Sunday, January 22, 2017

What's New? Pussyhat! Woe, woe, woe, woe woe.

Image result for mAn wearing pussyhat

Woe is me. I can not see the vaginal equivalent of Ms. Ashely. Judd that is. Not Maguire.

Must comment.  Must opine. People offended by the term term Pussy, much less the tactile engagement of said organ, now, sport woolen hats termed same?

I am pretty much of a pussy, where hearing about the sanctity of the region and accepting with nodding conviction that hats representing all that area of anatomy offends is a sign of good living and moral lordosis. Standing tall for the pussy! 

No thank you.

You see, I am most uncomfortable sharing thoughts about any woman's womb and breasts.  Call me old fashioned.  Call me a gender criminal and a toxic male - guilty.

I ,for the life of me, can not make sense of feminists who desire nothing more than the continuation and strengthening of the abortion industry.

Between me old ears, I know that all identity politics merges, but in my heart, Vagina's do not Monologue, Dialogue, Trialogue, or , much less Diatribe. Cue Ashley Judd.- Ashley Judd

“Our p—ies ain’t for grabbing, Our p—ies are for our pleasure and they are for birthing new generations… of nasty women.”

I think we have more than enough nasty women; thank you.

Ovaries, vaginae, breasts are topics reserved for one gender - the one's wearing the equipment.

I could offer a Homeric catalogue of similar sobriquets, but reserve those for my bumptiously bawdy boy boon chums.

From the day that the late Brenda Vaccaro offered her unsolicited advice to mothers with teen aged daughters about the importance of plastic applicators ( "I think that's important!") in being a total woman, I have cringed when women turned a woman's body into a road map for power and romance into cringe-worthy function.

Mother of God! But, that's just me.

Hollywood bimbos ran to the front of the line of this vanguard.

Ashley Judd is a movie star, but I am completely unfamiliar with the canon of here work.

In order to understand the offense caused by toxic guys like me, and the Orange Man in the White House, Bubba Clinton, Martin Sheen's kid, Warren Beatty and Anthony Weiner, I decided to seek some scintilla of thought form the Metro sexuals at Vox. 

Vox  was begun by one of the lisping lords of journalism, founding partner of Obama's Journo-List club, and along with Chris Hayes, Don Lemon and so many other voices that sound like "Steam-escaping" to quote Mel Brooks, and is the pan-identity androgynous voice of America.

You see, my voice sounds more like a Knights of Columbus meeting and sometimes it gets lost in the competing tones.

Their ( Planned Parenthood et alii) goal, although they’re not officially pitching it as such, is to send a message about women’s rights that will provide a counterbalance to the political and personal values espoused by incoming President Donald J. Trump.
And by "women’s rights," organizers have taken care to make it clear that they mean all women of all backgrounds: The official platform the Women’s March on Washington places the demonstration in the context of not only suffragists and abolitionists but the civil right movement, the American Indian movement, and Black Lives Matter.
Just two paragraphs into the four-page document, they note that "women have intersecting identities and are therefore impacted by a multitude of social justice and human rights issues." Examples of this, including the especially urgent need for equal pay among women of color and the way they’re uniquely victimized by the criminal justice system, follow in the rest of the platform.
Sounds reasonable, right? But it’s that idea of "intersecting identities" that’s been at the core of criticism of the march, both by would-be participants and by conservative critics.

Sorry sillies, some Sallys sail solitary, like women who can not accept this nation's continued slaughter of children at the hands of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Another Ashley, Ashley Maguire is a feminist who was shunned by the "intersecting identities."

As a young woman living in Washington, D.C., I could easily attend the Women’s March on Saturday if I wanted to.
Except that I am not invited, despite my unambiguous status as a member of the female sex. That’s because I am pro-life. As the organizers of the march made clear in a statement earlier this week, the Women’s March’s on Washington “platform is pro-choice” and “has been since day one.”
“We look forward to marching on behalf of individuals who share th[at] view,” they went on, and stated that the since-revoked partnership of New Wave Feminists, a secular group with pro-life values, was an “error.”
The march might as well have placed scare quotes around the word “Women’s,” or better yet, have renamed itself “The March for Abortion.” Then it would have cleared up any confusion about pretending to represent all women, when almost half of us self-identify as pro-life and would probably feel more at home at the March for Life, set to take place the following week. The March for Life is open to women of all political stripes and will include groups like Democrats for Life of America.

Yes, Ma'am.  It was a March for Abortion. Offended protesting women and metro sexual males sported knit wool Pussy Hats in a show of meaningless solidarity.

