Saturday, November 02, 2019

Free People, or Helots. Hoosiers are Free People, for Now.

like donkeys suffering under heavy loads,
by painful force compelled to bring their masters half
of all the produce that the soil brought forth.
(Tyrtaeus West Fragment 6, trans. West)


Helots - The helots were a subjugated population group that formed the main population of Laconia and Messenia, the territory controlled by Sparta. 
  1. a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens.
    • a serf or slave.

I have been using this term to describe people of the middle class in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois for a number of years,   In ancient Sparta, Helots were the middle class, sandwiched between the upper class and slaves as we know the term. 

In Chicago during my life time (1952-2018) there, I watched the robust American middle/working class diminish, shrink and all but vanish from Cook County.   The upper classes and their stooges ( some journalists, activists, too many labor unions, private charities) have done everything to get people who pay taxes, work for a living and live happy lives get the Hell out of Dodge. 

A few weeks ago, one of the Oligarchy’s stooges with Chicago Sun Times  wrote a piece bewailing the departure of the black middle class from Chicago and positing the possibility of its return.   The stooges of Oligarchy have made Race the basis of everything, but the facts confound this lie.  The Black Middle Class is no different from the Polish, Swedish, Greek, Lithuanian, Bohemian, Mexican, Jewish and Italian middle class.  The only ethnic demographic of the Middle Class that does not get it is the Irish.

As a group the Irish serve the oligarchy with regularity and lick-spittle lock-step for the likes of Pat Quinn, Richie Daley, Toni Preckwinkle, Lori Lightfoot and JB Pritzker like no other.  

This is odd because the Irish were once in the forefront of creating the middle class.  My Grandfather was. a hairy pawed union slugger in the stock yards who helped form one of the most powerful and professional skilled trades unions in Illinois.  He went from coal heaver, to operating engineer, to union official always with a job in the trade.  He was a radical Big Jim Larkin off-the-boat bog-trotter in 1912, who eventually owned a huge brick bungalow for his wife and thirteen children at 7535 S. Marshfield, saw his grandson become a Norte Dame standout and Houston Oiler, but was as equally proud of that man’s younger brother who won an ITT fellowship in engineering design, because merit was a path out of the working class.  All of his 75 grandchildren became solidly middle class citizens. Those blue collar dreams came true in the early 1960’s. 

That was when John F. Kennedy became President and starred down the Communists in Berlin, Vietnam and Cuba.  Today, JFK would be excoriated as a Red-baiting, anti-abortion, Catholic deplorable. JFK would be a helot today.   Our world hates pugnacious people with moral centers.  The Fighting Irish is a logo.  Bishop Shiel is forgotten and the doughy mush Monsignor Jack Egan touted as a working class hero.  Today, a Pastor Michael Pfleger is treated with deference, if not the contempt that he works so very hard to elicit. 

The Irish tend to be generous to a fault, tribally loyal and willing to be counted.  Those same gifts allowed the Irish as a group to be co-opted by people and indeologies that detest them to the marrow.  Hyde Park buried Bridgeport between 1972 and the Progressive Hegemony that controls Illinois.  Abner Mikva and Dr. Quentin Young co-operated with City Hall and County Building and roped in the likes of Tom Hynes, Neil Hartigan and the young Daleys.  The Media, 501(c) # Fortunes and IVI-Good Government cache no longer assaulted The Machine. 

Mike Madigan understood that Ward power was over and played cent-field with Hyde Park.  The Irish fought no one and became most congenial. 

The Congenial Irish took the path of least resistance and all but erased the verbal fighting from their political, religious and moral lexicon.  The Irish got behind Neil Hartigan and went soft on abortion to the point that a mushy mope like Senator Dick Durbin walks publicly in a green sash. 

The Irish of the tail-end of the 20th Century get behind “great gals and guys” who take the coin, the endorsement and condescension of people who detest everything about being Irish. 

