Friday, December 19, 2014

"Who's the Water Head, Now, Hollywood?" Angelina Jolie Sure as Hell Ain't

"I never had a plan for my life," she said. "I do what I want to do. And if suddenly tomorrow I couldn't do anything, I could deal with that. I'd be happy at home being a mom." Angelina Jolie in People

“She's seriously out of her mind.” Scott Rudin e-mail to Amy Pascal

Seriously.  Sony pictures was hacked by the North Koreans, because it produced a movie intended to 'goof-on' the tubby, dictator who orders live ammunition practice on his Kin and paramours.  The hack-job mined a bonanza of Tweets, e-mails and cyber messaging between Sony executives. These same executives produce untold hours of loud,dull, self-congratulatory,  insulting, violent and meaningless 'entertainment' that goes immediately to Blue-Ray and Cable. Every once in a while the odd 'film' manages to squeeze through that is not loud,dull, self-congratulatory,  insulting, violent and meaningless 'entertainment' and lands somewhere in the level of artistic value next to Mitchell (considered the # 1 Worst Movie of 1975.

1975 was the year actor and director Angelina Jolie was born.

Since that time, the young lady seems to have done pretty well for herself - married a successful guy, adopted many children, engaged in charitable works with a grace well beyond her years and zip code, "She has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and was named Hollywood's highest-paid actress by Forbes in 2009, " directed two films and has avoided rehab, scandal and managed to not make a complete train-wreck of her image.

She is a cute girl - some say beautiful.

That said, the executives at Sony who have managed to allow the tubby sociopath of the Pacific Rim to unmask Hollywood for the fetid cesspool it happens to be 24/7 and no days off for religious holiday.

In 1975, I was a baby teacher at Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee, IL ( home of actors Kara Zediker BMHS '88, and Fred MacMurray).  Years later, while Kara Zediker trod the boards of Steppenwolf Theatre with John Malkovich, appeared in The Babe, Uncle Buck, Dig Two Graves, Contagion, Rock Star, The Babe, Janie Jones and No God, No Master, as well as made her talents evident on TV shows Like Star Trek, 24, King of Queens and Zena Warrior Princess, I became aware that Angelina Jolie was making a splash in Hollywood.

I saw Ms. Jolie in a couple of her films and recognized her intelligence, humor, depth and good heart.

I did not pick up on any clues as to her mental stability. She seems like a person who is centered and one not prone to worry about what is in the gift bags, or the place in line.

Hollywood is powerful.  Kim Jong Un is powerful.  Some people with power make life a living hell for others whom they deem inferior.

In 1975, I would go from Kankakee back home to the south side and tend bar.  I made more from Friday through Sunday than I did as a teacher.  There was a guy who used come into the bar who was a full blown nut-job. He would disguise himself with fake beards, glasses, trench coats and flash cards and badges that he got from Riley's Trick Shop and cage drinks and snacks.  He was nuts but relatively harmless.

"Shayyy? I'm jusht in from the coasht, and Bosh ( Boz) shed any thing I ashked for wash Ok, until my finanshesh get shquared away, Shpill me a Millersh and a shot of Chevash,"

Despite the disguises and the false identities, Larrensh (Larry) was afflicted with 'Fountain Mouth' - the Eddie Foy disease -"Shhay It, Don' Shhhpray it." That he could not hide.  Therefore, bar tenders immediately knew that Lawrensh Washhh In the Housh! The bartenders and owners gave the poor guy a couple of beers, a bag or two of Chipshhhh and the odd ride home. All but one.

Hollywood Hogan hated Lawensh like he was freshman Algebra. He would order Larry out with threats and maledictions and call him Water-head.

One very foggy night, after Hollywood ( a stunningly handsome black Irish Colin Farrell look-alike in full possession of a room temperature IQ) broke his ankle in softball game, Larry showed up an taunted the hobbled Hogan.

"Sha Madder Hollywood? Shpring in your Shtep Vanishhhhed?  Shum moush shcare you?"

Hollywood tucked a crutch under one arm and struggled to give chase.

Now, the city of Chicago had dug up the streets for sewer replacement and massive moats paralled the bar access.  Larry bolted Slushing out taunts and teases in the path of Hollywood Hogan doing his very best Walter Brennan giddy-yap.

Hogan decided to run down Larry with his big 1973 Pontiac Catalina. He tossed his crutch and fired up the car.  Larry hopped only yards from its path.

