelly will be inducted into the Chicago Boxing Hall of Fame for his work with kids.

Ed Kelly could very well stand on the Shakspeare Stage at  Navy Pier and pronounce

Mad world! mad Mayors ! mad composition!
 . . .
With that same purpose-changer, that sly devil,
That broker, that still breaks the pate of faith,
That daily break-vow, he that wins of all,
Of kings, of beggars, old men, young men, maids,
Who, having no external thing to lose
But the word 'maid,' cheats the poor maid of that,
That smooth-faced gentleman, tickling ( Policy for Commodity) ,
 POLICY , the bias of the world,
The world, who of itself is peised well,
Made to run even upon even ground,
Till this advantage, this vile-drawing bias,
This sway of motion, this  POLICY,
Makes it take head from all indifferency,
From all direction, purpose, course, intent:
And this same bias, this POLICY,
This bawd, this broker, this all-changing word,
 . . .
And why rail I on this POLICY?
But for because he hath not woo'd me yet:
Not that I have the power to clutch my hand,
When his fair angels would salute my palm;
But for my hand, as unattempted yet,
Like a poor beggar, raileth on the rich.
Well, whiles I am a beggar, I will rail
And say there is no sin but to be rich;
And being rich, my virtue then shall be
To say there is no vice but beggary.
Since kings break faith upon POLICY,
Gain, be my lord, for I will worship thee. ( changes and emphases my own with profound apologies to the Bard)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Ragoût de boeuf à la manière d' Epstein- Not Much More to Do: Cook Using Readings from Joe Epstein as a Timer

No Leo Football; bugger all on TV; it's cold; I'm Tap City, until pay day. I took out my 1947 Wagner Ware dutch oven and gave it s good washing and let dry overnight and thought of making a weekends worth of good eatin' ragout - chili, goulash, or maybe stew.  Yeah, stew.

Not just stew, but Ragoût de boeuf à la manière d' Epstein - Joseph Epstein.  Last winter, I made this concoction and used Joe Epstein as my timer. No kidding.

Ergo, I defrosted two pounds of County Fair stew meat and roasted six red potatoes and put the spud back in the icebox overnight.  I cut stew quality onions, carrots, celery and a small stalk of fennel and did the same.

So I'm making stew.

I use Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoning instead of standard season salt.

I will brown the beef once I shake the bovine cubes in black peppered flour - one pound at a times in cooking oil and once browned up nicely take the meat out with a slotted spoon and set aside.

Then I add the five cups of vegetables the 1947 Wagner Ware dutch oven gave scald the hell out of them.

After a sound scalding, or roots, stalks and bulbs, I return the browned beef and two tablespoons of Tony Cachere and mix well with a wooden spoon.  After that I pour cold tap water three cups and 1 1/2 cup of beef stock and bring to a rolling boil uncovered.

I reduce the flame in the stove top to simmer and cover and will read from Joseph Epstein's Essay's in Biography - George Washington, Henry Adams. ( forty minutes) 

That should be about time to give the wooden spoon another workout and make sure I am getting the 'good stuff' scraped off the bottom.

Return to Essay's in Biography - George Santayana and Adlai Stevenson.( forty minutes)  

At this point in my process I take the cut and roasted potatoes chilling in the icebox and add them to the mixture.

More wrist work with the wooden spoon.

Read the rather longish essay on Henry Luce ( twenty to twenty five minutes) and then taste what I have wrought.  Add appropriate seasonings and water.

Turn off the heat and allow to cool.

Put the stew in a tupperware container and place it in the ice box for Saturday's enjoyment with biscuits that I pop out of the cardboard can, because I am one lousy baker. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Moms, Bundle Up Those Little Guys

Today is one windy and cold twenty four!  Even my old chill friendly pelt feel the sting of winter's slap on this October 29th of the year of Our Lord 2015. At Leo High School, Sangamon Street seems to act as a concrete HVAC -winds blow particularly strong south to north and getting the damn door to open with my key (attached to my identity lanyard and a stout pound or so duplicate and out-of-date keys to whatever) was daunting task.