As such, huge voting blocks in neighborhoods in the 19th Ward have helped put shackles on the Irish and any ethnic group that marries into their flabby embrace. 

The Irish retain political influence in Cook County and Illinois because the Irish, as a group, go-along with the great enthusiasm.  

As a result, the middle class is being eliminated.  Why?  The middle class is anathema to the Oligarchy who blend Marxism with kleptomania. 

Cook County is Animal Farm.  Pigs get fat and everyone else gets slaughtered. 

Shunning, slogans, group hate and the daffy doings of the Bears and Cubbies numb middle class families  that still remain within the borders of the City and the State.  Like blacks and sharecroppers in the post-Reconstruction American South, the middle class suffer the same burdens hoisted upon their backs by Richie Daleys, Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rauner and now the completely supine Lori Lightfoot. 

Individuals finally get a bellyful. I planned to move out of Illinois and found a home in Michigan City, Indiana.   Alas, my children will continue to live in Illinois.  

All three were born outside of Cook County, but all three love being close to cousins, aunts and uncles and grandma, as did I. 

I can visit.  They own homes.

Hoosiers have resisted the harness.  The news papers have no reliable stooges, but report on public affairs and actually have local high school sports data and stories,  One might mark the end of freedom in Illinois from the time that the sports pages became propaganda for lovable losers and the milquetoasts of the Midway,

More significantly, the newspapers are independent and a MEDIA.  There are no self-absorbed stooges like Eric Zorn, Fran Spielman, Carol Marin, Michael Sneed, Rex Hupke, or the appalling Mary Schmich.

Politically, there is not a huge block of Woke Millennial Irish to wrap Progressive initiatives like abortion in corned beef and cabbage. 

The editorial boards are not lickspittles for City Hall.  In fact, today’s. headline screams this: 

 La PORTE – Just days before the election, felony charges were filed against Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer for his actions following the arrest of his stepson earlier this month, but no judge has yet agreed to conduct a probable cause hearing.Court records show that on Wednesday – under seal – the La Porte County Prosecutor's Office charged Meer with one felony count of official misconduct; five felony counts of intimidation; and two misdemeanor counts of false informing resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement.
The charges were initially filed in Superior Court 4, but Judge Greta Stirling Friedman recused herself from "even finding probable cause on the basis that, among other reasons, the Judge's spouse, whose employment caused him to be included on an email chain and could potentially lead to his being a witness in this matter," according to court records.

No Bruce Dold, Chicago Tribune managing editor could spike the story.  No team of Yahoos like Mark Brown, Neil Steinberg, or Mary Mitchel could blare out distraction yarns of Racism, or Yellow Corn.

 Days before election Mayor Ron needs to gussie-up his resume.  I spoke with Michigan Citizens and some like what Mayor Meer has done for the downtown area and others said that he was jerk when they worked for him in City Government.   Everyone has a vote and it is not for barter.

I don’t have a dog in the fight and look forward to election day. 

Hoosiers are not helots - yet.   

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Cold War South West Lake Michigan Shore - The Nike Sites

The C-47 -Portage, Indiana Nike Missile Site from 1954-1972 was a part of the defensive ring of anti-missile batteries that garlanded the Lake Michigan shoreline. The Last Line of Defense - Chicago’s Nike Missile Sites

The threat of death by Communism was very real and its palpable, existential presence was part of every day life for people on the south side of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

As a child, I remember going to the Museum of Science and Industry with my Uncle Bart and future Aunt Betty (c 1957) and remarking on white ballistic missiles sited along Lake Shore Drive.  “ Those are Mike Sites, Padgeen,” the recently discharged Korean War veteran uncle replied.  “They are there to keep the Reds from killing us,”. he further explained.

Sixty-two years later, I retain a healthy fear of the Reds.  They still would like to kill us, but they have chosen to legislate and tax us to death, rather than inflict thermo-nuclear war on us all - not they might not opt for that once the dough vanishes.