Pussy Hats.


Woe, woe, woe,woe. That's good to know.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Social Justice, Pope Leo XIII and the Inauguaration

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need  Karl Marx

Each needs the other: capital cannot do without labour, nor labour without capital. Mutual
agreement results in the beauty of good order, while perpetual conflict necessarily produces
confusion and savage barbarity Leo XIII

Image result for Leo XIII and Donald Trump
The Oxford English Dictionary traces the open form compound word social justice to the year 1824

Cathoic Social Justice began in 1891 with Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Rerum Novarum.  Prior to that bandits preyed upon peasants, capitalists prey upon workers and followers of Marx preyed on Guilds and the Knights of Labor.

Catholics and many other believers from different faiths were encouraged to seek justice and treat one another with dignity.
Image result for social justice warriors
Today the acronym SJW is a misnomer. It is now a pejorative tossed at the self-anointed prophets of divisive activism - usually on the left of things.

Yesterday, I gave my Theology III juniors a test on a unit covering Rerum Novarum and the advent of Catholic Social Justice.  The gentlemen did very well.

One problem asked that they identify Pope Leo's 'duties of workers'

to perform conscientiously the work they have freely agreed to do
• not to damage the employer’s property or resort to violence
• not to have anything to do ‘with men of evil principles, who work upon the people with artful
promises of great results … which usually end in useless regrets and grievous loss

I asked that they use themselves, when thinking about the workers.  These are sixteen and seventeen year old males. They get it.
Image result for illinois congressional progressive caucus
Through the past American two holiday seasons,  the news media has flooded the atmosphere with wailing and gnashing of teeth, by our most familiar Social Justice Warriors of stage, screen, television and of course the public teat - our Progressive elected officials.  This torrent of anguish and dire threats about our futures incites anger and uncertainty among the angry and the uncertain.

Today is the day of the dire threats.

Early Morning Blockade Actions:
Movement for Black Lives
Trade Justice
Climate Justice
Showing Up for Racial Justice
Labor Direct Action
The Future Is Feminist
Qockblockade Brigade: Queer Resistance on J20
Communities Under Attack Fight Back!
more to be announced
9am  Outdoor Convergence Space @ McPherson Square opens
10am Anti-Capitalist Anti-Fascist Bloc @ Logan Circle
12pm Festival of Resistance, permitted march starting @ Columbus Circle
2pm Rally at McPherson Square
Preparing for the Trump Era: What Anarchists Are Doing, 5-8pm @ The Festival Center, 1640 Columbia Rd NW
What’s Next After J20? DisruptJ20 Debrief & Next Steps, 6-9pm @ The Festival Center, 1640 Columbia Rd NW
Events in DC

I will teach class.  Then I will correct papers.  Later, I will try and drive to Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee, IL and watch Brother Rice tussle on the hardwood with the Fighting Irish. Tomorrow, I will sleep until 5:30 and do chores. On Sunday, I will attend 8:30 Mass at Sacred Heart Church and then enjoy a jazz concert in Hyde Park, followed by Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap cheeseburgers and fries.

Our 45th President will take the oath of office and move into the White House.

Let's see what happens.  Then let's begin to ignore ‘. . . men(women) of evil principles, who work upon the people with artful promises of great results … which usually end in useless regrets and grievous loss.’

Old Leo got things right. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Experience Real Jazz with The Terry Sullivan Trio in Hyde Park: Sunday January 22nd at 3PM

in concert  -  fine jazz up close

Sunday, January 22, 2017, 3:00 pm
First Unitarian Church of Chicago                   
5650 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL

Terry SULLIVAN, vocals
Tom MUELLNER, piano
Stewart MILLER, bass

$20 per person, $15 students/seniors
Cash only, at the door only.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Hamilton" Digs Terrorists and Media Swoons. FALN Bomber of the Schubert Gets a Front Row Seat There!

Image result for lin manuel miranda

Chicago-bred Rivera, leader of the FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation), was among the 200 people granted a pardon by President Barack Obama on Tuesday. A paramilitary organization that advocated complete independence for Puerto Rico, the FALN is said to have been responsible for more than 70 bomb attacks on U.S. targets between 1974 and 1983. Heidi Wesss Chicago Sun Times
Today, lawyers at People’s Law Office serve as legal counsel in the international campaign to free Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, one the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. These same attorneys have worked for decades with international movements struggling for the release of Puerto Rican independentistas, successfully achieving Presidential pardons in 1979 and 1999. More recently, People’s Law Office represented independentista Carlos Alberto Torres, achieving his release on parole in 2010, after spending thirty years in prison. Peoples Law Office
 “I’ve got a show for him in Chicago. It’ll be my honor to play Hamilton the night he goes.”   Hamilton Star and FALN Progagandist Lin-Manuel Miranda Sun Times

Any further evidence that the American News Media needs a trip to the proctologist for a serious cranial removal is completely unnecessary.