Hogan gunned the engine and tossed the Pontiac into drive. Larry hopped to the side and the quality vehicle careened into the City of Chicago created moat.  The rear wheels spun Hollywood beat the steering wheel with desperate and congenial hatred.

We witnessed this theatre.

From the fog, beyond the sewer ditch on Pulaski Ave. we heard the familiar voice of master of disguise, " Whoooshhhhhh The Water Head Now?"


Thursday, December 18, 2014

President Obama Pays Back Bill Ayers for All of His Kindnesses - Cuba is Just Folks, Again

"The 400-page report, a copy of which was obtained by the New York Times, revealed that Cuban intelligence officers in the General Directorate of Intelligence (known by its initials in Spanish as the DGI, Cuba’s equivalent of the CIA) set up the Venceremos Brigades in which WUO members participated." New York Times
“The ultimate objective of the DGI’s participation in the setting up of the Venceremos Brigades was “the recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence.”  

For those of you who have been paying attention, President Obama does exactly what he became President to do - Pay it back.

Bill Ayers, IUC retiree, Weatherman Alumnus, Cuban Sugar Cane Cutter and Barack H. Obama's Chicago "Chinaman" hired the bi-racially attractive affirmative action graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law to serve as President of The Woods Family Fund and the Annenberg Challenge.

Ayers had his past laundered by his Dad's Com Ed loot and landed a sinecure in education department of University of Illinois Chicago, seats on several 501(c) 3 boards as well as a job for his odious Old Lady at Northwestern University School of Law.  History erased is history forgotten.

Ayers  fundamentally transformed Chicago Public Schools from hopelessly inept places of learning into the Marxist coated billion-dollar disasters they remain to this day.  Bill Ayers is an energetic globe trotting ideological gremlin - Ayers carbon foot-prints can be found in Boliva, Venezuela, Mother Cuba, El Salvador, Peru, Columbia and on the Mexican border in our Hemisphere, but also on the streets of Cairo, Moscow, and all over Gaza.   He most recently did the bidding of Presidential puppeteer Valerie Jarrett for the Shiite mullahs in Tehran.  Interestingly, the very words that come out of Bill Ayers' tireless yap can be heard on the panels of MSNBC, CNN, NBC and Public Television.

President Obama has two years to make nice with Iran, betray the Kurds and turn Kim Jong Un into the Winston Churchill of the Pacific Rim. He'll also do his level best to make sure that America splinters into factions of very angry slogan chanters.

Yesterday, Obama paid the debt to Bill Ayers and saved Cuba from economic implosion - you see Putin's Petro muscle and Venezuela's Bolivarista 40-weight ain't worth much any more.  They are fracking screwed, blued and tatooed.

President Obama bowed to the Old Sugar Cane Cutter Bill - Cuba has been laundered.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

At 5:30 AM, December 16th, 1944 Leo Grad Jack Hogan Fired Back at the Wermacht

When Jack Hogan was drafted into the Army during World War II he said he knew it was his duty to serve. "It was a normal thing," said Hogan, 84, of Chicago's Ashburn community. "When I was drafted in 1943 the wars had started." The 19-year-old was assigned to the 755th Field Artillery Battalion, Headquarters Battery. His battalion fought* in the Battle of the Bulge, the largest battle fought by Americans in World War II at Bastogne, Belgium. "We were completely surrounded," he said. "We were running out of food and ammunition. I think we were down to one pancake a day. We had no air support because of the weather." He said on a clear day they finally got some relief. …Stephanie Gerhing - Southtown Star April 26, 2009
VIII Corps' artillery and trains assembled outside Sibret, Kampfgruppe Kunkel turned north in the late morning toward Senonchamps, a village of some importance since it controlled the secondary road leading onto the Marche-Bastogne highway. The immediate prize before Kunkel, but probably unknown to him, was the American artillery groupment consisting of the 755th and 969th Field Artillery Battalions, emplaced with their 155-mm. howitzers near Villeroux, a crossroads some 2,500 yards south of Senonchamps.
At Senonchamps the 420th Armored Field Artillery Battalion under Colonel Browne was busily engaged in firing against the enemy east and north of Bastogne, but Browne had been able to take some steps to secure his gun positions with a scratch force of infantry and light tanks raised by CCB. Around Villeroux, however, all was confusion and no single officer seemed to be responsible for defense of this sector. As Kunkel sped north from Sibret toward Villeroux he met the 771st Field Artillery Battalion, which abandoned its guns and fled. About this time Team Pyle (a detachment formed from the remnants of CCR and numbering fourteen tanks and a couple of hundred stray riflemen) came south on the Neufchateau road. Kunkel hit the point of this force east of Villeroux and drove the Americans back in the direction of Senonchamps.
The brief respite given the Villeroux defenders by this encounter enabled the two medium howitzer battalions to "march order" their batteries and head for Senonchamps. German infantry in half-tracks closed on Villeroux before the last howitzers could displace, but visibility by this time had dwindled to a couple of hundred yards and Battery A of the 755th alongside the headquarters battery of the 969th laid down a hail of machine gun fire which momentarily halted the enemy. This small rear guard force itself was saved by the appearance of two American tanks that casually wandered into the fight and out again. Only one howitzer was lost during the displacement to Senonchamps, and it was disabled by a mortar shell.
At the edge of Senonchamps Team Pyle made a stand, for the German drive threatened to strike the 420th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (Team Browne) and the two battalions of 155'S from the rear. When the enemy infantry formed to join their tanks in an assault on the village they came directly under the eyes of Battery B of the 796th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, whose .50-caliber "meat choppers" quickly ended this threat. Kunkel decided to delay an attempt for conclusion until the morrow.