Last Tuesday, as our bus load of Marquette Catholic High School students returned to Michigan City from the wonderful Holocaust Museum in Skokie, passed by Wolf Lake, I pointed to the last indication of Hammond Nike Sites along Sheffield Avenue.  One of the freshmen challenged my veracity and went to Nike Sites Hammond Google.

“Yep, Mr. Hickey nailed it!  Dudes, check it out!”

The young cynic presented a number of photos from the world wide web.

These sites were abandoned in 1972 as no longer relevant.  Communism was treated very much in the same way.  Nothing to worry about.

Once the existential threat was removed, who. needs anything else?  Just like real life, “ God, get me out of this and I will be a modern day St. Sebastian!”. Threat removed and penitent goes total libertine!

I hope that teachers remind students of these sites as historical artifacts to the times when the nuclear cloud and the very genuine threat of Communism hung heavily over all of us.

My Uncle Bart fought the Reds in Korea as a U.S.Marine.  The threat of the Reds was very clear to him and my future Aunt Betty.  Sophisticated people who see abortion as a health care laugh at their  existential fears of the 1950’s & ‘60s and vote in people to Offices 2019 who may have helped take away the Nike sites with its spectral caveat concerning mad socialism and a sound wariness over a system of economics that has a history of slaughtering millions of people.

It is interesting that it took a trip to Skokie’s Holocaust Museum to jog my memories about Nike Sites.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sadie Hawkins Dance 2019 - I’m A Goin’! Can I say that these days?

From 1934 to 1977 ( FDR -Jimmy Carter Administration), there was a comic strip that made fun of white people who live in fly-over America. These are People elites might never have encountered - persons from Lower-Slobovia and all treated with humorous respect by the creator.  Al Capp’s artistry was so popular that a  hit musical comedy was born of its celebrity.

Li’l Abner was not a Gangstah rapper gunned down at the behest of Chief Keef.  For fact, it was a comic strip theater featured the lives of white folks from the mountain hamlet of Dogpatch.  The denizens old Dogpatch were hillbillies, or as today’s PC cranks might offer Mountain Williams.

One of these Deplorables was the unfortunate daughter of the founding family, Sadie Hawkins.   Sadie was . . .homely.  One of Life’s Unplucked Flowers, like a Sister of Mercy back in the day, Sadie Hawkins, not a Mackeral Snapper, but a Bible-belted bringer-in-of-sheaves, resorted to whining to her Paw that no man wanted to her.  Paw came up with a race requiring every eligible bachelor in Dogpatch to get a running start from his homely child and head for the tall pines.  If Sadie could catch her man, she’d keep him.

Out of this misogynistic bit of patriarchal law-laying-down, arose the Sadie Hawkins Dance.  In every high school gym in America Sadie Hawkins Dances required the girls to ask the boys out to the jig.

The boys are honor-bound to accept and have fun.

Tonight, I will chaperone a Sadie Hawkins.  In English class last week, I revealed the etymology of the name of the dance, much to the surprise and delight of one and all.

The Dance is almost sold out.

My only beef is the fact that there is no band.  Kids no longer go to dances with bands.  That is a tragedy.  There will be a DJ.

I will duke the platter-spinner a double sawbuck to ensure that the following numbers are played:

Hold me

Just Ask the Lonely

Land of 1000 Dances

Devil with the Blue Dress On

A Fin a piece is a bargain to educate young American Catholic young men and women.

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Sun Times Remains a Sad Joke

“ Men in sport coats mulled about and women clutching designer navigated the second floor .  .   . “ Tom Schuba Chicago Sun Times (print edition) sentence one of paragraph one to Pot Goes Mainstream

" Men clad in sport coats mulled about and women clutching designer purses navigated the second floor of a Loop hotel hosting a major investment conference."  Tom Schuba edited after paper had gone to print. 