I almost, almost mind you,  turned on the boilers at 4:30AM.  Nah, these brawny stalwarts can take it and it will be warmer by class time.

Out in the neighborhoods, Moms, or widowed Dads like your humble correspondent. should start boiling the water for oatmeal and hitting the cedar chest of winter togs.

One of my favorite parenting obligations was getting the bairns bundled wrapped and hatted to meet the challenges of Chicago's Hawk.

" You're gonna be warm . . .too bad about you. Now, get!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Leo High School's 20th Veterans Observance Friday, November 6th 2015


In 1995, Leo High School Principal and later President Robert W. Foster began the annual recognition of all who serve our country, especially those members of our Armed Services.

Since then, on the Friday immediately before our National Veterans Day ( November 11th) the entire Leo High School convenes in the courtyard of the school on 79th Street at the marble maker engraved with the names of Leo Men who died defending America.

This event allows no speeches by politicians.  It is a simple and dignified ceremony honoring the people who sacrificed their youth, blood, limbs and lives protecting all of us.
Doing the Color Honors will be the team from Chicago's Own and Leo Hall of Fame 2014 Honorees the Second Battalion, Twenty-Fourth Marines and Taps will be performed by members of Bugles Across America.

This year, Leo High School will present a diploma to a combat veteran of World War II and Korea who was denied that piece of paper, because he entered the service in his junior year.

Mr. Jim Wilkins of Tinley Park, IL will get what has for far too long been denied him.

Joining Mr. Wilkins in laying wreathes at the Leo War Memorial will be Mr., Jack Schaller a Purple Heart Veteran of World War II combat in the Philippines and a Leo High School Hall of Fame man.

This event welcomes the public.

Contact - Mr. Pat Hickey -Director of Development (773) 224-9600 ex. 208
When – November 6th 2015 at 11AM
Where – The Courtyard of Leo High School 7901 South Sangamon Street Chicago 60620
What - Leo High School, Leo Alumni Association welcomes all veteran to the Memorial Observance at the Leo War Memorial in the school’s courtyard. , Leo High School Principal Phil Mesina (USAF ret.) r & Vice Principal Frank Wilson (USMC ret.)
Who - Leo High School erected a memorial in 1965 to the many Leo men who have died serving America in World War II , Korea , and Vietnam and the Windy City Veterans of Chicago updated the engraved names and constructed permanent lighting for the memorial. Last year more than two hundred persons joined the 150 Leo students in honoring America ’s war fallen. 
Leo High School Speakers at War Memorial 11 A.M.
1.  Leo Principal Mesina and Vice Principal Wilson - Call to Order
2. Prayer by Alumni President Larry Lynch and Introduction to the ceremony by Alumni President Emeritus Richard Furlong and will read the biography of Mr. James Wilkins Leo Class of 1944 who was denied his diploma because he entered the service.
3. Leo High School  President Dan McGrath will introduce Mr. Jim Wilkins and present him with his long-overdue diploma and Mr. Jack Schaller ’43 Purple Heart, Leo Hall of Famer.
4. Color and Honor of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines – Posting of the Colors -Chicago’s own & Wreathe Laying by Leo Veterans & Purple Heart Veterans.
5. Our National Anthem by Leo Choir
7. Taps by Bugles Across America and Dismissal & Refreshments in Leo Cafeteria


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Silent Screams at Woody Allen Movies

Woody Allen made one great movie "Take the Money and Run" - 1969 - it was and remains brilliant.

I am a heterosexual male; as such, I was forced by social convention to sit through a thick part of the Woody Allen canon.

Remember, this is me talking.

I would rather endure a nice periodontal marathon at the hands of a lesbian with the shakes and breath like Gary, Indiana in the 1960's

The world thinks that Woody Allen is a genius and that Barack Obama is a great President.

Me? Not so much.

Woody Allen's korpo de laboro irritates me, but Not anywhere near as much as the ubiquitous immediate question asked by every woman ( lover, wife, companion, obligatoy 'take her out, Hickey') who dragged me silently screaming to Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, Manhattan, & etc. ad finitum, " That was brilliant! Don't You Think?"