* 10th Armored Division "Tiger" Combat Command B Commander Col William L Roberts - divided in three teams :
- Team Maj William R Desobry
- Team LtCol Henry T Cherry
- Team LtCol James O'Hara

101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" MajGen Maxwell Taylor - Acting Commander until december 27, 1944
BrGen Anthony C Mc Auliffe

- 501st 502nd and 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
- 327th Glider Infantry Regiment (1-401st attached)
- 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
- 377th 463rd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
- 321st 907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
- 81st Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion

- 705th Tank Destroyer Battalion Commanding Officer LtCol Clifford D Templeton
- 755th 333rd 775th 969th Field Artillery Battalions

1019 Officers
14167 NCO'S & EM

Monday, December 15, 2014

Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Kills Kids and Christmas

Chicago is a thug comfort zone.  It became so, because of anti-police mythologies, a complete undermining of any and all confidence in the American Justice system and the racial grievance industry.

A thug can kill with impunity and murder witnesses..  This weekend,  a 15 year old boy was murdered because a 17 year old thug wanted his jacket. No police officer has been charged with killing a kid for his Ipod, Timberlines, Jordans, jewelry, or inability to answer the fundamental GD, Stones, or Mickey Cobra catechism questions.  Nevertheless, police officers are public enemy number one, because of flannel-mouthed morons like Michale Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, Joan Walsh, Chris Hayes and Chicago's editorial boards,

Thugs kill and rob with impunity.

Did you know that in Gresham, Englewood, Grand Crossing, Chatham and Bronzville neighborhoods Black families refrain from putting up Christmas decorations in order to signal the thugs that there is nothing under tree.

Only this morning, one of the young guys whom I drive to Leo High School every morning had his home broken into on Saturday and his family's Christmas presents redistributed to the thugs.

The family took down the Christmas tree, the lights and any other notification of shared values.  If your home or apartment in the 'Hood displays Christmas, the thugs find cause to rob you.

This war on Christmas goes way beyond the Bill O'Reilly-variety; this war on Christmas is personal.

The news media gooses the numbers of idealistic dopes who Metra into the Loop from our suburban Napervilles, Wilmettes and Winnetkas who need to march in solidarity against "police violence," purchase an "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt, beat a few drums and disrupt traffic when called into Action by race fakirs like Sharpton and pasty-faced clowns like MBC's Brian Williams.

We live in a thug comfort zone, because we are OK with it.  We feel good about it. It is cathartic to blame the cops, march in solidarity and assuage white guilt, or black frustration.  It sure beats actually doing something about it - like facing our own demons, defending the sanctity of life, working for institutions and people who are not a huge part of problem and actually being accountable, for something.

The Christ Child is naked, cold and about to take a 9mm if Joe and Mary don't give up the  gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Kill Kids; Save Big Money!" says Dr. Jon "The Architect of ObamaCare" Gruber

 " . . .what did you mean when you said, 'They proposed it and that passed because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference?"

" I am embarrassed . . .I am sorry . . . well, Kinda . Sorry I got caught . . .for now . . .anyway.    I am so much more than just an MIT professor and White House Frequent Flyer . . . I can turn a Messerschmitt upside down . . .  check out these boots."