The Chicago Sun Times was once a local newspaper; today it is pamphlet put out by alleged labor lovers and actual Leftists.  Lynn Sweet is doing the black bag work for Mrs. Obama and DNC, Neil Steinberg has still not completed reading Dante's Divine Comedy, but mentions that he is reading it, Mary Mitchell continues to draw a salary and a pasty goof named Gene Lyons make the afore mentioned threesome seem to write like Dorothy Parker, Ted Dreiser and Audre Lorde.  The Sun Times is a pamphlet and a bad one at that.

One pamphleteer for this organ is the above cited Tom Schuba - any relation to the folks who own that fine and hip saloon on the northwest side? Schuba laced up his spikes for another Sun Times fellation  of Governor Pritzker's Weed Empire

Out of the blocks, Schuba sprints into a hurdle - words mean something.

Men is sport coats might very well mull about somewhere and at some time and in some place, but not in this instance.


think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length.
"she began to mull over the various possibilities"
synonyms: ponder, consider, think over/about, reflect on, contemplate, deliberate, turn over in one's mind, chew over, weigh up, consider the pros and cons of, cogitate on, meditate on, muse on, ruminate over/on, brood on, have one's mind on, give some thought to, evaluate, examine, study, review, revolve; More

or to have been warmed, if liquid men, with spices and sugars added.

Lynn Sweetner, mayhaps?

I believe Master Schuba meant top say "Men in sports coats milled about . . .  the second floor of a Loop hotel hosting a major investment conference."  Millining about suggests an accurate apprehension of what was going down on the 2nd floor lobby.

Thus! mill around. — phrasal verb with mill verb [ T ] uk ​ /mɪl/ us ​ /mɪl/ (UK also mill about) If a group of people mill around, they move around with no particular purpose or in no particular direction, sometimes while waiting for someone: In the square, people were milling around in the sunshine.

Now, as to Master Schuba's missing noun ( purses - designered and clutched) we will leave that to the universally poor editing of the hardest working propaganda organ this side of NEWSPEAK.

That Tom Schuba screwed the pooch at paragraph one is clear to a reader of the print edition --the one that comes out after newsmen scream, 'Stop the Presses!' when a pooch is having been proved screwed.  Proper screwed.

That Tom Schuba would countenance the fact that he did, in fact, have his wicked way with this puppy ain't gonna happen.

Pravda never printed a disclaimer and the Chicago Sun Times will consider no such thing.

Animal Farm requires no inquiry, no memory and no conviction.

Mull that one over. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

I.C.E. ! Wolf! Hysterics of the Media and Real People

Dick Durbin goes Matlock in solidarity with people who will not be swept up by I.C.E.

I live in the real world.  I work in the real world.  I work at a huge Bakery/Packaging factory in Alsip, IL.

So & So Snacks makes cookies, pretzels and wildly over priced gluten free crackers for affluent, mildly educated white people.

In my time with this company, I have made the gluten free 100% cheese crackers and now package and pallet them for shipping.

I an one of three non-minority majority ( African American, Latino, or Mexican) workers among the more than 100 in Gluten Free ( aka 'Nasty Crackers") production and shipping.  The vast majority of workers are Mexicans and most likely immigrant - I have no idea, much less care about their legal status - Mexicans are the greatest workers. 

By greatest I mean this.

  • They struggled to get to this country by the most perilous path and many lost loved ones in the process
  • Mexicans sing while doing the most dull, onerous, difficult and messy tasks
  • They use break-time to help out their 'neighbors' on other lines - pretzel and cookie dough workers help the cracker stackers
  • Mexicans do the work sniffed at by black and white Americans as 'too degrading' until the native born get shamed into picking up their end of the tasks
  • They never drink, smoke dope, or snort cocaine during working hours
  • Mexicans stay until every aspect of the job is completed and the work stations are properly cleaned for the sanitation crews to come along and prepare for the next shift
  • They sing and laugh - Americans piss and moan
These past weeks the American media ( papers, cable, TV and radio) shrieked about Immigration ( I.C.E.) raids, not unlike those black and white images from Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List -colorized of course, blared from every outlet and useless idiots like Senator Dick Durbin
moued before the cameras wearing Matlock Suits, while hair-gel'd dimwits like David Muir warned that jack-booted Trumpian thugs were coming for brown residents - ON SUNDAY!!!!!