I am as yellow as a duck's foot and my reply was usually a nod, or an Uh-Huh.

The nebbish keeps making them movies, but I'll have no more!

I will scream, "No" in thunder!  I am almost Sixty Four Years of Age for Chrissakes!

I must change, or risk bursting my aged tripes in frustrated anger!  Not to mention the abject @#$%ing boredom. 

President Obama Brings it Home to Insult Cops and Do the Work of Gamaliel

President Obama detests cops almost as much he does the military.  It is part of his political and maybe even helix-ed to his physical DNA.

He spent his post college days here in Chicago insinuating himself into the political melange of  The Windy City's Progressive-wing of the Devolving Democratic Party that had already been moving from meat and potatoes goulash to its current Vegan Curry.  The hearty stew of sensible legislation and ordinances that kept nickels in pockets and compounded interest daily for the middle class that had once whetted the appetites of working women and men became a global directed spice rack of tax-funded exotic policy mandates that to this day makes life miserable for all people, as well as pits neighbor against neighbor.   Obama honed his spice knives with the Gamaliel Foundation which schooled him on methods to do just that -
 Gamaliel of Metro Chicago (GMC) is regional member of the Gamaliel Network. GMC’s mission is to develop new community leaders through building networks of “core teams” and alliances with other community groups to build an organization capable of responding to issues of education funding reform, economic development, civil rights of immigrants, universal healthcare, older adult economic and social well being, and workforce development. The Gamaliel Network is made up of affiliates in 18 states, South Africa and Great Britain. President Barack Obama was a community organizer with Gamaliel in the 1980’s.

This is a very secularized quasi-religious ( they take money from Catholics) group of radicals who have perched themselves above the people they claim to 'want to help' and attract some of daffiest do-gooder-wannabe's it has been my personal and professional waste-of-time bed-of-nails  in my three score and change time on the terra.  This group counts on goofs and creeps. Goofs are individuals with a limited experience in getting along with people, a very stunted sense of literary discernment, but a great capacity for telling people how morally repugnant they happen to be, if they disagree with Gamaliel's dictum of what exactly God's Commonwealth happens to be.  Creeps are career takers.

Gameliel attracts goofs to do the nuts and bolts stuff and creeps to take credit for the work the goofs have done.  Barack H. Obama took an incredible amount of credit. Via Gamaliel, young Barack Obama learned the pathways tp God's (or something omnipotent - government) Commonwealth.

The four pathway's to God's Commonwealth

  • Create Structural Racial Equality. ( Racial Quotas) 
  • Build Peoples Control of Government ( No Fault Voter Registration)
  • Build Community Control of the Economy - (Occupy/Minimum Wage)
  • Expand the Public Sphere ( Black Lives Matter)
Cops and the military preserve, protect and defend the races, the government, the economy and the public within the frame work of the United States Constitution which is not a global frame work and it must go.

Today, Barack Obama comes home to Chicago a.k.a Chiraq - a place he more than helped develop.

He will address Police Chiefs - most of whom were nominated, appointed, or selected by local governments. His message to them is to think globally.  Think exactly the way Barack H. Obama, a Gamaliel disciple, thinks.

  • Force more gun laws
  • Don't arrest approved minorities
  • Don't Make Him Tell You Again
More importantly, President Obama will do some fundraising.

The speech is part of Obama's cross-country travel to meet with people working to fix the criminal justice system, from law enforcement officials endeavoring to lower crime and incarceration rates to former prisoners "earning their second chance," the official added.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch is scheduled to address the conference earlier in the day.
While in Chicago, Obama is to attend a fundraising dinner being hosted by Robbie Robinson, managing director of BDT & Co., and his wife, D'Rita, founder and CEO of Chatty Guest.
Co-hosts are being asked to contribute $33,400 and guests, $10,000, according to an invitation.
The first $2,500 of each contribution will go to Obama for America — the president's principal campaign committee — for 2012 general election debt retirement. Any contributions above $2,500 go to the Democratic National Committee.

President Obama is a creep and a Gamaliel disciple.  What are we?