Weidy Weiss gushes over Lame Malard Barack Obama's debt to the Peoples Law Office duly paid: the commutation of an FALN Chicago homie with more than 70 bombings under his grandfatherly belt.

The FALN were G. Flint Taylor's salad days, following the Black Panther Shooting.  Not only that G. Flint Taylor the man most responsible for Chicago's Ferguson Effect and Thug Comfort Zone also was treated to the release of a GD warlord*in Obama's farewell goody-bag. However, it is Hamilton's Huzzah and the media's idiotic delight that really hits home,

"As soon as the news that Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera’s sentence was commuted reached Lin-Manuel Miranda, the “Hamilton” creator tweeted that he was “sobbing with gratitude.” And he added that, as a result, he plans to play Alexander Hamilton at a Chicago performance for Lopez Rivera.
“I wish I was with everyone in Chicago right now,” tweeted Miranda, who, as a child, spent many summers with his grandparents on Puerto Rico."
Gee, Imagine the sheer delight of Ethyl Merman when President Harry S Truman commuted the death sentences of the two Puerto Rican gunmen who attempted to kill him on November 1, 1950?

'Give'em Hell' Harry allowed these two freedom fighters to dangle for life, rather than meet Mr. Sparky.

Short memories, thin frames of reference and a daily gorging of bullshit from our American news media explain plenty.  No wonder hip-hop Hamilton is a hit.   It's the bomb!

By the way, Oscar Lopez Rivera bombed the Schubert Theatre here in Chicago, Lin.

*In other action by the president, Eric “Fat Eric” Wilson, a former “governor” in Gangster Disciples kingpin Larry Hoover’s drug empire, won a commutation. Obama reduced Wilson’s life sentence to 35 years in prison. Wilson, 47, is being held in the federal prison in downstate Pekin and is expected to get out in about 7 years.
After a high-profile federal trial in Chicago, Wilson and six other ranking members of the Gangster Disciples — and a former female Chicago Police gang-crimes officer — were convicted of engaging in a drug conspiracy. Wilson was sentenced on March 10, 1998, records show.
Hoover is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison in Colorado. But he was allegedly running a drug empire from state prison in Illinois in the early 1990s, giving Wilson and his top gang associates orders from behind bars. The key evidence at Wilson’s trial was Hoover’s own secretly recorded words from private meetings in state prison with his trusted lieutenants.
So-called governors like Wilson were responsible for large areas of Gangster Disciples territory, with hundreds of gang members reporting to them, prosecutors said. At the time, then-Cook County State’s Attorney Jack O’Malley called the group an “evil menace to our society.”

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Second City Cop Provides " The DOJ Report on Policing; by Dummies and for Dummies"

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I have always said that the some of smartest people on earth are ER nurses, fire fighters and cops.  I am a high school teacher.

ER. nurses, fire fighters and police officers witness man and his works at the most crucial and actually do something about it with hearts, heads and hands.

Most other vocations play it.

The Department of Justice issued a rushed, pre-fabricated and hateful tome condemning police officers, not the oily and cowardly politicians and grifters who make police policy, as racist, trigger happy brutes.

A cop, The Second City Cop, who works as a cop and citizen journalist has studied 2/3rds of this weighty smear and provides some insight to the arch-manipulators who have created Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone.

This is a DOJ Report for us Dummies ( civilians):