I went to Mass on Sunday and our altar boys and their parents were on hand.  Pout of curiosity, I took a swing by the Cracker Factory and Mexicans showed up for over time work, as well as the Blue Hair-netted Line Bosses ( Mostly African American).  

I was off work today, as I needed to repair an Apple I-Pad that I will need when I begin teaching in three weeks.  Before, I drove to Jet CO Device Repair on North Wells, I popped over to work - there were Lette from Durango, El Padrone from Mexico City, Jospehina from Durango, Emma, the opera singer, from Vera Cruz, Matin from Toluca, Martina from Sonora and the balance of the gang.

I was greeted with, " Oye abuelo ¿Dónde está tu ropa de trabajo? ¿Vas a ir a Indiana de nuevo?

In my best Spanglish I replied, "¡No, bebés! Quería ver si Trump te atrapó a ti y a los niños."

They laughed and waved me off on my way. 

Our news media will turn this country into a fascist state before too long.  

It operates on fear and hysteria and depends upon un-inquiring minds and nodding caitiffs to fulfill its mission to make America an oligarchy. 

Americans are most certainly the least inquiring of minds. 

Let us pray they retain some courage of genuine conviction. 

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Shrimp Cocktails and The Colonies of Liberty!

Happy Fourth of July!

I spent the day fishing the Kankakee River at Custer Park along Route 113 and had only two lackluster tugs by a denizen of the deep, or cresting waters.

My boon chum and I gave up the lures and headed back to Cook County before the next phalanx of storm clouds pelted us with hail and silver dollar sized droplets.

We had a great time cast-drifting for small mouth and snagging driftwood. The piscean Illini of the mighty Kankakee remain unhooked and free!

We stopped at the Rocketship in Wilmington for a celebratory pot roast sandwich.  I had a GreenRiver and my pal a cold Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer,

Our table talk centered on foods, dining, America's Youth, our shrinking cultural contexts due to my allusion to young African Lad with whom I labor at J & J Snacks ( formerly Labriola Bakery) in Alsip, Illinois.   I explained.

I work on the packaging and shipping line for the Parm Crisp Division of this worthy firm.   I had worked making Parm Crisps - a gluten free lure for white people with more money than taste.  These 'sophisticated' snacks come in three ounce packages and sell for a husky $ 4.95 at most marts.

Here is the recipe:

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Pour a heaping tablespoon of Parmesan onto a silicone or parchment lined baking sheet and lightly pat down. A silicone baking sheet is highly recommended. ...
  • Bake for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden and crisp. Cool.
J & J Snacks uses only 40 pound wheels of delicious Belgiosio Parmesan and quarters, chops shreds and particles the dairy delicacy into a  very fine dust and bakes accordingly.

The product reminds me of particle-board - De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem.

Tony Marxist Oak Parkers flock to Whole Foods and other outlets and lay down a fin per package - that's $5 for twelve crisps weighing in at 3 ounces.

Go figure.

A month ago, I requested transfer to shipping and packaging where I am delighted to work with African American working women and gents and a legion of Mexican immigrant Americans.  These people humble me.  They work long hours for an average of $11 per hour and never fall out and always over compensate for inferior equipment and understaffed crews with hard labor, grit and great good humor.

I package between 600-900 boxes ( 7-9 pallets) per shift, Our labeling machine has a faulty closing arm and now have an 18 year old Temp named T working with me.

He is a baby face with a very sweet nature - guileless and respectful of women and  his aged white co-worker and shipping mentor.

He tasted our product and concurred with my judgment that you will never go broke underestimating rich white people. " Cracker's nasty!"  he exclaimed.

This cracker cab be nasty, but I am generally sweet natured.