Rudy Hess, the Wagnerian goof who turned his Messerschmidt upside down over Scotland and spent the next four decades in the slammer once argued that National Socialism was 'applied biology.  Same goes for ObamaCare and our smarmy cable news creep of the cycle Dr. Jon Gruber.  He ain't alone. He and two other academic eugenics cheerleaders wrote a paper in 1997 that parallels a law written in 1932.

MIT, Wellesley and Harvard produced some real beauties, unparalleled for their idealism, intellectual heft and abilities to nail them grants, since Falk Ruttke,Arthur Gütt, and good old Ernst Rüdin enacted the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring, back in 1932. - Lookee hear!
The new Nazi law was coauthored by Falk Ruttke, a lawyer, Arthur Gütt, a physician and director of public health affairs, and Ernst Rüdin, a psychiatrist and early leader of the German racial hygiene movement. Individuals who were subject to the law were those men and women who “suffered” from any of nine conditions assumed to be hereditary: feeblemindedness, schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorder, genetic epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea (a fatal form of dementia), genetic blindness, genetic deafness, severe physical deformity, and chronic alcoholism.
Special hereditary health courts lent an aura of due process to the sterilization measure, but the decision to sterilize was generally routine. Nearly all better-known geneticists, psychiatrists, and anthropologists sat on such courts at one time or another, mandating the sterilizations of an estimated 400,000 Germans. Vasectomy was the usual sterilization method for men, and for women, tubal ligation, an invasive procedure that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of women.

Health courts! Just like one's Zeke Emanuel touts and Sarah Palin tagged as Death Panels - and some people mock Sarah Palin?

Planned Parenthood works its skull crushing magic on babies thanks to Gruber, Levine and Staiger!   If only Falke Ruttke, Artie Gütt and good old Ernst Rüdin bhad a Cecile Richards and a Barack Obama instead of Rudy Hess and Al Hitler, thei9r Will Might Have Triumphed.  

Monday, December 08, 2014

CPD Hero Saved a Crowd of People in a Mount Greenwood Pub

Authorities responded to a police-involved shooting Sunday night in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood. | NVP News video

White, Black, Brown Red and Yellow people are not bullet proof. Bullet travels at thousands of feet per second when someone pulls a trigger.  A bad guy, a cop, or a child can pull a trigger. A gun is a formidable weapon; so is a pool cue, a pipe wrench, or a fist.

Behavior is the problem and not some Chimera - systemic racism.

Systemic is an adjective lifted from the hard sciences and employed by the agenda-driven social sciences to further the naturalistic notions that society is a body on a coroner's slab and tweedy goofs with grants and academic tenure dole out the word's application to lawyers, crumbs and dumb bunnies

Last evening, Bad Behavior from some unknown person with, what I would call a serious beef about something, added to more than a few ounces of Giant Killer

The Bad Behavior person shot someone in a neighborhood tavern and an alert and courageous off-duty Chicago Police Sergeant saved a crowd of citizens from harm.

 <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It is believed that this Bad Behavior shooter of guns is a white man . . .a deceased white man.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Breathless Solidarity Sans African American Chicagoans

Social Media?  Mayhaps.  Moreso, Socialist and CPUSA Strategists.  I see more Afriocan Americans 'Holding the Line' in CPD Blue than in the modest crowd of protexting White Boys.

Marching allows people to vent anger, frustrations and disappointments.  There have been hundreds of marches on the south and west sides of Chicago condemning, denouncing and damning faceless shooters, gutless public officials who also march-up-a-storm and inanimate objects drawn in a circle with a red bar through them - Guns.  Murders continue unabated.

Orwell, in 1984, called such venting "The Two Minute Hate,"  Which allowed the opporessed to direct their anger, frustrations and disappoinbtments at faceless enemies, caricatures of enemies and inanimate objects and away from the oppresive totalitarian regimes defining each person according to needs of government.

Today,  too many people, particularly young people,  who spend most of their waking hours 'thumbing' human contact via a Steve Jobs product, who largely ignore their family, friends and fellow citizens due to addictions to cellphones, smart-phones, tablets, and keyboards need an opportunity let the world know just how feeling and human they happen to be -in solidarity with strangers who trying to get home to their kids on west and south sides.

Know this - the crowds of earnest, breathless and obnoxious white suburban hipsters blocking traffic here and elsewhere are cattle and chattle of CPUSA.