DOJ Report
So we're about two-thirds of the way through, but far enough along to have drawn certain conclusions and formed opinions. This was put together by a politicized Department and an obviously partisan Administration for the sole purpose of advancing an agenda. That Hillary lost lent an unseemly speed to the conclusion and de-legitimizes many of the supposed "findings."
Evidence of haste can be found almost immediately:
Page 2, paragraph 3: 60 ride-alongs
Given that there are 279 police beats, three watches, that's 837 potential ride-alongs. Not to mention rapid response, traffic, 06, tact, saturation, gang enforcement, boats, horses, god knows how many administrative and undercover beats, there's probably nearly 1,200 potential ride-alongs in a 24 hour period. The DOJ claims they spent "300 person-days" here, that's 360,000 opportunities to ride-along.
.016% - sixteen thousandths of one percent
We've taken a few math courses in our time and this isn't even close to what would be considered a valid statistical representation. There's more:
340 individual CPD members (out of a supposed 12,000 - 2.8%)
1,000 community members (.037% of 2.7 million)
90 community organizations (out of ?); are any citizens listed above part of this group?
"family members of individuals who were killed by CPD officers" (how many were justifiable shootings?); and again, are these persons from either of the previous groups?
"local researchers, academics, and lawyers who have studied CPD extensively for decades (gee, lets guess - Futterman, Ayers, Loevy, Protess - how close were we?)
In other words, people with ingrained prejudices against the police, people with histories versus the police, people whose livelihood relies on suing the police - people with axes to grind. How many of these "interviewees" fit into one or more of those categories? How many were selected at random, or did they all volunteer to come forward with their stories? We know that certain retirees who left or resigned under investigation were all to eager to sit with the DOJ to air their supposed "grievances."
More importantly, how many of these stories fall outside the supposed window of 2011 to 2016? Some? Many? All? We don't know because in every single example cited throughout the report, no dates are given. Some of these stories could be ten or twenty years old. Maybe more, seeing as how they bring up Burge who has been gone for almost 25 years now.
A slapdash report like this, with minimal footnotes and references, calls into question the validity of the rest of the "conclusions" if they're based on faulty metrics. But don't expect a lazy media in thrall to Rahm and his cronies to take any serious look behind the curtain.
Labels: info for the police

Thank you Officer, stay safe and stay fetal for as long as clowns make policy.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump Should Ignore Inaugural Protestors, Critics, & Cry-Babies and Party Like Andy Jackson

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The true Lion of African America, Frederick Douglas once said, “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress.”  President-elect Donald Trump struggles to calm Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, Mark Ruffalo, Judd Aptow, Debra Messing and the cast of West Wing.  Looks like progress, once President 45 gets past the Inauguration.

PC and boneless carbon footprints must have their bubble wrap.  Bruce Springsteen will not play at the White House.  I am not sure that he was asked, but that's cool.

I'd be thrilled with Rick Kay and the Allnighters!

If I threw a party and the local COEXIST crank and NPR addict refused to grace my heaving board of delicacies like  " lobster de Bretagne in a sauce of lobster roe and caviar; bass with cockle jelly and a jus mariniere; Challans duck breast with seared foie gras in a bitter-chocolate and orange-powder sauce; and tarte Tatin and other French desserts, all of it served with well-chosen wines,"  I would not weep.  More for my guests, and no goof taking ziplocks home.

If the pole dancers from PoleKatz scorned my invitation to pick up a few dollars entertaining my guests on Deck Hickey, because of my forty plus years of service to inner city youth and daily Mass attendance, I'd hire Terry McEldowney and Whitey O'Day for some wholesome sing-alongs.

If you hate me, swell.  Take it on the heel and toe.  If you believe that I have 666 on my forehead and a family of five in my basement freezer, let me get you a drink . . .Six pack to go!

Why worry about who is not attending your party?

So long as dips are tasty and edible: not knocking off the caviar and boring people through a wall, all is well.

I get up a very special cherry and lime flavor of bile whenever I hear or read about some nobody vowing to avoid Trump's Inauguration, or intention to disrupt the same.  Who cares?  Do it. Keep it to yourself and do it, already.

Others are 'serious' - Reds, Anarchists, Michael 'Michigan Fats' Moore, International Solidarity Movement and Bill Moyers.  No sweat. American Reds tend to be entitled suburban sissies and homely girls who can't get a date on a bet.

Most are about as sincere in disrupting the Inauguration as they were about blowing the country ( no, I do not mean Madonna) after November 8th, 2016.

Mr. Trump responds to these silly saps with Tweets.  Why bother

At most, Mr. Trump should respond to such threats with a Tweet of thanks, "Dear Humanity for ProgressStandUS for US, Melania and I delighted that you will be unwilling to join the fun with us.  I will give your Goody bags to the homeless. Keep a good thought, if you have one.  Don"

Donald Trump should party like it's 1829!