Our bonding took a turn toward tastes in food.  I told him that any great dinner out should include and appetizer of shrimp cocktail.  T had never heard of this hors d'oeuvre.

I began, " This seafood specialty originated in Great Britain and consists of cooked chilled prawns      ( large shrimp) arranged and dolloped with a sauce consisting of catsup, mayonnaise and Tabasco - in Old Blighty and Ketchup and horseradish here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave - served in a chilled martini glass on both sides of the pond.:

" Pond, Old School?"

'The Pond refers to the Atlantic Ocean, Young Folks."

These days young Americans have a very diminished capacity for confronting cultural contexts.  T had never heard of Sarah Vaughan, Joe Williams, or Miles Davis, let alone understood my reference to a co-worker taking a Steve Brody off of the railroad bridge crossing the Cal Sag.

America should be big enough to school our young 'uns in matters of taste.

Our elites eat gluten free 'nasty crackers' that cost $ 5 a dozen.  Eighteen year old African American Lads who work 40 hours a week for $11 should be directed to enjoy a shrimp cocktail, for the love God, His Holy Mother and All the Saints.

Our Founding Fathers would concur. I think.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Asses and the Pig - Illinois Re-Fabled

Thus oft the industrious poor endures reproach
From rogues in lace, and sharpers in a coach;
But soon to Tyburn sees the villains led
While he still earns in peace his daily bread
. Thomas Bewick
BUT never in Illinois 2019 - thus oft and always!
Illinois' first statewide capital plan in 10 years will include spending on everything from an expansion of high-speed broadband internet to sewage system development. The bulk of the money -- $33.2 billion -- will be spent on transportation projects. An additional $4.3 billion will be spent on state facilities, $3.5 billion on education projects and $1.2 billion on environmental projects.
To pay for it all, the Democratic-controlled Legislature approved the expansion of gambling around the state, including new casinos in Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Williamson County and a yet-to-be-decided site in a Cook County suburb south of Chicago. Supporters say the state's share of gambling revenue will be $2 billion in one-time licensing fees and an additional $400 million a year when all the casinos are up and running.
"We're responsibly expanding gaming at the request of cities that want to make sure that they have the resources to pay for police and firefighter pensions, and to fund vital services," Pritzker said. Daily Herald

Illinois is a kleptocracy.  Aesop, and other dead white males. warned of the looming moment when Venezuela will make Illinois look like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.   Illinois has reversed the morals taught by Aesop, Phaedrus, Croxal and Beckwith, as well as the diversity demanded Munika-Jakata fables of the Buddhist traditions.   In Illinois, Pigs prosper and working stiffs prove ourselves Asses.

An Ass is an equine working quadruped - bears burdens and is rewarded with carrots, sugar cubes and is pensioned off.  A Pig eats, rolls in filth, defecates, procreates, eats more and is slaughtered for his bacon & etc.

Aesop wrote of The Ass ( us) and The Pig (0ur Elected and Protected Elites) as a cautionary tale for men and women.

A Pig ate everything that came within his sight and snout, not unlike our Governor and most elected legislators, mayors and trusted public servants.

The Ass returned from his labors and refused to eat goodies left behind by the demised porker, believing that devouring everything was somehow bad.

In WOKE Illinois, we know that the opposite is the fact.

Facts are what are used by public school educators to support any conclusion determined to be satisfactory, like gender neutrality, pension jackpots, weed is not dangerous, gambling is good, gas should be unaffordable, the poor will have more company,  State controlled apprenticeships and severe punishments for nonconforming citizens of unprotected races, genders and colors.

Facts fatten Pigs and have nothing to do with what was at one time referred to as Truth, but is now dismissed from Free Port to Cairo.

Pigs prosper and Asses vote them into power.

Pigs never die in Illinois.  Babies do in Illinois at State funded Abortion Mills ( aka Planned Parenthood).

They'll never pay taxes, or drive petroleum fueled vehicles.

Drive a car?

I filled up this morning at Thornton's on Western Avenue; next week, in Hammond.