That was the wildest party the old Executive Mansion ever tossed.  Andy Jackson had concluded an ugly, divisive and violent Presidential Campaign:
To set the scene, President Jackson had been involved in two nasty presidential campaigns against John Quincy Adams. Jackson lost the 1824 race in a runoff election in the House; he won the 1828 presidential campaign in one of the dirtiest, meanest campaigns in American history.
Both sides were ruthless in the campaign, including charges from Adams’ side (which weren’t new) about the character of Jackson’s wife, Rachel. A month after the election, Rachel Jackson died, and the president blamed his political enemies and their rumors for her death.
Jackson had a huge, popular following, and his inauguration was a sea change for American politics.
A crowd of 10,000 to 20,000 people showed up at the Capitol for the inauguration, some traveling from 500 miles away for the event. The sight stunned Washington society and Jackson’s political enemies, who already feared “mob rule” under Jackson.
The 61-year-old Jackson gave his inaugural address and promised to do the best job for the people. But the first crowd control problem happened after his speech. A cable snapped that held back the crowd in front of the president, who was on the Capitol’s steps.
His team ushered President Jackson back inside the Capitol for his own protection. But then the president mounted his own horse, and he rode through the crowd to the White House.
Another crowd was already outside and inside the mansion, as the tradition of the day made inauguration day an “open house” for the White House. In theory, anyone could show up, shake the president’s hand, and maybe have some punch and dessert.
My kind of party.  No engraved invitations, just pack the hall with happy people.

As it is, January 20th will come and go. President Trump will take office and the boneless will continue to go blue in face.

When the Party is over, get to work -there is a lot of it.

Image result for andy jackson with dueling pistols

Me?  I'll be taking in the Brother Rice v. Bishop McNamara Basketball game in Kankakee, Illinois*!

*Basketball SV @ Bishop McNamara H.S. (Frosh @ 4:15PM / Sophs. @ 5:45PM / Varsity @ 7PM)
Fri, January 20, 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Where 550 W. Brookmont Kankakee, IL 60901
Facility: Bishop McNamara H.S.  FROM: 4:15 PM  Visit for more information!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

If "Shootings" Kill People, Why Are Cops The Only Ones to be Blamed for Deaths?

Image result for female police officer attacked in chicago

Beating harms female police officer - Media nonplussed: How could such a thing occur? N.B. Thirty-one officers were shot at in 2016, a 82 percent increase over 2015 numbers, the Chicago Police Department told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Only 17 officers were shot at in 2015. Second City Cop

Nine officers reported gun-shot wounds in 2016, the CPD told The DCNF, but zero died as a result.

CHICAGO — Shootings have killed 3 people and wounded six since Friday, police said.  DNAinfo
CHICAGO ---- 4 dead, 11 wounded in city shootings  Sun Times
CHICAGO ----Man wounded in Englewood shooting  Sun Times
CHICAGO ----Chicago officer shoots man suspected of being involved in shooting  Chicago Tribune

The media is sneaky but rather obvious. Shootings just happen - you know gun violence.  Guns are not inanimate objects they are willful beings, when owned, operated, or within the proximity of a Chicago Police Officer.

The DOJ Report confirms the scripted narrative developed over thirty years for the ink slingers by the Peoples Law Office, Bernardine Dohrn, MacArthur Center for Justice, G. Flint Taylor,  Jean Maclean Snyder, Dave Protess and the Innocence Project, Northwestern Law, Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, University of Chicago, Pastor Pfleger and the Faith Community of St. Sabina, Llc., WTTW, WBEZ, Chip Mitchell, Jamie Kalvan and the Invisible Institute, and the Cook County Regular Democratic Organization.

Every newspaper and every media outlet in this dim-bulb burg of whiners and hand-wringers is wild with joy and the promise of more Hope and Change withe 'landmark, watershed' DOJ screed typed by the underlings of Loretta the Tarmac Lynch.

Please notice that shootings is a verbal - a noun: the act of shooting a firearm, bow, or the like.

Shoot is a transitive verb - blaze, bolt, burgeon, clip, fly, germinate, rise, spring, vent, whip out and requires a subject - a Police Officer, a nasty systemic racist Burge-happy, soulless, sexist, homophobic, Trumpolicious cop.

Shootings are just magically blameless.

There is only one media in this dim-bulb burg of whiners and hand-wringers. Solidarity is what it is all about. This media is told what to write and it is in complete Solidarity with the tellers.

However, there is still John Kass ( "It wasn't the Chicago cops who shaped the police culture. The political corruption and cynicism of politicians over decades in a one-party Democratic machine town shaped the culture")and citizens like you.  Let's toss back some old-timey Solidarity at them!  Buy no papers, click off WTTW, NPR, WBEZ and talk to your neighbors and the cop on the corner for news.

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